Searching for the Truth in the King James Bible;
Finding it, and passing it on to you.

Steve Van Nattan





Please understand that this page contains both old and recent material. But, the old material includes a close inspection of the Fatima secret, and I was among the early observers of this information through contacts of mine inside the Roman Catholic Church.

For this reason, I leave up old content assuming you are smart enough to do some mental updating as you read. If this is too much effort, you do not belong here anyway. I hope you understand.



I want you to understand that this page has to include three sources:

1. The Third Secret of Fatima, as revealed by a doctrinaire priest whom I believe.

2. The writings of Malachi Martin

3. The prophecies of the Word of God.

The Word of God is the final authority.

The point is this. The priest who is my inside source, whom I quote later, is telling the truth as best he can while living his life out in the Whore of Rome. For that I appreciate him. But, he is NOT a born again man.

Malachi Martin also was a sincere truth teller, but again, as a resident of the Whore. He was an instructor in the Vatican Seminary, so he certainly had a ring side seat on this drama. While he was crying our in rage and sincerity, he did not "come out of her my people." So these two men have limited but very interesting credibility.

It is interesting to me that the third secret of Fatima parallels the prophecy of the end times as given in the Word of God. Many prophecy teachers still portray the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church as the Great Whore of the book of Revelation, as given to John by Christ. I have abandoned this for a number of years. I fully believe that the Great Whore will be much bigger than the Roman Catholic Church. While the Roman Church is Whorelike today, I fully believe that the Catholic hierarchy will lose control of the masses of Catholics, and it is happening right now.

Let me show you the text which is grossly misinterpreted by the majority of Bible teachers:

Revelation 17:7 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.
12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

It is assumed, by pure speculation, that the seven mountains are the seven hills of Rome. Read the whole context. The seven mountains are seven nations ruled by the seven kings, probably seven nations in the Middle East. The Beast is from one of the seven nations and becomes an eighth power. Daniel 11:45 (See later in this article) plants his tabernacle in the Holy Mountain, which is Jerusalem. The Vatican is nowhere in this picture. The only entities of note in the Great Tribulation realm of Antichrist are:

1. Europe as the restored Roman Empire
2. The Great Whore, as united world religion, and she rides the Beast until the Beast system devours her
3. The kings of the East and Babylon
4. Gog and Magog and her allies
5. Jerusalem and the Antichrist
6. The nations of Moab, Edom, and south who resist Antichrist

One Worldism is now raging in the Vatican, and when the end product is finally seen, it will manifest as the Antichrist and the Beast system of Europe. Malachi Martin makes this very clear in his last book, "Windswept House" Pub- Doubleday. You MUST buy this book and read it from cover to cover if you want to understand what is really happening in the Roman Whore now. The vast majority of Catholics, along with about 95% of Bible believers, haven't a clue what is happening inside the Vatican. Please get the book and read it. It is an historic fiction which is said to be at least 80% based in fact. It shows the way in which Satanists, Freemasons, and New Age occultists, in the very highest reaches of the Vatican hierarchy, are massing for the next election of a Pope.

In this next era of Papal intrigue, the Roman Church will be castrated of all "Traditional" doctrine and practice, and the "Mother Church" will be handed over to the powers of Europe. The result will finally be a beggarly Roman Church which will be abandoned by world religion by and large, and Antichrist will arise and move to Jerusalem.

It must be noted here that Islam is being courted by the Roman Church, and Paul Crouch and other Charismatic fools are also claiming to find Christ in Islam. The "Jesus mosques" of North Africa may well evolve into a Jesus exalting Islam, and the Antichrist of Revelation and Daniel will easily win the worship of the Mullahs of Mecca. You see, the "River of Renewal" flows from Brownsville and Toronto Blessing, through Anglican England, and on through the Vatican, and through Mecca, and it will reach its greatest force on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in hte person of Antichrist. The center of world religion will NOT be Rome!

This will spell the end of religious freedom for many, while others will have more freedom. The new freedom will be in the form of contraceptives, marriage for priests, divorce as a moral choice, no liturgy, ecumenism beyond anyone's wildest dreams, shallow vows, veneration of anything you and the local priest want to venerate, very Liberal agnostic Catholicism on one extreme, and what I will call "Fundamental Baptist Catholicism" on the other.

You may call me crazy, but I see the day coming, just before the Rapture of the Church, when "Traditionalist" Catholics will be meekly slipping into the back pew of Fundamental KJV only churches in order to just hear the Bible read and taught. They may even feel they are born again, and they may even abandon the Mass. But, they will want to stay Catholics. You, preacher, may one day have a local "Traditionalist" priest come up to you, and in complete innocency, ask, "Would it be OK if I slip into the back row on Sunday evening? I won't wear my clerical garb-- I am just starved for real faith and Bible teaching." If you think the Bible believing churches have trouble today with the wheat and tares issue, brace yourself preacher. You will be having quite a time soon.

