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Steve Van Nattan's Ongoing Research on Javier Solana


I had dropped Solana from consideration due to stress the journal was giving me. I Have recently received a letter from a pastor friend which I answered in the context of Javier Solana.

I am dropping the letter and my answer into this page to update readers on Solana's power. You may want to bookmark the link to Solana's YouTube page in my response:

His Web Page at the EU

Daniel 7:8-- I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.

Unlike the somber and self-possessed Henry Kissinger, Javier Solana can be very personable--

Smiling eyes are VERY convincing. Solana has this sincere christological look of a carpenter from Nazareth.

Pardon the rather stereotyped comment, but even the schnazola fits :-) This guy looks like a happy little Jew I once bought groceries from on the lower east side of New York City.

Or, was it a deacon in a Baptist church in Albuquerque? Satan's man will seem just like Jesus on the outside, but with the mind of Satan. I mean, how could you not like Solana? Especially if you have been given "strong delusion."

Most recent news at the top:

February 2012-
Brookings Institution and President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

See his speech before ESADE-- Solana is still a mover and shaker. He is rebuking the EU for wanting austerity. This is the Utopian suggestion which calls for the status quo of eat drink and be merry.


March 7, 2009- VIDEO- Press conference in Gaza
Please notice the implications- Solana is stating what has to be done, and Israel will be directly impacted by "what has to be done." Solana is, de facto, speaking for Israel before he talks to Israel. This is in line with his threats and efforts to force his will on Israel.


February 2009- Letter from a reader and my response:

Dear Steve

Just wondered what you thought about this.

I thought that this article was one of the more common-sensical things that I have seen from an Arab who doesn't even necessarily sound like he is much of a friend of Israel. Do you see any evidence of what he claims is true---- a changing mind-set in the Arab world that it is time to give up "the struggle"? If that was really the case, it seems as though this could be a portent of the appearance of a certain man who is called in to make "peace" among all the aggrieved parties and negotiate a treaty--"peace in our time", the "war to end all wars", and by peace deceiving many, if you get my drift. Any ruminations on the above and on the article below?

In Christ

A pastor reader of the journal



Here is a good start to my response to your question:

Of 20 postings of Solana's activities on behalf of the EU, 12 were in the Middle East.

Javier Solana, High Representative of the EU, the most powerful man on earth, and the most gentle, self-effacing, brutal, and devious all at once-- the man who master minded the Bosnian war for Clinton and massacred many Bosnians-- Franciscan trained in hate for non-Slavic Catholics is in and out of the Middle East weekly. I have watched this beggar for a long time, as has Constance Cumby. He came from obscurity as a pro-Marzist rebel leader in Spain to rule the EU. He has a standing army at his disposal to use anywhere in the world in instant action.

The UK is just a couple millimeters from going belly up as a nation. Germany and France are thrashing around desperately. Russia is talking of going it alone financially. Chine is outselling the US in autos and holds the most of our external debt. Any moment one nation alone could call in our debt, or the EU's, and the whole world economy would come crashing down. Iran wants to make the bomb for Jerusalem. Lots of things for the top EU, world's greatest power, to work on, SO notice on the above page all the time he gives to the Middle Eastern issues???????

Yes, it is time for one man to come forward. It has been for a while, but even more so now that Israel has shifted to the right in their elections yesterday. Is not Solana, someone is coming soon, and it is NOT the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

You asked about Arabs getting tired of the Hamas / PLO struggle against Israel:

Arabs ARE tired to the Hamas hate program. I have talked to Arabs in the US who are Palestinian and from other Arab nations, and it is now VERY common for them to say something like, "Friend, I don't want to talk about religion and these things in the Middle East. All men should be free to live their lives." And, almost any Arab you talk to in the US will tell you Israel is a fact and has a right to exist, even though they may complain about Israeli policy.

Hamas has stolen peace from the Palestinians. Abbas and the West Bank Arabs want to live and let live. But, is will take the will of God, by allowing one man to have power over Palestinian minds, to get "peace" in Israel. That man may be Solana, who knows.

Look at Solana's Five Lessons in Global Diplomacy

"The accumulation of rules, procedures and institutions sounds like dreary work but it is what global civilization is built on. Agreed rules make states secure and people free. The start of a US administration is a special moment. The US and Europe should use it to recommit themselves to the task of building rules, trust and partnerships for our global world."

"Global civilization"??????

If you did not know the prophecies of the Bible, what fault could you find in anything in Solana's Five Lessons in Global Diplomacy. They are pure words, good words, peaceful words, almost Messianic words.

AND, 999 of 1000 Fundamental Bible believing Christians have never heard of Javier Solana. He is the busiest man on earth to run all over the globe giving "Lessons" to leaders.

Bookmark his page and hit from time to time, and you will wonder, as I have, how he survives his schedule of globe trotting and peace making.

The Middle East is, and will evermore be, the center of the world's attention, until the Rapture of the Church, during the Great Tribulation, and during the Kingdom of Christ. And Jerusalem will be the bull's eye for every wanna be peace maker and ego driven politician. Obama will probably almost entirely ignore the Middle East, but Hillary will NOT ignore it. She wants to be where the fame and fortune are, so watch her do the Kissinger shuffle, and watch her kiss up to Solana, just as Bill Clinton did. He handed his soul to Solana over Bosnia, and the media hardly mentioned it.

Lastly, at Solana's home page at the EU site, watch the photo slide show, do a Google image search on Solana, ask yourself, is there such a jolly friendly and sincere looking fellow like this. His smile seems to sincere, his manner so gentle, and he is frequently seen looking at the other men nearby with an approving smile. Outside of the issue of the end times, I would be delighted to have him as a next door neighbor.

Sorry, but you pushed a button. I have had very little response from journal readers to my Solana pages. People take one look at him and must think he is the Good Humor man who drives around LA selling popsicles to kids from his little white truck. Furthermore; the US media has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say about Solana, yet no man on earth has as much power as he has. He IS the EU. They have done everything he has asked for and gave him twice the number of standing army men he asked for some time back. Europe adores him. He charms anyone he talks to. Why has he not visited the USA and American cities. Answer: he knows the future of the USA better than some Bible believers. He knows we will soon be out of the picture. Jerusalem is his first priority.

So, shall we panic? NO NO NO NO- we must be close to the Lord's return for his Church, brother. I will probably go to be with the Lord through the door of death, but you may not, and our kids sure have a very good chance to go in the Rapture of the Saints. So, the more I hear people talking about peace in the Middle East, especially from Ishmaelites, the more excited I get.

Solana can be a brutal murderous man- a fact he hides very well. Here is his moment of glory when he got revenge for the Roman Whore Church and the Franciscans who trained him:

Within days of Dr Solana taking up his NATO post, the NATO-led, multinational Implementation Force (IFOR) was deployed in Bosnia, under a U.N. mandate, to enforce military aspects of the Dayton peace agreements.

Bosnia was his day of revenge for the Slavics who chased the Franciscans out of that area hundreds of years ago. Burning Hus at the stake was not enough.

Here is a great example of the "feel good" man at work in Jordan- Kings melt at his feet, and he lifts them up to glory in return-- with smooth words:

Go Solana! If God permits of course. Let the wicked set their snare for Jacob. Let them find their mongrel peace tomorrow. Our Lord Jesus is very near to STAND UP from being seated for the past 2000 years. And, the Palestinians will be at the center of much of this. They are finally to find their peace, but only under Messiah. Look at the afflicted people:

Zephaniah 3:11 In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy doings, wherein thou hast transgressed against me: for then I will take away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride, and thou shalt no more be haughty because of my holy mountain.
12 I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the LORD.
13 The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies; neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth: for they shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

Who are the afflicted and poor people? Palestinians, there is no other group IN THE MIDST of Israel to qualify. And, they will leave Allah and turn to Christ. Some people believe the Palestinians are the result of the incest of Lot with his daughters. One family is Jordan, Amman! The other are the Palestinians. Who knows? But, they must be family to be preserved "in the midst" of the covenant land I would think.

So the Palestinians and Israel will soon have their peace maker. Relief will set in, and then horror as the peace maker betrays them.

So, my Dad would say, "Keep looking up"

In Christ Jesus

Steve Van Nattan


There is a lapse between 2004 and 2009 in this research data:

August 31, 2004

Javier Solana used guarded words to hide the fact that Arabs, indeed Muslims, are killing Jews.

Here is a classic example of how Solana puts pressure on Israel by suing surrogates.


JULY 23, 2004

The theme that Europe will play a diplomatic role in the region, whether Israel likes it or not, is one that recurs frequently in Israeli discussions with high ranking European officials. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said as much during a visit in July.

After the EU voted en bloc in favor of a U.N. resolution against Israel's security barrier, EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana visited the Jewish state. On July 23 opposition Labor Party leader Shimon Peres told Solana that the EU must sever all ties with the Palestinians unless changes were made in the PA.

