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By Mike Ramey


Mike Ramey is an African American journalist in Indianapolis, Indiana

Needless to say, just about everyone has heard about President Obama�s stand on Homosexual and Lesbian marriages (aka �same sex marriage�). Obama�s public declaration came on May 9th, 2012 about 3:10pm EST, courtesy of a clip from an ABC News interview that was released to the mainstream media--which included FOX News.

I saw the clip. My wife heard the clip from our kitchen. FOX News anchor Sheppard Smith may have been happy with the Obama announcement. He could afford to be, because he was of the �lighter hue� and was not up for election-- or re-election.

Of course, being African American-- and a voter-- I couldn�t believe it. What made matters worse was the �tip off� to his �decision� was helped by his Vice President a few days before, and a member of the Obama cabinet at least 48 hours ahead of the broadcast.

The pundits will be flooding the Internet and the airwaves with their opinions right up to Election day in November.

There will be voices from the pro-gay marriage crowd citing their views. There will be voices from the anti-gay marriage crowd citing their views. This is fine. In a democratic republic with freedom of speech AND freedom of religion held to be sacred in our Constitution, this is only right and fair. However, President Obama has clearly drawn a line in the sand�a BIG line that those of us who claim to be Christian can not ignore, and MUST choose God�s side of the line!

In the end analysis, in between all the punditry and speaking, there is only one side that those who believe in Christ can afford to be on, if we are true to our faith--even if there is a price to be paid.

That being God�s side.

We knew this from the beginning--BEFORE this line was drawn.


A few years back, John Kozy, Jr., a retired professor of Philosophy and Logic wrote an outstanding piece entitled: �The United States of Entertainment�. In sum, Kozy noted how America was allowing entertainment--from sports to rappers to movies--to create a standard of mental living that did not emphasize hard work, education, thrift and a host of other items that used to be standards of our society.

His last line in the piece was equally prophetic: �Although man may not live by bread alone, more bread and less play yield better lives than more play and less bread. America needs what is called "a paradigm shift." Americans need to rethink their cultural values.� This piece first surfaced about 2008. Little did we know how much punch it would have four years later.


Same-sex marriage is one of those �shifting morality� issues, which has been steadily creeping up the bedrock of the American moral foundation. No national or international power since the dawn of time has lasted very long by indulging in a national policy which caters to homosexuality, and/or any other �agenda item� which goes against morality and good, common sense. Furthermore, attempts to link an �agenda item� with the Civil Rights Movement is downright insulting.

Nevertheless, the feminists, the environmentalists and the homosexual/lesbian lobbies have been so desperate to advance their OWN selfish objectives that they are quite willing to �hitch� their wagon to a legitimate movement in order to ensnare people of color as pawns to become the poster children for immorality. Clubs, dogs, and bullets are not the same as paper or plastic, a �choice� or �Adam and Steve; Mary and Sally� getting a certificate at City Hall.

The deceived think that they are equal.

They are on their side of the big line in the sand.


Those of us who are firm members on the Ship of Zion KNOW that we are on the righteous side of the line in the sand, as we know that God calls sin, S-I-N! I agree with God, therefore I�m on His side. Yes, I do know that there will be those who �claim� to be members of their respective �churches� and will try to invoke their god to tell those of us who are of the faith that the Bible was wrong, and Jesus Christ was gay. Yes, I know that there are folks out there, swilling their �Hater-aide�, and will attempt to justify their sin by trying to talk, shout, or threaten their opposition into silence.

Well, I haven�t been silent on this issue before. Why should I be silent now?

Funny thing about this issue. Some of those who were the �first� to have same-sex marriages have dropped their �spouses� about 12-18 months after the �knot� was tied. Still others are embroiled in nasty custody battles involving their �children�. This hardly seems like the �utopia� that was promised in the �bill of sale�? But, we don�t get to hear about these stories�at least, not with as much fanfare as those who have showed up with their �indented� in tow.

But, I digress.

Black folk have been in this country for nearly 400 years. I really doubt that God brought us through Indentured Servitude, Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Segregation, Redlining and Civil Rights JUST to allow ourselves and our churches to be �connected� to a fraud such as same-sex marriage! NO intelligent Black man or Black woman would dare hoist such a fraud on their people, and expect US to �let it pass.�

It won�t pass with me. It won�t pass with a LOT of people!

America now has legalized liquor--thanks to the government-- after the ridicule and eventual defeat of Prohibition. Even though liquor had been researched, studied and shown to be harmful, folk will drink and hang the consequences, even if God is trampled in the process. Abortion became legal, again--thanks to the government. 45-plus million legal abortions later, we wonder why the economy is in tatters, lives ruined and a large segment of our labor force and tax base is gone. Now, our President has just endorsed something that sent a chill throughout the land, and drew a big line in the sand, further showing the nation�s back towards the Living God. In the end, it�s going to cost him not only the election, but the respect of his fellow citizens.

Especially those of us who know how to pray�and to vote.

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Watch the FOX NEWS video

It is clear that Joe Biden threw Obama under the bus. Is Joe trying to get the ax, or is he just this arrogant and utterly stupid? Biden spoke for the President before the President. If Medevdev in Russia pre-empted Vladimir Putin this way, Medevdev would end up in a coffin. Only in America do Vice Presidents seem to have a virtual DUTY to trash the President. Having said that, as Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here," and Obama bears the responsibility for his position 100%. What a great time to fire Biden and name a running mate with a brain, and he blew it.

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