The problem will be that the Vatican, having lost control of the masses in old Mother Church, may even encourage "Traditionalists" to attend Fundamental Bible Baptist churches as a last ditch effort to keep their people on the rolls. If you think the Roman Whore still has a massive infiltration cadre, as reported by the bogus Jesuit Alberto Rivera, think again. They cannot even keep their own boys in the club. They will NEED you to keep the "Traditionalist" Catholics from turning into Atheists and quitting altogether. Again, this plot thickens greatly and is no longer following the story line of your favorite Chick comic. It is both an opportunity and a terror. Only those walking very close to the Lord will be able to stay out of compromising traps yet use the thing to "save some."

One Sunday while I was pastoring in Michigan, I had a Methodist preacher come to a presentation I did about the occult entering mainline churches. He called beforehand and told me he was going to come and straighten me out and correct me openly. He came, but he sat there quiet as a mouse until question-answer time. He then stood, and I braced myself for the war. What he did next was classic of these last days. He thanked me for the presentation and commended me for warning the saints of this evil. He ended by associating himself with the message with great affection. He was a witch, and his Methodist church was infested by Freemasons, and one of his members was believed to have been involved in the skinning of a young lady in Satanic ritual.

This will also be the tactic of the Vatican in the future. You Bible believers my actually be exalted as the great example of faithfulness to Bible Truth. I already have priests as friends for the Gospel's sake who open up and confide their deep frustrations with the evils in the Roman Church. They have no friends, and they sense in me a narrow mind in the Word of God. This appeals to them much more than the garbage they hear at their quarterly Bishop's Conferences. So, when the Vatican sees this draw we have with "Traditionalist" Catholics, the Vatican will try to pre-empt us by exalting us. Mark it down. I am very convinced that this is coming soon. I have already heard Catholic priests on Vatican Shortwave Radio praise the zeal of Fundamentalist Christians for their witnessing. When this happens we Bible believers will have to be very close to the Lord to know how to apply the following:

Jude 21 Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
22 And of some have compassion, making a difference:
23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Please understand this. Fundamental Bible believing Baptists have nearly no friends left in Protestantism. There are a small knot of Reformed groups and individual non-Fundamental churches left which have some zeal to win souls, and a handful demand only the King James Version. Otherwise, virtually ALL of Charismania is crazy and out of the loop. The Brethren are nutty as a fruitcake and wine sippers. The Bible Church movement is run through with Bible correctors and cautious wimps. Here is the rub. If you preachers went to the trouble of getting to know a few "Traditionalist" Catholic priests, you would be amazed to find that they are often lonely, zealous, persecuted, and willing to suffer for the truth as they know it. Does this get them anything as to salvation and eternal life? Answer: NO! But, these men are very open to talk, and they will delight in your zeal, though they will disagree. These lonely priests are often NOT perverts and they often sublimate their libidos in fierce work. I know one priest who has Bible studies in many homes, over and above catechism classes, and he has almost killed himself at least once from exhaustion. When I visit him, he starts groaning about the superstition in his local assembly.

These "Traditionalist" priests are candidates for deliverance and the Gospel, but you must be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. They have the zeal of Cornelius, but they don't yet have the exclusive salvation of faith without works. YOU, preacher, must watch for these men and ask God to give you the love and wisdom to rescue them if possible. Remember (though we have problems with his unfinished business) Martin Luther was such a priest, and he got out. Literally hundreds of priests are getting out, and a great number have been saved.

This third secret of Fatima is a great example of the massive deception and subterfuge raging in the Vatican, and the "Traditionalist" priests are mad as hornets about it.

Before I give you the latest secret, about the third secret of Fatima, I want you to read my page on the secret as delivered recently by the official Vatican hierarchy, then return and finish this page:


August 2000



Remember please, this is Catholic intrigue. I do not believe this secret, at any level of the story, is truth. But, I do believe that Satan or a devil could be using this thing to set up the Roman Church for amalgamation into the World Whore System. I also believe that Satan will form a "church" system which has little or nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church as such. It may well be that we Bible believers are all looking at Rome, and we should be looking at the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount. What happens there may have little affinity with the Vatican.

