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II Corinthians 10:18 


For those who wish to send a letter "of the contrary part,"  
I have listed below some of the favorite lines used by milque toast
pabulum sucking Christians, pew warming agnostics, and sundry
queers and Quakers.  You can simply copy and paste these into E-Mail,
and get right back to your bottlie poo:

"We must be more loving and charitable?"                  
"What are you anyway, a Funny-mentalist?"
"Can't we just all agree on the important things?"
"Upchuck Swindol is a nice nice man."         
"My church isn't like that."
"Why do you sound so angry?"                               
"My pastor knows the Greek."  (I met him also in Detroit.  Nice guy.)
"The Original Greek indicates that the King James Bible is full of errors."  
               (Name the original Greek text you have read.)
"Have you read I Corinthians 13 lately?"                      
"We have to have unity to win the world."
"You need more Purpose Driven Cheese."
"The NIV is easier for me to understand."                
"The NASB is nearer to the Greek." (State year you learned Greek.)
"God gave me a vision about you, and I am to tell you to go ask Paul Crackers Crouch to forgive you."
"Millions of souls have been healed of post nasal drip by ___________________."  
                 (Fill in your favorite fake healer.)
"I speak in tongues, laugh like a hyena, barf like a dog, sting like a bee,
                and float like a butterfly, and you don't know how... So, Nyaaaaaa."
"Thus saith the load, 'Onawanna hoopai, shandilyamai shundai in a moon pie, ana gulli gulli gooble gob'."
               (Raise hands.)
"My pastor says you are a / an _______________________."  (Fill in accordingly.)
"I'm going to tell Dr.Gene Scott about you."                          
"There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza."
"Robert Shammim Schuler was such a blessing last Sunday."                    
"I'm going to tell Dr. Bummer Jones IV about you."
"Bob Ross says you are the Black Ruckman." I especially like this one. I am truly honored!



Dear Bro. Steve

Just got done reading your article the Biblical Gospel versus Preaching Doubt and I was blessed by it. It helped crystallize my own faith and wow thank you. I ahve been using different tracts and from now on I think I'm gonna stick with John's gospel. Many thanks and the Lord continue to bless and keep you! Much love in Christ Jesus!

Gary from Toledo


Dear Brother Van Nattan,

I read where you are slacking off on the journal a bit. I'm 69 and still work 7 to 9 months out of the year. Social security just doesn't quite cut it. Plus the German work ethic has stuck with me ever since leaving home. However; we did work hard when we were home.

My father was a very good provider considering those were the depression years. We lived on eight acres which provided fruit from about fifty trees, a very large garden, hogs, chickens and a roadside stand where people could buy fresh vegetables and tree ripened peaches. Some folks would drive from twenty five miles away just to get our peaches. Dad knew just when to pick them at the peak of perfection. My brother and I would watch dad to see how he would pick them and when he would be out on the road with his truck we would sneak out to the trees and pick some that looked just right. We would take that first bite and it was like biting into a bullet. Just how did dad do that? We were always resigned to eat the ones that mom put on the table for us.

My grandfather H_________ came up on the canal boat to Grand Rapids, Ohio when he was fourteen years old during the summer to work at the grist and flower mill. Teen Pilliod owned the mill at the time, needed someone who could speak fluent German. That led to the eventual ownership of the mill in later years by grandpa. It was during this time that a salesman convinced grandpa that he should take on a particular line of fertilizer. This was in its infancy back then so grandpa agreed. The fertilizer came on a railroad car in bulk and they had to bag it then haul it back to the storage area at the mill. My dad said it wasn't uncommon to see grandpa loading some farmers wagon with a bag in each hand that weighed 120 lbs. each. I have pictures of my grandpa and the upper torso of his body was huge like a bear. No wonder he could lift so much weight.

They made different types of flour at the mill. One day grandpa decided to try and make some pancake flour mix. It so happened that they were making buckwheat flour that day so he made up some pancake mix with it. He took it home to grandma and explained what he did with the mix and how to mix it up. So grandma followed his directions and put it behind the wood stove to rise like she always did with the pancake mix. Well to say the least it turned out terrible. She told grandpa to drop the project and she would make pancakes like always. However the next night grandpa came home with a different recipe. And grandma would make it up to no avail. Finally they hit on the right ingredients and viole, some of the best pancakes that they ever had. Now comes my dad into the story. Dad realized a potential for some money to be made here. Dad hauled grain for farmers in the area and already had the truck needed for deliveries. So he struck up a deal with grandpa to distribute flour and the pancake mixes to stores that were in the outlying area.

Dad worked hard at building up this business since most women didn't take to a new product that hadn't been proven. However it required less time to make so therefore it began to catch on. Eventually dad was busy delivering flour products to many stores. Those were some of the best days of our lives. Family meant something back in those days. We often visited with them and enjoyed those times together. We would have family picnics, reunions, help one another on their places, nurse someone back to health and listen to many stories about the family before my time.

There was a lady in town that was well traveled and would tell my brother and I about her trips. We would be spellbound of all the sites that she talked about. When we would go to town with mother we (my brother and I) would run to Maude's five and dime store and ask her to tell us of one of her trips. Maude by the way was a granddaughter of the Billings who Billings Montana was named after. Mr. Billings owned the Billings Sash and Door Co which helped build the west. He would give Maude money to travel the western US and Canada. The greatest trip she took was on the Canadian National Railway from coast to coast. When mother was finished with her shopping she would come to Maude's and pick us up, for she knew where we were. Before we left Maude would reach into the candy case and give us some candy to take home.

It will be so good to someday stand before our heavenly Father and give Him continual praise and worship for His almighty goodness to usward. Thank you Jesus for dying in my place. I praise you.

So long for now, and God bless, Keith H__________


I am a former "Pentecostal" Pastor that no longer believes in the "gift of tongues". After being involved in this tongues movement for several years, I began to realize that some things that were going on were satanic in nature. I resigned as Pastor of a Pentecostal church and began in earnest to study this supposedly gift from God. What I learned amazed me! When the apostle Paul was writing to the people at Corinth, he was actually chastising them for speaking in "strange tongues"; that was because the city of Corinth was in the country of Greece, and we all know from studying history about the many strange gods and goddesses the Greeks had. Just a few miles inland from the city of Corinth was a place called Delphi, it was here that a Greek temple existed that was for the purpose of worshipping the Greek god Apollos and the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

There were priest and priestess on duty at this temple as servants of Apollo and Aphrodite. The priestess would sit upon a tripod in the center of the temple and would utter strange mumblings (tongues), the priest would interpret these mumblings and tell the people that the gods had spoken to them. They would have sex orgies and strange god worship at this temple. All this can be verified by studying most encyclopedias under "Oracles of Delphi". After Paul left the Corithians, some of them returned to their strange god worship and the practice of speaking in demonic voices that no one could understand. Paul was telling them to refrain from doing this.

