And the Whore Church





Constantine was the ruler of the Roman Empire circa 300 AD. He had totally lost the people's zeal to help him defend the empire, and the will to survive in Rome was gone. The hordes of barbarians were steadily moving south to capture Rome.  Constantine needed a supernatural intervention.

Constantine noted how the Christians were not debauched and broken like the pagans of Rome. He also noted that religion would be a great stimulus if it could be delivered to the people in some way to convince them that there was hope to save Rome.  So, he invented his vision from God.  Even today, the average Charismatic preacher knows that people will go for visions.  William Marion Branham had visions and halos appeared over him, etc.  The people went for it. The Romans also believed Constantine had a visit from the Christians' God.  Constantine told the masses that God had shown him a symbol, which he hatched from two pagan symbols, and God was supposed to have said, "In this sign conquer."  Well, the plebes went for it, and the masses rose and threw off the Barbarians.  

Constantine "donated" the Roman Empire to the Roman bishopric of the Christian Church. These men were depraved, and they joined the scam.  For their part, they hatched a letter in embossed gold ink from Saint Peter in person and handed it to the Barbarian leader. The dimple head went for it, and he came marching into Rome eager to submit to the new Church.  Thus was born "The Holy Roman Empire."

No "empire" has wrecked more death and sorrow on the earth than the Roman Catholic Church.  She is rightly called "the Whore" in the Book of the Revelation to John. The Crusades against Israel and the Arabs resulted in thousands of deaths.  The Conquistadors of Spain and Rome raped and pillaged the world as a sniveling priest recited Te Deums in the background.  To this day, Jesuit priests incite the people of Colombia and other South American nations to kill and plunder Evangelicals.  Northern Ireland is left off the Pope's list of rebuke.  The Pope clearly holds a policy of murder as usual in Northern Ireland.

Above all else, Constantine's Donation of the Roman secular empire to the alleged Church of Jesus Christ hatched the Inquisition.  In this era of terror, 60 million Catholics, Jews, and Christians were raped, sawed in half, boiled in oil, and butchered in unspeakable ways.  To show her disdain for the sensibilities of humanity even today, the "Holy Office" of the Inquisition is NOW open for business as usual. All that is needed is for some Pope to give the word, and the Inquisition will continue again.

Constantine's invention of the Holy Roman Empire was indeed some "donation."