The Prince who shall come may be an alleged Fundamentalist who missed the Rapture of the Church, and he may very well carry a King James Bible. He has to deceive men with zeal and with Christ-like imagery. There is far more power to persuade the masses in the likes of Billy Graham, Peter Wagner, and Rodney Howard Browne than in the Pope. The Vatican does NOT have this, and recent revelations, such as pedophilia in priests and the Nazi collusion, may wipe Rome's influence from Christendom soon. All eyes will then turn to one man and Jerusalem. That man of sin will NOT share his glory with a Pope, AND he will not be satisfied with a religious system which is based in Rome instead of Jerusalem.


Thus, the Third Secret of Fatima correctly revealed:

Telling secrets on the Vatican Controversy erupts over release of final Fatima mystery
By Jon E. Dougherty
� 2000

A Catholic priest who says he has seen the original text of the "third secret" of Fatima disputes the official interpretation of the secret released by the Vatican. The Catholic Church says the Virgin Mary passed the secrets of Fatima to three Portuguese children in 1917. (See explanatory sidebar.) The third secret is the final one to be released.

For decades, speculation about the third secret has resulted in a spate of theories that it predicted the end of modern times -- the world as it is now known -- as well as other apocalyptic visions of despair.

According to the Vatican's interpretation, however, the third secret differed substantially from what it was believed to contain by many in the so-called "mainstream" community and Church.

Now that (the secret) has finally been published, Catholics in the traditionalist faction say the version published differs from the original, (including) a priest who says he has seen the original third secret text.

Rev. Dr. Gommar A. De Pauw, founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, told WorldNetDaily earlier this week that while attending the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council -- held between 1962 and 1965 -- he was shown a copy of the third secret.

Fr. De Pauw, a Belgian-born priest who attended the Council as an adviser, said that his impression of the 27-page document explaining the (Vatican version of the) third secret and placing it in context of the other two was, "Thanks, but no thanks." Missing from the Vatican's explanation, he said, was a portion of the secret that predicted the fall of the modern Catholic Church.

"While at the (Second Vatican) Council, I was given the text of the third secret of Fatima," Fr. De Pauw said. "Journal reporters -- journalists -- gave it to me" and a few others in attendance. Fr. De Pauw said he was an "accredited journalist," which, he said, explained his presence in the press area. Fr. De Pauw, who couldn't remember the reporter's name, said, "word got out among the journalists" that a copy of the text was "floating around." "Reporters would increasingly ask me, 'Is this real? Is it genuine?'" he said.

But when he attempted to ask key people in the Vatican about the text, "they were always reluctant to say anything -- particularly because, supposedly, the only ones who had seen it were the pope, John XXIII, and Cardinal [Alfredo] Ottaviani," who headed the Vatican's Holy Office (of Inquisition).

"That text -- which I accepted as authentic -- was totally different from what they are coming up with now," De Pauw said. "To me, (the recent Vatican interpretation of the third secret) demands, almost, a total rejection of the whole so-called Fatima devotion. But that's my first impression."

Fr. De Pauw said, the main impetus of the "original" secret he viewed over 35 years ago was a prediction by the Holy Virgin that there would be, "an unbelievable, total doctrinal and moral ... spiritual ... collapse of the establishment Catholic Church" -- something Vatican officials are "not going to admit," he said.

"I do not accept [the Vatican's] interpretation," he added.

The third secret avoids any mention of a collapse of the Church and, instead, focuses on "penance." While the translated text offered by the Vatican said that "the Holy Father" -- the pope -- "was killed by a group of soldiers" as he and other religious figures within the Church climbed "up a steep mountain," the interpretation focuses on an encouraging message.

Other prominent Catholic groups were perplexed by the Vatican's delays in releasing the text of the third secret.

The late Catholic author Fr. Malachi Martin has also alluded to the secrets in his numerous best-selling books that were labeled fiction, "but contained 80 percent truth," according to friend and advisor, Fr. Charles Fiore, who lives in the Diocese of Madison, Wis., and belongs to the fraternity of St. Peter.

Fr. Fiore told WorldNetDaily that Fr. Martin's last book, was "a nonfiction piece about Vatican power as the Church approaches the third millennium."

Regarding that book, "Primacy: How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church Became a Creature of the New World Order," Fr. Fiore said Fr. Martin believed it would be "his most controversial and important work." (Windswept House, another of Martin's late works tells the same story.) The book highlighted Martin's ability to see through and predict the hidden geopolitics of the Vatican and its "complex global dealings with governments and nations," Fr. Fiore said.

"The battle that concerns Martin is the fundamental survival of belief in God -- and the struggle that supercedes our individual faiths is the one between us and those who would destroy all faiths," wrote author Alan Caruba for The Jewish Future -- an observation that keenly matches portions of the version of the third secret (as reported) by Fr. Fiore.

