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"Final Solution" For American Independence,
sent to the list on
20 July 2000
from the American Policy Center

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"In September, when literally all of the leaders of the world, gather in New York City for the UN's Millennium Assembly, they will meet for one purpose - to change the world. Global Governance under the control of the United Nations will be established. World leaders will vote to give the UN oversight of all of the earth's land, air and seas. "


By: Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

"The bedrock of every country's international relations must be the mission of using the United Nations system as the machinery for working and acting together." Shridath Ramphal, co-chairman, UN Commission on Global Governance

"Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete, all states will recognize a single , global authority and National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all..." Strobe Talbott, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration

"It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation-states, however powerful." Maurice Strong, co-chairman, UN Commission on Global Governance

United Nation's leadership has made no attempt to hide its contempt for American independence and national sovereignty. On September 6, 2000, The United Nations will convene its Millennium Assembly in New York City to restructure the UN in preparation for global governance.

On October 1, 2000 the Department of Justice, under Janet Reno is scheduled to take control of military forces here in the united States of America. ( See this URL:

The Assembly will bring together the largest gathering of world leaders ever to meet under one roof. Their goal is to change the way governments operate. The UN will be established as the central operating entity. All governments will be redesigned to operate through the UN. Independent sovereign states will essentially cease to exist. They will instead become "partners" in global governance.

The UN's Charter for Global Democracy has been be created to essentially replace the UN's fifty-year-old Charter. The Charter for Global Democracy is written to establish the new procedures that will govern how nations will interact with each other, as well as how they operate within their own borders.

Republican leaders in the Congress, led by Senator Jesse Helms have demanded that the UN reform itself or face losing U.S. support. Senator Helms' idea of reform was to reduce bloated budgets,bureaucracies and wasteful paper work. Instead, the UN has used the term "reform" to mean a stronger UN that is "retooled" to become a global government. There simply can be no other interpretation of the Charter.

We and everyone else lose our sovereignty

In September, when literally all of the leaders of the world, gather in New York City for the UN's Millennium Assembly, they will meet for one purpose - to change the world. Global Governance under the control of the United Nations will be established. World leaders will vote to give the UN oversight of all of the earth's land, air and seas.

They will vote to give the UN oversight of international conflicts. They will give the UN the power to be judge and jury over violators of international law.

They will give the UN oversight of financial institutions, commerce, trade relations, labor relations, education and private property. Existing national, state and local governments will remain to serve as conduits to locally carry out UN policy. The Millennium Assembly is the final act in a UN drive for power that began a decade ago. The UN has been preparing for global governance over those ten years through a series of international conferences, treaties and reports.

It's been five years since the UN released its blueprint for global governance in a 1995 report called "Our Global Neighborhood." That report detailed UN plans that will now be placed into action through the Charter for Global Democracy which will be voted on and approved by the world leaders at the Millennium Assembly. First, the Charter will change the actual structure of the United Nations. Officially, it calls for the consolidation of all international agencies to be placed under the direct authority of the UN.

But Maurice Strong, co-chairman of the UN Commission on Global Governance, issued a 95 page report in 1997 which outlined the steps necessary to restructure the UN to fulfill its mission of global governance. That restructuring would include eliminating the veto power and permanent member status of the Security Council. Such a move would almost completely eliminate U.S. influence and power in the world body.

Second, Strong's report calls for the creation of a new UN body called the Assembly of the People. This new body is to become the real power of the UN. It will be populated by hand-picked, non-government organizations (NGO's). These groups are actually nothing more than activists representing private organizations with political agendas. The UN is the only power than can recognize and sanction an official NGO organization.

They do not represent average people. They answer to no one but their own agendas. They will not be elected to this post by anyone outside of the UN structure. Leading NGO's include radical environmental groups like the Sierra Club and population-control groups like Planned Parenthood. Once the Assembly of the People is in place, groups such as these will meet and plan UN policy to govern us all. Strong's restructuring ideas are represented in the Charter for Global Democracy and will be voted on by the world leaders in September.

A key issue of UN leaders is the need for more money. Almost every paper, report and statement by UN leaders lament its lack of funding to pay for its massive new roll in global governance. Of particular concern is the desire for independent funding that does not rely on donations and dues from member nations.

In 1996, then-UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali publicly suggested a global tax to fund the UN. The idea was met with strong opposition from the United States. The UN retreated from the idea and indicated that it wasn't really serious. Yet again, the idea is included in the Charter for Global Democracy.

