Calvinism, and other entities,
have added mongrel dogma



Worship of the saints and angels 375 A.D.

Mass first adopted 394 A.D.

Worship of Mary began to develop 431 A.D.

Priests began to dress differently from laity 500 A.D.

The doctrine of purgatory first taught 593 A.D.

Boniface III gets title of "Universal Bishop" and thus became the first Pope 606 A.D.

Feasts in honor of Virgin Mary begin 650 A.D.

Worship of images and relics authorized 788 A.D.

Holy water introduced 850 A.D.

Worship of Saint Joseph began 890 A.D.

Canonization of saints 993 A.D.

Feasts of the dead instituted 1003 A.D.

Celibacy of priesthood decreed 1074 A.D.

Doctrine of infallibility of Roman Catholic Church 1076 A.D.

Prayer beads invented 1090 A.D.

Doctrine that seven sacraments are taught 1140 A.D.

Origin of Inquisition 1184 A.D.

Sale of indulgences 1190 A.D.

Wafer substituted for bread in Lord's Supper 1200 A.D.

Transubstantiation adopted 1215 A.D.

Confession instituted 1215 A.D.

Adoration of the wafer (Host) 1220 A.D.

Hand bell used during mass 1227 A.D.

Cardinals ordered to wear red hats 1245 A.D.

The scapular invented 1287 A.D.

Sprinkling for immersion decreed 1311 A.D.

The procession of the Holy Sacrament 1336 A.D.

Communion in one kind; cup taken from laity 1415 A.D.

Purgatory decreed 1439 A.D.

Roman tradition placed on same level as Scriptures 1546 A.D.

Apocryphal books received into sacred canon 1546 A.D.

Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary decreed 1854 A.D.

Doctrine of temporal power of Pope proclaimed 1864 A.D.

Infallibility of Pope decreed 1870 A.D.

Pius X's Encyclical on mixed marriages, condemning as null and void all marriages between two Catholic and non-Catholic if not celebrated by priest 1908 A.D.

The assumption of Mary i.e., she bodily ascended into Heaven without ever experiencing death 1950 A.D.

Downgrading of certain saints 1969 A.D.

Now, that takes care of the Roman Catholic Whore. Amens are heard from the reader, right?

But, what ELSE was added along the way?

The Heidelburrg Confession

The Augsburg Confession

The Belgic Confession

The Geneva Confession

Canons of Dordrecht

The Westminster Confession

The Scots Confession

The Episcopal Confession

Helvetic Confession

Gallican Confession

A Puritan Confession

The London Baptist Confession

The Book of Common Prayer

Book of Concord

The 39 Articles of the Anglican Church

The Apostle's Creed

Thousands of variations of creeds

Calvin's Institutes

Southern Baptist Confession of Faith

Thousands of Church Constitutions



Indeed ANY articles of religion which are required to define a local church

Free Methodist Articles of Religion

Robes and Protestant vestments

The Covenant with the local church by a new member

Membership, Baptism, and Marriage Certificates (if you must produce them to be a "member")

Nonprofit Corporation Membership with Caesar

Faith Promise Giving

Democracy in making local church decisions (rather than one mind)

The title "Reverend," which belongs to God alone (Psalm 111:9)

Archbishops, church moderators, chairmen by the millions, Robert's Rules of Order

Synods, consistroies, sessions, vestries, and boards of directors

Church steeples (an ancient phallic symbol)

Regulated worship by decree or from on high (as in the Church of England)

Orders of worship

The "cup" at the Lord's Supper must have alcohol in it to be genuine.

All Church holidays (The Lord's day is NOT Easter-- it is the "First day of the week")

"Anointed" or "blessed" trash, such as guitars, songs, and pulpits
(This includes allegedly "consecrated" rubbish)

All scholars, no matter how much you trust them (that is, if you cannot live without them)

Jack Hyles' rules and Regulations, including "100% for Hyles" buttons

Bob Jones University's Rules and Regulations

ANY allegedly Christian book you must own and refer to in order to be "one of us"

Every mega church on earth

On and on it goes..... If you or your local church cannot function without one or more of the above, you have added to God's Word, and "God shall add unto him (you) the plagues that are written in this book."
Revelation 22:18

Anything added to the Word of God, as authoritative, which does not agree with the Word of God, is heresy and damned to hell along with the one adding it. By this we mean, anything the local church MUST have, or observe, to be allegedly "right with God".

Anything added to biblical truth which is 100% in agreement with the Word of God is redundant and, at the very least, a distraction from the absolute and unique authority of the Word of God. Your best effort and amendment to God's Word makes the truth of the Word of God "of none effect" in some way.

Mark 7:13 (KJV) Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.


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