Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan



(Jésus is a common name of many men in Mexico.)


Jesus Field is a Christian brother in Nogales, Arizona, who has for some years been used of the Lord in music evangelism.  He has gone to churches often, but one day he was asked to tour an area of Mexico, his mother's home land.  

Jésus went, and as usual, he took his accordion.  Before the meeting in one town, he went out in the street and began to play the accordion and sing.  

The crowd gathered quickly, for they loved the music.  Also, a Roman Catholic priest noticed what was going on.  He got his record player, parked himself about a block away, and began to play records at high volume to try to draw the Catholics away from Jésus.  Jésus simply raised the volume of the accordion by pumping harder.

The priest turned up the volume on the record player, and this went back and forth until Jésus said he was really pumping the bellows hard on the old accordion and singing at top volume.  

Then, --BLAT--, the priest blew out the speaker on his record player.  

He promptly folded and went home, and Jésus carried on for the Lord.  The battle for the Gospel is very real, and the musical battle on that street in Mexico was far more exciting than any Broadway musical.  It's about time we played hard ball.  Praise God for Jésus's zeal, but you can do the same great things if you will get your zeal up in Christ Jesus.  Gal. 4:18.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, and Hallelujah!  Let's get on with it.