By Aquinnah O'Keefe (12 years old)

Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you,
which was also in Christ Jesus:

Paul Mitchell comments:

The following letter was found in the "Letters" section of the WINDS website supra. Would that more 12-year-olds could write like this!

December 5th 1996

I am twelve years old and I am home-schooled.  I love the Lord with all my heart. My eyes have been opened recently to the way the world controls the minds of children.

This is how it works. The Holy Spirit is continually trying to speak to children. The world thinks that children are to be sent away from their homes to be taught.

A strange environment and the continual distraction of other schoolmates causes their minds to be closed to the Holy Spirit.  When they arrive home after school, there are other distractions such as television, radio, games and no one to supervise.

Their eyes and minds are continually drawn away from the Lord; the Lord who should be the only governor of the mind.

Television is one of the more distracting forces.  Moving quickly and full of lies, it is designed to kill the faith of children. I haven't had a lot of television in my life. My mind thinks more clearly when my life isjust reality.

Children's minds are led to horror stories such as the "Goosebump" series, to novels such as Pony Club and Babysitter's Club, and comics such as "Calvin and Hobbes," which all include spirit-deadening lies. Lies are formed and pounded into kids' heads of Santa Claus, ghosts, witches and worst of all, the so-called "better" world of fantasy. Any faith that they may have is quenched promptly by the world and the lies it teaches.

The truth of the matter is the world hates children and all other humans. The government is leading all children into its system of lies.

Aquinnah O'Keefe