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NASARA-- National Economic Security and Reformation Act
New Age Attempt to Bring on the Paradigm Shift

The following article shows that something is afoot in the USA which represents a battle between the Bush / British Axis on one hand, and the New World Order on the other. We believe Javier Solana has not yet decided which side to come down on, or that he may have already taken up with the New World Order and will soon shoulder both the USA and the UK out of the EU.

That will be when three horns of Daniel are uprooted. The USA will go with them. Be thoughtful about discussing this subject carelessly.

Here is the letter we feel deals well with the NWO NESARA scam. It is a scam indeed, but it is a scam that may well succeed via Satanic power-- Personally, it sounds like the long awaited Paradigm Shift to me:


From the Rumor Mill News Reading Room

NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act)

Posted By: Barbara Hartwell
Date: Thursday, 2 January 2003, 7:00 p.m.

Barbara Hartwell

Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 832
Woodstock NY 12498


I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about world financial affairs or economics. I don't know much about NESARA either. But let me just say that I know all I 'need to know' to realize beyond the shadow of a doubt, that NESARA is a scam being perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public, particularly those of the New Age persuasion. The NESARA program sure sounds good, but in my opinion, it's one of those things that are just 'too good to be true'.

Because I DO know a lot about disinformation, government propaganda campaigns, psychological operations and mind control. My direct knowledge comes from the fact that I was trained and groomed by CIA to be (among other things) a media representative (read propagandist) for the NWO via the so-called New Age. Fortunately I was able to break out of their operations before they could get any real returns on their considerable investment in me, which over a period of some forty-odd years, amounted to millions of dollars. It costs a lot of money to train a high-level operative, especially to create what they consider the 'perfect spy'.

Even back in the days when I served as a mouthpiece for the NWO, via radio and TV shows which I produced and hosted in Greenwich CT, all sponsored by CIA through front companies and cut outs, I never believed in any of the New Age ideology which they were utilizing me to disseminate. Having been well trained in REAL metaphysics, and having been blessed by God with gifts of the spirit, I had no trouble seeing through the various religious, spiritual and political indoctrination systems.

I was simply used as a 'talent'; just someone who could look and sound good interviewing the New Age gurus, channelers, ideologues and other misguided and programmed individuals who spewed out the propaganda which was designed mainly to lull the public into a false sense of security and complaceny. Many of the New Age cults and organizations were created and funded by CIA, along with notorious organizations such as Scientology; Esalen; the Tavistock Institute and many more too numerous to mention.

One way or another, the purpose behind the New Age propaganda is mind control, pure and simple. Encouraging people believe such hogwash as:

We are all one...... We create our own reality......We attract only what we 'put out' ... We will all ascend into 'the fifth dimension' so we need not worry about what's happening down here on earth. And perhaps the most insidious and damaging New Age lie of all: There are no victims. This lie conveniently allows the perpetrators of atrocities to actually BLAME their victims for all the damages done to them, while they get off scot-free and continue their crimes against humanity with impunity.



One thing that is very clear to me is that the attacks directed against RM News, which began around Thanksgiving and have continued apace ever since, are being perpetrated by the Illumnati/NWO cabal who are desperate to silence anyone who could expose the TRUTH by furnishing names, facts and evidence which shed light on their nefarious operations. As I've known for as long as I can remember, the perps don't really care what you KNOW. What they care about is what you can PROVE. That's when they start a neutralization campaign, that's when someone is considered a real threat, as they would say, to "National Security".

The CIA and their Illuminati pals KNOW that I have names, facts and evidence and that I have as yet revealed only a small fraction of what I not only KNOW, but have a good chance of PROVING, sooner or later.

Perhaps needless to say, Rayelan is also one of their primary targets, due to her insider knowledge and history of involvement with clandestine gov't operations.

