As reported by Mari Hanes and edited.

Maybe you have seen the movie about Pocahontas.  I hope not.  It is a movie produced by the dirty minded people in Hollywood, and as usual, they got it all wrong because they need a lot of improper touching and sex in order to sell their dirty pictures.  Here are the historic facts about Pocahontas which have been well known for a long time.  Compare them with the movie.  Also, Pocahontas was a born again Christian, as was her husband, John Rolfe.  She would be very unhappy if she knew how they dirtied her life in Hollywood.

If you want a clean and godly version of her life, go to your Christian bookstore, and get a copy of the book called, Pocahontas, True Princess, Written by Mari Hanes, Publisher,-- Multnomah Books.  It is a good book and the story is based on real facts and the Bible.

Here then are the known historic facts about Pocahontas from the above book and some of my research:

Pocahontas was born in 1597.  This is the same year the Spanish Armada was sent against England to force them to become Roman Catholics.  God sank the Armada with a terrible storm, and England became the great missionary sending nation of the world.  God punished King Philip of Spain for attacking England-- King Philip died of worms, just like King Herod.

Pocahontas' home village was called Werowocomoco.  Quite a long name, right.  Can you pronounce it?  Pocahontas was only ten years old when she stopped her own people from putting the English Captain John Smith to death.  The English settlers often saw her in her  village turning cartwheels while they visited.  They noted that she was lovely, small, and quick.

We know a great deal about her father, Powhatan, and his large family.  Pocahontas was his favorite daughter.  Tatacoope and Parahunt were the real names of two of her brothers.  She also had several sisters.  Her people worshipped the War god, Okewas, and we know that Quiyoughcosuck, the priest of Okewas, wore live snake ear rings.  He and Pocahontas were not good friends because of the devil's work in the evil priest.  The evil priest demanded hundreds of children to be sacrificed by death.  We have some fools today who say that American Indian religion is honorable.  That is a lie.  American Indian religion is always wicked, and that religion hates Jesus Christ.  American Indians need to repent and be born again just like the rest of us sinners.

Pocahontas was present in Jamestown when Ratcliffe falsely accused Captain Smith, and when Newport's ship arrived from England.  We know some of the names of man Pocahontas warned on the "night of terror," and we know the name of the English boy she tried to rescue from captivity at Werowocomoco.

From many letters, we know of her time in the town Henrico and in the home of Pastor and Mrs. Whitaker, and we know of her courtship and marriage to John Rolfe, and of their son Thomas. There was a Spaniard in the town of Henrico who was a spy for the Spanish and the Roman Catholics.  He wrote a letter to the king of Spain saying, "The English parson (pastor) is very slow in his dealing with the Indian Princess, making sure that her faith is her own-- how unlike we Spanish who would have baptized her long ago."  From this letter, we can tell that Pastor Whitiker was a godly witness like Philip in the Bible was with the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:37-38.  If your Bible doesn't have both of those verses, you don't really have a pure Bible.  You need to look for a King James Bible that has ALL of God's Words.

Pocahontas went to visit England, and we know a lot about Pocahontas's days there-- even the social affairs which she attended.  She met the poet, Ben Johnson and the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh.  We know that she greatly impressed the Royal Family of England.

We also know of her "great confession of faith" as she lay dying in the town of Gravesend, England.  Her dying words were that she had great assurance of the resurrection by Jesus Christ in the future.  She also asked those near her, as she was dying, to make sure her son Thomas would be raised in England by those who loved Jesus.  She wanted him to return to America some day and be a great man of faith and a blessing to the Algonquin Indians.

That is the real Pocahontas, and Hollywood would never tell you about her love for Jesus.  Isn't it time you stop getting your head full of that Hollywood Disneyland TV trash?  Ask your Dad or Mom if you can get some real history books from the library and study something you can all enjoy.  Also, check all of the things you read with your Bible.  If it sounds like it goes against God's Word, then it is a lie.

My kids have really enjoyed reading the books of John Stoddard.  They were written long ago when movies and TV were not known, and Mr. Stoddard would travel all over the world to see countries, then he would give speeches about what he saw.  His books are in used book stores all over America.  They tell about the world about 100 years ago, and it really is fun to see how things used to be.  Mr. Stoddard had a clean mind, and he looked at the world from the standpoint of a Bible believer, especially when he saw superstition and formal religion.

SAINT PIUS X FAITH FORMATION  Here is where you can send the Gospel to Roman Catholic priests.  Have your Dad or Mom help you.