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This lady did the primal work of research on the New Age Movement. She was well into her investigations of the New Age when Dave Hunt and Texe Marrs were still clueless.

She also was used of the Lord to lead a number of New Age leading lights to Christ.

She did her research in New Age venues and was helped to find some very frightening connections of the New Age with Christian ministries, among them, Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

Robertson has had Jeremy Rifkin, a rank New Ager, as a guest many times. Sister Cumbey told me on the phone that she had connected Cornelius Vander Breggen and Harold Bredesen to the New Age by hearing one of them speak as a keynote speaker at a New Age conference in Washington DC. This lady has been IN the battle zone.

The following are some excerpts from the book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey. Mrs. Cumbey, a Christian trial lawyer, has done extensive study into New Age teachings and activities. If you wish a copy of the entire volume, write to the publishers, Huntington House, Inc., 1200 North Market Street, Suite 6, Shreveport, Louisiana 71107. It is a paperback retailing for $5.95.-- Vance Ferrell, for Pilgrims' Rest

Excerpts from the book,
The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow
by Constance Cumbey

According to New Age sources, the New Age Movement is a worldwide network. It consists of tens of thousands of cooperating organizations. Their primary goal or the secret behind their "unity-in-diversity" is the formation of a "New World Order." The Movement usually operates on the basis of a well-formulated body of underlying esoteric or occult teachings.

The glue binding most New Age devotees is one of common mystical experiences. "Experiential religion" is considered vital within the Movement. A substantial proportion of those within the Movement strongly believe in psychic phenomena and say they do so because of "direct experiences."

Those among their number who have not participated in the communal tripping of the "Light Fantastic" are encouraged to try meditation, LSD, or any one of the scores of "psychotechnologies" promised to induce "transformation"-- a euphemism for progressively deeper levels of demonic influence.

The New Age Movement, called by Marilyn Ferguson The Aquarian Conspiracy, and deriving its name from the so-called Age of Aquarius, encompasses a number of groups and submovements, such as: the Holistic Movement, Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Humanistic Movement, New Thought, Third Wave, Third Force, The New Spirituality, the Human Potential Movement, Secular Humanism, and Humanism.

Contrary to the assertions of New Agers that their conspiracy lacks dogma, there is a discernible body of teachings dominant within the Movement. While many paths may be employed to reach the trance-like state they encourage, once that state is reached, the paths are nearly identical from that point forward. As Alice Bailey said, "[T]he emphasis in all esoteric schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid upon meditation."

Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy, an important New Age manifesto, attempts to announce and popularize what the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement. Heavily extolling the joys of "altered states of consciousness," her book contains more euphemisms than facts when it comes to describing the promised land of the New Age.

Frustratingly, most of the participants in these New Age networks are quite innocently involved. Either they do not know the true aims and intents of its leadership or, more often, they are operating under the influence of extremely sophisticated forms of mind control.16

Classes such as TM, Silva Mind Control, EST, Life springs, Arica and dozens of other such "psychotechnologies" help the trainers induce the desired trance-like state in the would-be initiate.

The New Age teachings are the same old lies that have been about since the snake beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden: "Thou shalt not surely die . . . and thou shalt be as gods." Combine that line together with an attack on God's Word and understand the reason why Lucifer was originally expelled from Paradise and you will perfectly understand the philosophies and goals of the New Age Movement.

They rationalize the concepts of initiation and secret ritual by claiming a need for the "geniuses" among us to have their own, private language and code. The Movement has managed to win many of the very cream of our intellectual crop by flatteries. The flattery is the same as that employed by the serpent to Eve -- "Thou shalt be as gods."

In fact, the New Agers claim they are a "new species." They have "evolved" into homo noeticus. They "evolved" by employing mind-expansion techniques such as meditation and the "other disciplines."23

New Age communication employs a specialized vocabulary extensive enough to require a separate New Age Dictionary which helps worldwide New Agers speak each other's language.24

The Movement teaches the Law of Rebirth or reincarnation. This is basically a teaching that man does not really die, but that he instead is endlessly reborn into new life cycles until such time as he perfects himself sufficiently to qualify for endless rest (Nirvana). Of course, this just happens to match one of the lies of the serpent in the Garden of Eden in telling Eve "you shall not surely die."