Another such individual is RM News agent Patriotlad (Richard). Over the past several months, Richard has been furnishing information coming from VK Durham, much of it specifically in reference to the scams being run by the Ekkers and their nefarious New Age GAIA cult. VK Durham is the most credible of sources because she speaks from first hand personal knowledge and has the documents to back up her claims. Therefore, she is considered a major threat to those she continues to expose.

But what I found most interesting was that some of the individuals VK Durahm named are the SAME people who were involved, either directly or indirectly in operations and scams of which I personally have direct firsthand knowledge. I have spoken to both VK Durham and Patriotlad and compared notes. For now, I'll throw out just two names, or rather two Georges: George Soros of the HUD and S&L money laundering notoriety and George Green of Las Vegas Nevada. Both of these scammers have been instrumental in causing extreme damages to me personally as well as certain of my family and friends. They are both connected to the Bush Crime Family and the CIA. And one day they will be held accountable for their crimes.

I also find it significant that RM News is the one website I know of where no one form of political or religious orthodoxy is promoted nor required and where different viewpoints are welcomed and shared by its agents. This to me, is the very essence of free speech as guaranteed under the Constitution's 1st Amendment.

Strangely enough, when Rayelan first asked me to be a RM News agent, I refused and just told her she could post any of my articles as she saw fit. I finally agreed only because I did not want to make more work for Rayelan ! But as I have since told Raye many times, I do consider it a privilege to be able to post anything I want, where I know it will be read by many more people than on my own small website. And despite the fact that my work is published on many other sites, RM News is the ONLY major, high traffic website where I can post whatever I please, whenever I please, without having my material first be screened and 'approved' by the editor.


Since the controversy over NESARA has been raging on RM News, I have received a number of promotional messages from supporters of this program, attempting to reel me in, hook line and sinker. Just a few days ago I got an article on NESARA, written by none other than the DOVE OF ONENESS, from a Brian Fratto. I won't give the article here, as I'm sure we've all seen it before. But here's the title: History Behind the National Economic Security And Reformation Act

So I wrote back to Mr. Fratto:

" I have no interest in receiving anything written by the so-called 'Dove of Oneness'. Please remove my name from any future e-mails connected to this individual."

Mr Fratto responded:

"Sorry that is so threatening to you. You won't be bothered further with any more info or emails. I'm only writting to tell you that my Virus protection went off saying that your email contained a virus called W32/Holar. camm.

Kind regards
Brian "

From BH to Brian Fratto:

"You assume much and mistake my meaning. I do not find your material 'threatening'; I've heard it all before and simply have no interest in it, so you 'd be wasting your time and mine.

The virus appears to have been sent in YOUR e-mail to me, as I was informed by my anti-virus protection. A simple solution: Don't send me any more unsolicited e-mail and this is the last you will receive from me."

So it seems, like many New Age dupes, that Fratto ASSUMES that anyone who does not jump on the NESARA bandwagon, or who is not taken in by the Dove of Oneness and her propaganda is 'threatened'. What OTHER reason could there possibly be ?

I have news for Mr. Fratto: I wasn't born yesterday and I am very capable of critical thinking and spiritual discernment. Case closed.

And now I'll wrap up with my conclusions, based on my analysis of the situation. This is only my opinion, but here it is, for what it's worth.

Conclusion # 1: Doris Ekker and the Dove of Oneness are one and the same.

Conclusion # 2: Doris Ekker and her Illuminati/NWO sponsors are directly responsible for the attack on RM News.

Conclusion # 3: Something needs to be done to STOP these liars, thieves, cowards and traitors ASAP !

--Barbara Hartwell
January 2, 2003

Beware of the NESARA scam

Read another synopsis of the insanity

There seems to be a real Identity, Tax Rebellion, and White Racist or Neo-Nazi flavor to this thing, but I have yet to prove it.

NESARA Home Page-- Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over you before reading at this site. The seduction is powerful.

To see the New Age, NWO, Paradigm Shift connection with NESARA, type into GOOGLE: +"nesara"+"paradigm shift"
The pages associating the Paradigm Shift with NESARA are numerous, and the authors are very bold about it.

