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Who is this Man?

"Most people who see and hear the Rev. John C. Hagee are impressed. He is rotund, strident, authoritative (and could well pass for Rush Limbaugh's older and more serious brother). His delivery alone gives the impression of one who really knows what he is talking about. However, careful evaluation of the teachings of Hagee, pastor at the San Antonio-based Cornerstone Church, reveals false teaching and a defective view of a basic and essential issue regarding salvation and the Gospel. Hagee preaches another way of salvation for the Jew, which is in direct violation of Paul's warnings in Galatians 1:6-9."
G. Richard Fisher, PFO, 1999

Dr. John Hagee is a bestselling author and pastor of the 17,000-member charismatic Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. He was an NRB '98 speaker and has an honorary degree from Oral Roberts University. He is pictured in the 8/00 Charisma-along with Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes, and Kenneth Copeland-as a speaker for Creflo Dollar's International Covenant Ministries conference.

"Pastor of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, speaker on TBN, and making frequent appearances with Benny Hinn, John Hagee has become a superstar on the Word of Faith circuit. Previously, the pastor of Trinity Church in San Antonio, Texas from 1976 to 1987, he had an adulterous affair that resulted in a divorce from his wife Martha and loss of his two children to her custody. Marrying his adulterous lover, Diana Castro, they started their own family and then, became the heads of the Cornerstone Church."

A nice reader phoned and claimed he was John Hagee. He claimed I said he was overweight. Well, he fooled me at first. I decided to take a look. I never called Hagee overweight. I said that he was a large man in a large pulpit. Now, there are several ways in which a man can be said to be large. I gather the scum brat who called on behalf of Hagee was a bit sensitive over his guru's rather large belly. I don't blame him, but it is classic Charismatic form to lie about oneself and take on airs of authority to protect the big man. I have had this before. So, in the interest of accuracy, I have updated this page. It is now even more interesting I trust. If the real John Hagee has the time to mess with me, he will send his complaint in letter form, registered mail.
March 2005


The following article is reproduced from Christian Research Institute.

Disclaimer: CRI may have these facts right, but their financial affairs are far from transparent.
Please don't waste your giving on them until they get their house in order.

The Bible version used in the CRI atrticle is not always the King James Version,
as we use at this site.

Christians have listened for many years to the preaching of John Hagee, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.

Hagee's ministerial activities began in 1958 as an evangelist. In 1966 he went to San Antonio to become the founding pastor of what eventually became Trinity Church. After resigning his pastorate of Trinity in May 1975, Hagee took the helm of the 25-member Church of Castle Hill in San Antonio. That church (rebuilt to seat 5,000 and dedicated in October 1987 as Cornerstone Church) now has an active membership of over 13,000.

Through his writings (books, booklets, and articles in his bimonthly John Hagee Ministries magazine), taped messages, and daily appearances on his Global Evangelism Television broadcasts (Cornerstone and John Hagee Today) aired by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and other media outlets, Hagee has gained broad visibility and influence among evangelicals.

A number of people consider Hageeļæ½s teachings to be thoroughly biblical. Christian Research Institute would disagree with Hagee, however, on the following points, which you will find at their web site.

[ CRI is not legally safe letting articles be posted at other sites, so we have linked to them.
Their work on John Hagee is the best thing we have seen. ]

Christian Research Institute on John Hagee

Entry from the Calvary Contender on Hagee:

Dr. Jerry Falwell's 5/6 Liberty Flame quoted Southeastern Baptist Seminary Pres. Dr. Paige Patterson (from 4/30/88 Houston Chronicle) as saying John Hagee's "Two Covenant teaching is "heretical." The article said Hagee believes that Jews are saved by keeping the Mosaic law, while everyone else (Gentiles)--whether Buddhist or Baha'i--needs to believe in Jesus. Former SBC pres. Dr. Jerry Vines said: "Most [evangelicals] do not know John Hagee very well...not aware of his 'Two Covenant' theological position nor his marital difficulties." In 1975 Hagee resigned as pastor of a charismatic church saying his marriage had collapsed and he had become "immoral" in his personal conduct. After leaving that church, he immediately became pastor of Cornerstone Church (San Antonio) where he is now. After a 1975 divorce, he married a young woman from the former church. Hagee is popular on Paul Crouch's TBN, and, in the past year he has spoken at National Religious Broadcasters, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, and Oral Roberts University conferences.
(See 3/1 CC).

