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What is a vaccine?

Here is a discussion to consider carefully before having you kids vaccinations with smallpox vaccine. There is one rather morbid but practical consideration. If you decline to vaccinate your kids and yourself, and if as many as 70% of the population comply and are vaccinated, you chances of getting smallpox are greatly reduced.

This is because all those people who were vaccinated will not pass the disease to you since they will be immune and not get sick. Thus, you will have only a chance to be infected by 30% of the population or less. Of this 30%, only possibly 20% will get sick and be contagious. Figure the odds, and let the wicked and ignorant take the risks.

The single most deadly aspect of using vaccines is the consideration that immunity is easily acquired by getting the disease in childhood. Obviously, there are several diseases one does NOT want to get, but many of the common diseases, like measles, chicken pox, and mumps, are very minor on a child. If the child is protected from the disease by a vaccine, yet later the child gets the disease, the affects in an adult of most of these childhood diseases is horrific. Shingles in an adult is far more terrible than chicken pox in a child.

Whooping cough in a teen or young adult male will often result in sterility. The Salk vaccine has proven to be a deadly blessing to certain people, and the vaccine itself should be reinvented. It is a medical killer weapon all too often. So, parents must weigh the choices very carefully.

In retrospect, let us not be mindlessly reactionary. Polio is obviously a terrible disease, and any SAFE way of eradicating it would be a great blessing. Also, I would NEVER go to the equatorial world without getting cholera and yellow fever vaccinations. The side effects and the risk of contamination at the manufacturer, are far less worrisome than to actually get the diseases, and do NOT let anyone tell you that cholera is not deadly, and do NOT let them tell you that it is less an issue today than in the past. With Third World cities growing to enormous population numbers, and sanitation getting WORSE rather than better in most Third World nations, you do have a very good chance of getting sick there. Cholera can be cured very easily, IF you receive antibiotics and IV fluids within 24 hours of contracting the disease. If you can get the antibiotics, but the IV is far away, YOU WILL DIE. A baby, after contracting cholera, will die in as little as eight hours. There is nothing you can do but stand and watch the fluids run our of his rectum like a faucet running.

Again, in retrospect, and to show how confusing this is, the vast majority of statistics on deaths by small pox, and other diseases that can kill the victim, are from Bangladesh and Africa. This is due to lack of medical resources and poverty of governments. The cause of death with many small pox diseases is from complications like electrolyte imbalance and skin rashes which become infected. This would never happen in the USA. Also, the statistics are VERY old, and they take NO consideration for the modern antibiotics and even invasive mechanical methods of keeping a patient alive.

These resources were NOT available in the 1930s through 1950s when much of the data now in use was gathered. So, the horror statistics are very faulty, for we have not had one small pox epidemic since about 1970 anywhere on earth. Also, if cholera were to break out in the USA, it would be contained easily due to the Federal coffers which would quickly be used to buy only two simple things-- very common antibiotics and fluid IVs. The statistics on cholera are absolutely useless if we are talking about the USA. If you are traveling to Bangladesh, the story is 1000% the opposite.

The best thing you can do about these fearful diseases is the following:

1. Quarantine YOUR own family and home so you don't infect other people.

2. Do not go to the hospital where other diseases can easily be contracted and weaken the little immune system you already have.

3. Call a doctor to make a house call and diagnose the disease.

4. Demand immunization of all other family members at once.

This was done in India and Bangladesh and an epidemic was stopped. You may have to shop for a medical provider to help you since most doctors are supercilious fools and believe all the official information provided them by the Federal Health sources. Remember, it was Dr. Everett Koop who told us the AIDS was not dangerous to women, that it could not be passed by using public toilets, and that heavy kissing was not dangerous. Time has made a wretched fool of the idiot. He killed many stupid gullible fools who acted upon his advice. So, shop for medical help until you find someone who has a brain. In the Southwest USA, this may be as simple as a ride across the border to Mexico.

So, let us weigh the evidence against the pharmaceutical companies who will kill you if they can make a dollar doing it, and consider that fact against the risk. If the risk is low, or exposure in childhood is actually a better choice, then help your child GET the minor diseases so they will have the immunity to go through life disease free. If a real killer is on the loose, get the vaccination and ask God for mercy from the NWO and drug peddlers.

Here is how serious the WHO is about their obsession with your child. I for one do NOT believe this is all being done out of pure compassion. I know that small pox vaccine was laced with AIDS virus for the sole purpose of killing off most of Africa, and high placed US officials master minded it. I can prove that the Aspen Institute and Henry Kissinger have called for the reduction of the world's population "by pestilence." The following is the most frightening paragraph in the article with follows below.

Vaccine researchers are seeking $500 million from all the world's governments to create a genetically engineered "supervaccine" that will be given orally at birth. This supervaccine - the CDC and CVI call it the "Holy Grail" - will contain raw DNA from 20 to 30 viruses, parasites, and bacteria that will insert itself directly into the cells of babies. The vaccine will be time-released over several months. Disease organisms scheduled to be included in the supervaccine, many containing multiple strains or types of each virus, bacteria, or parasite, are pneumonia (three viruses), AIDS (two viruses), dengue haemorrhagic fever (four viruses), diarrheal disease (several viruses and bacteria), diphtheria, hepatitis, malaria (two parasites), measles, meningitis (six viruses and bacteria), polio (three viruses), schistosomiasis (one parasite), tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and pertussis.