My youngest son is now involved in this demonic movement, he now claims to have a demon living with him that goes wherever he goes; he describes this demon as being black, approximately 10 ft. tall, with black hair, black earrings, and sometimes appears as a woman. He says that this demon has attacked him and he has scars to prove it. He says that God sent him this demon to train him, so that he could recognize demons when he saw them. When my wife and I went to his home to pray with him, he flew into a rage and told me to leave his home.

He has been attending church services of some of these TV evangelists; Benny Hinn, W.V. Grant and others. W.V. Grant has prophesied to him twice that he and his estranged wife will be back together within three months; my son is on 5 years probation and part of his sentence is that he can't have contact with his wife or children; if he does, he will have to serve the 5 years! Now tell me, why would God reunite him with his wife if He knows that my son will spend the next 5 years in prison? Sounds like a FALSE PROPHET to me! It is a well known fact that these so-called evangelists have visited other countries where witchcraft and voodism is still practiced today. These men have brought demonic forces back with them and passed them onto others when they lay their hands on them. Another very important FACT. Why is it that these so-called prophets of God that have the "gift of tongues" have to take an interpreter with them when they travel to another country? If you have th! e TRUE "Gift of Tongues" you can speak to others in their own language! Christians should avoid these so-called spirit filled pentecostal people, for I have found that most of them are uneducated and ignorant of God's word and most of them cannot carry on a decent conversation! If you are seeking for the "gifts" of the spirit, I encourage everyone to seek the "gift" of knowledge and to study God's word, so that you can't be deceived by these demon possessed people.

God Bless You,

Pastor _______________


This letter came from a lady reader:

I have been reading and enjoying your site for a couple of weeks now. I actually find myself clicking on it everyday. I had a question I was hoping you could answer. I agree with your ideals about marriage and courtship. I am a 34-year-old female and have been celibate for the last 10 years. I have been waiting and praying for a husband for the last 6 to 7 years. Two years ago I prayed one night and had a rather interesting dream. In this dream there was a young man shown to me whom I had never met before and had no idea who he was. The dream was very specific in that detailed information was shown to me in the dream; his skin color, his eye color, his hair texture, his height, his profession, characteristics of his personality, etc. I found out who this young man was in a rather odd way (he is exactly my age), while flipping through the channels I saw him talking on a television news program. I beli! eve that the dream was from God because of how specific it was, and it was as if someone was trying to point him out to me. I wanted to know from you all if God still speaks to us in dreams. Secondly, because of this person's position in life, it is virtually impossible that I would have a chance to meet him unless I did something to initiate it, such as going to one of his speaking engagements. (He is a public figure) I guess I'm inquiring whether or not you beileve that I should take this initiate and go to one of his speaking engagements or would that be out of God's will as a christian and should I wait until he brings us together?

This is exactly the way I received it. Those of you who know the ways of William Marion Branham will recognize that this disciple of his is very much a clone of the alleged prophet in syntax and grammar.

you people Blaspemied youselves to hell I feel very sorry for not doing research prayerfully about our Prophet Branham you are Blind willfully of the scriptures may God have his way with you if your still alive or so you study the scriptures in them you think you have eternal Life they are they that testify of this generation all things have come to pass and are coming to pass what God said to his prophet you really do not have any revelation but to much intellect


This letter is in response to a link at our journal
about the "Jesus is my homeboy" fad:


----- Original Message -----
From: T____________
To: steve@balaams-ass.com
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Subject: Hi Steve!

I have to comment about the "blasphamous" homeboy T-shirt on your website...

I have high esteem for you, Steve, but I think that because of your age (I am trying to be polite) you mis-understand the language of modern-youth .

I know that at first glance "homeboy" looks degrading because of the word BOY. But you must understand what that means.

"Homeboy" means FRIEND. Nothing else! It is just another word for friend. That word is commonly used by ghetto gangmembers and such. But now it is used by many youths nowadays.

Ofcourse it will look odd if a young black person (I am NOT discriminating. It is used by blacks frequently) walks up to you and say: "Hey, yo, Steve, my man! What's up! Steve Nathan, you are MY homeboy!" (He says that with a BIG smile!)

It might look disrespectful, right? Because of your age differance. But that's the way (some) youths speak to each other.

But what this girl is doing, is telling her "homeboys" (and girls!) that Jesus is her "homeboy" too! Something to be proud about! I am sure she won't say "homeboy" to Jesus. That is something else. It will be just like that 15 year-old kid calling YOU his homeboy! But if he uses the word friend, I am sure that won't be an issue, right? (only a person who, by accident, never learned about manners would do that)

If the girl replaces the "blasphamous" word homeboy (=word used by black people. I hope they don't see you call that shirt blasphamous, because they might feel insulted, saying: "Everything a black brother does or says in this white country is blasphamous!") with the word "friend" I know you wouldn't comment.

My point is: You must know modernday language before calling something blasphamous, my friend. The girl loves Jesus and isn't afraid to show it. Even by using "turbo" language youths use nowadays. I think it is cool she has that shirt. I would wear one too, because Jesus is my friend too! (I refrained from using the homeBOY word here for your sake!)

In short: Homeboy is NOT blasphamous!

Have a nice day, Steve, and keep up the good work!


P.S. Another example: Blacks call homes CRIB. "Welcome to my crib, Steve", is what you might hear! But they know you wouldn't understand.

EDITOR-- Steve Van Nattan: I just had to share with you caring and gentle souls who visit here how I seek to edify such people. My answer follows. I trust I, in some small way, can encourage some of you other older swaybacked Mexican plugs, nearly dead of old age, to keep kicking the devil out of these young wimpy bucks. Who knows, one of them may get to plowing for our Lord if we slap them up side of the head with a two by four.

Thus, my diplomatic response:


Let me fill you in on my age, friend. I am becoming more and more aggressive for my Lord. When the old Pope dies soon, I will dance in the street. My kids all look forward to that, and my friends at the church house know we will throw an ice cream and cake party to celebrate the passing of Satan's big man in Rome. If God gives me the strength, I intend to kick Olde Nick until the day I die, just like my Daddy did. People like you will tremble and wring your hands in deep concern, and I will laugh at you and make use of your silly letters to show my readers just how dull Christendom has become.