The Movement teaches that the Trinity is inferior to an entity known as "The Solar Logos." In fact, the Alice Bailey writings contain in at least two places elaborate organization charts of the "gods" and "masters." The "Solar Logos" is just a notch above the Trinity -- a false trinity that does not match our Holy Trinity in that instead of being a personal godhead there is a "Solar Trinity or Logoi" consisting of:

I      The Father        Will
II     The Son            Love-wisdom
III    Holy Spirit         Active Intelligence

After the Solar Trinity come the "Seven Rays" and below that, but deriving "authority" directly from "The Solar Logos" is "S. Sanat Kumara (a scrambling of Satan)." According to Benjamin Creme, David Spangler, the Alice Bailey writings, and the Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writings, this so-called Sanat Kumara is our "God," the "Ancient of Days" and the "One Initiator." Probably, more truthfully the "Venus" link of occultism gives us a better clue as to who Sanat Kumara really is. For "Sanat Kumara" is allegedly 'the eternal youth from the Planet Venus." Lucifer is also known in occultdom as "Venus." Therefore, Sanat Kumara is merely another name for Satan or Lucifer.

The same chart also contains several lower levels of assorted "Kumaras," "departmental heads," "Manus," "Bodhisattvas," and "Mahachohans," and beneath them, in their turn, many "masters."

Guess who is at the bottom of this chart? None other than "The Master Jesus!" They have demoted our Lord and Savior to the lowest possible spot on their "Hierarchy of Masters!" Furthermore, adding insult to injury, he is shown as reporting to an entity known as the "Venetian Master."

The same organizational chart has separate listings for Jesus and the Christ -- a distinct mark of the spirit of antichrist.

Initiation is considered by them to be the heart and core of the planned New World Religion.

This initiation has been clearly defined as "Luciferic" in the Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Ann Bailey, and David Spangler writings. Sadly, the New Age Movement has infiltrated even many of our Christian denominations with this pagan concept.

Further, the Movement's theology contains a strong belief in an "inner government" of our planet by a hierarchy of spirits or alleged "masters of wisdom."

Even Christian bookstores have not escaped the deceptive influence of the New Age Movement. There the shelves groan under the weight of books that contain virtually every plank of the New Age Movement -- from meditation and positive/possibility thinking to support for a New World Order. They differ only from the standard textbooks of the New Age Movement by being labeled "Christian." The Christian books will usually proclaim the fact that we are engaged in a conspiracy to make the world better and better until the Lord returns.


Away from the bookstores, the recruiting of unsuspecting self-improvers continues. People are encouraged to study one of the dozens of "psychotechnologies" -- visualization, autosuggestion, hypnotherapy, guided imagery -- techniques almost guaranteed to bring one in contact with "spirit guides" -- ,i.e., demons.

Silva Mind Control, EST, A Course in Miracles, as well as several other mind "science" courses, are virtually guaranteed to convert participants into New Agers. More shocking still is the fact that in some cases these courses are being attended and even taught by both Protestant and Catholic clergy and nuns.

In the city of Detroit, for example, a Roman Catholic priest and nun are co-teaching a Silva Mind Control course. An Episcopalian church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has sponsored a holistic health center. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine Episcopal, New York City, has even featured sermons by David Spangler -- the same David Spangler who has said that Luciferic initiation would be required to enter the New Age.

Of course, the reach-out efforts of Unity and Unitarians continue to increase in momentum. Unity and the Unitarian Church alike reach out to singles, newly divorced, the depressed, the overweight, alcoholics, and others searching for themselves and their identities.

Urban dwellers are reached by appeals from these churches to their sense of community. Come-as-you-are potluck dinners and dances for singles are often featured. Mind-control courses and seminars on books such as Wayne Dyers' are offered for the insecure.

Likewise, health food stores and juice bars often are turned into New Age recruiting centers. Once again, they are filling the vacuum for a place where one may mingle and converse without having to resort to alcoholic beverages.

According to Marilyn Ferguson in her New Age classic, The Aquarian Conspiracy:

"It is impossible to overestimate the historic role of psychedelics as an entry point drawing people into other transformative technologies. For tens of thousands of 'left-brained' engineers, chemists, psychologists, and medical students who never before understood their more spontaneous, imaginative right-brained brethren, the drugs were a pass to Xanadu, especially in the 1960's.