Last month, however, the Vatican pre-empted at least some speculation about the contents of the final secret by announcing, finally, its impending release -- an act ordered by Pope John Paul II, Vatican officials said. Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano announced in Fatima, Portugal, May 13 that the Holy See intended to release the text of the third secret.

Offering a glimpse of what the secret contained, Cardinal Sodano said, "The vision of Fatima concerns above all the war waged by atheist systems against the Church. "It is an interminable Way of the Cross led by the popes of the twentieth century," he added, with no mention of any text that symbolically or otherwise described the version Fr. De Pauw has claimed to see.

John Paul credits the Virgin Mary with saving his life after an assassination attempt May 13, 1981 in St. Peter's Square by a Turkish nationalist -- he believes because of her divine intervention, the vision of a pope being killed by gunfire in the third secret was thwarted. John Paul wrote shortly after the attempt on his life that it was "a motherly hand which guided the bullet's path," enabling the "dying Pope" to halt "at the threshold of death."  



Jack Van Impe read Malachi Martin's books, The Keys of This Blood, and he figured this all out, but he let his emotions and his love for money turn his head, and he ended up taking up with the Pope. The Pope is not a poor downtrodden thing at all. He is cooperating with the Vatican hierarchy, and he is still praying to Mary and pretending to make biscuits into Jesus. Unlike Jack Van Impe, we must use this moment in the history of the Roman Whore to grab men and women out of the system before the GREAT WHORE of the book of Revelation swallows them up and they are lost forever. We must be "making a difference" hating even the garments spotted by the flesh and the Mass, etc.

Great evil and occult power is now raging in the Vatican, and many "Traditionalist" Catholics have figured it out. This is not terrifying to me-- It is a time of great opportunity. Here are thousands of Catholics who are totally disillusioned with the Mother Whore, yet they have nowhere to turn. 95% of Protestantism is deader than the Roman Whore. At least a whore takes money for her prostitution, and in that there is a shred on honor. The GREAT WHORE of Revelation gives everything away in order to drink the blood of the saints. The kings of the world get into bed with her and feel nothing-- The Whore, on the other hand, gives birth to a bastard son who moves to Jerusalem and takes absolute rule (or at least prophecies it) of all mankind through United World Religion. So, here are these "Traditionalist" Catholics, and they see this, and they have nowhere to go. YOU can offer them deliverance. Will you enter the battle and see if you can "by all means, save some?" I Cor. 9:22


This is not a Holy Ghost revelation at Fatima. It is Satan setting up the foundation of his kingdom to come. The doctrinaire Roman Catholic trembles in fear, wondering when and how old Mother Church and the Vatican will come tumbling down in rubble. But, to me it is very exciting, for I see the whole scene soon moving to Jerusalem.

Daniel 11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

That means I am soon to be out of here and in the presence of my Lord. I also see that the fringe of Catholics who have zeal are being trampled under foot by their antichrist-like leaders and Pope, and this is a brief day of opportunity to take a harvest of souls out of whoredoms.

Either get into the battle, or carry ammunition, but please do something NOW. The fields are white unto harvest. The night cometh when no man can work. And, for you who will not get into the warfare for souls and to defend the Truth:

Revelation 18:1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

You could end up being PART OF the Great Whore. How can you be born again and not get some zeal up at such a time of opportunity?




War in the Vatican-- You may have heard of the statement authored by Cardinal Inquisitor Joseph Ratzinger, and approved by Pope John Paul II. In this statement, called Declaration Dominus Iesus, all churches other than the Roman Catholic Whore are said to have serious "defects" and not able to bring salvation to men accurately. The Archbishop of Canterbury is mad as hops, and vast numbers of Ecumenical leaders in the Catholic Church are enraged. I told you this was coming in my article above on the subject about the death wish of the Vatican. Malachi Martin talked about this in at least three of his books. Ratzinger has propped the Pope up in the corner, HIS corner, and is using the Pope to try to grab power in the Roman Whore for the Traditional wing of the Vatican. This is NOT a return to the old doctrines of the Roman system-- It is purely a play for power as the selection of a new Pope looms.

Will Cardinal Ratzinger win? Only if the Rapture of the Lord's Church is still far off. I say this because, since Vatican II, John Paul II has worked unceasingly to unite all of Christendom under Old Mother Whore. And, he has by and large succeeded. Lutheran, Dutch Reformed, Paul Crouch, Jack Van Impe-- Virtually ALL mainline denominations have come under the spell of Rome. In one brief Declaration this has been 100% trashed by the same Pope who was the architect of Ecumenism. I cannot believe the Pope did this willingly. Thus, the vast Ecumenical consensus must turn against Ratzinger and the Conservatives in the Vatican if Ecumenism is to survive. This could result in a great uprising against these boogie men, and the end result would be one mighty final coming together of Vatican Liberals, One Worlders, and Christendom. This coincides well with recent conferences on Religious Unity at the UN, Australia, and elsewhere.