The reason for that good godly attitude of mine is that the vast majority of men, like you these days, are becoming more and more wimpy and betraying the Lord who saved them. So, we old sway backed tired plugs have to pick up the slack for the young lazy scum bucks who don't want to offend their dear ungodly friends. I think Contemporary Christian Music has been the chief contributor to this. My guess is that you are up to your ears in manure rocky "Christian" music-- is that possible? TBN is also a great help to Satan in layering blasphemous horse pucky over the Lord's Church. Their motto, like yours, is DSNH-- Do Satan No Harm.

Having said that, it IS a free country, so if you want to use hippy language for Jesus Christ, you may. And, when you stand before the Lord of all creation, who died on the cross for you, you will NOT say, "Hey dude, how's my main homeboy?" If you do, that old man, Peter, will box your impertinent ears, but only IF he gets to you before I do.

You need to read some of Bill Cosby's latest speeches. That man is not groveling in the Black ghetto slop. And, he did not get where he is by your sort of jabberwocky rubbish talk. He is not even born again, but he knows better than to use the filth that easily rolls off of your tongue.


Isaiah 6:1 In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.
2 Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.
3 And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.
4 And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke.

Psalms 89:5 And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD: thy faithfulness also in the congregation of the saints.
6 For who in the heaven can be compared unto the LORD? who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the LORD?
7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.

Jesus Christ, my Lord, is not your, or my, or anyone's "homeboy".

If you cannot have any fear for your vile thoughts and depraved logic, then you are damned to hell in a handbasket. You cannot make Jesus a slop word and be God's child.

Philippians 2:9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:
10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

At the name of "Homeboy" every knee should bow?????? BLASPHEMY-- DAMNATION ON ALL WHO DEGRADE HIS HOLY NAME.

If you want to defend yourself at all costs, then the following applies to you:

2 Peter 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

"We're marching to Zion," not to a hippy picnic on the south side of Chicago.

In The Glorious and Holy Name of The Lord Jesus Christ

Amen, and to hell with The Olde Nick and his followers.


Old Man Steve Van Nattan

PS I have restrained myself this time. Send more defense of your folly, and I will get out the scourge of thongs. Now, if you want to repent and get right with God, and tell me about it, I would be delighted to hear about it.

I need no other argument
I need no other plea
It is enough that Jesus died
And, that he died for me.

"Homeboy" never died for anyone-- "Homeboy" died in the electric chair in Oklahoma City recently.

Can you tell?
You inspire me
You made my day
Come get another load any time.

Like this--

Isaiah 28:15 Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:

Editor: Steve Van Nattan-- This evening, after my son Dan got home from work, I told him about these accusations of my age and stupidity. My son laughed. He said that the original meaning of "Homeboy" came from quite a few years ago. It was used by sodomites who were living together. It did NOT originate from the Black community, and it is not related to the word "homie." A homeboy was originally the partner of the sodomite couple who stayed home and kept the house and did not go to work. So, both the above linguistic expert and I both missed the "homeboy" meaning, but I think the etymology of the word makes my case against calling Jesus "Homeboy" absolutely air tight.


Hi Steve,

I recently read your review and I wondered if you would receive a little comment from me concerning some of the misunderstandings you have introduced therein.

My name is M_____________

I was recently divorced. I assume you know the Law of God. You will know then that I died, to fulfil the requirements of Divorce. �Death is the end of the law of marriage.� I want to correct some things that you may not fully understand. Would you like me to elaborate?

Would it please you to know I have fulfilled the Commandments of God?

Most of your site is accurate to a point, but I would add that we are all sinners and Jesus knows we are all weak, so He has already pledged to save us all, because we are all slaves to sin, either way. We are all born from the seed of man and woman, while Jesus was born of Holy Spirit and woman, but I don�t need to tell you that. The point I am making is that you are coming across as �harsh� when tolerance is what Jesus was teaching. When I died, I confessed Jesus as the Son of God, and I returned and, guess what, I committed adultery with my very recently divorced ex-wife, when she offered herself to me, even though God had made His existence, identity and love known to me, and additionally I had accepted an offer of true love from my soul-mate � _________, which my ex was totally aware of. How do I know I committed adultery? God told me through a couple of highly localised thunderstorms over my house only. Yes I am sorry I committed adultery, but the strange thing is if I didn�t I might have condemned the whole of Humanity, because Adam disobeyed God, by believing Eve, and I obeyed God through the Laws. Sin caught me when I came back from Death, and if I had the strength to oppose temptation I might have done everyone a disservice, by proving more perfect than my fellow sinner � Adam.

I relate this to you so that you can preach the End of the World is nigh.





EDITOR-- Steve Van Nattan: I cannot tell you how much I loved to receive this generous assistance and revelation. I do note that when you disobey the Lord Jesus Christ, you could lose your mind. I think there are divorced and remarried preachers in that situation.



From: "Arthur Watkins"
To: quietness@balaams-ass.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 10:32
Subject: Saved from wrath

Dear Sirs,
I haven't read all of your articles but I have noticed that you say that the church will not go into the tribulation because if it did it would suffer wrath and because we are saved from wrath we cannot go into the tribulation. If that is true what about all the saints in the book of Revelation? There are multitudes of them in Chapter 6, 7, 15 etc. Do these saints suffer wrath? These saints are blood washed saints of God just like you (Rev.1:5) and are saved from wrath like you and yet they are tribulation saints.

Therefore being saved from wrath (1 Thess.1:10) has nothing to do with escaping the tribulation. These saints will be in the tribulation therefore 1 Thess.1:10 is not proof that the church will escape the tribulation. The so called tribulation saints are not saved from the wrath of Satan or the wrath of men. You know as I do there are Christians all over the world who are suffering the wrath of satan and ungodly men today. There are 1000's who are being beaten, raped, imprisoned and murdered for their faith in Christ.

In the tribulation that wrath will increase. (Rev.13:7) THE WRATH WE ARE SAVED FROM IS THE WRATH OF GOD. The saints living in the tribulation are saved from God's wrath for no saint will ever suffer the wrath of God, but they are not saved from the wrath of satan or men and neither are we. The wrath of God in the trumpets and vials is aimed at lost people. The wrath at the end of the tribulation at Christ's coming will be against lost people (2 Thess.1:7-10). No saint will suffer that wrath. Also even though the saints will be alive when the trumpets and vials are opened they will escape that wrath just like the Israelites escaped the wrath of God in Egypt.

Your Brother In Christ,

Art Watkins

EDITOR: Steve Van Nattan responds:

You do NOT want to know the truth-- you only wanted to vent.

