John Paul II, the filthy satanic Pope of the Vatican, is about the make Mary the Redeemer of all Christendom.  At this moment, in Ecuador, his Neo-Nazi Priests are attacking the true Church of Jesus Christ.  This is the beginning of the new policy of murder from the Vatican.  The Pope called for the destruction of "Fundamentalism" on his recent trip to South America.  It is well known by historians that the goddess cults are vicious and call for blood far more than the god cults.  Thus, Kali of India kills her babies and collects the heads of her lovers.  Pope John Paul II wants to be the lover of all world religion.  Well, hug him and you will be attacked and mutilated in one way or another.

I say, "Pray for the soon death of John Paul II."  Let us rejoice and dance in the streets when he dies soon.




Ecuador (BMI)

We have been going through another test, experience, where we are growing, learning and wondering what the Lord has for us. We just felt we were getting over the truck accident, getting back to a "normal" lifestyle when this new and even more challenging experience has happened to us.

This incident also involves the believers of the Quinche church Quinche is a famous town for its Roman Catholic influence. This is where our family, along with Marco & Pati Cruz have been working for the past two years. We have never felt any real opposition to us personally over these years although we have received some rumors of threats at certain times

On Sunday, February 22 we began to face our most difficult challenge yet in our missionary career. During the morning Sunday service, a group of about 100 people led by the Catholic nuns. showed up on our property. Their message was to warn us. They wanted us to stop preaching the Gospel and to leave the town of Quinche. The police were there but just to assure that we were being warned! It was a very scary time for us because of all the yelling and threats. The next day Kevin headed to our lawyer to see what kind of protection we could get from the law, since Ecuador does have freedom of religion.

Kevin took the letter obtained from the lawyer to the head of the police in Quinche. He claimed he did not work on Mondays, so he would not receive the letter. Kevin then took the letter to the policeman on duty, he stamped it and wrote down when it was received. Kevin then went to our church property to meet the pastor there, along with the leaders of the church There were a number of believers there as the Catholic priest had been speaking to the town all afternoon over the sound system and riling up the community. The believers were anxious and wanted to be together.

At about 6 PM, a sympathizer came driving up to the church to warn the believers that a mob of people had formed at the catholic church and was heading our way. She told them there was a huge mob (the police said there were about 1,200 people but our believers think it was close to 1,000 people) and that they were in a violent state and that the believers needed to get out quickly. Kevin got a truck load of people away just as the mob was getting very close to our property. The police was leading the group, followed by the priest and nuns and the mob behind them The believers went to a road further up the hill so that they observed all that was taking place.

The mob proceeded to tear apart our church and then set the building on fire. The priest just stood there watching everything and urging the mob on in this terrible act. The nuns were seen tearing pages out of the Bible and throwing them into the fire. Everything was burned. The building itself is still standing (as it is built of cement block) but everything around it and inside is ruined

The believers along with our family and the Cruz family could not believe that this had really happened in the 20th century. We had heard of persecution but have never experienced anything like it nor did we ever think that we would experience it.

Since this incident we have been encouraged. The believers are very united, some have already become stronger in their faith. We are confident of God's control and know that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." We know that we are going to see fruit from this expenence and that God has a specific purpose for this.

Please PRAY for wisdom for Kevin & Marco in knowing what is right and proper, for clarity of thought and words as they meet with so many people, for strength to guide the church and believers at this time. PRAY for the Quinche believers. They continue to have their lives and homes threatened. PRAY that they would maintain their testimony and not react out of anger and fear. PRAY for the unsaved in the town of Quinche.  We have had a huge amount of opportunities to share the Gospel through this experience.


Editor:  BLESSED QUIETNESS JOURNAL--  Are all Catholics blood thirsty church burners?  No, of course not.  Nor are all Catholic priests.  But I can assure you that if the Pope called any dedicated Roman Catholic to burn your church, he would burn it and stick the knife in your ribs.  Terror of not pleasing Mother Church will drive Catholics to any extreme.  Recent developments in the Vatican and in Opus Dei show clearly that the Pope still has the power to kill.