"The changes in brain chemistry triggered by psychedelics cause the familiar world to metamorphose. It gives way to rapid imagery, unaccustomed depths of visual perception and hearing, a flood of 'new' knowledge that seems at once very old, a poignant primal memory.

"Those who ingested psychedelics soon found that the historic accounts closest to their own experiences derived either from mystical literature or from the wonderland of theoretical physics -- complementary views of 'the all and the void . . .'

"As one chronicler of the sixties remarked, 'LSD gave a whole generation a religious experience.' But chemical satori is perishable, its effects too overwhelming to integrate into everyday life. Non-drug psychotechnologies offer a controlled sustained movement toward that spacious reality. The annals of The Aquarian Conspiracy are full of accounts of passages: LSD to Zen, LSD to India, psilocybin to psychosynthesis" (page 89-90).

Government is not the only large American institution invaded by the New Age conspirators. They have also called on the financial and social pressures of big business to attain their goals for world domination -- a world to be peopled by those more schooled in mysticism than everyday common sense.

Marilyn Ferguson reports in The Aquarian Conspiracy that they have managed to win the financial support of Lockheed Aircraft, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the Rockefeller Foundation and others for holistic health forums. Again, while it is hard to argue with the case for organically grown vegetables and enough sleep at night, nevertheless, one may view the agenda with justifiable concern if it sounds more like a catalog of New Age occultism than it does like a health improvement seminar.

These programs have and continue to routinely feature the following which are all nothing more than variations on Eastern occult techniques:

Meditation, visualization (according to occultists, this is a shortcut to unlocking all the mysteries of mysticism), biofeedback (of course, enhanced by; meditation), acupuncture (manipulation of "The Force" or "Life Force"), hypnosis, psychic healing, etc.

And if this were not enough to gladden the hearts of New Agers everywhere, the latest news from the halls of industry should be. For suddenly courses in "New Age Thinking" have become the order of the day -- particularly for middle and upper-level management personnel and salesmen. From General Motors and Chrysler Corporation through AT&T and southwestern oil concerns such courses have been offered. One such course that has been in wide use at many major corporations is called "New Age Thinking" and is taught by Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute, Inc.

Employees attending these institutes are even encouraged to bring their entire families. Self-image psychology is stressed as part of a new "mental tool kit." Like other psychotechnologies, the perceptions of the participants are played with in an attempt to shift their focus to "New Age Thinking."

Participants are basically taught that they create their own world by their own thought-forms and that by ignoring or downplaying negative inputs their world will become a brighter, better place. Of course, believing you are your own god is the next logical step. And where does such a program tell one to go for spiritual and religious guidance? Again, dear to the heart of the most dedicated New Age psychic and spiritualist, they are sent to the major advocates of the "deity of man": Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Herman Hesse, Eric Fromm, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and most outrageously of all, Ram Dass -- an avowed enemy of orthodox Judeo-Christian religious tradition and proponent of a mass conversion to Hinduism and other forms of Eastern mysticism.

Clearly, enforced attendance at these New Age seminars is a form of religious discrimination by the employer that should not be tolerated. Neither should it be made a ground for promotion or demotion among those attending or refusing to attend. Could an employer demote or promote one for regularly attending mass or evangelical services? The answer, of course, is a clear no. Neither should the employer be allowed to do this to those whose consciences do not permit their attendance at seminars promoting "New Age Thinking."

The Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley is a case in ecumenical point.

Established in 1962 at Berkeley, it has brought Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish participants together in a sort of commonized apostasy. In fact, they are so apostate that they have expanded their theological horizons to include Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Sikhism, Feminist Spirituality, New Age groups, occultism, neo-paganism and witchcraft. Their activities meet approval with at least one important source: The New Consciousness Sourcebook (Spiritual Community Guide No. 5). The alternate title for this book for the past several years has been Handbook for a New Age.

Engaging in what they call "creative borrowing," they have managed to water down Christianity to a state of bare recognizability. One of Union's professors, Dr. Charles S. McCoy, quotes John Cobb's Christ in a Pluralistic Age with approval. Cobb suggested that the Christians copy Buddhism in order to "reconceive Christ." McCoy enthusiastically endorses Cobb's thesis that "Christ must be reconceived as creative transformation in all human experiences and not bound to the historical Jesus or to any past doctrine."