I hope you feel better now.

You are a slave of your presuppositions, and you are too publicly known, I gather, to change now.

I do not waste time in debate with such people. I wonder if you should ask the Lord to allow you the joy of going through the Tribulation? Perhaps he would make an exception for you. I also wonder what you will say to him when you are taken out with the rest of us? Will you lodge a formal complaint with The Father because you did not get to have your arrogant head lopped off by the Beast? Hmmmmmmmm

If you lust to suffer, here is what to do. Buy a through ticket from NYC to Sana, Yemen. The plane will stop at Jiddah, Saudi Arabia to refuel. Get off there, and do not get back on. Buy some white Hajj clothes in Jiddah, and get on a bus to Mecca. Hide a Bible under the white Hajj clothes, and when you arrive in Mecca, go to the Grand Mosque, and stand on the steps and read the Bible loud and clear. In less that two minutes you will be beheaded. For the Gospel's sake? I don't know, but you will get your wish, and you will not have to gamble on the Grace of God.

In Christ Jesus

Steve Van Nattan


Dear Steve VanNatten,

Peace be with you brother, I hope this finds you well. Surfing the internet yesterday, I came across your web page (http://www.balaams-ass.com). At the time, I was interested in finding some background on C.S Lewis (a man you seem to have some very strong opinions about), but I couldn't resist the temptation to look deeper into your site. It seems to me you put great stock in the King James Bible, your knowledge of it is quite evident by the frequent quotes you make. As a Christian myself, I also believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God, so I certainly couldn't fault your arguments from a scriptural basis. But it seems to me that you have one significant difference in your belief to me. A single word - Grace. From a purely legal/scriptural standpoint most of what I read could not really be faulted. But it seems the attitude is not one of love and gracious understanding, but rather hate and unyielding justice.

To me that is one of the most significant mysteries surrounding God. How can he be just and merciful? How can he demand our utmost, yet have infinite grace? I see in your writings the demand for our utmost, and the justice of God, but what of His great love? His greatest gift of grace? After all, He did send His Son to die for us, would he really let something as trivial as drinking or smoking allow us to be cut off from Him after such a sacrifice has been made?

It's a difficult thing being a Christian. How can we show Gods love for the world without condoning the sin that is such a part of it. But I feel that perhaps you have erred a little on the 'safe' side - by rejecting anything that may have any vague attachment to anything potentially sinful, I don't think you will find anything that meets your standards. Perhaps you may wish to try seeing the good in some things, despite them not being perfect - isn't God under the least rock as well?

I believe you have a great faith, but remember that the Bible also says 'judge not others lest ye also be so judged'. If you judge others so harshly that allows for no errors, then you must also live with no errors in order to satisfy the standard by which you will be judged.

Yours in Mercy, Grace, and Peace


Editor: I asked the reader to move from the Balaam's Ass Journal site on to the Blessed Quietness Journal. But, this clever pedantic fellow refused. He hung around the old site so he could get his nose out of joint. As always, notice the flattery in this letter. Flattery is 100% of Satan. As you may guess, I gave this reprobate a thrashing. I KNOW he has a problem in some area, and the Holy Ghost touched his conscience. So, rather than get right, he came to me trying to wear me down with his deep deep spirituality. Rubbish from Australia!!


You would set back the women's movement and progressive Christianity by decades. As my church says, Jesus could have possibly been one of the first feminists. My denomination says, (Evangelical Covenant), "The rights of women to assume full leadership roles within the church and the fact that Paul's writings were influenced by cultural conditions and his won opinions." Women were not allowed to teach because at that time men had more knowledge of spiritual matters. This was because men had more educational opportunities. The church opened up these doors to women, Allowing them to learn was a huge step. The church should be at the forefront of women's rights and civil rights. Fortunately, your view is dimishing as the evangelical church progresses and matures.
A feminist and evangelical myself

Editor: You folks have no idea how dreadfully ashamed of myself I am. I mean, to think that a hick from Tennessee like me could destroy all the fine efforts of Gloria Steinam and Mr. Hillary Clinton with a couple of articles on the Web. How frightful.

Here is a letter from a reader:

"I had the privilege to grow up listening to Patch the Pirate, and I can tell you that I was never influenced to do wrong from his music and stories. Thousands have come to Christ through Ron Hamilton's Patch the Pirate series. I myself was saved at a young age listening to Patch. God has truly blessed his ministry and the fruits of that ministry are proof of that. I would rather my children listen to Patch the Pirate and have them learn how to be saved than to have them get mixed up in the evil contemporary so called "Christian Movement" of today that is destroying our young people and our churches. I am saved today due in part to Patch the Pirate along with many of my friends. I think my Dad will stand in Heaven and give account that he raised his children to fear God and to make sure that we were saved!"

This implies that the end justifies the means. Ignatius Loyola was right, if this writer is to be approved. Could a sinner visit a whore, see a cross hanging around her neck, and repent? Probably. That has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This reader may not be born again, for, as with any Pope hugging Catholic, he has believed the Gospel of Ron Hamilton and pirates. I still say that Ron should start a girl's club for churches called "Henrietta the Whore." Whores, historically, were the only ones who stayed on the streets when the pirate ship pulled into port. All other people closed their shutters and pulled in the latch cord.

Read our article on Patch the Pirate


Dear Steve VanNatten,

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how refreshing your website is. I am so tired of people tap-dancing around the truth afraid of offending this one or that one. You have hit the nail on the head about what is going on right now under the noses of most Christians, and sad to say, lots of naïve Believers are not even aware of it. If some of these sleeping Christians( I , like you, believe lots of these "Believers" are really lost) are confronted with the truth, they get angry and say we are causing trouble and dividing the Body of Christ. Jesus said "I came to bring a sword" the Word of God divides Truth from error.

I especially enjoyed your critique of the Charismatic Vision. Thank you for calling it what it is --devils!!!!! I have family members tied up in this Charismatic Confusion and cannot talk to them, they think I am crazy because I tell them what the Bible says! My wife and I have visited many Churches in our area, and the Apostasy has infiltrated all of them, we live in the middle of nowhere, so it has to be pretty bad to have reached this far. It is so sad to see, but the Whore of Babylon must be established for the Anti-Christ to have his own church, it is forming before our very eyes. Truly, Jesus is coming soon, praise God! Again, thank you for standing for the truth of God's Word. It is an encouragement for Christians to find others who believe the Truth, to stand for God in these last days.



I will not blame you if you disagree, but do not send mail unless you have been there.

