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Health is an obsession with those who don't know Christ as their Savior.  Why?  Answer:  They are having the best time they will ever have right now.  Hell is no jogging party.  So we do not worry about helping you to live to be 120 years old.  We are only interested in seeing if we can help you stay healthy until the Lord calls you home.  It is a problem to get good health books which don't have metaphysical tripe added along the way.  Please be patient as we work at it.


New Age Health Care--  by Jane Gumprecht--  Promise Pub. Co.--

The Hidden Agenda--  by David Sneed--  Pub. Thomas Nelson--  Very revealing on New Age cultic health.

REAL NATURAL CURES AND AIDS TO HEALTH--  This is a list we use personally.  There is no junk here.

Prevention's New Foods for Healing : Capture the Powerful Cures of More Than 100 Common Foods--  by Selene Yeager--  Pub. Prevention--  Good book to learn some ways to heal with diet.

Dian Dincin Buchman's Herbal Medicine : The Natural Way to Get Well and Stay Well--  by Dian Dincin Buchman--  Pub. Random House Value Pub--  Useful, though the author has been known to dabble with mystic stuff in other books.

Herbs (Rd Home Handbooks)--  by Lesley Bremness--  Pub. Readers Digest--  We enjoy the book-- well done.

The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies--  Pub. Bantam / Prevention--  This is a good source, and it is even more useful used with others in this list.

Everyday Health Tips : 2000 Practical Hints for Better Health and Happiness--  by Debora Tkac, Kim Anderson--  Pub. Rodale Pr--  This book will save you cash since you can use it to skip past the GP and go directly to a specialist, and in crisis, you can do-it-yourself.

The Bantam Medical Dictionary--  Pub. Bantam--  For do-it-yourselfers and those wanting to check up on their doctor.

Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness & Surgery (3rd Ed)--  by H. Winter Griffith, Mark Pederson--  Published by Perigee--  This one will round out a health library.  Very complete for general use.

The Pill Book (7th Ed)--  by Harold M. Silverman (Editor), Ian Ginsberg--  Pub. Bantam--  We find what we need by using this and several of the above books.  We then go across into Mexico and purchase our drugs.  This book will help you catch a doctor who is carelessly drugging you with several conflicting drugs.  Doctors have a hard tome to remember the thousands of drugs and their conflicts.

High Speed Healing--  Pub. Rodale--  Very good, but some metaphysical things to reject.

DOCTORS, MEDICINE, AND HOSPITALS--  If you don't care to read about AIDS, then you should get ready to die the most horrible death on earth, for, YOU, a born again non-fornicating decent soul, CAN get AIDS, and it is not that hard to do.

AIDS Exposed--  Jeffrey Rense--  BioAlert Press--  Order from Jeffrey Rense, Box 764, Goleda, CA  93116.  This is the latest in a lonf list of AIDS books which have been buried by the establishment.  This is the present definitive book as far as being the latest material.  This is a horror story, but it is very complete and will help you learn how to survive.

Crisis : Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS--  by William H. Masters, Virginia Johnson, Robert MD Kolodny--  Pub. Grove Press--  Very hard to find.  The Publisher sent me his last copy as a gift.  If you find this one, you will realize that Dr. Everett Koop and the Feds LIED on purpose.

AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You--  by Lorraine Day--  This lady heroically trashed her career to be called a nut.... until.... she went on national TV.  The nation realized that Dr. Day had "served her time" as it were.  She was director of trauma surgery in San Francisco General Hospital for 14 years.  She demanded the "space suit" for doctors in surgery, and she was mocked and laughed at.  NOW, ALL hospitals in the USA have her suit.  With Jeffeey Rense's book, this is the book to get.

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic--  by Stanley Monteith--  Pub. Covenant Books--  A very useful book on AIDS as an epidemic, and tells the ways of sodomites.  Dr. Monteith is a Christian.

The Coming Plague--  by Laurie Garrett--  Pub. Farrar Strause--  No single book shows in researched detail the ineptness and downright criminal response of the CDC and the US Federal Government as this book.  Absolute must reading.

Doctors of Deceit--  by Sermos--  Pub. GGS Publishing--  Tells the lies of highly placed doctors to cover up the AIDS epidemic and the origin of the virus.  Sermos shows that these men are guilty of murder- nothing less.

The AIDS Cover-Up? the Real and Alarming Facts About AIDS--  by Gene Antonio--  Pub. Ignatius--  This has been re-printed because it is the truth.  Gene's 1987 facts seemed too far out to believe.  Time has vindicated this man.

The AIDS Epidemic : How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family-Why You Must-- James Slaff, John Brubaker--  Pub. Warner Books--  Call the National Institute of Health and ask for Dr. Slaff or Dr. Brubaker.  They will deny they ever worked there.  This book came out concurrent with Dr. Koop's murderous letter to every American home encouraging them to go on taking high risks and promoting condoms.  Dr. Slaff was the first to call the epidemic what it is in precise and correct terms.  This book is evidence that damns the Feds for their scheme to kill Americans.

And the Band Played on : Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic--  by Randy Shilts--  Pub. Penguin USA (Paper)--  This is written by a sodomite.  Why is it in my list?  Randy shows how the sodomite community and the wimps in the CDC and the Oval Office waffle around on AIDS, with no hope of change in sight, and the result is that millions are dying with no correct information and no edipemic control.  Randy also chronicles the earliest reports and history of the epidemic to show that it WAS known and that the Feds wimped out from day one.  Used with disclaimer, this is worth getting.

You Just Think You're Safe--  by Moody Adams--  Pub. Whitaker House--  A bit old, but this is a Bible believer and evengelist doing a good work.  Get a copy to loan.