Mystic aspect, quite old now, of the Paradigm Shift notion


March 2003 Discussion

Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- I believe that this is a serious effort to treasonously destroy the US Government by decree and disinformation. I have no doubt that John Ashcroft and George Bush are aware of this effort, and I am also wondering if this New World Order ploy is provocateurist attempt, planned by the present administration, to give the Federal Government Law enforcement agencies the perceived excuse to use Executive Powers or other means to take control of all law enforcement in the USA. This NESARA thing is plainly contrived and toothless. But, given the state of mind of the average Liberal Democrat, Wiccan, Satanist, Ecumenist, the NEA, labor unions, and Freemasonry, I have to assume that this sort of disinformation could actually work. Thus, a reader sent me an edict issued by, I gather, Brian Fratto on March 18, 2003.

If this thing ever takes place, America will cease to exist as we now know it. The US Constitution will be used at once to destroy ALL religious freedom, and the Genocide Treaty of the United Nations will be used to wipe out descent and discussion of Satanic things world wide.

The NESARA Edict:


NESARA Eclipsing Bush Gang!
March 18, 2003 5:00 p.m. PST

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Per the decision of the International Court of Justice (The Hague, Netherlands) NESARA is supposed to be announced this week. The Bush gang know this; this is why they are trying to rush in to attack Iraq. The Bush gang think if they could just manage to do their attacks on Iraq, they would sway the world into accepting war and thus stay in power. The Bush gang think that the White Knights would not dare to remove Bush Jr. if the U.S. military were attacking Iraq. The Bush gang's advisors have a mistaken understanding that attacking Iraq would save them from NESARA.

However, NESARA's announcement is a CERTAINTY and regardless of what the Bush gang do or say, the Bush gang are being wiped out of power by the true NESARA law's announcement and implementation. NESARA's announcement and implementation has ALREADY been LOCKED IN by the millions of people who have called for PEACE!

The Bush gang's advisors think they know how to manipulate the world but they are extremely limited in their awareness of the principles upon which they are basing their strategies. Sunday's meeting on the island of Azores was an attempt by the Bush gang and their dark agenda cohorts to try to convince the world's people that the Bush gang will be attacking Iraq. Part of how the Bush gang have been successful in the past is to keep pounding their propaganda into people's heads through the media. However, the Bush gang's advisors are wrong; THIS TIME things are different.

THIS TIME the world's people and White Knights have allies vastly superior to any the Bush gang and cohorts have. This time the voice of the people calling for peace is being heard. The will of the millions of people demanding peace is the determining factor in authorizing the interventions we are seeing that are bringing us NESARA.

NESARA's announcement is currently moving into position quickly. The Bush gang know this; they have received status reports that the issues which have delayed NESARA's announcement this month are extremely close to being completed.

I wish I could tell you all the things that are happening secretly to constrict the Bush gang's warmongering and efforts to attack Iraq. The Bush gang are expecting to have reinforcements arrive on Wednesday to help them carry out their dark agenda warmongering. However, these reinforcements will fail to arrive, just as the waves of reinforcements the Bush gang hoped would arrive last month and the month before etc. failed to arrive.

The people who have called for PEACE are about to see their dreams come true in ways that are even better than they ever expected. By now, the majority of Americans are increasingly revolted by the Bush gang's antics. Certainly, the people of ALL other countries in the world have shown they find Bush Jr. and his D.C. gang to be vastly lacking in everything valid leaders should be and the propaganda of the Bush gang falls on deaf ears.

Imagine the GREAT JOY that millions of Americans and the rest of the world's people will feel when they see and hear the resignation speeches of Bush Jr. and Cheney! Billions of people will CHEER and shout with joy!