----- Original Message -----
From: A lady
To: Steve@balaams-ass.com
Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Subject: I have a question

I am a recent convert. I was saved on March 2, 2003 and my husband was saved on August 17, 2003.

My husband is disabled and collecting Social Security Disability. We don't get much from disability. Actually, we don't get enough to support our family of three. This is my question. How does God see me in the workforce since my husband is not physically capable to work? I know where my place should be, but I also know that my family must eat and have a roof over their heads.

I attend an independent fundamental Baptist church and have never heard mention of God being angry with me because I really do have to work because my husband is ill.

My Answer

This is an issue of what God wants of YOU and your family personally. The truth does not change, but your husband cannot support you either.

1. Is there anything your husband can do at home? We have a friend who was made a quadraplegic, and his wife put a pencil in his mouth one day and an art pad in front of him, and he started drawing. His mind was not at all disabled. Today, he is still getting some payment for the disability, but he also goes to art shows and does rather well selling his drawings. They really are very professional, and people are now buying them because they like his work, not just because he is disabled. Could your husband find something, maybe not-- I don't know all the facts of course. You and your husband might be startled at the talent waiting latent in your husband. The fellow above had not done any serious drawing in his life before his accident.

2. Could you find work to do at home? There are many tasks these days which ladies do at home. One of the most common is compling records for professionals and crunching numbers in data bases. Some businesses pay rather good for quality people. The Proberbs 31 lady is a good example. Also, can you sell something on eBay? Do you have a contact to buy something from your area which people elsewhere would want and fight over in that auction? There are some people making very good money on eBay. Is there a godly antique dealer in your area? Ask them if you can sell things they are having trouble moving. Set up a percentage, and get on eBay and learn to make the pages and list the items. Be sure you have the item in your home before listing. EBay does not allow you to sell something you don't have in your hand.

3. Having said that, I can assure you that God does not intend for you to be beggars and suffer. If you have to leave the home to survive, see what God will give you that keeps you from submission to another man. Also, be well aware that when you leave your home, your husband cannot defend you. Also, and I am sorry to have to include this, but there have been some very sad tales of ladies who left the home under your circumstances and were drawn away into sin.

Will your pastor discuss these things with you? Is there someone in the assembly who is godly who has a business where you can work with other ladies who are not worldly? Beware of becoming the personal helper of the pastor. This goes into sin, I would say, about 50% of the time. Most pastors who want to employ a personal secretary who is a lady are really looking for something more than office work out of the lady. This is what took Jack Hyles down and destroyed two homes. Look for something where ladies work together, and possibly where you can be under a lady in authority at work.

Whatever happens, if the work you find cannot give you husband peace, or if the employer will not include your husband in all considerations, flee that work. If your pastor does not have a close relationship with your husband, change churches until you find such a man. Pastors who are very thoughtful to a lady, but not her husband, are only one thing-- hustlers.

I speak from experience having seen these things, and the brother mentioned above was a very close friend, filled the pulpit for me occasionally, went shopping with me at times, and was a deacon in our church which I pastored. This kept me in a right relationship with his wife.

Feel free to ask your husband and pastor to communicate with me. I have experience in this thing, so I am not shy to address your situarion. Be sure they remind me of your letter etc. I get lots of mail.

In Christ Jesus

Steve Van Nattan



While it is quite true that the technology to control human minds does exist, some of which are patented, what makes you people think that YOU aren't being controlled too? The Internet is a much more effective mind control device that TV! Do you know what SSSS stands for? As to the King James Version of the Scriptures, it "...has grave defects" (Preface, Revised Standard Version, 1952).

Editor: This poor fool complains that we are mind controlled, and then he quotes the RSV preface against the KJV. You have to think about this for a minute to feel the full impact of where we are in the end of the Age of Grace.



From: KEVNO1PAINTER@aol.com
To: steve@balaams-ass.com
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003
Subject: Ruckman, divorce, and remarriage

Dear sir,

On the three subjects listed above you are a total dumb ass. Yes I am a born again christian, and I did say ass. I know you are so holy that you would never say that. And I am sure if your wife divorced you that God would be finished with you wouldn't he? No He would not. That is a dangerous doctrine that you are teaching.


From: "Steve Van Nattan" steve@balaams-ass.com
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003
Subject: Re: Ruckman, divorce and remarriage

What would you call Jesus who taught that remarriage after divorce is adultery?

Answer please.

In Christ Jesus


Editor: Peter Ruckman uses the word "ass" in a profane, non-European, manner. His groupies like to use the words he uses as if they are doing God a big favor by talking gutter language. Ruckman's use of "ass" is NOT in the context of King James Bible usage. This is just one more sampling of the mouth of Ruckman which has earned him the distinction of being the preeminent pariah of Fundamentalism. His Bible School graduates suffer mightily for this, for godly men are slow to put them to work in the local church out of the fear that the dirt will come out by and by.



 Thank you so much for your reply, As I said before your site has been a blessing, it's just reassuring to know I am not the only one who felt like this about all this charismania chaos.

You know it's strange but right at the beginning of my Christian walk, I just did not feel right abot all this tongues, screaming, falling over and general disruption that was occuring in services, but it has been like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders because I really thought there was something wrong with me and that God did not love me. I am not saying I am always right or that I don't have faults but I know my Lord loves me and He died for me and by Him are we made righteous..

Yesterday morning I got up earlier than usual as I just could not sleep, I started praying and I asked the Lord to forgive me as I had some doubts and fears and I just felt anxious for some reason, then Isaiah 54 just popped into my head as I finished praying, I opened my King James Bible and read it, I knew instantly that the Lord had spoken to me and I felt at peace and tears just came to my ears ( I am not trying to sound soppy) but at times like these we need to hear from the Lord, and I know the Lord does speak to us but it is through His Spirit leading us to his Word and nothing else, not some new truth (as my ex pastor has mentioned we need) not some new Revelation but by His Word and only by His Word do we have the answers to all our needs.

What my point is and what I have been trying to get through to some of these Toronto, Brownsville, Copeland and Benny Hinn junkies is that God gave us His word for a guidance and to show us how we should live and what we should and should not do. We do not need to look anywhere else, if it was all about new this and new that and God was supposed to have given this person a Revelation that does not tie with what is in His Word, then what is the point of His Word, if God is going to keep revealing something new and contrary to His Word?

I hope I have made sense, to put is simply if God is going to reveal different things to us and it is different from His Word, then we might aswell just ignore our Bibles as it will become obsolete, this is what I pointed out to my ex pastor but he just seemed so blind, it is if as they have a huge veil that stops them seeing the truth.