But Solana admonished Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom that the EU would be involved in the peace process -- and the Middle East -- "whether Israel likes it or not."


March 18, 2004

I believe that what 9/11 did for George Bush and his One World friends, the bombing in Madrid did for the EU. They needed an excuse to get into the tough guy business of anti-terrorist world expansionism. Now, the US and EU can form a club based on protecting the masses and taking away their liberties to do it. It is curious that the week just before Madrid, Javier Solana was in Washington DC cutting some sort of deal with George Bush.

From Jihad Watch
You gotta be kidding me. "Mr. Terrorism"? That's going to strike fear in the hearts of the mujahedin! "The game is up, boys! Mr. Terrorism is coming for us!" From AFP: EU ambassadors today gave their unanimous backing to a new post of "Mr Terrorism" to coordinate the bloc's security strategy following the Madrid bomb attacks, diplomats said. Ambassadors from the member states, meeting to prepare for emergency talks among EU interior ministers tomorrow, agreed to appoint a "high-ranking official" to the new post, one diplomat said. "This Mr Terrorism will be placed under the responsibility of the high representative for foreign affairs (Javier Solana)," he said.


March 1, 2004

I have watched this man, Javier Solana, for some time now, and in August of 2003 I came to the conclusion that Solana needed to consolidate his grip on the EU before I would take him seriously as a real candidate for the office of Antichrist.

I don't know when or if he did so, and I suspect he failed. But, on March 1, 2004 this viper has crossed the Atlantic Ocean to cut a deal with George Bush. There is not special love by Solana for Bush, but both men NEED each other. Bush needs Solana to bring Europe along for the ride into Jerusalem, and Solana needs Bush to use the iron fist of US power to push the Zionist leaders into submission.

If Javier Solana succeeds in his political "peace" driven invasion of Jerusalem, the ECU will be forced to make him absolute ruler of the ECU, for which Solana has been begging.

You need to understand that George Bush, the darling of gullible Evangelicals and some Fundamentalists, could very well be setting up the Antichrist for the end game of the Times of the Gentiles.

Every play of Solana is deadly. Every play of George Bush is a dry drunk from Texas with delusions of grandeur. Guess who is the best strategist and survivor? Answer: Solana

And, the deals cut that will put Israel into bondage to Antichrist


August 23, 2003
Yassir Arafat is begging Europe to rescue the peace process in Israel. We know very well that Arafat wants death in Israel, and he will NOT allow the Palestinians to stop killing Israelis. Death is the stock in trade of Arafat. He thrives on it. So, what is Arafat up to? And, why did he specifically target Javier Solana to help find peace in Israel?

Answer: God is causing the scene to move to Europe from the USA. The peace initiative by Powell and Bush has caved in due to the new suicide bombings. Arafat wants Europe to take charge. He must see that Europe, and Solana, are weak and unable to assert themselves. This will serve Arafat well, in that, a weak bargaining referee will give in to the violent parties every time. Also, the liberal worldly religion of Europe is much more appealing to the Muslim radical leaders than the religious zeal of George Bush.


July 28, 2003

A marriage made in New York that will bear fruit in Europe


July 14, 2003
At the Liberal progressive governance summit in London yesterday Javier Solana, the EU's foreign policy high representative, argued that the UN is a highly legitimate body but was not seen as effective. By contrast, the World Trade Organisation was very efficient but not seen as legitimate. He argued that Europe had a special responsibility to reform the security council structure.

Making the case for an efficient multilateralism, Dr Solana said progressives knew there could be no military victory over terrorism. Instead, it would be defeated by trust between people and countries who shared information, intelligence and knowledge of bank accounts. No problem could be solved by one country alone.

But he also warned that the UN needed to be more hard-nosed about weapons of mass destruction. "If someone breaks the rules, he needs to know that he is going to be punished by the international community one way or another."

Editor: "reform the security council" means that Solana wants to castrate the USA. The USA is keeping Europe from ruling the world.


June 27, 2003
It has been a long time since Solana was seen in really powerful company. At this site you see that Solana is with the elite of much power. Tony Blundering Blair has been washed to sea by his sex perverts in his party, so Bush is left to alone take the spoils of war in Europe. We told you below that Solana was moderating Europe's view of military power and demanding that the EU stay in the shadow of the US. Now, look at Solana and Bush. Solana has taken up the same exact posture as Bush. This is very clever of Solana, for it is a psychological trick used to please the master. Does Solana see his future in George Bush? If so, why? Time will tell.

This new alignment of Gog and Magog, the Beast, and Bush makes me even more nervous about the possible hidden agenda of Bush. I have to wonder when Bush will try to tell America that the USA needs to be part of Europe. The Holy Blood Line of the Bush family and the monarchies of Europe are not at all dead.

We offer a flashback here to show how Solana and Chris Patten are adversaries at heart, and the big issue is the USA and its destruction. Watch for the CIA to finger Patten in some porn or pedo scandal one day. I believe that the above item shows that Bush is rewarding Solana for being a good boy. Patten is pretty much toast as far as the EU's power structure is concerned.


June 22, 2003
"The Quartet" is the name given to four entities who seem to be gathering the power to command Israel. They are, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and Russia. This union is highly praised by George Bush, and it is a strange base of power indeed. Never in the history of the nations of Europe and the West have these four called a "divan" to do serious business without other powers being included. Two nations, and two unions. This makes it very clear that Europe and the UN cannot match the force of two single nations, the USA and Russia.

"They welcome the very positive message and personal commitment of President Bush, and his decision to place a mission on the ground charged with helping the parties to move toward peace, through establishment of a credible and effective structure led by the United States, in close cooperation with the Quartet, to coordinate, monitor, and promote implementation of the parties' commitments and responsibilities, as laid out in the roadmap."

Solana, being on hand, and recognizing the power of the USA to be equal that of the EU, tells us where the future lies with Solana-- With either the USA or Russia, OR BOTH.


June 18, 2003
Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, raised expectations last month when he said the EU should aim for a document similar in scope to the controversial US National Security Strategy.

Solana is keen to dampen such ambitions, stressing that the EU is not a state with its own armed forces and cannot have a doctrine for using power equivalent to Washington's.

But, raising the curtain on his plan, he told the European Parliament on Wednesday that tackling post-Cold War threats from terrorism, failed states, organised crime and the spread of weapons of mass destruction could not be left to one country.

"The European Union is a global actor," he said. "If we want to make a contribution that matches our potential we need to be more active, more capable and more coherent."


MAY 17, 2003
Javier Solana followed Colin Powell to Syria. Powell got nothing, but Solana got a statement of Syria's intention to reenter peace talks with Israel, AND Solana convinced the Syrians to demand that the EU (meaning Solana) be included in all future peace talks. This is how Solana will conquer by peace, as Daniel predicted, and the US will slowly be shunted to a low profile. Powell and Solana act like old college pals when they are together, but the secret is out-- Ham is the servant of Japheth after all, as brother Noah prophesied in Genesis 10.


MAY 15, 2003
Javier Solana is making his big move. If he is the Antichrist, or a candidate for the office, he must trap the USA in economic ruin, and at the same time, he must take the high place in Israel. The legendary "Middle East Road Map" has been revised, and it will now be forced down George Bush's throat. Genghis Kahn over extended himself, and I fear that George Bush has done the same thing. Not as to military practice, but Bush has gotten into a place where Iraqi oil is needed to finance the reconstruction of Iraq, and Solana is going to proscribe the oil and tell Bush how he can use it. Bush will submit, or the USA will have to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq. This will break the US economy.

The result will be the demise of George Bush, and the rise of Liberal Democrats in the USA, who will come under the spell of Solana. I hope, as an American, that I am wrong. But, as a Bible believer, I know that the USA must decline, and Europe must become a world power. Only Antichrist himself will have more power than the EU in the near future.


MAY 7, 2003
This is very interesting. Solana is courting the Bear, Gog. Why? Is Solana trying to bring the EU and Russia into a union? If so, it will fail one day, for Gog and Magon and Gomer come down against Israel in Ezekiel 38. It is possible that Solana is trying to isolate Russia from Germany and France so that he can uproot the three horns, Germany, France, and Belgium. Those who read Bible prophecy can see down the road better than the most informed pagan PhD at Harvard.


MAY 6, 2003
The EU leaders took a cruise on a Greek love boat this last week end, and they all decided they needed to decide something, anything, just decide on one thing so the man from West Texas will stop seeing the EU as a bunch of no brainers:

"We all agree that, yes, there is a crisis or at least a problem in our transatlantic relationship," Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou told reporters. "If we want to have a substantive discussion with the United States, we first and foremost have to agree what our own priorities are as a Union," Papandreou said.

I told you these dead beats don't know diddly what they want or don't want.

European External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten shocked some ministers by arguing that, but for a handful of disputed votes in Florida in the 2000 presidential election, there might never have been a war in Iraq, EU sources said.

Which shows how the EU brain continues to slosh around in the mud of effete sewage. Al Gore might very well have been even more aggressive, for he was the first Democrat in the Senate to support Dessert Storm.

