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This page is where we post letters, pro and con, regarding the section,
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The following letter came from a zealous man in California who wants to use his gifts, experience, and wisdom to serve the Lord. Wherever he goes, he is NOT a trouble maker. He waits quietly to be invited to participate. He never is asked. Why? Because he is way ahead of most pastors in some issues and some zeal, and most pastors are threatened and weak in their personality. They cannot use such a man. These pastors have the silly notion that zealous men are a threat to the local church. Only the self-deprecating poppies are of use to these pastors.

I think it is a hallmark of the Christian ministry these days that weak backward men are the most common to enter this ministry. Men with alert minds, who keep themselves informed, are not brought into the ministry because the mentors of the Lord's Church make sure young men like themselves come into the ministry. The whole thing is feeding on itself. Of course, there are exceptions, but I receive mail constantly from informed born again men who are in churches where the pastor is nearly in terror of them. If you are such a pastor, you are not a very useful man to the Lord. You must hype your works to point back at you so that the slow sheep will be impressed. When the alert sheep move on, you make an obtuse and glib sermon illustration of them, and everyone assumes they were, somehow, defective all along.

May I tell you where the alert and knowledgable men go after they visit your assembly? To Grace Community Church of the Valley where John MacArthur is. Why? Because of MacArthur. NO! They go there because as soon as the leaders of that church are sure the new man is sound in doctrine (by their definition of course), they put him to work. Once he goes to work, if fruit comes forth and remains, they will soon invite the man to see if his zeal could become a part of the ministry proper. Thus, you lost the man, and you stay dumb. You could have put the man to work, but you were terrified of his zeal and knowledge. How sad. I must inform you that your assembly will NEVER rise above the level of YOUR knowledge and YOUR zeal.

Here is the letter:

I can't find the article on your site about if one is really in a "fellowship" or just attending church. I should have bookmarked it. In the meantime, I think I occasionally feel almost like cursing you because you write something that really challenges me-- something I don't want to think about. That article (that I misplaced-- Freudian?) has been troubling me all day.

I am not part of the in-crowd. I walk in the place alone and walk out the same way. No one ever invites me to coffee or over for a visit. One of the assistant pastors invited me over for Christmas dinner, and I so appreciated that. But that's been pretty much it. The pastor's wife hardly says a word to me, usually walks right by and ignores me, and their children NEVER even acknowledge me. In fact, MOST of the young people there walk right by me as though I wasn't even there. What you were describing in that article is pretty much how I feel about the church I'm involved with. And it is light years ahead of other churches I have attended! I have tried to "tune out" the problem, but it gnaws at me.

I may have mentioned the other independent church in our area. I went there for some time years ago and every week I would check "Desire Pastor to call" in the visitor card, and every week he would not. I contributed regularly to that church and never got a thank you, never got a tax receipt. Over the past couple of weeks the secretary of the church I'm at now was handing out the tithing receipts. I never got one. There's got to be more to it than this, Brother. God bless you and your dear family.

Now, my response to the letter from California's central valley. I must make this clear-- the church is Independent Fundamental Baptist and KJV Only:

My comment:

This writer is a former mover and shaker in Charismania, repentant, now on the narrow way, and in a Fundamental Baptist Church. He has a powerful ministry to Mormons, and he can speak with authority about the very CENTER of incipient Charismatic power-- he was there-- where the hundreds of millions of dollars rolled through. He has also helped Freemasons demit as he shared with them his researched knowledge of the Lodge. He is regularly dealing with confused sinners and leading them to Christ.

YOU, preacher, have made an omega of him. What a blessing you missed in this one, and I can tell he will quietly move along if he ever hears of a New Testament Acts-type local church in central California. He would tell me not to put this comment here, for he did not write looking for mediation. I think this new section of our journal will be bringing out the worst and the best in many local Fundamental Bible believing churches.

Now, do I hear a preacher saying, " it I ?" Or, do you even care? I do believe that many of you preachers are greatly intimidated by godly men who have more zeal than you do. Frankly, when I was pastoring in Michigan, California, and Arizona, I was delighted when a man came along who was way ahead of me in some area. First, the man would help me come up to speed in my zeal. Secondly, he would lead by example before the whole assembly and show the way to victory.

It is a cheap sleazy bit of slow bellied Cretian who is threatened by a man who is greater than himself in spiritual things.

You may quote that last sentence. It is mine :-) It is also biblical and Pauline.

There is another reason why preachers don't make friends of the men in their assembly. A bright and motivated man is dangerous to a preacher who is chasing whores and fooling around with porn. These men with busy minds sense evil in another man, and they hear what is going down in the community. So, these preachers make a collection of dim bulbs for deacons and men in the church.