If Ratzinger wins, it will be the best thing that has happened for Evangelism of lost souls in 100 years, for the lines will once again be drawn clearly. Bible believers thrive in this kind of environment. Liberals die. Van Impe and Paul Crouch would look like dogs. What can YOU do to drive Rome and Ecumenicals apart? Do it at once please.

Next? Watch for the Pope to die soon. Both sides need him out of the way. Watch for the Queen, head of the Church of England, to snub the Pope. Watch for the ecumenical Freemason wing of the Vatican to make a play for power. They want to be the religion of the European Union, and they are entrenched already in all European affairs, especially in Belgium. Ratzinger, if he survives the poisoned soup course, will soon expand the Inquisitor's Office. He will not attack Non-Catholics-- relax. Ratzinger will attack Liberal One World bishops within the Whore, and he will destroy their power. In the end, the queer bishops of the Whore will broker the final act, and Ratzinger will have to kiss up to them to win. And, he will. Still, I wouldn't want to be in Ratzinger's limo these days!



September 24, 2000

Vatican officials sought to mend relations with other religions at an international ecumenical meeting here Sunday after straining their ties with claims of the primacy of the Roman Catholic church. Cardinal Edward Cassidy, head of the Vatican office for relations with other religions, said Cardinal Ratzinger's declaration earlier this month, stating Roman Catholic church's authority over other Christian denominations, had caused ``a little bit of tension.'' See the above article for details of the official position statement by Cardinal Ratzinger and the Pope.

"We are not going back on our commitment to inter-religious dialogue,'' Cassidy told The Associated Press. "Time will pass and we'll get back to what we had achieved,'' he said. The leader of the Jewish community in Portugal, Joshuah Ruah, said, "Above all, the meeting must clarify and refute the (Vatican) declaration."

Editor: So, now there is clearly a way in the Vatican between the Traditionalist Trinitarian faction under Cardinal Ratzinger, and the One World Ecumenical faction under Cardinal Cassidy. The battle lines are drawn, and this is great-- It shows the world what idiots and bigots these Vatican powers really are, and while they are fighting, we have the field more to ourselves. Also, you now know that, when the Pope dies, these two fronts within the Roman Whore will be battling for the seat of power. The loose cannon in all of this struggle is the Zionist angle. Will the Rabbis take up with one side or the other? If so, the Zionists would side with Cassidy, and we might see, for the first time in Catholic history, a Jewish lobby throwing the outcome of the selection of the next Pope. The End Times sure are not dull, right?



October 1, 2000

The Pope is learning his lesson the hard way. Actually, I am convinced the Pope is totally out of control in the Vatican, and he is merely trying to please Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Cassidy so that, whichever one of the two ices the other, the Pope will survive better than his predecessor.

The following is in two parts:

1. The Pope's failed effort to salvage the Ratzinger-Cassidy fiasco.

2. My contact inside the system responds

I don't believe you will see this discussion anywhere else on earth right now,
at least not as close to the truth.


PART 1--

Pope John Paul tried to calm the dispute, both within the Vatican, and in Ecumenical circles, Sunday. This is because of last month's highly controversial document, courtesy of Cardinal Ratzinger, that rejected the other religions as equal to Roman Catholicism.

Protestant, Jewish, and Anglican leaders, knowing that the Pope had to approve of the statements in "Dominus Jesus", reacted with denunciation and near threats to the document, which was published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

A day, October 3, of Christian-Jewish dialogue as part of the Vatican's 2000 events was canceled by the Jewish Rabbis.

The very weary 80-year-old Pope, who has worked hard to obey Vatican II and unite all religions around the skirts of the Whore Church, gave all of his regular Sunday homily to try to clarify the Vatican's statements in a way that would leave the Catholic doctrine of salvation intact, while he salved over the offense.

It didn't work, and the cat is still out of the bag. .

The Pope claimed that "Dominus Jesus" "is not arrogance which shows contempt for other religions...''

The Archbishop of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the world's 70 million Anglicans, has not responded to the latest attempt at fence mending, and it is doubtful he will be happy until this Pope dies, Ratzinger is gone, and the Pagans in the Vatican are in charge. The sodomite hugging Anglican Church of England does NOT need men of conviction mucking about with their lack of zeal for biblical truth.

The Pope, Sunday, said there were ''many wrong interpretations'' of "Dominus Jesus". This is handy, and now Cardinal Cassidy can do the Kissinger shuffle around the high places of Christendom, and hopefully, the cows can be put back in the barn by and by.