Solana to the rescue:

But many agreed with Papandreou there was no point blaming the United States for not listening to Europe if the EU did not sort out its own common interests and speak with a single voice. To that end, the ministers mandated EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana to start drafting a first European security strategy including specific proposals on how to fight the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, for discussion at a mid-June EU summit in Greece and a U.S.-EU summit in Washington. The challenge will be to produce a document with bite that goes beyond the sort of lowest common denominator "motherhood and apple pie" wish list that Greek officials compiled with what member states said should be the EU's foreign policy priorities -- and then to stick to it.

Listen to the Herr Dinklehopper, Wolfgang Ischinger, the German ambassador to Washington said Monday.

�The underlying problem to the crisis was that we in the trans-Atlantic community have not done a good job together in creating common understanding on joint strategic interests and concerns. There was no joint strategic vision, as we had during the Cold War,� Mr Ischinger added. �Most, if not all, Europeans have absolutely no problem with accepting US leadership � we have accepted it for 50 years � but please give us enlightened leadership.�

I would say the light certainly dawned on Saddam Hussein, and I would say Comrade Putin has seen the light, and I would say that the love boat in the Aegean Sea was gathering a bit of light, that is, George Bush is not Don Quixote.

Now, listen to the true source at the CFR:

�America is no longer willing to be Europe�s protector and Europe is less willing to be strategically subordinate. Anti-Americanism is now a dominant part of the European discourse,� said Professor Charles Kupchan of Georgetown, a former official in the Clinton White House. �The pro-Atlanticist Europeans will lose because the US is leaving Europe for good."

Europe was simply becoming less and less important to an America that had global concerns in Central Asia and Latin America and the Pacific Rim where the Europeans had little to contribute, suggested Max Boot of New York�s Council for Foreign Relations. �The US-European relationship in the future will simply not be very important. The threats are in North Korea, China. South Asia and the Middle East. Europe cannot give us enough help to more than a marginal part of the solution, and does not have the political weight or unity to become a problem for the United States. There will be no anti-American coalition because we simply do not pose a threat to other democracies,� said Boot. �Europe, shrinking demographically and stalled economically, is increasingly irrelevant.�

So how did Javier Solana sum up the EU dilemma of force and a plan, which does not yet exist?

Mr. Solana underlined that the EU is not holding the elements of military power, which is a essential part of American strategies. "We do not have that type of thing; we have only the elements which are allowed, to be able to be constructive in the European Union, which is crisis management military operations," Mr Solana stated.

To show how the EU is determined to checkmate the man from West Texas, here is their statement of love and kisses for the terrorist, Arafat:

They agreed that it could be counterproductive to see peace talks as an excuse to sideline Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, saying that this would hurt the credibility of newly appointed Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas with his own people. "Arafat is a historical figure and a necessary player," said Mr Papandreou.

This is the "peace" of Antichrist, and this is the mind of Solana. You need to understand that, for the EU to be dominant in the world outside of Jerusalem, the USA must not be heading in the present direction. Thus, from Bible prophecy, we understand that the USA will decline soon, and the EU, along with its prima donna leader, will forge ahead and take charge of the world outside of the Middle East. The Best will move to Jerusalem. So, the Iraq event may yet fall apart and leave the US looking foolish. God may allow the Shiites in Baghdad to do this.


APRIL 16, 2003
Will Solana be dumped to make room for a President of the EU? I don't think Solana will falter, but he will have to do some fast shuffling to come into the kingdom. Also, France and Germany are either going to rule the EU, or I see them being ousted, or the three horns uprooted. A third nation may come forward and be dumped by the other members.


MARCH 25, 2003
Silence-- Nothing but silence from Solana as the US invades Iraq. The first official word from the Beast is now public: OIL


UN needs to control Iraqi oil after US war: Solana
Berlin, March 25, IRNA -- The United Nations has to take control of Iraq's oil and its political institutions after the end of the war, DPA quoted the European Union security and foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, as saying here Tuesday. In an interview with the Berlin-based Tagesspiegel newspaper, due to hit newsstands on Wednesday, Solana said the EU should also participate in Iraq's post-war rebuilding process.

Editor: So, Satan's man, Solana, and France and Germany, cuss out the man from Texas for liberating Iraq. They refuse to help. Goofy Annan says the US will not help rebuild Iraq-- the US must do it. Russia helps Iraq fight the US, and Solana says nothing. All around the world, the UN scum nations call us "baby killers," but, when the dust all settles, the Beast, the EU, wants the oil. Here is the mind of Satan-- here is the dog of Europe. Nothing has changed in their ethics-- They lust for oil, and will kill and maim and rape for it.

Sig Heil, Solana.



MARCH 19, 2003
Javier Solana seems to be claiming, on one had, that the US is violating the UN resolution on disarming Iraq, but his conclusion is strangely acquiescing, as if he is posturing to commend the US one day soon. Bush must hand Solana some cookies for being helpful, so watch for Bush to offer the EU some part in reconstruction of Iraq.

EU: SC Resolution 1441 no umbrella for regime change Brussels,
March 19, IRNA --

EU foreign ministers stressed Tuesday that UNSC Resolution 1441 does not provide an umbrella for any possible regime change in Iraq.

"(SC Resolution) 1441 has not talked about regime change. It talks about disarmament ant this is what the EU has supported, Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou told a midnight press conference in Brussels Tuesday.

Papandreou, the current president of the EU Council of Ministers, was replying to IRNA's question on deep concerns in the region that US plan..... He said that "these are some of the issues that the EU will be discussing with the US in a strategic debate."

He said the EU is working together with the Arab world to deal with the Iraq crisis.

But analysts predict that US military strikes on Iraq might start before the EU summit begins on Thursday after President Bush Monday night gave a 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to seek exile or face war.

The EU is hopelessly divided over how to deal with the Iraqi crisis.

Speaking at the same press conference, EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten confirmed that the EU will provide humanitarian aid to Iraq if war breaks out.

"We will provide humanitarian assistance, but all of us regret that it will be necessary," he said.

Earlier, EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana expressed his frustration over the failure of diplomacy to resolve the Iraqi crisis.

"My sentiment today at this point is a sentiment of frustration since the diplomatic efforts have failed. War, as we know, is the last resort. We would have liked to find a peaceful solution to the disarmament of Saddam Hussein."

Unfortunately, that seems to be very difficult at this point in time," said Solana.

MARCH 14, 2003
I believe the "shock and awe" war tactic is not so much for Saddam Hussein as it is for Javier Solana and the EU. I believe Rumsfeld, Cheney, and the higher powers in US banking want to convince the EU that they must let the USA broker peace and war from now on. Solana may very well buy into this concept and cut a deal with the US elite to be his fist in conquest. But, Germany and France will never buy it. Three horns are uprooted, and the spoiler may be George Bush, though I don't think he has a clue of his role in it. He cannot understand Bible prophecy, for I have never seen a Freemason who understood Bible prophecy or soul winning.


MARCH 7, 2003-- Solana tries to define Isreal and Iraq
Brussels, March 6, IRNA --

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana Thursday reiterated that no decision should be taken particularly in the use of force against Iraq outside the United Nations. Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Solana avoided commenting on a new SC Resolution on Iraq saying one has to wait till the UN arms inspectors present their new report before the SC on Friday.. Asked if he still thinks that war can be avoided, Solana replied: ''I will never lose confidence that war is the last resort. All the mechanisms have to be used.'' Commenting on the volatile situation in Palestine where over 20 Palestinians and Israeli were killed in the last 24 hours, Solana said the situation has become aggravated. ''Unfortunately the past night has been a night in which 11 people have been killed. I think in the last period of time too many civilians have been killed. That has to stop.'' Solana said he is in contact with both the Israelis and the Palestinians, adding that important decisions are expected from the Palestinian side in the upcoming days.

Javier Solana continues to define the world within his private perspective. This is done so that when disaster comes, his definitions will be fled to in desperation. He will try to put a positive spin on all disasters IF the world would only listened to him. Something will have to go very wrong in Iraq for the USA for Solana to gain the high ground. This is possible of course if Hussein manages to gas a couple thousand US soldiers, or if he attacks other Arab nations viciously while the US is unable to stop him. I doubt that this will happen this time around. The US has massively higher fire power than Iraq. But, God could also be calling up the USA for its sins, and something unseen could occur. I wonder if any of the US Military have considered what could happen if high winds came up as Saddam blasted the sands and stirred up a dust storm. Also, the prevailing wind is from Saddam TO out troops. Still, logic tells me that Saddam is not ready to stop the US invasion.

Solana will just have to wait for another event to launch him as the savior (Javier) of the world. That event is far more likely to occur on the Korean Peninsula.


February 27-- Javier is back from hiding
So, Javier Solana comes back into the light. Why was he AWOL for a week? Answer: The EU babies are getting him down. Also, I suspect he and the Greeks have an eye on fame in Isreal. READ THE STORY. Soon you may see St. Francis (Solana) and Moses (Amr Moussa) shaking hands.