Specifically, the Charter would give the UN domain over all of the earth's land, air and seas. In addition it would give it the power to control all natural resources, wild life, and energy sources, even radio waves. Such control would allow the UN to place taxes on everything from development; to fishing; to air travel (that tax is already collected); to shipping. Anything that could be defined as using the earth's resources would be subject to UN use-taxes.

The Charter also calls for the regulation by the UN of all transnational corporations and financial institutions. In this way the UN would control international markets and monetary policies. A massive tax called the "Tobin Tax" has been suggested. This amounts to a tax or "fee" on every international financial transaction. This one tax would generate an estimated $1.5 trillion for UN coffers. For the average American it would have a direct effect on pension funds, IRA's and personal investment transactions.

Such taxes would be collected by the establishment of a global IRS. Taxpayers in the United States well know the massive power held by our own IRS. But with the establishment of such a global power there would be no appeal to elected representatives. There would be no chance of public hearings to hold the agency accountable. There would be no control.

Clearly, implementation of the Charter for Global Democracy would produce massive wealth for the UN, resulting in the concentration of massive power. Such power would be controlled by the establishment of an international UN army. The army would answer to no nation. It would have the power to take action in any nation the UN directed it to. The UN would have the power to force nations to house the soldiers on their own soil. An international police state would replace national defense forces. The UN army is one of the main points to be voted on in the Charter for Global Democracy.

Finally, the Charter sets up a series of international rules based on radical environmentalism that will control property and commerce. It will require the enforcement of all UN "Human Rights" treaties, some of which even dictate how parents will raise their children. To assure that these international laws are obeyed, the Charter also calls for the establishment of an International Court of Justice that will be compulsory for all nations.

The United States Constitution guarantees every American the right to a trial by jury; the right to face our accusers and the right to full disclosure of the charges against us. Under the UN rules for the Criminal Court, none of these are guaranteed. Most Americans believe that such a court is being established to bring international outlaws like Sadam Hussein to justice. That is not the case however. Under this new UN court, even private citizens are subject to trial. Will the United States fall for the UN's trap? Will our elected leaders allow the Charter for Global Democracy to usurp our own Constitution?

The fact is many in Congress fail to see the UN as a threat. Ask your elected representatives if any of this is possible and most will deny it as simple paranoia from the "black helicopter" crowd. But every word of this report has been taken from UN documents. The Millennium Assembly will take place in September. The world leaders will be there. And the Charter For Global Democracy will be voted on. What other conclusion can be drawn? Others will count on the Congress to refuse to ratify such a Charter. That is probably true. But there is another danger. President Bill Clinton has already stated his support for the Charter. He has a history of ignoring Congress and implementing his agenda through the use of Executive Order. (See the following


Several UN treaties have gone unratified by Congress, including the Biodiversity Treaty and the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty. Yet, Bill Clinton has already begun to enforce their provisions through Executive Order - and Congress has taken no action to stop him. In 1776, with the stroke of a pen, the Declaration of Independence marked the beginning of the greatest experiment in national government ever conceived. Today, however, unless Congress stands united - determined to block not only the UN Charter, but also every effort to implement it - it will take only the stroke of Bill Clinton's lame-duck pen to change our nation, and history forever.

Tom DeWeese is the president of the American Policy Center, an activist think tank headquartered in Herdon, Virginia. The Center maintains an Internet web site at




Panic is not the response:

There is NO Bible example which justifies panic. Rather: Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Let me explain something to you. 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. We have heard many forecasts of doom and gloom from right wingers and patriots. They are people who do NOT really love the Word of God, for if they did, they would know that Matthew 24 and Luke 17 make it very clear that this age will end with raging prosperity and abundance. Read it. As it was in the days of Noah and Lot... So, you can count on it-- The bankers of the world may dream of a One World Governance, but they will NOT disrupt your ability to produce, make a profit, and produce the cream and debts, investments, and taxes which make them rich. They NEED you.

Please stop listening to the doom and gloom. The real peril is that you and I will stop witnessing to the lost and serving the Lord's Church while we hole up and get ready for a non-event. The only thing you and I are to be getting ready for is the return of Jesus Christ for His Bride, the Church. And, we here His words, "Occupy till I come." Not, panic till I come!