What I find similar in all these cults, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Charismania, even Islam is that they all seem to rely on extra writing and traditions and so called revelations!

In Christ

Kenan M_________


After reading these articles on Bro. Hyles I first felt anger. How someone could criticize and slander a faithful preacher of the Bible is beyond me. This anger was, however, short lived. I realized that the Bible says to pray for your enemies. So that's what I'm gonna do. Not that the Lord would punish you but that he will bless you. Why? Because the Bible says to.

Today's date is September 17, 2003 so every night I am going to pray for you for one year. If you do receive this I sincerely hope that you will E-mail me. My address is stu_______@westga.edu (I am a college student at the University of West Georgia. I bet you thought I was some old man. ha ha)

See kept it short.

May God richly bless you in all of your endeavors,

Sincerely, Justin

Editor: What a way to start one's career in life-- defending an hireling and adulterer who is screaming in hell for water.


Brother Steve:

Thank you for many good articles to browse and to download. It is harder and harder to reach people who resfuse to acknowledge their spiritual need of Christ, and who are increasingly falling prey to the latest spiritual-gimmicks and goofers. Many are unsaved in churches and so tainted water produces no nourishmnet--only sickness and death! God bless you in the days and activities ahead. In Christian Love,

Pastor Paul Inman

Smith`s Cove Baptist, Smith`s Cove RR 1, Nova Scotia, Canada

Editor: This is a new thought-- churched people who don't even benefit from the water of life. I believe the brother is right. Some preachers in Fundamental churches don't have the water of life to offer. How about John MacArthur who denies the Blood of Jesus Christ. What is left to atone for the sins of those saints that drive up Roscoe Blvd. to the mosque of Mac to find help for their souls?


I cannot believe that you have wasted probably, many long hours to tell ppl about what horrible people we are just because we don't believe in your God. Are you saying that anyone that chooses not to conform to your religion is evil? Where did that come from? As far as I'm concerned, it's very wrong to descriminate against ppl because of their beliefs. You seem to follow another kind of cult in my opinion... selective hearing and reading. Didn't Jesus say not to judge ppl least ye be judged? I think so, maybe if you flip through the Bible you might find it in there. I'm very disturbed... and just when I thought society was beginning to be a little less descriminatory, I found your website!! Wow, what a stroke of luck!

Now, Satanist don't worship the devil, that is a very big misconception created quite a long time ago by you extremists. And they don't sacrifice humans or animals, it is against the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth they are rules number 9 and 10... find them yourself.

Now for Wicca, wiccan's do not worship satan either, they don't sacrifice animals or human, it is against the wiccan Rede. Plus, wiccans are very much in touch with Nature, so do you really think that they would harm animals or human? Well, maybe you would, of course. You say you despise Hitler and that he will burn in hell... but did you know, being as ignorant as you are that by descriminating against... basically 99.9 % of the population you are just like Hitler? Except for the fact that HOPEFULLY you aren't attempting to kill anyone.

And just for fun, did you know that Satanists and Wiccan's don't even believe in hell or heaven for that matter? And that everything you have just stated to try and destroy society and everyone around you... is well, not working very well.

Wiccans respect every other religion out there as long as it doesn't involve any form of destruction. Wiccans are also very open minded and ALLOW they're members to practice any other religion they want without fear of pre-judice or descrimination, something I'm sure, you're not aware of... once again, it's the war between selective hearing and facts!!!!

Now, as a Wiccan and Satanist, I respect your opinion. I'm not going to start a whole campain against you like you would probably against me. I just completly disagree with almost everything you have stated in your text. You know why? Because I am one of them and I actually know what goes on... plus I have the healthy plus of not being bias...

Anyways, I know this won't change anything about you or your opinion, but it doesn't matter, because nothing you said could change mine! TOO BAD! This is just my 2 cents, have fun! Try to think things through before and if you decide to write back.

Editor: Interesting-- he respects all other religions, but my religion is insane, bordering on that of Hitler. Sound familiar? :-)



Having surfed your page for about 15 minutes, I quickly came to the conclusion that you are apparently as bad at reading comprehension as you are at designing a website. Your page is a waste of server space, a waste of time for any Christian, and a very poor witness indeed. Your judgemental attitudes and your self-righteous condemnation of folks are about as biblically correct as your assumption that the KJV is the most accurate version of the Scriptures.

Change your page to "Dumb ass."

Editor: This is the deep mind from whom we often hear. He gave me 15 minutes, and that is all Andy Warhol said I would get anyway. Yawn.


To the Van Nattan Family, Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Greetings in the Magnificent name of Jesus!!

My name is David M______. I have been a regular visitor to your journal for almost two years now (I think). I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, (by the grace of Jehovah-Jesus, 20 years now, seems like yesterday I joined!)

I just wanted to drop a quick note to you to thank you and encourage you and your family. I have used your journal for a lot of research on current issues, Bible Versions etc, etc.

We are getting extremely close to the "catching away of the Saints". Can you believe it?? Sometimes in this human mind its hard to comprehend departing!!

I've done a lot of mailing to various agencies, churches, businesses, heretic etc etc. Got to get the truth out. Thanks for the help.

Well, I could talk for a long time about any number of issues, so I won't. May the Lord Jesus bless and protect you, your family, possesions, house, car(s), pets etc etc. I cover you with the blood of Jesus!!

David M___________

Editor: Some years ago a University in Canada did a study to see if I could be put off of the Web. They even approached the US Justice Department. They were told by Janet Reno's mob that we still unfortunately have freedom of speech in the USA, so Canada could not trash this site soon. Now, the above letter gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction. My freedom, as exercised here, is being used of God to bless a saint in Canada. We do not trust in Caesar and his human documents in the ultimate, by we better use the tools God gives us, or we may lose them. Stop this terror of speaking out. Talk about Jesus and tell the truth where ever you go. God will watch out for you back.


Subject: Bach

After a longer break I reviseted your site. I deeply enjoyed your article about Bach. It is a deep consolation that the work of Bach will last as long as Germany exists. After all we are not Hitlerland but the nation which invented the reformation. And with all their modern trash bibles they cannot completly erase the German Bible since Bach and Sch�tz put it almost completly into music.

There is a growing number of people over here who are returning to the unrevised Luther Bible of 1545 which was for 450 years undisputed the Book when people over here said Bible. And it still is the German Bible closest to the English Bible. Fact it is many peculiarties of your Bible you've got from us. Personaly I prefer Sch�tz who is called the father of German music much over Bach.