February 26-- Is Javier Solana losing his power?
I have not seen much from Solana since Feb. 19. I also see that George Bush and Powell are taking the high place. Will Bush prevail? If so, then the US must get out of the Middle East just about as fast as they got there, or the Arab world will soon turn in hate on the Great Satan. Who can be called upon to take the victory in Iraq over Saddam and make peace out of it? Answer: Not Solana-- He is the man of the Beast and Whore. So, the man of peace for the Middle East will most likely be King Abdullah of Jordan. Everyone, including the Israelis, likes Abdullah. This will send Solana back to deal with his prophetic future in the EU alone.

We also need to think about who will be the Antichrist in Jerusalem. Solana could be the man, but he will have to prove he has a Jewish heritage. Also, the leader of the Beast EU system is not biblically the same man as the Antichrist in Jerusalem, at least not necessarily. So, a man may soon rise up in the Middle East with all the answers. By the way, it will NOT be a Gringo, so don't worry about Jim Beam Bush taking the job :-)

One small clue as to Javier Solana's role in Operation Enduring Freedom is seen in a discussion of terrorism and globalism by the French ambassador to India some time ago. He said,

"For us, the objective is not only the development of economic prosperity but also a viable political unity. This is why we have been very active in developing over the years a common European foreign and security policy. France has crisis management capabilities and a High Representative for foreign affairs, Mr. Solana. A strong Europe is necessary for balance of power and for exerting a stabilising influence in many troubled zones. A strong Europe will be a useful partner for many countries particularly for India, in security matters as well as in trade and environment."

George Bush is NOT talking about including a strong Europe in his plans, at least not well enough. This may be why Solana and France are so subdued. They will join the party if Bush ever really makes them part of the outcome. That has not been made clear so far. In terms of biblical prophetic teachings, the USA is out of the picture in the end times, so we know that Solana, the EU, and possibly France, will win in the end.


February 19, 2003
France is doing very well at making the EU hate them. This could well be one of the three horns which will soon be uprooted. The sooner the better. France is the very embodiment of arrogance. I also notice that Javier Solana is getting even harder to hear from-- he is really down in his bunker. I suspect he is behind the scenes turning the EU against France and Germany. Spain, his homeland, is taking the side of the USA in the Iraq thing, and that could well mean that Solana asked them to.

What will the victor get out of Iraq? Answer: oil. No, try again. How about Babylon? This city is about 90% restored by Saddam Hussein, and someone may very well want it badly. Freemasons? Skull and Bones? The Order? The Pope? Or, all of the above? So, watch for these parties to all stay poised to see if they can grab the old city of the patron of Satanic paganism, Nimrod.


February 14, 2003
Germany, France, and Belgium are using every possible ploy to force the EU not to back the USA in the Iraq war. These may very well be the three horns which are plucked up by the roots. Solana is defending Colin Powell's findings, and Solana is trying to force the issue back across the Atlantic to the UN for discussion. If this fails, Germany, France, and Belgium may very well pull out of the EU, at least for a while. Putin is waiting for the Germans to come out so he can welcome them to Moscow. Solana joined the Chinese in calling for the US to talk, talk, talk, with the killer North Koreans.

Folks, I will tell you what I now think is happening here. Javier Solana and the EU, along with the UN, are mentally prepared to let the USA be destroyed. They also have some deal cut with the terrorists, which does not include the UK. So, the Beast EU will never again go to war with the USA, as in Bosnia. They will watch as the USA makes war on the evil empire, and they will hope the USA ends up in disaster.

Update: May 2003: It is still possible the US will bungle the thing if the Shiites in Baghdad drive the US out of Iraq. But, paper records found by the US in Baghdad and Tikrit show that France was in complicity with Saddam. This helps Bush survive, and Solana has to play a cautious game.


February 13, 2003
Tariq Aziz comes to the Vatican today, and on to Assisi later to venerate St. Francis and be blessed the the Franciscan Order, Javier Solana's patrons. Watch for the Pope to respond in some way to block the US from attacking Iraq. Watch for Aziz to offer something to the Pope, maybe even Babylon???

Update: May 2003: Has the Pope shown any embarrassment over schmoozing this animal since Bush's war and catching Azziz and destroying his power? Never-- The Pope is sinless and cannot make mistakes. Always a Whore. Always a self-possessed arrogant snob.


February 12, 2003
The more George Bush talks about going into Iraq, the more Germany, Belgium, and France hate him. Now, we see that Germany is using Turkey, holding them hostage, at point blank, by the gas and guns of Saddam so that Bush will get nervous. Turkey invoked the Treaty of Nato for mutual defense, and Germany has taken the attitude that Turkey is a bunch of Jiggaboos who are not worthy of the Treaty promise. This will likely drive Turkey to call on the USA to defend them. Even Syria is playing it very cool as they ponder how the end game will look.

Now, most of you don't know that Israel and Turkey are very close these days. They have had mutual military exercises, including Naval exercises, and Israel and Turkey are buying arms from one another. In fact, Isreali and Turkish soldiers train in one another's schools these days. This means that an alliance of the USA, the UK, Turkey, and Israel could easily come into existence, while Europe twiddles its thumbs, or sucks its thumbs, unable to make a decision to defend one of its own. This will then return the Middle East to pre-NATO picture, and the USA will then waste Iraq and be in a position to rule the Middle East with Turkey and the UK. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and even Syria will be back to 1930 and their old friends from afar. A very amicable understanding over the oil of Iraq could develop, leaving OPEC under US and UK power, and the EU would be the slave of that oil deal. Do you suppose the Japanese talked about this with Solana last week? Hmmmmm

The Pope will have to join in or be abandoned. What a lovely opportunity for Imam Bush to invite the Whore Church to come to Shinar (Zech. 5:5). Europe will become powerful but isolated from the Middle East, which is 100% biblically prophetic. Javier Solana must sense this, and you can count on him to take the middle ground. He signed the ten year treaty with Israel, and he is well liked in Israel. He may finally decide to pull up by the roots, Germany, France, and Belgium, and then finalize the treaty for seven years in order to grab power in the Middle East. The cost of the operation could make Bush et al very happy to hand the reins to Solana.

Where will that leave Gog and Magog (Russia)? Out in the cold (not a bad pun either). They will then be highly motivated to move south, with Gomer (Germany), and take power. If George Bush wants to ride high in the saddle, he must field about seven very savvy Arabists, which we don't have, to charm the Arab world leaders into liking the arrangements. Arabs are not fools, but they do respond to true Arabists. So, somewhere along the way, the USA will fall out with the Arabs, and Solana, or his heir in Satanic office, will inherit the kingdom.

Update: May 2003: The progress is in the direction of Bible prophecy, but some things clearly have to be fulfilled yet.


February 10, 2003
Three horns split with the other seven. "France, Germany and Belgium split NATO Monday by blocking a plan to boost Turkish defenses in case of a U.S.-led war on Iraq -- an action Washington charged faced the alliance with a credibility crisis."

Solana is cautiously warning the EU, or the three rebels against George Bush, to moderate the attack-- According to Javier Solana today, US-European trade remains the largest trade and investment relationship in the world, totaling roughly $500 billion, with an estimated 6 million jobs in the United States and Europe depending on its continued efficacy. If a divorce is genuinely in the offing, then a tectonic shift in the shape of the world will almost certainly be the result. This would seem to place Solana on the side of the USA. This also shows that Solana is capable of over statement, for the bankers and merchants of the EU and the USA are not about to let world politics ruin their bottom line if they can help it.

Vatican envoy, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, has been sent to Iraq to allegedly look for a way to avert war. I am convinced that this is an effort to establish the Great Whore Church in Babylon. Etchegaray is a New Age agent of change on behalf of the Vatican. Tariq Aziz is also traveling to see Pope John Paul II this week to seek his intervention in the US war plans. This is the harbinger of Zechariah 5:5 when the woman in the ephah, the Whore of The Revelation, is planted in Babylon.
Look who fawns over Etchegaray - Etchegaray, in 1998, was the mastermind of a journey to the Ur of the Caldeas by Pope JP II, which the Iraqis squelched. In 1985 the Cardinal visited troops in Iraq during the war with Iran. In a news conference today, Etchegaray said he was concerned about the destruction of the cities in Iraq. Right! Especially Babylon. Etchegaray was the organizer of the Assisi prayer meeting by Pope JP II in which all manner of pagans gathered to pray for peace. Etchegaray's New Age and World Church activities.

Here is Etchegaray schmoozing terrorists under color of making peace:

The end times moment is ever more terrifying, yet it should cause us to rejoince to realize how close we are to our Lord's return for his True Bride.

Why did Serbia catch the wrath of Franciscan, Javier Solana? During the Bosnian war, the Pope tried to send the envoy, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, to the Balkans during the Easter season to say services on his behalf. But Bosnian Serbs did not agree to the trip. Etchegaray visited Bosnia and was ignored. See the February 3 discussion of this topic to see how Javier Solana rewarded the Serbs and Bosnia.