The Pope said the document was an attempt to "clarify essential Christian elements.''

The Pope said that the statements in "Dominus Jesus", ``do not block dialogue but lay out its foundations, because a dialogue without foundations would be destined to degenerate into empty verbosity.'' This hints clearly at the long standing position in the Vatican that the Roman Whore MUST call the shots as to doctrine. This is a lot more that can be said for the rest of Christendom who don't give a hoot if they have to pitch their doctrines in order to all sit at one table. From the dead head Episcopalians to Bill Bright of Campus Crusade, TBN, and Jack Van Impe, ALL of Christendom is trading their birthright for a mess of pottage. It is a brutal shock to learn that the Vatican boys still believe a few biblical doctrines.

"Dominus Jesus" state that non-Catholics were in a ``gravely deficient situation'' regarding salvation and that other Christian churches had ''defects.'' My, my, but that is politically incorrect-- bordering on hate crimes.

But the Pope said Sunday that other Christians were not denied salvation, but he then said that "Dominus Jesus" dealt with ''relativistic theories which seek to justify religious pluralism''. This was not lost on the Ecumenical mob, for that is ALL they stand for. There has been NO rapprochement.

It said only the revelation of Jesus Christ was ``definitive and complete'' and that Christian revelation could not be seen as complementary to that found in other religions.

Rome's Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff and his deputy, Abramo Piatelli, canceled their appointment to have a meeting of unity with the Vatican on October 3, and the Vatican was forced to "postpone it indefinitely." Again, Cardinal Cassidy has his hands full now as he sets about to win back the Zionists and return them to the fold.


PART 2--

I have a contact inside the Catholic system. I asked him what was his read on the Ratzinger - Cassidy war brewing inside the Vatican. Here is his response:


You know, the Vatican is really filled with iniquity, these decades. It wasn't always like that, and I have hope that it will change in the distant future, if there is a future. Now that the Church is dispossessed of temporal power, She will either do her job, or wither. We are witnessing the withering part, right now.

I used to read Malachi Martin religiously. (Maybe that's the wrong term, but...) His book on the Jesuits is really worthwhile. Hostage to the Devil was gripping, but I found the last "story" a little lewd. I started "Keys of This Blood", but lost interest after about 100 pages. I would really like to know the truth, but he himself avows that he mixes in fiction with history, so I am never sure what is true, and what comes from his Irish imagination. Besides, if you read that massive book before going to sleep, it will give you a concussion on the head!!

Other sources of information confirm, though, that a combination of FreeMasonry, "New-Theology", and the "One-Worlders" has de-railed the Roman Catholic Church at present. To a Catholic priest, like myself, that's depressing news, but I am willing to acknowledge it as a punishment for our own sins. Catholics for the last 100 years have flirted with liberalism, and secretly wished their Church was not so "outdated". God heard their cries, and in punishment thereof, God gave them a Church so up-dated that it was no longer even Catholic. He is separating His flock, even now. Anyone who wants a life of money, sex, pleasure, sensuality, no responsibility, with a window-dressing of respectibility, well, its just around the corner at your local modern man-centered Church.

If you hold to the inviolate Scriptures, unchanged Tradition, and strict Christian morality, you will have to go elsewhere, friend.

Let me tell you: this business of "Ecumenism" is a fraud-- it was a cheap trick thought up by ecclesiastics, with too many diplomas, to lure Protestants into the Catholic Church by downplaying the doctrines Protestants find objectionable. What actually happened? All the Catholics have marched over the bridge "in the wrong direction", or out of the Church altogether. The modern "Catholic" church opens its arms to all religions: a stinking heresy if ever there were one.

Witness the abomination of desolation set up on the high altar of the church of St. Francis, in Assissi: a Buddha on the altar, with the bald bonzos ringing their bells and dancing. Its not the only time, either. In one country, I have heard that the Catholic priests think it is cool to dress like Brahmin priests, and offer Mass squatting at a low table, with all the appearances of Hindu "pooja". One "missionary" (of the Devil), made a Tabernacle (where you might know, we Catholics believe the Real Presence of the Hidden Body of our Lord is placed), a Tabernacle modelled after the Shiva Lingam. Shiva is their god, and the lingam is literally his male organ.

I think they are still discovering deeper recesses of Hell for people like this. Anyway, to get to the point, a few Triditionalist societies still think that the Council of Trent was the greatest thing to ever happen to the Catholic Church (you must admit, it draws the lines in double black: no "identity crisis"!) They say the Mass in Latin, facing the altar, they profess it to be a true sacrifice for the living and the dead, just as their ancestors did. They believe that outside the Church there is no salvation, and that pagans had either be baptised or perish. Be baptized with water and the Holy Spirit.