He composed his music immediatly after the 30 years war, but you smell nothing of hunger, smoke or death in it. It is of such simple and pure joy ... unfortunately the last 3 wars didn't have that same effect on my nation. Excuse sir my long babblings and enjoy your evening or whatever it is on your side of the globe

michael bolsinger

Der HERR allein leitete ihn, und war kein fremder Gott mit ihm. Er lie� ihn hoch herfahren auf Erden und n�hrete ihn mit den Fr�chten des Feldes, und lie� ihn Honig saugen aus den Felsen und �l aus den harten Steinen, Butter von den K�hen und Milch von den Schafen, samt dem Fett von den L�mmern, und feiste Widder und B�cke mit fetten Nieren, und Weizen, und tr�nkte ihn mit gutem Traubenblut. 5 Mose 32:12-14

Heresy at Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum

Editor: We had recommended this curriculum, thinking it was Bible based and sound. We were wrong, and we include all of the reader's comments lest any Jackboot Baptists accuse us of covering our sins at all costs like they do. This is what happens when you mix "classical education" and reading "the classics" with Christian Education. There is NO harm to a Bible believer in making the Bible the "classic" for reading, and the result will be a saint who knows his or her Bible well.

Here is a reader's observation:

Dear Mrs. Van Natten,


My name is J______, and several months ago I wrote to you asking if you knew anything about Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum books for homeschooling. Later you wrote me back after checking around (thank you very much by the way), and was told that LFBC were acceptable. I thought you might like to know, for your homeschool helps page, that I DO NOT recommend LFBC books! I realize that you didn't know any better when I wrote to you, so please do not think I hold you at fault for this. On the contrary, I'm sure you would be just as shocked at what I found.

So far this year I have found 5 objectionable sections, two of which totally astounded me! I'd like to share with you a story from one of my sons literature books used in his school work. This book is called "The Art-Literature Readers, Book Two" by Frances Elizabeth Chutter. I don't know who Ms. Chutter is, but I know that someone up at LFBC either did not read, or did not discern some of the stories in this book. Here is an example:

Iris' Bridge

In the sky where the amber tints are seen on the clouds,
Iris was born.
She loved her home and all the beautiful things around her.
Perhaps she sailed in the moon's silver boat and knew why the stars kept twinkling.
Perhaps she feasted on sunshine and dew and slept on the soft white clouds.
More than anything in her sky-home, Iris loved her grandfather, the stern old ocean.
When he was merry, and drove his white horses over the the water, she was happy.
When he was troubled, and the sky grew dark and sad, she quietly slipped her hand into his.
Instantly he smiled and became gentle again.
He longed always to keep her with him, but the Sun said:
"No, Iris belongs to both ocean and sky.
Let her be the messenger between heaven and earth." (!!!)
They placed golden wings upon her shoulders, and made her a bridge of beautiful colors.
One end of the bridge they rested in the sky, and the other Iris could fasten to the earth with a pot of gold.
This is the way Iris' path was made:
The earth gave the tints of her fairest flowers,
the sea brought great ribbons of silvery mist,
the wind was the shuttle,
and the sky was the loom and the Sun himself was the weaver.
It is no wonder that the most beautiful thing in all the world is Iris' bridge, the rainbow.

Praise God, that's the end. In the study guide that accompanies this book, the kids are told to look up the account of the bow in the cloud and God's covenant. That was it. Realizing it is my job to help my little boy discern these things, nevertheless I was saddened, and a bit angry, at the fact that LFBC did not mention the truth concerning this obvious pagan tale. Needless to say I was completely horrified by this story (among a few others), and so we skipped this section of his studies all together.

I had hoped to inform you so that you may inform the readers of your homeschool helps page. Perhaps this will save some struggling Christian family 200+ dollars when they decide to choose books for their homeschooled children. If I, or other parents, wanted their kids to read such trash, we'd have sent them to public school! I plan on using Rod and Staff for next year, and I recommend them to other homeschool parents who are having a tough time deciding on books for their kids. Thanks for your time, God bless you and all of yours. We here at the Tarbell house all love you guys!

Most Sincerely,
Mrs. J. ___________
Canton, Ohio

Editor: I believe that this item in Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum's curriculum shows that some pagan witch has infiltrated this organization. This seems to me to NOT be an accident, for proof readers and others had to read this and approve it before publication. Also, the instruction to associate the biblical account of the rainbow with the story shows they didn't just overlook the Iris poetry. There was design in this. Something is very amiss in Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum


Iris, Goddess of Eyes

Iris is, in Greek mythology, the Goddess of Rainbow. As a messenger of God Zeus and his wife Hera, Iris left Olympus only to convey the divine command as an advisor and guide. Traveling with the speed of the wind, she could go from one end of the earth to the other, and to the bottom of the sea or to the depths of the underworld. Iris was represented as a beautiful maiden, with wings and robes of bright colors and a halo of light on her head, traveling across the sky with a rainbow in her wake.

Greek Goddess

Iris Family

Book: Goddess Unmasked : The Rise of Neopagan Redical Feminist Spirituality-- by Philip G. Davis
The discussion of Iris is included in this book.

I want you to know that I am delighted with all the old line Pentecostals who feel blessed with the Journal. They seem to have a better friend in us than in their own circles. We do have some areas of disagreement though, which neither of us have given up for fellowship. Thus:


Your web page how found a home with me, WOW AND AGAIN I SAY WOW I love it thank you so very much. Your web page music some times takes over and cause me trouble but love what you have done here. I have sent this web page to several of my freinds. I live in BC. Canada on the west just north west of Vancouver, a place called Powell River. Every thing on your web page fits in with what I`m into. I go to the Foursquare Gospel church and have been a christian most of my life, and old hymns are such a breath of fresh air me. The classics are also love them, sing in a company chior called Choir Pacifica.>>>>> That`s Praifica Papers Inc.

Thank You Again Bill ___________


Dear Steve,

I didn't realize that you were raised in a Mennonite group. It must have been God's leading that I decided to ask you about it considering there are so many "Christian" sites out there. But your site has helped me many times. In fact, I was involved in a church that had the hand-raising praise song stuff for several years. I noticed my spiritual life was weakening in many ways. I realized I was forgetting the King James bible verses I learned for years because I was never hearing them spoken from the pulpit (NIV). I found myself becoming more ecumenical when I had been a militant fundamentalist before. It just kept me feeling uneasy inside. Doctrine? Well, love came first. Women were given positions of a "deacon" and the first time I sat at a Sunday night meeting to find a woman leading the group with a message, I felt like running out of the building.