It is one thing to read through a book which has subtle bends, twists, and turns, realizing that in serpentine fashion you are being inched in the direction of the New Age Movement. It is quite another experience to read one that comes on as bold as a cobra selling its venom door to door. Such a book is Journey to Inner Space: Finding God in Us. I have seen few worse in occult bookstores.

Journey to Inner Space is not the product of a Hindu sect. Incredibly, it was written by the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Seattle, Washington, Rodney R. Romney.

The glue binding the New Agers together is that of common mystical experiences. They literally believe they are seeing things and hearing things the rest of us do not.

However, the past several years have been characterized by a barrage of "pop" psychologies and mind control courses. Mind control was to be an essential component of preparation for the New World Order and the New Age "Christ."

The occult principle behind this is labeled "The Law of Rebirth." It is not the same as what Jesus called being "born again."

In rebirthing, by contrast, one is conditioned to believe that all wisdom is contained within oneself. Like ancient yogis and mystics, modern New Agers look inward -- to the center of themselves -- to receive "wisdom" and knowledge.

The occultists say that light comes from our own "higher selves." The Bible says that Jesus is the only Christ. Occultists say there have been many Christs.

Dr. Romney openly discusses this process:

"There is much I have not covered concerning the meditation experience. I have not talked about the seven nerve centers (chakras) and the corresponding colors of these centers. Nor have I discussed the forces within our cerebrospinal system known as the kundalini shakti, a mysterious fire of love that rises up within us through daily, sincere periods of meditation and which transports us into a new land of expanded consciousness."16

"I always sit in the same chair if possible, which faces east. Facing east while praying is an ancient practice which draws a symbolism between the rising sun and the dawning of divine light in one's consciousness. In the opinion of some this also offers exposure to greater forms of cosmic energy."

"Your assignment is not to follow any earthly teacher or guru on the earth path. Your assignment is to discover the Christ within you . . . Teach yourself. Be your own master. Be your own healer. Find the Christ within" (ibid., p. 130).

"So God first made light as spiritual energy and from that light created all things. We, therefore, are not made of solid, impenetrable matter -- we are made of light energy. This primal force of energy is what we call God. When the Bible says we are made in God's image, it means that we are constructed of the very energy force which is God. When we establish a connection with God, we receive an increased flow of this energy.

"When people advance into the higher realms of spiritual consciousness, they often perceive this light through the spiritual sense, sometimes diffused into brilliant colors that go beyond any shades and hues ever seen before, just as they will often distinguish sounds that normally the human ear cannot register . . . The deep center of our inner space, where we are conscious of being filled by God, transcends all mortal limitations and brings perceptions to us that are impossible at any other level.

"For centuries it was known in the Eastern countries that a powerful, invisible force seemed to flow through the hands and arms of the so-called holy people. People who consciously identified with God seemed to have an abundance of energy which was healing in its effect. Certainly this was true of Jesus" (ibid., p. 72-73).

When I spoke with Dr. Romney, he was not reticent about admitting he considered his book to be an example of "New Age" writing. His book actually alludes to this coming "New Age":

"Most students of the spiritual realm agree that we are entering today into a New Age of Light on this planet. This light is beginning to expose and correct malfunctions in the created order. But this is not an age to fear, it is one in which to rejoice. As the light purges and purifies the darkness, we feel the death rattle of an old age and the birth pangs of a new one in which the highest aspirations and possibilities of creation will rise to the fore" (ibid., p.74-75).

"Those who understand the principle of light, who know how to project it into a condition and hold there, and who understand that this light comes from God and God's invisible workers who are on this earth, will discover that they are able to change conditions in positive ways and usher in the age of abiding peace on earth" (ibid., p. 75).

From Attorney Constance Cumbey-- Posted:
Courtesy: Fri Apr 27
11:53:34 2001 by Alan Trumbetta

(Of "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" fame.
This was
posted at another site by her)

Since November 22, 1995, I have carefully observed the
role that Javier Solana has played. He came to world power in 10 days of November 1995. Those 10 days started with the Socialist, former Marxist (see graphic) concluding a treaty with Israel on behalf of the EU, which gave him a full power of attorney to do so. He then chaired the Barcelona Conference which was a self-conscious revival of the old Roman empire. It consisted of 15 European and 12 North African nations, including Israel and the Palestinian Union.