Another consideration is that many Fundamental Bible believing preachers are not savvy about life and the world. God wants the opposite in his servants:

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

God is not asking for a preacher to be worldly, but to be informed. If the preacher never worked on the block, but he came straight from PCC, Bob Jones, or Crown College, he will have a gross lack or understanding about life, cults, wolfish things, human troubles, and even about how the world turns. His understanding of evolution, for example, will come from Jack Chick and Kent Hovind. He will not have tested his zeal in the nearby university library. Some of these preachers have never been in a library outside of the college they attended.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

You cannot be sober and savvy about the ways of the devil and never walk the streets of the city. There is death in the city, and sin and sorrow. Those who insulate themselves from the vigilant life DOWNTOWN show their crass little personality when some saint is wounded in the battle. These preachers just give them a pat on the head and flee to "work on my sermon."

Put another way, these preacher boys came into life in a Christian home, got saved, stayed under the incubator all their life, and now they have just enough wisdom to know that they are dumb as snot. So, here comes a fellow with experience in life, wisdom tested in warfare with the wicked, battle scars, and with zeal to use this knowledge to win souls and edify saints. If the preacher turns the fellow loose to serve the Lord in the local church, the man will shine for Jesus. This Jackboot preacher will have to sooner or later admit that the sun does NOT rise, circle around his shoulders three times, and set, and that is a perfect day.

How utterly sad. And, that is why that preacher attracts dim bulbs for men in his church. They are the only ones who are impressed with him. That is why Fundamentalism, all of it, is associated with dull people. Dr. Luke, Apollos, and the Apostle Paul would be run off from these churches.

One preacher in Dayton, Ohio told me that he never asks his deacons what they think of anything he intends to do. He boasted to me that he keeps his deacons at the level of janitors. He also is the idiot who had an altar call and asked everyone to come forward who vowed to support the pastor, him, 100%. Those few who did not go forward were "churched" by stealth by and by. I conclude that this man is either in adultery, or he is a devil playing tricks in the church house.

Our reader above in California sure got me going that time :-)

So, I hear one small voice from a preacher-- "So, what do I do to make up for lost time?"

Answer: Get out of your office, and make arrangements to meet with two men in your church:

1. The slowest man in the assembly.

Proverbs 14:21 He that despiseth his neighbour sinneth: but he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he.

This is the man who is poor in zeal, in spiritual knowledge, and possibly in income. He is the man you have made into the omega in your assembly. READ about him. Also HERE.

You have been punishing this fellow for some perceived deficiency, and you NEED him to thrash during altar call time and when things are not going right. You have blamed him for poor turn out to everything you do, right? Well, it is time to humble yourself and love this good old boy. If he loves to run to auctions, ask him to take you to a good one this Saturday night. Buy something collectable, and brag on the good old boy at church for helping you find the treasure. This man is NOT an omega wolf. He is a sheep Jesus loved and died for. Saved or not, if you can win his friendship, you will reverse much damage in the assembly. Your arrogant "yes" men on the board will soon be begging to go to the auction with the good old boy. Mission accomplished. Will he come out for visitation if you do all this? Who cares? Jesus wants that fellow loved, and that is your DUTY to him and Christ.

2. The brightest man in your church.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.
10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

Go to lunch with him. Whatever his area of expertise and knowledge, ask him to bring you up to speed in that. If he is a web surfer or into technology, seek his help finding background material for your sermons. Like, "I am in Daniel, brother. Could you find me some historic and cultural information on Babylon about the time of Daniel?" You have NO idea how that will turn on this whiz kid. Men with knowledge, if they love the Lord Jesus, have a monumental urge to help anyone who needs their knowledge. On the other hand, not being asked hurts.

A pastor, not long ago, started into the biblical issues of Mesopotamia and pre-Babylon in the Bible as he was teaching Genesis. I groaned as I realized he had little or no idea what he was talking about, and some of his information was clearly from some out of date biblical encyclopedia. His Bible knowledge was great, and the Lord used him, but he was all over the place in historic issues from recent archaeology. He knew I had done research into this for six years, but he did not want to let anyone think he needed help I gather.

If you don't want men of knowledge of the world, culture, and issues, then just do as you are doing. You will one day have a complete set of dim bulbs, none of them smarter than you.

Preacher, if you have an alpha / omega wolf pack church family, you are in deep trouble. You are doomed to have nothing by pliable clones of you. You and your wife will be nagging and pestering the omega man and woman in the church, and your people will never be more than spiritual babies. And, the responsibility will be YOURS. You are, in fact, serving Satan well. It is time to give the altar call and hit the carpet yourself !!


I want to hear from preachers who are
repenting of thrashing and nagging God's precious sheep.

I want to hear about how you are preaching sermons on assurance, "good hope," and perseverance.

Call me to rebuke me for cheering on His sheep in the life of Christian victory, and I wilL hang up on you.

Preacher, how long has it been since you told the sheep that they cannot lose their salvation?

How long since you gave them "blessed assurance"?

Or do you just sing about it?

Jesus told Peter to "feed my sheep," not destroy their confidence in Christ. Either feed sheep or go sell insurance. PLEASE !!


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