This from a reader:

From: Stumpy
To: Stumpy Patriot
Subject: think vaccines/methyl mercury are good? you might be surprised...

I especially recommend reading "Vaccine Scene 2000.htm," which I found at www.woodmed.com. It's rather long, but quite a comprehensive eye-opener. It has great information as a basis for research on thimerosal and mercury levels in mass government- mandated vaccination programmes. Share this information with anybody who has or will have children receiving vaccinations or anyone you know who receives influenza shots.

This sure opened my eyes to many of the vaccinations that are mandated by many governments in many countries. And given the following positive step from France's health minister, I wouldn't trust the World Health Organization judging by their immediate next-day response either:

"Government officials have also been on the defensive since last October, when France became the first country to end hepatitis B vaccine requirements for schoolchildren. France's health minister acted after numerous reports of arthritis- and multiple sclerosis-like symptoms. Pending citizen lawsuits against SmithKline Beecham and Pasteur-Merieux, which make and sell the hepatitis B vaccine, may also have influenced the French decision. In addition, attorneys representing 15,000 French citizens are suing government health officials for understating the vaccine's risks and exaggerating its benefits.

The day after France withdrew the vaccine mandate, a dismayed World Health Organization stated that "the decision taken yesterday may lead to loss of public confidence in this vaccine, and decisions by other countries to suspend or delay introduction of hepatitis B vaccine. . . . WHO strongly recommends that all countries already using hepatitis B vaccine as a routine vaccine in their national immunization programs continue to do so, and that countries not yet using the vaccine begin as soon as possible."

Vaccinations are big business and big revenue for well-known companies like Merck, Eli Lilly, and Pasteur-Merieux.

"Mercury is widely known to cause neurological damage, often permanent. Current clinical and epidemiological research suggests that the mercury-laden thimerosal so widely given to children by the drug companies in the 1990's might cause a range of neurological and neurodevelopmental injuries, including autism. Compounding this public health disaster is that the toxic exposure was entirely avoidable. The thimerosal was added merely as product packaging for the multi-dose vials, and is not needed as a preservative when the vaccines are packaged in single-dose vials or single-use syringes. Thimerosal had nothing to do with vaccine safety, and everything to do with the profits and convenience of packaging for the pharmaceutical companies."

It would make any normal person wonder why the government does not demand thimerosal- free vaccines and does not demand that the mercury levels are eliminated or reduced to safe levels.

There are also very high levels of methyl mercury in some fish. "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing its advice to pregnant women and women of childbearing age who may become pregnant on the hazard of consuming certain kinds of fish that may contain high levels of methyl mercury. The FDA is advising these women not to eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. As a matter of prudent public health advice, the FDA is also recommending that nursing mothers and young children not eat these fish as well.

Fish such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish contain high levels of a form of mercury called methyl mercury that may harm an unborn baby's developing nervous system. These long- lived, larger fish that feed on smaller fish accumulate the highest levels of methyl mercury and therefore pose the greatest risk to the unborn child. Mercury can occur naturally in the environment and it can be released into the air through industrial pollution and can get into both fresh and salt water. (January 12, 2001)"

From the US Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutritition, Office of Seafood (May 2001):

Table 1
Fish With Highest Mercury Levels
Tilefish 1.45 0.65-3.73 60
*Swordfish 1.00 0.10-3.22 598
King Mackerel 0.73 0.30-1.67 213
*Shark 0.96 0.05-4.54 324


Here are parents who can prove their child got autistic after receiving vaccinations.

Now, understand this if you are a parent-- If you let your kid receive vaccinations, you cannot go back. Your kid's auto-immune system will be battling that vaccine FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. The "experts" never tell you that.

I was "vaccinated" by mosquitos in Kenya and Ethiopia when I was growing up and when my wife and I were missionaries there later. I got malaria after many years and doses of the malaria "vaccine". I am being tongue in cheek a bit, but what I got was a live "vaccine". It worked. My system battled the malaria for years and won. Then, in Ethiopia, we lived where the malaria strain was much more virulent. I got malaria as a open crisis, and a severe case. Since then, I have never gotten malaria again. My system has some immunity, but, get this, in a crisis like a car accident, I could come down with malaria without a mosquito being anywhere around. My body retains partial immunity to malaria, but the battle never ends. My blood is deadly to anyone not taking malaria drugs. When I get sick, I watch for the symptoms of malaria to break out. I know missionaries who have experienced this very thing. This is how your kid will live for the rest of their life-- at war.

Finally, the worst of it all. The mercury laced into the vaccinations by Big (murder) Pharma cannot be removed from the body easily, and doctors will not help you. You will have to go to health and nutritional experts. If you consider these people nothing but witch doctors, your kid is doomed. You will nurse and lead them around until you die, and after that your kid will be put into a care facility to die a slow death. Submission is deadly when the top down goons convince you to sell your family to big Pharma. And, you are a fool to comply.