This is how it will happen and it will be broadcast live from D.C.: there will be a short introductory announcement of NESARA. First, we will hear from the foremost U.S. legal authority that Constitutional Law has been restored. Second, the RESIGNATION speeches of Bush Jr. and Cheney will be broadcast. Third, the Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President Designate and Vice President Designate will be sworn in. Fourth, the NESARA President Designate will make a brief speech outlining the major points of the true NESARA law including credit card debt forgiveness, abolishment of federal income taxes and the IRS; the new U.S. Treasury Bank System and new currency and abolishment of the Federal Reserve System; declaration of PEACE which is instantly effective and recall of aggressive US military units; new elections to be held within 90 - 120 days.

This introductory NESARA announcement is expected to take only about 20 minutes and will appear suddenly on all major television and radio networks at the same time. The Emergency Broadcast System will be used to broadcast this world-changing announcement on all major stations simultaneously. There will be no notice to the public that an announcement of importance will be broadcast at a specific time or date. Instead, there will be an unannounced interruption of the regular programming. The Emergency Broadcast System will take over all the major networks and broadcast the LIVE news of NESARA's announcement from D.C.

The short introductory announcement of the true NESARA law puts the major points of NESARA on public record and ensures that these vital points must be enacted. All parts of the introductory portion of the NESARA announcement process will be live except the Bush and Cheney resignation speeches. The resignation speeches of Bush and Cheney have been taped and sitting for some time waiting to be broadcast. Bush and Cheney did their resignation speeches as part of an agreement to avoid certain major problems that would occur if they refused.

Within 12 hours of the true NESARA law's short introductory announcement described above, a THREE to FOUR HOUR historical and detailed overview of the NESARA law will be broadcast. This lengthy presentation of NESARA will be done by about 20 presenters who have expertise in various fields such as Constitutional Law, economics, monetary systems, banking systems, etc. If any of these NESARA Presenters are unable to be present for the LIVE broadcast, a taped version of their comments will be broadcast at the appropriate point in the overview presentation.

By the way, I want to applaud Natalie Haines of the Dixie Chicks for speaking her mind about Bush Jr. Millions of Americans are extremely disgusted with the Bush gang and would like to kick him out of our country. I went to today and sent a note from the contact link at saying that Natalie was right!

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Please ALLOW 72 HOURS for processing "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe" requests.

There will also be ZERO terrorist attacks in the U.S. - so you can IGNORE the idiotic homeland security alert. It's just more of the same old scare tactics from the Bush gang. The Bush gang's psycho-terrorism efforts to scare you are the reason they put out these terrorist alerts; they want you to be scared so you will be a coward and support their illegal war. There are ZERO terrorist attacks; just relax.

I'm continuing to hear there will be zero war because powerful intervention is bringing us NESARA and stopping the attacks. The Bush gang are expecting some big reinforcements, who have "unknown weapons", to arrive tonight or tomorrow. However, the Bush gang's reinforcements will FAIL to arrive and their "weapons which have never been seen on Earth" are also FAILING to arrive. In fact, the Bush gang and the dark agenda hierarchy are running out of groups who are willing to help them. The Bush gang lack any weapons of mass destruction which can work because the Forces have the normal U.S. military weapons neutralized. The Bush gang know that NESARA is set to kick them out of power and this is why they are desperately trying to attack Iraq. However, regardless of what the Bush gang think or do, NESARA is removing the Bush gang from power forever!

In spite of the dog and pony show done by Bush Jr. and his dark agenda buddies on Sunday and in spite of Bush Jr.'s threat last night, the WORLD'S PEOPLE calling for PEACE have been SUCCESSFUL. Perhaps it takes seeing how unacceptable the dark agenda's plots of destruction are to inspire the world's people to unite and choose the higher path. I never expected the Bush gang to surrender; their arrogance and self-delusion are programmed too deeply to allow them to see that their plans have already been cancelled. The world's people calling and praying for peace will soon see they have been heard, even though they may not see it at this very moment.

We will all see how successful the WORLD's PEOPLE are when NESARA's announcement eclipses the Bush gang and instantly stops their world domination plots! NESARA Yes! Peace Yes!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

Note: The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy person. Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called "White Knights".

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