Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan



Editor: I know what you are saying. How can the two words be placed together?
Well, when Satan has your mind, anything is possible in the perverse world of mental lust.



WWW site called, "Virtual Chaos"

What's it all about?

Virtual chaos is a theory of everything. Because of this it has implications for every aspect of existence. From explanations for the cycles and Forces of Nature, to the development of New Technologies, to the explanation and utilization of Paranormal Phenomena, to possibly proving the existence of god.

Its really very simple, 123 actually. One plus two equals three, according to virtual chaos that is The Blueprint for the whole of creation. This pattern keeps cropping up, in one form or another, everywhere you look. By examining the way this pattern operates in the world around us, we should be able to draw accurate assessments of current situations. By recognizing the forces that drive a situation, it can be shaped with just minor adjustments to its natural course, instead of trying to hold back the tide with a shovel and determination.

The most basic expression of 123 is space-time itself. Three dimensions moving two directions at once. The two directions are past and future, and the at once is now. Everything I do appears to move into the past, yet I myself, seem to move into the future, and all the while it is constantly now.

Virtual chaos is a definition of time, and an examination of how that definition effects, well, everything. All of the existing models of reality are left unaltered except for how they regard time. In virtual chaos, time starts in the middle and moves both ways at once. Our linear perception of time has produced vast numbers of paradoxes in every areas of existence. These would at first seem irreconcilable, but when evaluated using bi-polar time, the solutions seem almost obvious. Its kind of like watching a movie that is half a frame out of sync with a theater full of angry people, all shouting "FOCUS!".

In virtual chaos, the cosmos contains just two things, the Background, and Consciousness. The consciousness interacts with this background, and with itself, to produce everything anybody will ever encounter. The background it uses is space-time. All of our matter and energy distort this background, in fact virtual chaos looks at it from the other direction and says that matter and energy are really nothing more than distortions of the space-time continuum itself. Matter is seen as a distortion of time, and energy is seen as a distortion of space. Even space and time are united by a common distortion, gravity.

The other constituent of reality, consciousness, is a little harder to pin down. In its essence, this would constitute god. Virtual chaos defines god as the sum total of everything. Although virtual chaos does not assign a name to the consciousness at the level of the whole, it does describe how this consciousness operates and how we ourselves function at a smaller scale.

I would like to state here that virtual chaos does not endorse any religion over any other. Your relationship to the whole of creation is your business as long as it does not obstruct mine. Virtual chaos does however, encourage you to investigate that relationship so as to discover what unique expression of consciousness it is your purpose to manifest. We feel this information cannot be read from a book or dictated to you by somebody else, it can only bubble up from within. That unique expression is the consciousness of the whole manifest through the consciousness of the individual, Communion.

We intend to explore both components of reality leaving the final analysis to the individual. If any of our materials seem biased to you, please let us know so we can balance it with an opposing viewpoint. Any bias due to ignorance or lack of available information is purely unintentional.



Here is an effort at chaos in music and visual effects. The problem is, they did not have chaos. The music is rigidly locked into four four time. There is great order here in spite of what one would imagine. The fractals are also very orderly, and the technical effects and video production skills and techniques had to behave in a rigid predictable manner also. All this so that the viewer would be amused and not offended by too much chaos.

Much as wicked men would like to think they can escape from order into chaos, and the amoral world they hope to find there, God has set in place all sorts of orders in sound, light, matter, and thought which cannot be escaped.