Mexicans, and many Texans, are eager to encourage people they like. When asked a question they will try very hard to respond in a way that gives hope and optimism.

Two hunters were out in unfamiliar country shooting game. At the place where they camped they came on the camp of an old time Mexican Vaquero (cowboy) looking for mavericks. The hunters and the Vaquero hit it off well, and the hunters began to enquire:

"Are there any deer in this vacinity?" they asked.

"Deer! exclaimed the Vaquero. "Yes, yes, mucho, muchisimos (many, very many). And fat! And what antlers!"

"How about antelopes?"

"Antelopes, oh yes. On those plains behind yonder mountain."


"Certainly there are jabalinas. They run in such bunches that it is well to beware of them, for they are fierce. The brush is popping with their teeth."


"You will hear concerts of them in the morning."


"Such bunches that sometimes the sun is clouded with their flight."

"And bear?"

"Just go to those oak mottes on this side of the mountain, and you will see how they are fattening on acorns. Yes, and there are more on the other side of the mountain then here."

"What about elephants?"

"Elephantes?" The ancient informant paused, scratched his head a minute, repeated the question, paused again, and then raced out his words: " Yes, elephantes there are, yes, yes. However, I do nto wish to deceive you. I must tell you the truth. They are well hidden, and you will have to hunt for them maybe a long time."

Story adapted from J. Frank Dobie
Tongues of the Monte


The backgroung is the Rio Grande River

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