Update: May 2003: Papa Roma lost this round. Back to the back room diplomacy.


February 9, 2003
Where is Javier Solana as the rift grows between the USA and Germany?
Solana is busy diddling in Japan, over in the corner. Once it is clear who will prevail, Solana will come down on the side of the winner with smooth words and some humble offer to be the peace maker. Solana is an old hand at massaging NATO. This thing with Germany is their effort to pre-empt the USA by entering Iraq before the US declares war. Once there, Germany and NATO would cut deals with Saddam, and they might well walk off with an oil deal. Papa Bush and Harlan Oil Company of Houston would not like that. Or, Germany could just park in Iraq for two years and destroy Bush in the coming election. Lieberman is posturing for that already, as the article shows. Liberman is a traitor. Bush has not done too well at charming the Germans, and they may want to destroy him. So, Javier, this may be your toughest trick yet. Stay on top, and placate Saxony, while holding the USA in abeyance while you ride the Beast. Too many tricks at once? Right, read Daniel, and you will see that your future is in the Pope. Tariq Aziz is coming to see Papa next week-- better pay a visit through the back door while he is there.

Update: May 2003: Solana is the only survivor. Germany is again begging Bush to be nice to them, and the Vatican is quiet. Azziz is on the rubbish pile. Of course, Bush is prevailing for now, but Solana will keep undermining Bush.


February 8, 2003
Javier Solana is talking tough in support of Colin Powell. Why? Answer: Solana may very well be asked to take over the direction of the war against Iraq. He is now opening the door by flattery of Colin Powell, who already has the warm fuzzies over Solana. Meanwhile, Solana is in Japan sweet talking Japan in preparation to play the North Korea card. Prophetically, the Kings of the East do not join Europe, so I believe this one will blow up in Solana's face, and he will have to double speak it into the background. I also see a quieter Solana in the past few days. This is likely due to the arrest of Al Qaeda operatives in Europe in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK. The terrorists talked and reported:

Wave One (which was stopped by EU investigators) was to have struck European capitals and major cities with chemical toxins, such as ricin, and assassinations of prominent political and military figures. The 28-man Pakistani al Qaeda group captured last week in northern Italy plotted the murder of the British chief of staff, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, during a visit he paid to NATO�s Naples Headquarters.
Wave Two is destined for Israel. Al Qaeda cells assigned to carry out mega-attacks are already present, planted in Palestinian-controlled territory or secreted into Israeli towns from abroad.
Wave Three in the Persian Gulf is scheduled to come next and consist of attacks against US forces in the region and large-scale targets like aircraft carriers, warships and oil tankers.
Wave Four will aim for American cities and strategic installations and send hit teams against leading political, military, social and religious personalities.

Update: May 2003: It is not happening. This shows how badly Arabs stick to a plan or strategy. They are wild, and they are pragmatic. The attack against Saudi Arabia and Morocco shows us that the grand plan was changed.

Al Qaeda can count on grass roots support from virtually every Arab nation as the first shot is fired against Saddam Hussein, as was the case in Desert Storm. This will destroy all patience with the US in the Middle East.

Once the USA is under terrorist attack, which the Feds are virtually promising us will come, Solana can step back into the lime light and lovingly offer to take over the Iraqi war in order to take the heat off of George Bush. Bush may go for it once he sees the death and suffering in the USA. Public opinion may force it on him.

Watch for a nuclear and / or bio attack by Al Qaeda on one of the following:
A US Military base in the Middle East, London, a US city, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar or Oman, tankers, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Internet open communication of Al Qaeda has suddenly dried up-- this points to a major operation which is being concealed.

Solana will be in his personal bunker, and he will be waiting..... For the call.

The lull at this time in EU activity and in US political activity is startling. It seems like many leaders in the US and the EU are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Also, it is very disturbing to learn that the DOJ is secretly ready to slam America with a new plan to remove almost all liberty. Do they know something?

Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


February 5, 2003
I am beginning to feel like the real battle is for world domination. READ THIS ARTICLE. If Bush and Co. want to rule the world, which I can believe, and if Tony Blair is part of this, which I also believe, then Javier Solana must defeat them. Who can he gather in with Europe to gain the high ground? Answer: Not Asia-- They march on the Middle East alone against Israel according to the Bible. So, the only confederates Solana can gather in will be Africa, the "Arab Nation," and the Vatican / World Church coalition. I don't know how this will work, but according to Ezekiel 38 and Daniel, the USA is not part of the end game.

So, I must conclude that the USA will finally bite off more than it can chew, collapse economically, and slowly decline into isolation and submission to the Beast. Solana has the mental and social skills to pull this off. He also has the Vatican and World Church power. At this time, as I write, the US Stock Market is sliding downhill, hiring is in a massive slump, and the EU monetary base is well established. This could be the thing that takes the USA into final collapse.


February 4, 2003 -- Javier Solana Clobbers Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia is finally destroyed to satisfy the hate of the Vatican for the people of that nation. Javier Solana is not in this article by name, but you can read about him setting this up from the January 23rd item. Peace and flattery are his policies, as Daniel told us. Late item- Thanks for head up from Constance Cumbey:

Here is the plot about as openly discussed as the Liberal BBC will discuss it.

On the left-- Stane Kukavica, a Franciscan monk, also seen later in the uniform of the Ustashi. Read about Ante Pavelic and Archbishop Stepinac who master-minded the rape of Yugoslavia and Serbia for the Pope. More
On the right-- The Franciscan monk, Miroslav Filipovic, left, as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church wearing his cassock,  AND, right, in the Ustashi uniform.  Filipovic was the Commandant of the Concentration camp at Jasenovac where unspeakable atrocities were committed and where many children were starved to death.  John Paul II has made some very obtuse comments on his concern over World War II and Germany, but he has not named this man and his sins. Indeed, he may be a hero to the Vatican.

Photo of Ustashi taken in
Bosnia in 1943 before they
executed their victim.

Avro Manhattan on the
holocaust of Yugoslavia as
perpetrated by the Vatican.

Thus, 60 years later precisely,
the Pope destroys Yugoslavia-
The Francesco Javier
(Franciscan) Solana Ustashi

Javier Solana's car was shot up in Bosnia when he was there during the war of 1996

See our album on Pope Pius XII and his collusion
with the Nazis and Adolph Hitler


January 31, 2003--
Javier Solana is orchestrating "the eight" into position to rule and exalt him after the Iraq war, which I personally believe he will preempt away from George Bush after it is started. Is the false prophet coming from Italy? Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will be the next EU President, and he wants Christianity named as the religion of the EU. Solana is a Franciscan. Is the Whore climbing onto the Beast?
Update: May 2003: I was wrong on this one, at least in timing. It is obvious though that Solana intends to broker peace to the world from Europe. Bible prophecy indicates he will do so, or someone like him will.


January 29, 2003--
George Bush goes gray trying to get around Solana. Bush will cave in and secretly make peace with Solana, whom I predict will wring his hands and let Bush go to war in Iraq. Or, is Solana still not able to command the EU Parliament? If Bush and Solana have an understanding, there will be a major "terrorist attack" arranged to convince the EU and US citizens that Iraq needs to be leveled for ever, and, er, for oil.
Update: May 2003: The Al Qaeda attack on US and UK residents in Arabia brought Solana to town instantly. This was clearly a good time to one up Bush and find the Saudis in a mellow mood after failing to catch the terrorists.


January 24, 2003--
"The president respects those nations... but Europe is not a monolith. European governments represent many different points of view... The president is confident that, if the call is made, that Europe will answer the call," Ari Fleischer

"We know from multiple sources that Saddam has ordered that any scientists who cooperate during interviews will be killed, as well as their families." Wolfowitz

Investors speak

Bush must have his war soon if a sorry malaise of self-doubt is not to settle over the USA. This begging the world for permission may be just what Bush wants to demoralize the USA and let Europe rise to final authority. Thus.....

Javier Solana is strangely silent. Is he weighing which side should prevail-- Bush or the higher powers in the UN and EU? He must hang with the EU majority, so you will see him slowly abandon Bush. But, he may also see the potential to take power in the Middle East as an Iraqi war ends. Solana would not participate unless he were to inherit the kingdom. So, silence remains diplomatic.

Bush, if he really wants to stop Saddam, may soon be asking Solana to take charge. Bush needs a smoking gun, and the UN inspectors seem determined to NOT find one. Solana could "help" them to find the weapons, and Bush would owe Solana his political life. Bush's buddy, Putin, has turned against him, Germany has betrayed the USA, and France is as hateful as ever. Back at the ranch, Bush's boys are tempting the Pentagon into an in house war. The USA is evolving from the Great Satan of the Arab world into the village goon of Europe. I personally believe we are now over the edge. The USA is preparing to vacate the world. The USA will never come back to be the broker of war and peace. Bush can salvage himself only by selling the USA to Solana. Powell may now be on assignment to make the deal.