Rebellion and Patriotic Frenzy are not the response:

There is no place for rebellion. The history of the United States is based in a foundation of rebellion, for our founding fathers, far from being Godly men, rebelled against the King. Proverbs 20:2 The fear of a king is as the roaring of a lion: whoso provoketh him to anger sinneth against his own soul. 1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

I believe the United States will rebel against this UN One World stealth of Bill Clinton and the others in high places. This rebellion will be used as an excuse to break the will of Americans to be free. This will finally result in the death of millions who are destined to die as patriots. The center of the world will then move to Europe.

I suggest you are the greatest fool to join such a rebellion. As Jeremiah told Israel to submit to the invading armies, I encourage you to submit to the rule over you, and resist it ONLY when you cannot stand before your God with a clear conscience. You God does NOT have any future for the United States in Bible prophecy. You are a fool to join ANY rebellion to save the USA.

Proverbs 17:11 An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

Various Callings:

Paul went over the wall in a basket.
Elijah hid out by the brook Cherith.
David slobbered on himself and convinced his enemy he was mad.
Daniel was called by the Satanic system into the very courts of the king.
Peter would not obey the order of the rulers to stop speaking of Christ.
Paul entered Caesar's Palace with the Gospel.
The Donatists fled to North Africa from Constantine.
John Hus was executed after trying to be honest and responsible.
Servetus was burned at the stake by John Calvin.
Latimer preached against Henry III's sins, and Henry let him do it over and over.
Manno Simons went from house to house serving the saints secretly.
John Knox stood his ground for many years against those who swore to kill him.
Two German missionaries went into Ethiopia, circa 1870, and were never seen again.
Pastor J. Frank Norris shot his adversary.
Sam Jones smacked the man in the jaw who would not pay attention.
Orrie Cochrane lived his whole life ignoring the rulers and winning souls.

Take you pick. There are many more examples to choose from :-)
BUT, all of the above men were serving God in their choices, NOT rebelling.

Jonah, ah now, there was a fine patriot and rebel. He refused to preach to Nineveh, a city hated by Jews. It would seem Jonah thought he could escape responsibility by running away. Perhaps by doing so, Nineveh would not get to repent and would be destroyed. What a strategy! Save Israel by damning Nineveh! This is why Jonah was so mad at God for accepting Nineveh's repentance in the end of the book.

So, Jonah got his passport, a boat ticket, and headed for Spain. But, God got Jonah straightened out. In the end a wonderful miracle awaited Jonah-- Jonah got to be part of the fish's vomit.

Does that sound like fun? What will YOU do?

Example of panic: World Net Daily



"On October 1, 2000 the Department of Justice, under Janet Reno is scheduled [sic] to take control of military forces here in the united States of America. ( See this URL:"

An astute reader questioned this and I have contacted the News Watch Magazine for verification. I have not yet received an answer. If anyone on the list knows of an EO or PDD, or other mechanism whereby such a transfer of US military control will be effected (if it is to be effected) please contact me. The actual unadulterated article from the American Policy Center can be found at:

When I received the article, the American Policy Center was referenced for verification, but this paragraph, and the other changes, slipped by. All information in the original article is accurate as far as I am able to determine. More information on the UN Millennial Assembly can be found at the UN Millennium website at: And at the U.S. Department of State website at: Tony

Who is Maurice Strong?

Check out the greed and big business factor in Maurice Strong's Global Village

See the very heart of United Nations thought


Addendum: August 2006

Maurice Strong has since fled to Canada where he was given a post in the government where he could amuse himself playing One World and making large impressive suggestions. These One Worlders have all seemed to run into the ditch. What is the overall strategy? It seems to have risen higher into unseen worlds, what some call "The Hidden Hand," where men rule the leaders. This higher realm is not a place of party or national loyalty. It is a place of lust for power, money, food, and sex. These are landed lorded high toned slobs who enforce their will by coercion and reward, and you and I will never know who they are.

Really, I have stopped following the conspiracies of the world, for it is a waste of time. It is not the duty of a Bible believer to figure out who the most wicked men are in the world. Damn them, for our Lord plans to wipe them out soon with plagues and pestilence. Praise the Lord.

I leave up articles like this for their historic value mostly. If you spit in the face of Jesus Christ and plan to live through what we call The Great Tribulation, you might want to save this page to your hard drive for future reference. After I am gone you will be rather desperate for answers as to your destiny.