Then one day while visiting your site, there was a little wav with a bible verse: "Mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned and avoid them... Mark them! Mark them!"

God used that little "sermon" to open my eyes. I knew that although there were some good things in that little church, there were some bad things too that I was to keep myself from. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump and I was becoming infected with a false love that denies truth. I'd accepted the praise songs, which opened the door to "Christian" rock, then back to the world of secular rock 'cause it sounded the same anyway. Now I'm on my way back to the straight and narrow path. God has led me to a sound bible church with the old hymns and preaching with words like "sin", "holiness", "obedience", taking up your cross......

Your hoping about the Mennonites advising my brother to not divorce his wife and stay single if she divorces him was right on target. You must know these people well. That is exactly their position and they will not bend. They live by principle and conviction unflinchingly, including the black bumpers, no musical instruments, women sitting separately from the men in services, etc. Praise God from whom all blessings flow..



 Dear Steve, ( and Mike )

I have been visiting (Blessed Quietness) Journal off and on for over a year. I am just amazed. This website has been such a blessing for me. This is terrific. I just don't know what to say. Praise the Lord for you and your work.

I am a 34-year old ex-Roman Catholic, ex-Astrologer, ex-New Ager, ex-Eastern Mysticism Guru Ashram ex-Disciple. I have had a rather long journey looking for the Lord. A number of years ago the Lord led me to see the lie of the occult, and to understand that the Bible was in fact the correct account of history. I started by reading an NIV, but even then I knew of the translation problems and errors. I knew that eventually, I would have to upgrade to the KJV. Within a year, I did so, and bought a Strong's concordance as well. I have never looked back. I praise the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus - after much struggling and learning, I finally came to the Lord in September, 1998.

I guess I first encountered your website through the Allah book. Then I found all the Defense of the KJV articles. I was instantly hooked.

For someone like myself, who was not raised in a Fundamental or Baptist home, your website is an invaluable resource. There are so many issues that a "newbie" like myself needs to learn about. Yeah, I pretty much know the story about the JW's, Mormons, and Catholics - but in additon to this, you have tons of information. . . historical notes, names, dates, denominations, and their beliefs and practices. Now that I attend a small Fundamental church, I feel more "educated," and feel that I have a better grasp on many of the issues and names. I have heard of the Pentecostals and Charismatics, but there are no churches here by that name, and I never knew what this was. Your website explained them to me. I have learned so much here. Your Allah Divine or Demonic is still probably one of my favorite pieces of all time - having come from a background with Hislop's The Two Babylons, I really enjoy "tracing the roots" of the pagan gods, and I think your piece does a fantastic job.

I have one of Bruce Metzger's books, (around here somewhere) and also Gail Riplinger's book. Personally, I was always very disappointed with her book. To me, it seemed horrendously disorganized, rambling, and confusing. Yeah, the content was good, but it was organized and presented terribly. Addtionally, the lack of an Index was a real sore spot with me. A lot of the content, however, (as you and I both know) is good, and I especially liked her Alexandrian connection to Philo, Clement, et al. I have always wondered about taking her book, completely reorganizing it, creating a cross-referenced index, and incorporating a lot of the TC arguments into the text and explaining their failures, and re-releasing it.

Something I am not finding on your website - where do *you* stand on the Septuagint? Authentic Greek OT translation, or Mythological LXX fraud perpetrated by Gnostics in Alexandria? Just curious. Personally, I still don't know, I'm still learning about this issue.

Today, I am going through your Pentecostal/Charismatic webpages. Boy, this is unreal. This is such an education for me - all this Brownsville/Toronto stuff. So much to learn about. Yeah, there are some UCC and "Full Gospel" churches around here, which I have attended, not knowing what they were. I never could figure out why supposed Christians were standing up, waving their arms around in the air, and swaying back and forth, just like our Guru/Shakti experiences in the New Age. What a bunch of hogwash!! I praise Christ for the orderly, Bible-based Christian worship I attend now in my small, local Fundamental KJV Only Church, with good old fashioned Hymns and bold preaching of the Word of God.

Respectfully Yours,

John B________
Telford Pennsylvania

Are you also determined to win your battle with the flesh?

Dear steve,

Your web page is one of my frequent stops with so much to read, I was encouraged on the stories of great Christians, there is much for a believer to gain by seeing God work in the lifes of his chosen servants. God has blessed you with a lot of righteous energy. please pray for me as I am having trouble with beer drinking, I must yield myself to the Lord and forget this worldly thing called "fun", I need to seek the "joy of the Lord". the story of the Baptist preacher Norris and his stand against alcohol was just what I needed. It is quite obvious that this walk on earth is a battle between truth and lies, and good and evil, your page exposes much of it, it takes courage to read some of it in Gods mighty grip, thanks be to him and his servants.


I want to personally thank you for this book. As I am a RECOVERING Irish Roman Catholic---who for years have questioned the rites and rituals of Catholicism--- I fully concur with your logic. What I really need to know is how to save my soul. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and salvation is through Him. What can I do to internalize the Gospel of the Lord? I've sinned for years and I feel that I need to make amends.

Is there any way I can assist the spreading of God's Plan for the world?

I am a product of 14 years of Roman Catholic School system education and this is a major change in my life.



Dear Steve:

Your article regarding the parallel prophecy from roman catholic mystics prompts me to write this. I'm a former roman catholic for years now and just a few days ago received some anonymous mail that contained two plastic hearts - I promptly pitched it but wish now I'd spent a bit of time studying the writing that came with it. I'm pretty certain this mail came from an old coworker of mine, a very devout catholic lady (her mother was from Yugoslavia) who tries off and on to win me back to rome (just like I keep trying to get her away from her stubborn devotion to "our lady"!)

These folks have for years been very much steeped in this marian stuff, I can vouch for that in my own family and childhood - mariolotry and mysticism have always been far more interesting to most catholics I've known than anything about the biblical Jesus and Mary (my town, Dayton, Ohio, has a supposedly world famous library at the University of Dayton devoted to "mary" stuff).

No matter what some of the younger catholic folks say about worship of this "mary" not really being sanctioned by papa rome (I've conversed with quite a few of them who actually believe this), those "mary" statues, beads and medals hold very powerful sway over many of the older folks. I recently witnessed while standing in the back of a catholic church (waiting for my still unsaved sister-in-law) an older woman on her knees in front of "our lady" with arms spread wide, a rosary in one hand and a little devotional book in the other, obviously very much in la-la land.

Steve, I really enjoy your articles and always feel better informed and armed after leaving your website.

Thanks and God Bless you and your website,

Cindy ___________