There is nothing boring about the End Times !!


January 23, 2003--
Javier Solana is orchestrating peace for Israel
Why is he after Abdullah, the Ammonite and the Saudi "king of the south"? Answer-- Abdulla and the Saudis are Semitic, and God will preserve them from the Antichrist's attacks. Satan hates Arab Semites just a little less than he hates Jews:

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana headed for Saudi Arabia Wednesday for talks with Crown Prince Abdullah aimed at advancing a surprise Saudi initiative for Middle East peace. Hailed by the Palestinians, given a cautious welcome in Israel and praised by Washington, the Saudi proposal has gained momentum after 17 months of Israeli-Palestinian violence that international diplomacy has been powerless to stop.

Daniel 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.
41 He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

Solana, or whoever is the prince of Daniel, will need to subdue Ammon and the kings of the south, Saudi Arabia. Is he starting the process now by responding eagerly to their notions of peace? Please note that these Arabs respond fondly to this man, not to Powell, Blair, or Bush. Why? Answer: Hispaniola was once Muslim turf. They are not the great Satan.

What next? Sooner or later, Solana will "have intelligence" with the princes of Zion. Daniel 11:30

The ploy of the grand assumption-- Solana leaves Bush out in his statement that the UN will decide Iraq's fate. This sets up Bush for destruction by consensus in Europe if Bush goes to war. I cannot resist noting the comparison of Solana's under developed beard with that of Yassir Arafat. Solana's word seem to take the middle ground. I believe he is setting the stage for Bush to pass off the Iraq hot potato to Solana. Solana also said there would be no war in Yugoslavia in 1999 until the US agreed to let him command it. Then he raged on Yugo with fire.

Saddam might reflect on Bosnia and see if he can cut a deal with Bush. Solana speaks on the 23rd:

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana played down the differences between the United States and Britain on the one hand and the other 14 members of the EU on the other, stressing the key role of the United Nations in resolving the conflict. �The U.N. route has to be continued... Europe is not divided on this point,� Solana said. Belgium�s Michel said he feared that military action against Iraq would further inflame the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Again, Solana gives an assist to Bush in North Korea. Bush is being courted with these swings from helping to hindering Bush's plans alternately. Solana will work at this until Bush has no savior but Solana.

His policy shall be peace....

Egypt, with quiet American encouragement, is engaged in a complicated diplomatic maneuver to persuade the Hamas to halt its suicide-murder attacks on Israelis by setting up meetings in Cairo between PLO representatives and the Damascus-based leaders of the Hamas: Khaled Mash�al and Abu Marzuk. This initiative comes from officials in the US State Department and European Union, led by Colin Powell and Javier Solana.

The old Ustashi fist is high over Serbia and Yugoslavia Attack by demanding peace-- found in Daniel's prophecies.

Question: What other diplomat, world wide, is as busy as this man in only one day? In one year recently he said he flew 450,000 miles in the EU cause.


January 20, 2003--
This meeting of Javier Solana et al on Monday, January 20, could begin the end for the US economy. Europe will soon be manufacturing their own arms, bolster their economy mightily in the process, and no longer need US arms. February 3rd and 24th meetings, with Solana leading, will discuss this soon. Later, a UN resolution or "Treaty" could limit the arms production of every nation, thus giving Europe a large share of the world market in arms sales while the US flounders. Military ordinance production by the USA is a major portion of our gross product. Watch for this meeting to also result in a call for one man to lead the EU military.

I believe a bio or nuclear attack on a European nation, probably the UK, is highly likely, and soon. This will be arranged in order to move the UK closer to Javier Solana, and then Solana will escort the UK, and possibly Germany, onto a "peace keeping" war footing. Such a terrorist attack would move Europeans to believe that terrorism is not just going to stay in the USA. This would open the door for Solana to mastermind a military power in a united Europe, and later lead the whole world into peace enforced by massive mindless war. The UN would come along like a panting puppy. The US would be off the hook, and Bush could see this as a great way to divert antiwar responses in the US, yet the brute force of the US Military could be tested in such a war.


January 17, 2003--
The smoking gun is now exibit "A".... Solana, with his Kissingeresque suave manner, can massage anyone on earth into submission with such tangible evidence. Saddam's irrational self-destructive nature is feeding into the hands of Solana like a Hollywood script.


January 16, 2003--
Solana is taking a hard line and breaking with Germany and Greece. Why? Solana is clearly making himself available to command the war against Iraq as an alleged "man of peace" as he levels Baghdad and scorches Shinar. He hints at the fact that there need be no further statement by the United Nations, which he secretly despises, before declaring war against Iraq. You US Military boys-- here is your new commander. Watch for flattery of Saddam if he does anything right. Daniel said this would be the policy.


January 16, 2003--
Solana is taking charge of the Middle East
Javier Solana was also able to inform the ministers � and later the press � about the latest talks on the conflict in the Middle East. "We are now trying to advance the process together with Egypt and Jordan", said Solana, referring to the peace plan drawn up by these countries.



January 15, 2003--
Germany and France compromise on a dual presidency, and Solana seems to be in the wings ready to rule the ten nation Council
Update May 2003-- This is still being planned

Constance Cumby reports:
It was revealed last night on UPI (check it out on a NEWS search) that the offices of the Commissioner of External Affairs of the EU (was Chris Patten's post) and the Office of the High Representative of the EU (Solana's post) are to be merged. Patten is retiring and Solana is to get his $8 billion budget. He already has the European Army, the European super spy agency, the emergency police powers, and the foreign policy matters under his sole discretion. Israel will most likely have no choice but to deal with Solana and anybody bringing order out of the current chaos will no doubt be accepted as some type of a "messiah" by them. But, as I said your guess is as good as mine.

Weaker nations resist,
but watch for them to fall in line soon.

Solana told George Bush he dare not launch war against Iraq without UN approval. This shows the crass duplicity of Satan's man, for he launched war against Yugoslavia and Bosnia in total disregard of the UN:

"The NATO bombing of Kosovo was launched without formal UN authorization. The excuse was the usual one of stopping human-rights abuses. Because China and Russia conveniently vetoed UN action, NATO, under the leadership of the Spanish Marxist Javier Solana, acted on its own after the public had been conditioned by the media. Canada's defense minister, Art Eggleton, stated that this set a precedent of going to war in defiance of the UN Charter [i.e., acting in spite of a veto], but following the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights [i.e., with the indirect sanction of the UN, "to avert humanitarian tragedies"]. The precedent, as Eggleton himself tells us, also means that NATO-----as an extension of the UN-----will now intervene anywhere in the world where it feels it can win; [50] so it's now considering going to war against a country outside Europe-----Afghanistan-----has has not attacked a NATO member. Obviously the crunch is on to rapidly consolidate the Communist global dictatorship and international warmongering has gone beyond needing official international permission." Cornelia R. Ferreira

How long before Europe launches economic war on the USA?


Found a key page on Solana recently

Solana Bio

BBC Interview-- He looks like the village drunk

Heritage of Solana, from post-Franco Communist to
raging militarist, cum US complicity.

This may be the only thing like it on the Web.

Late, but server acting up

Recommendation 666 of the
Europian Security and Defense Assembly

This is to Europe what the Executive Powers Act is to the USA
HERE ARE THE WORDS FROM THE EU REPORT: "Nearly five months on from the adoption of Assembly Recommendation 666 on the consequences of including certain functions of WEU in the European Union, based on the report submitted by Mr de Puig on behalf of the Political Committee4, the fifteen European Union member states have continued to make rapid progress towards developing an autonomous EU decision-making capability and a rapid reaction force enabling the Union to launch and conduct EU-led military operations, including the full range of Petersberg tasks, in response to international crises (the "headline goal")."
Were we distracted from seeing this
EU strategy to arm itself?

This man's star is still rising in 2003 !

Solana rules the new and secret military force of the EU
This is truly prophetic-- Arms shall be given him.

Take a look back in time to see how UK people and Clinton's men attacked the EU military idea.

Now, for January of 2003:

January 8, 2003
Zenit News Agency carries two reports in its first bulletin after the break on the debate going on about the inclusion of Christianity in the European Constitution. Last Friday the President of the European Parliament, Patrick Cox, had a meeting with Pope John Paul and later met with Cardinal Angelo Sodan, Vatican Secretary of State. Following the audience, Vatican Press Office director Joaquin Navarro-Valls explained in a statement that the Holy See does not ask for a privileged legal status. Rather, it asks "for the safeguarding of the effective exercise of religious liberty, in full respect of the secular character of civil and community institutions, as well as of non-confessional organizations," he said. In a separate report, the President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, says the future European Constitution should not exclude cultural and religious traditions, especially the Christian, which forged the continent.


Christian analysis of Solana's attack on the
USA and our religion

What could that mean to American Christians?