"In his long list of Jewish people who have blessed the world, Hagee makes no distinction between individuals who simply have a Jewish background and those who truly fear and seek God. He lists Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman, and Barbara Streisand, among others, as Jews who have proven the Scripture 'in thee shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.' The contributions of these entertainers can hardly be seen as a fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham in Genesis. Hagee also goes as far as branding anti-Semitic those who don't agree with his enthusiastic support of Israel."
Steve Shogren, "Book Reviews," CBA Marketplace Magazine, March 1998, pg 56.



International Charismatic Bible Ministries

MinisterAffiliationPosition in the Church
Oral RobertsChairman of ICBMProphet
Kenneth CopelandSecretary of ICBMProphet/Teacher/televangelist
Charles GreenExec. Dir of ICBM  bbbbb
Billy Daugerty*Vice Chairman of ICBM   bbbbb
Carlton PearsonMember-at-Large of ICBMBishop/megachurch pastor/vacillates bet.
WOF & Prophetic Movements
John HageeMember of ICBMmegachurch pastor/televangelist/TBN regular
Thomas F ReidMember of ICBMLatter Rain Proponent/WOF
Marilyn Hickey*Member at LargeTeacher/televangelist/WOF/has her own Bible school
John AvanziniTrustee of ICBMProsperity teacher/WOF/TBN regular
Dick BernalTrustee of ICBMSpiritual Warfare teacher/WOF
Morris CerulloTrustee of ICBMOwns on television network/WOF/televangelist
Happy CaldwellTrustee of ICBMpastor of megachurch/WOF
Paul CrouchTrustee of ICBMOwns TBN/WOF
Benny HinnTrustee of ICBMHealing Ministry/megachurch pastor/WOF/TBN regular
Howard-Rodney BrowneTrustee of ICBMStarted Holy Laughter Movement/WOF/pastor
John MearsTrustee of ICBMBishop/ Prophetic Movement/pastor
Earl PaulkTrustee of ICBMBishop/Prophetic Movement/megachurch pastor
Myles MunroeTrustee of ICBMApostle/Prophetic Movement/teaches black dominance gospel
Benson IdahosaTrustee of ICBMArchbishop/Prophetic Movement


Charismatic Power Base of ICBM:

Oral Roberts* - Chairman
Ken Copeland* - Secretary
Jack Hayford* - Vice Chmn.
Billy Joe Daugherty* - Treas.
Paul Yonggi Cho - International Honorary Chairman
Charles Green - Executive Committee Member
Marilyn Hickey* - Executive Committee Member
Karl Strader* - Executive Committee Member




Powerful Article on John Hagee's Heresy

Here is how ungodly men see Hagee

To: gobucks I have to say that Dr. Fred K. C. Price, a "televangelist," has been on the fat issue for years. But for example to see John Hagee, who is a good Bible teacher, or Jerry Falwell, attack other sins and leave this one alone is, well, selective to say the least. 3 posted on 03/09/2004 4:20:32 AM PST by LS (CNN is the Amtrack of news.) [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies ]

To: LS But for example to see John Hagee, who is a good Bible teacher, or Jerry Falwell, attack other sins and leave this one alone is, well, selective to say the least. Well a preacher cannot preach against something that he himself is doing. That would be hypocritical. And would tend to mock the gospel. 4 posted on 03/09/2004 4:24:28 AM PST by ColdSteelTalon [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies ]

To: anniegetyourgun "....feast on the Word first, and all other needs will be provided." True, and that makes the imperative of temple optimization ever more acute. For, of all men, the Preacher is the one 'feasting' on the Word the most (the flock would assume logically enough), but if the Preacher is rotund, then with his body he transmits the greatest LIE: the Word is not really a filling vehicle after all. And so, what does the flock do in response? 8 posted on 03/09/2004 5:54:35 AM PST by gobucks ( [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6 | View Replies ]

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Example of The Fellowship Where Hagee is Comfortable

Albert James Dager's very complete discussion of the Charismatic Club
The reader needs to understand that Kenneth Copeland and a handful of other
Charismatic leaders have been shown, on live videos of their meetings, to be
possessed of devils. We have a video of Copeland passing on devils to people
seeking power.

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