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The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee:
The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee,
and give thee peace.

Numbers 6:24



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You have closed the book. This is the back cover.

Say, how many Web Journals have a back cover? :-)

Before you leave, did you bother to browse the circa 2000 articles at this site?

If something offended you, why did you not go see the other things?

Steve's yarns from Africa will not offend you, and The World is a great place to catch up on issues around America and the world.

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How about all the common folks who served God faithfully?

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God bless.



Steve's Vocation- Piano Tuning and Web Sales

This business has been sold to a very knowledgeable and helpful man in Michigan. He can help you repair your own piano and supply the tools and parts needed.

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Protocol for finding friends of this journal:
1. Such search strings as "kjv"+"jesus"+"bible"+"i believe"+"saved"+"local church"
2. Start at the farthest page of found links and work backward.


Protocol for finding friends of this journal:

1. Such search strings as "kjv"+"jesus"+"bible"+"i believe"+"saved"+"local church"
2. Start at the farthest page of found links and work backward.






Here is a journal of Good news, warnings, and resources for King James Bible believers. We offer a unique MIDI browsing page and a Kid's and Home Maker's page. Read Steve's 380 page book on Islam. Find, How to Repair and Care for Your Piano and tune your piano by tuning it. The following are buzz words for the trusty robots of the world's search engines.  The reader is invited to browse them if he has nothing better to do.  They are based in Balaam's Ass Speaks and Allah, Divine or Demonic? 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