Reported by missionaries in Sudan

In the African country of Sudan the religious leaders of the religion Islam have decided to punish any kids in their country who do not want to be Muslims.  These kids have said that they do not want to study the Koran.  The Koran is the religious book of Islam, and it makes Jesus look like a fool.  Many of these kids love Jesus, and they do not want to study a book that hurts Jesus.

A Muslim teacher, from a school called a Madrassa, will grab a young boy and smash him to the ground.  Two school workers hold him, and someone will whip him with a whip while the boy screams in pain.  When they are done, the boy's back is bleeding.  The teachers boast later, "This boy will not play anymore.  Muslim boys do not play, and this boy is whipped so he will not play anymore."

They are lying about their reasons.  They hate the boys because they are Christians.  Muhammed, the first leader of Islam long ago, said that it is good to beat and kill Christians and Jews.  One of Muhammed's friends even gave his little daughter, who was 9 years old, to be Muhammed's wife.  Islam does not treat children very nice.  If you are a 9 year old girl, imagine how terrible it would be to leave home to go be married to an old man who already had 10 wives.

One of the boys whom the Muslims beat often  in the Sudan is named Iser, and he was recently put in chains for 30 days.  The chains are put on his feet to make sure that he cannot run and play.  Also, when the other Muslim boys decide to beat him up, he cannot run away.  Think of the terror that poor Iser has in him all the time as he shuffles from place to place trying to hide.  Have you ever had a nightmare-- a bad dream?  Poor Iser lives in a bad dream, only he cannot wake up and make it go away.  It is really happening to him.  

A Christian visiting Sudan from another country found poor Iser, and he asked Iser, "Why are you in chains?"

Iser said, "Because I do not want to study the Koran."

"Why," asked the visitor.

"I want to go to a normal school," said Iser.  "I want to be able to go home sometimes and see my family."

You see, the Muslim leaders take the children away from their parents and keep them from going home.  They have to live at the school, the Madrassa, for many months.  Sudan has become one of the most frightening places in the world for little children.

Iser is not strong.  He cannot resist the attacks of grown ups much longer.  He will die soon if someone does not help him.  The United States is totally ignoring the suffering of Iser and many children like him.  President Clinton is not interested in Iser.  About two years ago 400,000 Christians, and others like Iser, were taken into the desert of Sudan and left to die without food and water because they would not become Muslims.  No one in the rest of the world seemed to care.  Do you care?  If you do, there is something you can do:

     1.  Pray for the children of Sudan that they will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Write, "Children in Sudan" or just "Iser" on your notebook cover or in the cover of your Bible so you will be reminded to pray for them.  You could put a note on the mirror you use every morning as you get ready for school.  Ask your pastor to pray for Iser and the other persecuted kids in Sudan in prayer meeting.  Copy and print this story and give it to your Sunday School teacher.

     2.  Pray that the Islamic leaders in Sudan, those who attack the little children with whips, will be caught and stopped.

     3.  Ask your Dad or Mom to help you find out who your congressman is, and write him a letter asking him to help stop the whipping of Iser and the little children in the Sudan.  Send a copy of the letter you write to President Clinton also.  Ask him politely why he helps White children in Bosnia but not Black children in Sudan.  Ask him if he ever sang, "Jesus loves the little Children" when he went to Sunday School.  Maybe you could have your whole class at school write the President about this.

     4.  If you have a Black friend at school who is a Black Muslim or a member of the "Nation of Islam," ask your Dad to copy this article and print it so you can show it to your Black friend.  Ask them to leave Islam and come to Jesus.  Ask your Dad to send a copy of this article to the Mullah (leader) in charge of the Islamic mosque in your town or city.

     5.  Do not hate Muslims.  Jesus died for them on the cross, and they can be saved.  We must never hate our enemies.

     6.  Ask Jesus if you could someday be a missionary to Muslim kids and tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

     7.  If you are a Black American, start thinking now how you can influence your friends to turn against the teachings of Mr. Farrakan.  He is a Muslim, and he would say that it is good to beat the African children who are Christians.  He is just like the leaders in the Sudan.  Pray that Mr. Farrakan will fail to make Black American people become Muslims.

     8.  Promise Jesus that you will never attack another kid because he doesn't believe the same thing you believe.  Ask Jesus to help you to show His love wherever you go.  Lots of kids suffer in your community also, and they need to hear that Jesus loves them and they can be His children.  Ask your Sunday School teacher or your Dad how you can give the Gospel to other kids who will listen to you.  Ask your pastor to order some Gospel tracts that you can give to your friends.