The Ten Nations and three pulled out by the roots

MAY 2002:
An impressive array of diplomats has taken over the overhaul of the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat's baton, claiming structural reforms are a cure-all for Palestinian terror. The most ardent advocates of this panacea are US secretary of state Colin Powell, European Union foreign affairs executive Javier Solana, Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres, Arafat's close financial adviser Mohammed Rashid and Ariel Sharon's new chef de bureau Dov Weisglass. All the Palestinian leader is required to do is to pick out the reform proposals he likes. As long as he agrees to try them on for size, no one stops him from sending suicide killers against Israelis. In the last two weeks, Arafat has felt free to ignite a new cycle of violence, with the help this time of a new breed of killer - the super-terrorist.

Solana on Israel:
The wise and the clever offering themselves as arbiters of Israel's fate include:
-- The British Foreign Office, whose Minister for Middle East Affairs, one Peter Hain, has called for Israel to be dismantled, by force if necessary.
-- The German Foreign Office, whose Foreign Minister, one Joschke Fischer, has put his name to a demand for the destruction of Israel.
-- The European Union, in the person of one Javier Solana, who complains that "Israel offends my Franciscan sensibilities".
April 2002
President Yasser Arafat received today, in the remaining of the presidential HQ in Ramallah, Dr. Javier Solana the EU Secretary General and High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), accompanied by Mr. Miguel Muratinos the special EU envoy to the peace process in the Middle East. During their long meeting they discussed in details the difficult situation and the horrible events took place in the Palestinian occupied lands. Mr. Nabil Abu Redeneh, President Arafat�s media adviser said that Dr. Solana presented the supportive EU position to the Palestinian cause, especially the European welcoming to the UN Security Council�s resolutions and the decisions of the Madrid Committee of four (The USA, the EU, Russia, and the UN), and called on the Israeli Government to immediately implement them. They concluded the meeting as agreeing on continuing the joint efforts of the EU and the Committee of Four. On Wednesday, the high representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, and Miguel Angel Moratinus, managed to visit President Yasser Arafat, to whom they reiterated the European Union�s support for the creation of a Palestinian State with secure borders. Meanwhile, in Ramallah the High Representative for the CFSP, Javier Solana, and the EU�s special envoy to the Middle East, Miguel Angel Moratinus, have met with the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Yasser Arafat and undertaken to continue working with Russia, the UN and the US to re-launch the political dialogue and achieve an end to the conflict.
November 10, 2002
Israel is a cup of trembling to even Solana. Only his moving there will one day bring him to the center of Middle Eastern power. Tell me if you ever hear him talk of moving to Jerusalem to help bring peace. The Pope has talked of this.



Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga (That is his whole name within his Spanish family)

Francisco Javier (Xavier):
He is named in this prefixed name for tha saint, Saint Francis Xavier, who founded the Franciscan Order which was the order Hitler gave authority to destroy Yugoslavia in the form of renemed brownshirted soldiers named Ustashi. You will see below that Solana convinced the EU Parliament to abandon its rules, and butchered NATO's rules, so that he could commend the destruction of Yugoslavia during Bill Clinton's tenure. The war in Bosnia was commanded by men other than US Military men and UK commanders. This explains why our planes and troops never quite knew what was going on, and that includes our Generals, if you recall. Solana, the Franciscan, was finishind off Yugoslavia for the Pope. If you know history, Yugoslavia held out and massacred the Pope's invasion long ago, from King Wenselau and Huss onward for many years. Solana is a man of towering rage on behalf of the Pope and the Vatican agenda.

The name Javier means 'light'. Light has many meanings and applications. One meaning of light is the knowledge gained by the act of studying. One application of light is the imparting of that same knowledge. He finds that others come to him, not only for advice, but also for help in understanding the whys and wherefores of their lives.

Winds from the East, or sunshine

BINGO, Javier Salana is the counterfeit Light of the World, and his origin is the East, home of Hinduism, rank paganism, and the New Age.

I cannot decipher this name. Can anyone help me with the meaning of it?


You will see here that Solana is a product, and probably a member, of the Franciscans, as he mentioned in "Solana on Israel" above, and he trashed NATO's operational rules in order to finish in Yugoslavia what the Ustashi Franciscans started during WW II under Adolph Hitler. As you read this, remember that Solana is a civilian, not a military commander. This lines up perfectly with Daniel which speaks of a man of peace being given "arms" to command-- a man with no personal power to wage war.

Significantly, too, the attack was launched from Italy, where Mussolini's fascist troops were blessed by Pius before going into battle against the free nations of Europe. Italy is the very back yard of the present Pope whose dream has been to beatify Pacelli - and it was Papists who ran the show! One of them was Javier Solana Madariaga, a Roman Catholic Spaniard who bears the name of one of the founding members of the Jesuit Society. During the Yugoslav War he was conveniently the leader (Head) of NATO. Need we ask the question whether in this capacity his first loyalty was to the political ideals of his Church or to the original principles on which NATO was founded? The sudden jettisoning of NATO's purely defensive charter to enable raw aggression against a sovereign state relating solely to its internal affairs, coupled with the blatant failure to obtain UN approval for its actions, is evidence enough: once the proud defender of Western democracy, NATO has today been perverted into a political tool of the Vatican. Who better to lead it than a Papist?


Here is what Solana did to Yugoslavia as a memorial to the Pope and his murderers during WW II:

    "One question the new regime, which describes itself as legalist, cannot answer is how to avoid arresting Solana, given that he was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment by the Belgrade County Court last year. Will their guest walk freely through the city and tour the destroyed monuments? Will he meet with the families of those killed by his "Merciful Angel"? Will he talk with the scientists and physicians who are currently seeking ways to avoid the long-term consequences of depleted uranium poisoning from munitions launched against Serbia?" (From text below)

Today thousands demonstrated against the arrival of former NATO leader Javier Solana, sentenced by a Yugoslav court to 20 years in prison for aggression against Yugoslavia and crimes of war.

"The murderer returns to the scene of his crime" would best describe the reactions of today’s Belgrade to the arrival of Javier Solana. Currently a high EU official, Solana was the NATO Secretary-General who in 1999 issued the order to bomb Yugoslav towns and cities. The bombing destroyed numerous civilian buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, bridges, infrastructure and a passenger train...

Reporters estimated that last night’s protest drew several thousand citizens. They burned an effigy resembling Solana, stoned the US Embassy, laid a wreath on the heavily damaged building of the Yugoslav Army’s General Staff and lit thousands of candles to commemorate the victims of NATO’s attacks that took place from March to June 1999.

Escorted by police, the demonstrators marched through downtown Belgrade chanting "Solana-Satan!", "Solana – murderer of innocents," "Out with the murderer!", "NATO-Nazis!", "Serbia is awake" and "Arrest the criminal."

The rally was joined by a large group of Greeks, who traveled to Belgrade to protest the presence of NATO in the Balkans.

Another rally was scheduled for this morning at 9 a.m., before the Federation Palace in New Belgrade, where the three-member EU delegation including Solana met with President Koshtunitsa and other official representatives. As the demonstrators gathered, the police used force to arrest Sinisha Vuchinich, chairman of the "Nikola Pashich" Radical Party. Several hundred protesters dispersed after 10:30 a.m..

One question the new regime, which describes itself as legalist, cannot answer is how to avoid arresting Solana, given that he was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment by the Belgrade County Court last year. Will their guest walk freely through the city and tour the destroyed monuments? Will he meet with the families of those killed by his "Merciful Angel"? Will he talk with the scientists and physicians who are currently seeking ways to avoid the long-term consequences of depleted uranium poisoning from munitions launched against Serbia?

According to district attorney Andria Milutinovich, who prosecuted NATO leaders at the trial last year, the presiding judge, Justice Verolub Rakitich, has not yet finalized the very complex verdict. It is currently being translated into four foreign languages, and has not yet been served to the police, together with the warrant for Solana’s arrest.

Protest rallies drew many citizens who did not belong to any political party, but were united by their condemnation of NATO crimes and belief that Solana was personally responsible for them.

"I lost my husband and my brother. The West is responsible for their deaths. And when I came to Serbia, NATO destroyed my refuge. Solana must be punished," said Maria Potkonyak, a retired Serb who was driven from Croatia during Operation Storm in 1995.

"I lost my job," said Zdravko Yagich, a worker at the bombed-out "Milan Blagoyevich" appliance factory. "NATO took the bread from my family. I think Solana is a common thug."

"NATO did a lot of damage to my country," said Stevan Soch, a civil servant and father of three. "How will the economy recover, how will the lost lives be recovered? How can I feed my family in a devastated country? I would like that murderer Solana to answer these questions for me."

Interestingly enough, even the papers that have supported the changes in Yugoslavia, that were critical of Miloshevich and his government, gave much room to accusations against Solana and disapproved of his visit. The daily "Glas Yavnosti" [Public Voice] for example, in today’s edition quoted many citizens who demanded that the current regime should not talk with Solana.

