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The Verdict On The Spirit Of Error- Part Two

If we believe that we are living in the last days then we must be aware that we are in the midst of the greatest era of religious deception the world has ever known. Considering the repeated warnings throughout the New Testament, by Jesus and the apostles, how can we possibly allow ourselves to be deceived?

The Bible tells us that there are many among us who simply do not have a love for the truth and therefore will actually choose to believe lies - lies which will destroy them. Men can be haughty and stubborn creatures who often put "blinders" on so they cannot see anything other than the lie they have fixed their vision upon. In this category are many respectable religious people who have a kind of "religious stubbornness" which is immune to correction.

Sadly, the Bible tells us that these are doomed to live eternally in darkness and suffering.

Some, on the other hand, may be unwittingly deceived only in certain areas of doctrine by having followed a prophet or teacher who is false (but very clever), while others have become a victim of their own pride or religious authority. Again, Satan's ministers are disguised as "ministers of righteousness", who teach many truths of Christianity, mixing in a little lie here and there, or creating new doctrines or even entire religions which are an exquisitely woven fabric of truth and error.

Such false prophets and teachers are not openly advocating "devil worship". Rather, they are preaching their own version of "Jesus Christ" (or false-christ).

So clever is the enemy of Truth that we must always be on our guard, firmly established in God's word given in the New Testament apostolic scripture, and stand willing to be corrected by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, whenever we see that we may have strayed out of His "narrow way". If there is something which seems to conflict with Bible scripture, if we observe that a teacher is not consistent in sound apostolic doctrine, or if we perceive that his motivations (for authority or personal gain) are not right, we must do what the Bible says to do: "Try the spirits whether they are of God"!

The case which is presented here is built upon a solid foundation of scripture and historical fact. There is only one desire in this:

To lift up Jesus Christ and encourage you to have a solid reliance upon apostolic scripture, the only completely trustworthy source of sound doctrine.

You are the jury which must try this case. The Judge is waiting to see what verdict you will deliver once you have weighed all the evidence. You must choose between the false apostles and the true apostles of Jesus Christ; between false doctrines of men, and the sound, solid and safe apostolic doctrine of salvation through the Blood of the Lamb.

The Bible says to judge not by appearance but to judge "righteous judgment", therefore you must first show that you do have a sincere love of truth through your prayerful submission to Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, and by your study of and reliance upon the gospel of the New Testament faith.

Always remember, just because its popular doesn't mean its right in God's sight, "...for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."

I submit that there is only one way "which leadeth unto life", and that way is very narrow. To that teaching, testimony or doctrine which subverts, reinterprets and attempts to stand above the gospel of the apostles of Jesus Christ, the verdict must be swift and conclusive: it is false.

I encourage you to study God's Word and acquaint yourself with the precious and simple message of Jesus Christ found in the Christian New Testament. Therein we find the blessed truth of God's grace and love, and the promise of eternal life through the new birth. As we are truly "born-again" of the Spirit, even those who have been cruelly deceived by the enemy of Truth, can become renewed and find rest and freedom for their souls! Freedom from fear, freedom from strife, and freedom from the bondage of spiritual pride.

If we are indeed in the Last Days (and I believe we are) and if some have been led into error, they may not have much time to make the crucial decision to allow the Holy Spirit to correct their course. It is not our religion, church, or ministry of man which is at stake, but our very lives in eternity.