In Memory of those Kenyans who Died
While Trying to get healing
from Benny Hinn
In Kenya

Thursday 4 May 2000

Four Die Waiting for 'Miracle' Cures

Four Kenyans, including two young children, died at a religious meeting while they waited for miracle cures from a visiting American evangelist, Benny Hinn, a local paper said Wednesday. Police told the Kenya Times the four had been released from a hospital to be cured at Benny Hinn's ``Miracle Crusade'' in the Kenyan capital Sunday, but they died before Hinn could pray for them.

Ten other people suffered serious injuries including broken jaws after falling from trees they had climbed to get a view of the American preacher, who was reported to have attracted up to a million people to his two-day weekend meeting. Hinn regularly preaches to vast audiences across the United States and his shows are broadcast on Kenya's terrestrial religious channel every night. Preachers promising miracle cures from ailments ranging from AIDS to blindness have become increasingly popular in recent years in Kenya, a country where health care is out of the reach of many ordinary people and living standards have been gradually falling for years.

The Kenya meeting is the one in which Benny Hinn previously had prophesied that Jesus would appear on the platform. Well, if any Jesus was there, he was the Antichrist, for the true Jesus would not have left those Kenyans dead and injured on the ground. Benny Hinn must be made to answer for these claims and his brutal performance.