This is a short piece in letter form from a reader.  I think it is time we believe a sinner is a sinner.  The alleged Christian shrinks today, of EVERY sort, all show tinges of Freud, Jung, Maslow, and a dozen other perverts.  They go down to the well of the philosopher, and they kid their little bucket in and come away with polluted filth.  This they mix with biblical truth, and they then dose it out to their victims in counseling for cash and on alleged Christian radio.  Here is what they have to offer you in a thin candy shell of shallow Bible manipulation.


Hi Steve,

Greetings from Canada.
I really love your site.

I recently read two very important books that I wanted to bring to your attention.

They are:

Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll
Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences by Judith Reisman

We all know how your Masonically-stacked Supreme Court banned prayer in classrooms, and legalized abortion and pornography in the 60s (Canada followed suit almost immediately). But the war on the family has been waged on many fronts over the years. These two books go a long way to shed light on some aspects of that war.

Noll (a psychologist and Harvard lecturer) uncovers some fascinating aspects of Jung's life from papers suppressed until 1990. Jung was a Mason (Noll says an Illuminist as well) and a trance medium who regularly channeled an entity he named Philemon. This creature originally appeared to him as a harmless old man but slowly morphed into a creature with horns (hmmmm, now that's odd). Jung also made his nieces do trance channeling so that he could observe them and he was a keen student of the occult generally and theosophy. But it is the Rockefeller connection that is most enlightening.

If it wasn't for JDs cash (funneled through daughter Edith), Jung's 'research' would not be available in translation today. It is interesting to note how Rockefeller cash is made available to these individuals through various foundations that support anyone or anything antithetical to the teachings of Christ. This is probably why Jung is so heavily promoted today. In my library there are over 200 titles available by this charlatan. He almost single-handedly spawned the New Age movement.

Reisman's book is fascinating as well. And again, The Rockefeller Foundation weighs in with its support of Alfred Kinsey in the 50s at the University of Indiana. She has been researching the work and life of this disgusting pervert for 30 years. It turns out that Kinsey was a homosexual pedophile who diddled hundreds of toddlers at his specially built (and sound-proof) lab at the university. Of course all of the pederasty was done under the cloak of 'science' and 'research.' This evil pervert also shot pornographic movies at home in his attic and even today there exists a group who defend these monstrous films as worthy of preservation. An evil series of groups and acolytes that this creature spawned unfortunately continues up to the present day.

I just thought I would check in and alert you to these titles.

Pax Christi,