Listen to the funny part, Steve-- the Modern "Catholic" Church falls all over themselves to embrace Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, animists, worshippers of the "Great Thumb". But WE, who are exactly what they USED TO BE, are "excommunicated"!! Such stories I could tell you! We "Latin Mass people", are the only ones locked out of heaven. The bishops and priests will do any favor at all for their "separated brethren" (Protestants), but for us? They put us in a unique category, for especially bad treatment. You know what we call that? Apostasy. The whole church turning its back on its own past, renouncing what it used to be, willing to be anything for anybody-- except what it was. In earthy language, that is what a whore does-- anything for anybody.

What are we waiting for? Realistic people wait for Armaggeddon. Dreamers like me wait for the next Pope-- he will either be a Saint, and immediately martyred, or a Devil. If the latter, then we promptly become realists, and wait for Armaggeddon. Fortunately, the fate of the Church is not my personal problem. I know what I need to do to save my soul, and I am making my best effort. It is a pity, though, to see so many well-meaning people led astray. As an "excommunicate", though, there is little I can do to convince them that they are on the wrong path. However, God has inspired many people worldwide to stand up for the Truth. These are the people we serve-- those who are determined to live a truly Catholic family life, with the support of Catholic priests like-- us.



Well, I told you this ecumenical movement was a fraud.

The row over "Dominus Jesus" naturally upsets those who have devoted their whole careers to dialoging with other religions. Ever since Vatican II, the Vatican has been trying desperately to catch up with the World Council of Churches, and "take charge" of the globalization of religion. Eventually, though, the nature of Catholicism must reassert itself-- the inertia, you might say, of 2000 years of unchanging dogma simply can't be erased with a single stroke. Ultimately, the ecumenical movement emasculates Rome, and makes Billy Graham as much an authority as Joe Ratzinger (whom I pity more than I despise).

So there is a brief restatement of the pre-vatican II doctrine that the only way to salvation is the Catholic Church. If this doctrine is reasserted, Cardinal Cassidy is out of a job, now and forever, amen. Naturally, there will be a small war. Personally, I believe that if Cardinal Ratzinger keeps it up, he will soon be pushing up daisies. As Malachi Martin pointed out, there are some powerful and ruthless forces interested in carrying through the dismantling of the Catholic Church. Stand in their way, and you will be steamrollered.

Anyway, that is my opinion, for what it's worth.




I believe that the Pope is in real trouble. He has to choose which way he will follow-- That's RIGHT-- He will follow. He is NOT in charge anymore, and all he can do is try to die on the winning side. The two obvious choices are, Cassidy and Ratzinger-- Ecumenism or Tradition. The third choice, which he is probably incapable of considering, would be to hang up his hat and head for a villa somewhere and try to make peace with God. His whole life and zeal to make Vatican II work is exploding in his face. He is indeed a most pathetic man. He seems to be coming down on the side of biblical Christianity, at least in Catholic terms. He seems to be saying that Christ is still in fashion. But, right down the hall are a batch of Cardinals who worship Satan, and some are even involved in human and animal sacrifice, if my sources are correct. Others are 33rd degree Masons. Others have aspirations of power in the united Europe. Few, beside Cardinal Ratzinger, are willing to stand up for the old tenets of the Catholic faith.

The reaction of the Jewish Rabbis and Liberal Christendom are those of spiritual babies. They sound like they cannot go on living without the imprimatur of the Whore. Cardinal Cassidy must be delighted to see these scum whining and begging to be let back into the fold and approved, for that is exactly what Cassidy and the pagans of the Vatican will do soon. This will seal the fate of all of Laodicean Christendom which is the world Whore system. As my priest friend said above, Armaggeddon is the next stop on the line. Also, when Cassidy's gang make up to the Jewish Rabbis, Mount Zion is doomed. Daniel said the Zionists would "have intelligence" with the prince of Satan. This is the next move in these last days. The madam of the coming Whore House has the world religions begging to get into bed with her.

What of Ratzinger? Bad soup soon folks! How ironic that Cardinal Ratzinger is the head of the "Holy Office," formerly known as the Office of the Inquisitor General, and Ratzinger himself has to be sitting on the bull's eye of all the Satanic forces of Rome right now.

To all Roman Catholic priests and church members-- May I invite you to obey the words of Jesus Christ in the Apocalypse of Saint John, as He said, "Come out of her my people"? If you do not want to be part of the Great Whore and Babylon the Great in the End Times, you must come OUT now and stand before Jesus alone as your Redeemer. By waiting to decide what to do, you risk being sucked along into the final damnation and wrath of God.