"Solana should be shown what was destroyed, then arrested. Maybe we should organize some sort of Hague-like trial for him, too," said student Milan Lukovich.

"He should be arrested right away, at the airport!" said lab assistant Milena Stevanovich.

Seventeen-year-old high school student Ivan Maksimovich said, "After all he’s done to us, I would have him shot in front of the Parliament, but not before everyone had a chance to spit on him."

The talks at Federation Palace were successful, to the mutual pleasure of the EU visitors and the government.

-- Milosh Zorich, February 8, 2001

[translated by N. Malich]

Milosh Zorich is a Yugoslav journalist with many years experience.


Javier Solana, the Spanish Marxist who serves as NATO's secretary- general, warned that NATO troops "will not hesitate to take necessary measures, including the use of force, against media networks or programs inciting attacks." Three hundred American troops were sent to make good on Solana's threat by occupying a television tower near Tuzla, which had been held by Karadzic's supporters. According to the September 4th New York Times, "The Americans withdrew when Serbian hard-liners agreed to moderate their propaganda war against the Bosnian peace agreement." Robert Gelbard, the Clinton Administration's special envoy to Bosnia, insisted that the uprising in Brcko was typical of "a totalitarian dictatorship losing control." While it is entirely reasonable to describe the late Karadzic regime in those terms, reasonable people might also point out that the actions of the UN/NATO occupation force are typical of a totalitarian dictatorship taking control. Although the crackdown on dissent was not directly mandated by the Hague Tribunal, the seizure of opposition media outlets in Bosnia follows a precedent set in Somalia, in which UN troops seeking to serve a warrant on "warlord" Mohamed Farah Aidid seized Radio Mogadishu, which had been used by Aidid's supporters to broadcast views deemed unsuitable by UN authorities. (See "Behind Our Defeat in Somalia," in the September 5, 1994 issue of The New American.)

Further reading

1) On the supposed legalism of the new regime see "These Djindjic people are Brownshirts!" , an interview with a Serbian political activist conducted by Jared Israel at

2) 'Don't entertain him - arrest him!' Statement by Michel Chossudovsky, Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser condemning Solana's visit to Belgrade at

3) The Incorporation of Spain and Javier Solana Into NATO by Javier Bernal at


Blood lust at the War Crimes Tribunal was Solana's work:

NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana welcomed on Tuesday the decision of Bosnian Serb Simo Zaric to surrender voluntarily to the NATO-led Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In a statement forwarded to Tanjug, Solana said that Zaric was being processed for immediate transfer to the custody of the Hague-based court "where he will receive a free and fair trial." "I hope the example of Simo Zaric, as well as that of Milan Simic and Miroslav Tadic who gave themselves up ten days ago, will be followed by other indicted war criminals still at large," the statement said.

Added on May 21, 2003 to show how the Beast et al are on the move--
To Jerusalem!

Jordan Times
Wednesday, February 13, 2002

EU says coexistence of Israel, Palestinian state only solution

AMMAN (Agencies) � A two-day EU-OIC conference designed to draw Christian and Muslim states closer together in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks and the subsequent military strikes on Afghanistan opened in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday. Jordan is represented in the conference grouping European Union and Organisation of Islamic conference states, by Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher.

Intellectuals and scholars interested in deepening dialogue between the followers of different faiths are taking part in the forum, including HRH Prince Hassan Ben Talal.

His Majesty King Abdullah entrusted Prince Hassan to resume the dialogue among different Islamic sects to highlight the moderate reality of Islamic identity in November 2001.

The EU's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, told the conference that the coexistence of an Israeli and a Palestinian state was the only way to solve the bloody conflict in the Middle East.

"A two states solution is the only solution that can bring peace. It's the only possible way to move ahead and we are determined to work in this direction," Solana told the meeting of foreign ministers.

Solana said ending to the Arab-Israeli conflict should be one of the "three immediate priorities" for the EU and OIC, along with eliminating terrorism and restoring peace to Afghanistan.

He said the two international organisations needed to show "determination" in tackling these three complex issues, adding that they had already shown their willingness to work together to resolve the conflicts in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said that Europe was "unanimous" in its aim to find a political solution to the crisis in the Middle East. "Each of the European ideas can be discussed, each has its advantages and incoveniences, but all have in common the necessity to return to the political terrain," he told journalists.

There existed a real "European unanimity, even if there are nuances within the specific proposals," he said.

He hailed the upcoming visits this week to the Middle East by British and German foreign ministers, Jack Straw and Joschka Fischer, as part of the goal to find a political solution.

Solana, meanwhile, said it was wrong to equate Islam with terrorism.

There was no single Islamic civilisation and the Islamic world was not confined to one geographic area, he continued, pointing out that many Muslims living in Western Europe belonged to both cultures.

He urged the conference not to be afraid to openly address Christian and Islamic cultural differences, such as the role of women or the application of the death penalty in certain Muslim countries.

The joint EU-OIC meeting, called and hosted by Turkey, is being held in Istanbul's historic Ciragan palace.

It takes place amid growing fears that the US will extend its "war on terrorism" to Iraq, Iran and North Korea, which US President George Bush has tarred "an axis of evil."

Although predominantly Muslim, Turkey has a strongly secular regime. It is both an OIC member and a candidate to join the EU.


CONCLUSION BY Steve Van Nattan

By now, if you checked everything I gave you above, you have seen the great sweet peace loving man by one face, as the man of Daniel is, and the lust for arms, which are at his command, and how vicious this man can be. His performance during the Bosnia and Yugoslavian war, with all manner of overkill and ruthless arrogance, tells us precisely where he is now headed with his Recommendation 666 and its ratification and present implementation. Add his hate for American religion, while hugging the Pope, and you can easily see that Javiar Solana means to destroy the Bible Believing Christians in the USA, indeed, he will destroy the USA like a cat kills a rat if he has the opportunity. Freedom and Christ make Satan mad. Solana does the works of his father. You have been warned.

If Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga is not the Antichrist, he sure missed a great opportunity. I know, God decides, and the Church must be gone for the final act to commence, but this man has to be Satan's candidate in waiting at this moment.

Now, how does the Bible believer respond to such things?

Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Jesus spoke this in the context of Jews watching for the future coming of himself in power and great glory. But, the Lord's Church has to have the same response to prophecy being fulfilled. These events which show the very closeness of the Lord's soon gathering of his Church should cause us to:

1. We should get our works done-- reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine among ourselves, and we should be busy preaching the Gospel to the lost. Someone will have the privilege of winning the last soul to Christ. How about YOU?

2. We should be rejoicing, not trembling. The wide eyed terror of Art Bell and Texe Marrs is a utterly stupid response to seeing Jehovah God doing his work and bringing us to the moment of deliverance into the Glory.

Psalm 30:5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.












This was master minded by Javier Solana and Shimon Peres
The Treaty spelled out Considered an event in ongling Zionist history

The graphic shows Javier Solana signing a ten year Treaty of Association between the EU and Israel, November 20, 1995.

Here is Constance Cumbey's comment on this event:
"In case you never had the opportunity to see it as these folks play a neat little game of "now you see us, now you don't," here is a picture of Solana executing the treaty with Israel on behalf of the EU. It was taken in Brussels on November 20, 1995. Two days later a great earthquake shook Israel, the only earthquake I have ever known to be subjected to serious historical revision downwards. It was and is still recorded with the US Geological Service as 7.2 WWS (world wide significance). The earthquake research center set up as part of the "Peace Process" to study Jordan valley rift phenomena listed it as 6.2 local significance only which their director, Rami Hofstetter reluctantly admitted to me in my demand for explanation as false and misleading. Could the earthquake have been a divine warning? Maybe! It might be productive if we talked. When I get really busy, my email is the first to suffer."





Here is a discussion of the Club of Rome, the CFR,
Bilderbergers, and other One World agencies and powers

Solana's first police action to enforce peace with
military might:

The third shared goal which the EUPM represents is the continuing development of the EU's external identity. The EUPM is the first crisis management operation launched by the Union as part of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). The fact that it takes place in Bosnia is the strongest statement yet of the EU's engagement in and partnership with the Balkans. The fact that the Union's first operation is a police mission - a civilian mission - demonstrates our commitment to a comprehensive crisis management approach that brings real added value.

With some disclaimer, I suggest you read this study--
Much material is here to show the Satanic invasion

Is this "our" Javier racing cars in Mexico? If so, he was 26 years old in the photo.
Here is Franceisco Javier Solana building a racing auto--
Is this the same person?

Here is Solana before the come of the rock was recarpeted.

Now, we know why Boeing is a key defense
manufacturer invited to all defense conferences in the EU :-)

Sitting at the feet of the guru of world peace

Stepping up from commander of NATO

Very interesting video of Solana reviewing NAYO troops.
Not the comment about
Spanish command of NATO forces!
Does Solana have a manifest destiny view of
his home nation of Spain?

Here is a curious power clique called Club of
Poland and Club of Europe

The war that Solana wimped out of-- Why?