On November 30, 1995, he was unanimously picked to be the new head of NATO. He aspired to be the new head of the European Union, but he wasn't given that honor. The honor went to Prodi, but the real POWER went to Javier Solana who was made the total czar of all European military and foreign policy. His enabling resolution, believe it or not, enacted by the WEU, giving him dictatorial powers to convene the European Council and assume police powers over Europe in the event of an emergency, using the CIMIC concept (Civilian-Military Cooperation -- as in 'you will cooperate, you will enjoy!) was ASSEMBLY RECOMMENDATION 666. Check it out using

He headed the Western European Union and still does -- that is your true federation of 10 nations. He is intensely anti-clerical. As far as I know, he has not a religious bone in his body. He has little or no regard for the love of women, while married with 2 children, he had no problem virtually abandoning his wife and children to live in their modest Madrid suburb

Javier Solana was a rabid Marxist, fully a party member and a close friend of USSR leaders. Read how the Clinton administration forced him on NATO while the US Congress looked the other way. It is in the spirit of totalitarian iron fisted rule that the Antichrist will prevail, and in this Solana is well schooled.

home, while he went to Brussels to live in mansions. Let's review the prophecies carefully: 1) A vile person shall arise to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom. (Daniel) 2) He shall come in peaceably with the aid of a few and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. (Daniel) 3) His influence would extend to the "pleasant land" -- Israel. Javier was the attributed author of the Israeli Peace Process and he plays that role today. 4) He would tear and stamp and even make war against the Saints.

Consider carefully Kosovo. Solana and Solana alone had the power to make military and bombing decisions over Yugoslavia. 5) He shall think to change times and laws: SOLANA is openly campaigning to change international law from that of recognition of sovereignty to "Humanitarian
Intervention." 6) His number would be 666. That was
the number of Solana's empowering resolution in the WEU and was adopted by the Council of Europe. Few people seem to have observed him. He looks totally harmless, perhaps like somebody one would like to buy a used car from and feel really good about it. But he is ruthless in his actions and he has now total global influence, including with USA leaders. Unfortunately, there has been a near news blackout in the USA and most Americans are utterly unaware of this man. Don't take my word for any of this -- do an internet search for yourself. God bless!

Constance E. Cumbey

Attorney at Law
2525 Telegraph Road, Suite 304

Bloomfield HIlls, MI 48302-0289

(248)253-0333; 253-9037 FAX




1. JAVIER SOLANA was the proud author of the Israeli Peace Process.

2. JAVIER SOLANA was the originator of the "Partnership for Peace."

3. JAVIER SOLANA helped establish as part of the Israeli peace process the earthquake research center set up in Eilat, Israel to study the Jordan Valley Rift earthquakes. It was that center that issued the original revised data on the earthquake of 11-22-2000 that they now have admitted to me really was a 7.2 earthquake. It was historically revised downward to reflect that it was a 6.2. My admission that the 6.2 was false and misleading was from Rami Hostetter, head of the Israeli Geophysical Institute, which continues to carry the false and misleading figures to the dismay of the hapless architects and engineers. Why would they revise it?

Because it came two days after the 11-20-95 signing of a peace treaty between the EU and Israel. That two was brokered solely and signed by Dr. Javier Solana (a professor of physics). I believe it was because they believe the earthquake could be construed as a supernatural warning, which it may well have been. The earthquake came 3 days before the Barcelona Conference started which had the goals of

1. Battling religious fundamentalism -- worldwide;
2. Achieving favorable trading terms for the European countries vis a vis the oil producers in the region;
3. Eliminate USA influence in that part of the world.

Here is an excerpt from the Club of Rome's article on this conference:

It starts with a position statement by all those who participated in the Barcelona meeting on a range of issues central to the concerns of the Club of Rome. It recognises the interdependence of peoples and cultures, and the world's cultural and religious diversity. It stresses that religion has contributed to world peace, but it has also been the source of division, hatred and war.

One paragraph is devoted to peace, an essential moral value. It states that peace means love, compassion, human dignity and justice are fully preserved. Peace requires an awareness that we are all interdependent and linked to one another. We are individually and collectively responsible for the common good, inluding the well-being of future generations.

