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It is very clear that some Roman Catholics do NOT like the storm trooper and secret elite society image of Opus Dei.  These folks ought to be encouraged to "come out of her my people."


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SUZANNE F____________ writes:

I read that somebody is looking for opinions on Opus Dei for a documentary.

Here's my opinion.

I am a 20 year old female who's a relatively conservative Catholic.

I go to Church just about every Sunday, I read the Bible and my copy of the  Catholic Catechism. Ever since I came to know Opus Dei, it has gotten on my nerves. They discourage their members to marry, they've been known to break up marriages, and they discourage females from coming to their male residences.

My boyfriend has friends who are members of Opus Dei, and some of them seem to avoid women as much as possible. They segregate the sex in all aspects of their work (even if it is a secular institute and not necessary).

ALL their activities are recruitment-based. My boyfriend went on a trip  to the Philippines on a development project organized by Opus Dei  members (no women allowed, of course. Wouldn't want Filippinas to become  too liberated) and they made him go to the residence as much as possible  before and after the trip. They invented all sorts of excuses to have him  come back. Then one of his friends kept inviting him over the residence  in the hopes of recruiting him. I've warned my boyfriend many times about  these people.

Once, when my boyfriend went over to the residence for  another friend's birthday, the former refused to participate in certain  religious practices (which _is_ his right). A couple of days later, his  friend had a discussion with him and called him "selfish" for not  participating. My boyfriend is considered by everybody who knows him as  one of the least selfish people they know and I can attest that he treats  me like a queen.

If you want sources for Opus Dei, go to Spain. I hear there's an Opus Dei  university there.

I think many Opus Dei members are fanatical, much like members of sects,   and I know good Catholics who feel the same. Even the Pope had to   castigate certain members when they prostrated themselves in front of him.  I'm glad to have gotten this off my chest because this organization bugs me.


Quebec City,
Quebec, Canada.

Editor: This avoiding of women by young men smacks of sodomy in the making. There are MANY sodomite priests, so recruiting young men who are willing to not marry would help these depraved priests find young new "chickens,"