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WARNING:  There are some strange links here.  
I reject any accusations that I have a problem due to the links found here.
This is a research tool, and many of the links are profane and heretical.  

No Children here please. 

Internet Indices and Search Engines

Top500 - Family friendly directory
CMUG - Christian Macintosh Users Group
CCIG - Christian Community Internet Guide
A Christian's Intro to the Internet
Alta Vista (Web Index and Search Engine)
Excite (Web search, Usenet Index, reviews, news, reference, maps)
Deja News Searches Newsgroups by key words
HotBot (Search engine: all web page content)
Inktomi Search Engine
Yahoo - A Guide to the WWW
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Catalogue
WWW: The World Wide Web Worm
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
The Lycos Catalog of the Internet
Infoseek (Web, Usenet, FAQs)
Deja News (Newsgroup search engine)
EINet Galaxy
fishNET Christian web search engine
Magellan (The McKinley Internet Directory)
The Starting Point (Web Resources Indices)
AI Index of Free WWW Submission and Search Sites
Submit It! (Web Page multiple registry, 16 sites)
SubmitAll (Web Page multiple registry, 27 sites)
Netscape Internet Search
Internic (Domain Name Registration)
Ask Dr. Internet (Answers and Guide to Internet)
Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
Mark Verber's Web Resources Links
Ask Dr. Internet
A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap
Find Newsgroups
Phone Books
Yellow Pages (NYNEX Interactive)
Finding People on the Net
Knock,Knock (Email forwarding service)
Bigfoot (3 million names)
Personal Home Pages in 27 Countries
Okra (UC Riverside)
Switchboard (from Database America, 90 million names)
Four 11 (White Pages, 4.6 million listings)
Social Security Death Index (50 million names, SSDI)
HoTMaiL (free web email service)
World Connect (free web pages)
What's New---NCSA Mosaic
Netscape Communications
Best Communications, Inc.
IWorld Internet News and Resources
Christian News Northwest (John Fortmeyer)
World Magazine (Christian)
Absolute Best Christian SEARCH PAGE
Cystine's Home Page
Rob's Christian Links
Submit Submissions Submits free gifts Christian website promoters
The Demonslayer's Webpage
Wigle Family Home Page


HTML and Web Publishing Resources

Merritt Banners
Virtual Library/CyberWeb: WWW Development
WWWand HTML Developer's JumpStation
NCSA HTTPd Tutorials
Assoc. of Christian HTML Authors
Setting up a Web Site Cheap (Michael Liimatta)
University of Cambridge Computer Lab Home Page
The Ultimate Macintosh (Resource Library)
Browser Watcher (Current Web Browsers, evaluations)
Adobe Pagemill and Sitemill (writing and managing web pages)
GNNpress (free HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Mac, PC, Unix)
Voxware Gateway (audio compression software)
RealAudio (audio compression software)
Audio Net (Real Audio archives)
Timecast: The RealAudio Guide
Progressive Networks - The Home of RealAudio
AudioNet Music
Shalom's Haven (Music clips)
Yesterday Radio Superstation
Classical Station Listings
Inspirational Designs (John Farese)
The Icon Browser
OCF Icon Archive
The Icon Bazaar
Planet EarthImages
Christian Resources Database (Clip Art, Images)
Bible View Clip Art(Mac, PC CDRom)
Terry Gould's Graphics
Timo's Christian Clipart page
Highland Graphics Home Page!
Holy Land Art: Homepage
Rick's Applets Page
Jin Sato: Applets and Animations Shareware
The WAVBAZAAR (clips)
Detroit Photos Archive (1880-1920)
Free Christian Images


Secular Libraries and Major References Sources

Library of Congress
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
New York City Public Library
Central Intelligence Agency
Planet Earth Home Page
Shakespeare Homepage
Nature: International Weekly Science Journal
USC Online Publications
Webster Hypertext Search
The On-Line Books Page
Britannica Online
Multi-language Online Dictionaries
Virtual Facts On File
FAQ Finder Database


Newspapers and Periodicals

Advance Newsletter
The Internet Times
Maranatha Christian Journal
Christian Brotherhood Newsletter
Christian Living Magazine
The Jerusalem Post
The Washington Times
San Jose Mercury News
The Gate: SF Chronicle and Examiner
The Stanford Daily Online
The DFW Heritage
The London Daily Telegraph
Intelligence WebReport (IntelWeb)
On Religion Column, Terry Mattingly
Electronic Newsstand Homepage
CNN Interactive
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
TimesFax Internet Edition (NY Times)
Times Newspaper Group Features: Religion
Time, Inc.
The New Republic
Your Health Daily (NY Times Syndicate)
National Geographic
Scientific American
World Wide Web of Sports
ESPN Sports Zone
Christian Sports Weekly
Artificia - Kol Israel News
Bibi Watch
PBS (Public Broadcasting System)
Discovery Channel Online
KQED (Broadcasting, NPR, San Francisco)
KKUP Radio (Cupertino/Santa Clara)
Yesterday USA
CIR Net (Live Christian Internet radio)
USA Network
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
VocalTec (Internet Phone Company)
Beautiful Feet
Beyond Online
The Bible Magazine
The Bridge
Brother Jack
Campus CrossWalk
Christian American
Christian Calandar Magazine
Christian Commentaries from The AFRICAN TIMES
The Coastlander
Christian Computing Magazine
Community Messenger
Contra Mundum
The Edifier
Eternity Online Magazine There is also a US Mirror Site
Fear Not
Focus on God, His character, purposes and ways
The Good News
The Good News
Insights Magazine
Maranatha Christian Journal
Mercy Cries e-zine
New Jerusalem News
One Way to the True North
Prism Magazine
Queens Park Baptist Church Magazine
Race and Reconciliation Magazine Online
Reasons to Believe
Revelations Contemporary Christian Multimedia Magazine
Sackcloth & Ashes
Salt Shaker
Servant Life Magazine
Sojourners Magazine
SOON Online Magazine
Sports Spectrum
A Thief in the Night
The Trumpeter
Vox Clamantis
Religion Today, Inc.
THE LIGHTHOUSE electronic MAGAZINE main page
The Word
Baptist Press News Archive
The Believer
Bible Believers Fellowship Newsletter
The Blue Banner Newsletter
Christian Focus
Christian News Northwest
A Closer Look
Connected Christianity
Daily Bread
The Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage
DAWN Fridayfaxes
Drama Ministry
Good News Etc.
Gospel Films in Focus
Grace In Focus
Hope in Action Newspaper
In Transition
Light of the World News
Living Stones
The Real Issue
Times of Discovery
You Have Heard It Said
Affirmation & Critique
Bibliotheca Sacra Theological Journal
The Christian Activist
Descipleship Journal
The Good Report Journal
The International Ambassador
The Living Pulpit
Master's Seminary Journal
Preaching Magazine
Theonomy & Theocracy
A Life in Jesus
Champaign Vineyard
Christian Articles Archive
Christian Research Ministries
Does God Exist
The Filling Station
In Christ Ministries
In Truth & Spirit
Just Thinking
Lighting the Darkness
Power Up