This awareness involves a commitment and responsibility vis-�-vis religion on our part:

� commitment to certain values, such as the family, prevention of violence and conflicts, reduction of the scandalous gap between rich and poor, respect for human rights and in particular religious freedom, minority rights, education for all;

� religious responsibility, taking care that religions should not become identified with political, economic or social powers. Political r�gimes based on religion can distort religious values and seriously damage society. It is essential not to confuse religious zeal and fanaticism.

Are you enjoying our current gas oil prices? They no doubt can be traced to Mr. Solana's 27 Nation Barcelona treaty of 11-28-1995. He was made the head of NATO on 12-1-1995. The Israeli treaty was to take effect on 1-1-97. [Source: Constance E. Cumbey ]

Steve Van Nattan: I suspect this is a first aborted try at the treaty of antichrist. Satan knows his lines in this drama, he just does not know the day of his official entrance onto the stage. Don't spend too much time worrying about it because if you are born again, it will not happen officially until you are out of here. See the Bible texts above for the discussion of the treaty in Daniel.

I saw, on the NATO site, that JAVIER SOLANA is a member of "The Club of Rome". So I don't know if he is Jewish but if he is in that club this is a red flag.[Bill}

He is not jewish, but his parents were [Greg] .

[He is] One of the more prominent members of the original NWO leaven, their mission is to catalyze change for global integration.

Proud change agents out to leaven society for the better. Marilyn Ferguson's words to a "T." Remember, the Bible equates leaven with sin and apostasy. For a good background on these folks, check out Constance Cumbey's summary in Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.

My [Altavista] web search turned up 6734 pages that mention the COR.

Doesn't look like they have fallen into obscurity over the last thirty years. They are one of the more important organizations responsible for the globalist rush throughout the 90s. That makes Solana, not only a globalist, but effectively a new age "change agent", an aquarian conspirator. (Fergie's words, not mine) Yup, he certainly fits the profile for the man of sin. [Willy]


The following is not an airtight claim. It is interesting, and Mrs. Cumbey makes it clear that she is not trying to name the Beast. We give it here only as a point of interest:

Mr. Landis' research leaves me a little in the dust; and I have to admit that I have been more than a skeptic in regards to much of the gematria, Bible Codes business. HOWEVER, I was contacted a few months ago by a young researcher named Kirk who resides in my area. In an email, he told me that I had to look at his CodeFinder software which contained the torah, tanach, Greek New Testaments, KJV Old and New Testament. He had that particular software which he had obtained via the Internet from an Australian enterprise He obtained it because it also contained without spaces, the Greek text. He said he had it and earlier versions and had been shamelessly looking for possible "cryptic clues" to the antichrist's identity. He had run "all the usual suspects" through the programs without finding anything meaningful on anybody.

When he ran Solana's name through, he said it came up in crossword puzzle fashion on EVERY BIBLICAL PROPHECY regarding the antichrist. He brought it here and gave me a copy of the program. I have run it many times. Solana's name crosses every significant prophecy in the Bible that Bible scholars traditionally ascribe to the antichrist. It is not loose ELS (equidistant letter spacing). It runs through -- several times the prophecy, for instance, "here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding . . ." It runs right through "he causeth all . . . to receive a mark". It runs in very tight fashion, crossword puzzle fashion through Matthew 24; Mark 13, and Luke 21 on all the abomination of desolation prophecies. Inputting the name in Hebrew, it runs through all the appropriate Daniel prophecies. It runs directly through II Thessalonians, Chapter 2 prophecies about "now you know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time . . ."

My personal jury is still out on this, but mathematicians I have shown this to, running the process on my computer with an attached projector to make it wall sized, tell me the odds are literally trillions to one against it appearing all of these times "coincidentally." Now, maybe it is a remarkable "cosmic joke" as the New Agers might express what they call "synchronicity."

Maybe it is a giant coincidence. Maybe poor Javier Solana should sue his parents for giving him such a bad name, but the findings are there. Even more remarkably they even come up on many of the King James prophecies as well as the Greek and Hebrew. Your guess as to the antichrist's identity is as good as mine. It is appearing increasingly, however, that Solana, at least for the present, may be an EDUCATED GUESS.