And, to you who are Bible believers, would you pray for my friend the priest. My soul aches for this man. I have heard of and seen other men like him in the Catholic system, and their lives are so very hedged about and troubled. Their best efforts and zeal are quenched and mocked by the Catholic hierarchy. They know they will die as the enemy, and they are all living an obscure life at the bottom of the order of the peck. One priest I know is held at arm's length by all of his superiors, yet his zeal has nearly killed him from overwork.

I am tempted to feel sorry for myself sometimes because of the few friends I have on the narrow way, but this life of a serious priest makes me feel free again and ashamed to complain. I long to invite them all to come out of her-- to walk only with Christ and the Word of God. Please pray for them, and do be a friend to any priest like this. God can use you in some way to lighten their load, and you may be blessed to bring them out to Jesus Christ alone. I used to think Catholic priests were the enemy, but I have come to see them as men in great need who suffer much due to their vows to the Vatican-- I now want to in some way bless them with the love of Jesus Christ.



APRIL 30, 2001


Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger-- This Cardinal is Archbishop of France. He was born to Jewish parents. Some people speculate that he could be a candidate not only for Pope, but also for Antichrist. Here is how he talks:

"I was born Jewish and so I remain, even if that�s unacceptable for many�. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That�s my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it."

"For me, this nomination was as if all of a sudden the crucifix began to wear a yellow star."

"Those "who carry the AIDS virus and cannot live in chastity [should] use condoms."

Here is a Cardinal who calls Gentiles "goyim" which is literally "dogs" in Hebrew. This shows the superior ego maniacal mind set of this alleged Christian. He is a Zionist bigot in red rags. He is a deadly man, for, on the other hand, he defends unsaved Jews from prejudice. He attacked another Cardinal in the Whore Church for claiming the holocaust was a minimal event.

While we would agree that this was a stupid claim, it is really disgusting to have a "goy" baiter defend the Jews from within the Whore. No institution ever killed more Jews than old Mother Whore, and especially in France where this creep hangs out. This is indeed the kind of duplicity we anticipate with the Antichrist, for we read:

Daniel 11:30 For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant.

Those who forsake the covenant are the modern day Zionists, who have already declared they are Atheists. The stage seems to be set for this "goy" hating Jew to marry the Whore to the State of Israel.

Note the WORLD ELITE this man moves with.

Those most often mentioned as candidates for Pope are:

Cardinal Francis Arinze, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue-- This man is an insider in the Vatican and has great power over the present Pope. Martini double teamed Ratzinger on Catholic authority, and Martini would turn Rome 100% ecumenical.

Dario Castrillon Hoyos, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy- I need information on this man. Is he leading the subversion of priests world wide?

Godfried Danneels of Mechelen-Brussels-- Very likely Malachi Martin's man who leads the insurrection against John Paul II

Pierre Eyt of Bordeaux; Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family-- Possibly an insider in the John Paul league

Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris-- Verbally supportive of John Paul but bigoted as a Jew. Open to liberalize church and has confidence of soft headed Goyim.

Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., of Milan-- Malachi Martin's Mafia style subversive trying to destroy John Paul II

Lucas Moreira Neves, O.P., prefect of the Congregation for Bishops-- Loose cannon

Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid-- Unknown to me

Christoph Sch�nborn, O.P., of Vienna-- Does he have old connections to Nazi Germany?

Dionigi Tettamanzi of Genoa-- Is there a Madia connection?

Miloslav Vlk of Prague-- Unknown factor

There was an African candidate earlier, but he was so self-serving that the club pushed him aside some time ago. Furthermore; John Paul owned him too well, and the club won't stand for that.

Thus, Jean-Marie Lustiger is a good compromise. He is neither / nor on many issues, and he might provide a compromise for the Satanic One World Cardinals and the Ratzinger Conservatives. A great candidate for Antichrist if the Rapture were to occur during his tenure. Also, a good candidate to get the poison in his soup if he trashes the "goyim" inside the Vatican. He would have to be very high handed and lop off many heads in order to survive.

My I be of some help to you?








2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:





HERE IS THE "TRADITIONALIST" CATHOLIC MANIFESTO. Read this, and then ask yourself how many modern Catholics and priests will buy this narrow position. This is why "Traditionalist" Catholics are doomed to be very lonely. This is why you should find out who they are and tell them about the narrow way of Jesus Christ.

Catholics determined to expose the Satanic Vatican. Disclaimer: I don't offer this as truth on a biblical basis, only to show you how pagan the Whore is:

The plot thickens: