PART ONE:  A reader reports in:

Dear Steve,

This is in response to a post entitled "A READER NEEDS AN ANSWER", on your website. The reader is searching for information about John Hagee. The following information was taken from an article written by G. Richard Fisher of Personal Freedom Outreach. The article is titled, "The Other Gospel of John Hagee."

That there are moral and ethical concerns with Hagee and a serious question as to his being biblically qualified as a pastor and teacher are not the main issues of this article. However, one very important factor should be noted. The Liberty Flame reported in May 1994 that during the time when Hagee was serving the Charismatic congregation at Trinity Church (1976) in San Antonio, he divorced his wife, resigned and married a young woman in the congregation, Diana Castro. Custody of Hagee's two children by his ex-wife, Martha, went to her.

In a letter to the church, Hagee admitted immorality, which later became part of the court records in the custody battle. Martha later also remarried and started another family. Not surprisingly, there is a hiatus from 1976 to 1987 left out of Hagee's web site biography.

I hope this is useful and God Bless.

David Van _________________

      Disclaimer:  non-KJV versions used.  But, the article is great in content.

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