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Black is the color of the background to celebrate piracy,
the mentoring source of Hamilton and Garlock.




Editor: Blessed Quietness Jouranl, Steve Van Nattan

In New England, I had the joy of hearing Frank Garlock on the subject of music.  He had one of only two best presentations I have ever heard which are not bogged down in current examples of Rock music.  That is the scourge of every other such ministry which exposes Rock music by playing Rock music. Now, Frank has gone loonie for kenisiology in music, which is a form of occult spiritualism.  He has been confronted about it, and he just laughs it off.  [ Dr. Peter S. Ruckman has a similar and useful presentation on music on cassette tape. ]

QUESTION:   "Where did these two men get 'pirates' in naming their material?"  Ron Hamilton had a medical problem which hospitalized him.  In the process, Ron lost one of his eyes.  Now, that is no small matter.  Those of us who have not experienced this cannot imagine the trauma of losing even one eye.  Ron went through some real testing, and up to that point handled it well in Christ.  But then some of the UNSAVED hospital help, trying to cheer up Ron Hamilton, called him, "Patch the Pirate."  You can imagine the rest.  Some misguided hubris and some misplaced huggy huggies, and, Wallah! "There is the name for our new ministry."

Ron let lost sinners name his ministry, and later, rather than follow the leading of the Lord as he had formerly known it, Ron re-directed his ministry naming it Patch the Pirate.

If the above historic details are off in some small way, I am sorry, but what follows is NOT off-- It is fearful indeed.



Let us review the life of a pirate:


Pirates in past history are hardly remembered today.  Piracy on the high seas has nearly disappeared.  The only place where piracy is still a problem is in the South China Sea, where Chinese pirates prey on boat people from Vietnam.  They are famous for rape, robbery, and murder in the old heritage of the Chinese bandits of long ago.

Pirates in the Treasure Island model were mindlessly wicked men.  They loved violence, and if they got bored, they killed each other for distraction.  Their classic symbol was the Jolly Roger-- The skull and cross bones on a black field.  [ Once again, we note that evil gets the name "Jolly" from Satan, as sodomy gets the name "Gay" in our day.  Satan always tries to portray sin is fun and cute. ]  Pirates would often sail under a British flag, come close to a potential victim, then pull down the Union Jack and hoist the Jolly Roger with a raging shout. The victims on the target ship knew that soon they would either be dead, if they were male, raped, if they were female, or sodomized, if they were young men.  Robert Lewis Stevenson, for reasons of propriety, left out the worst of the pirate's life in Treasure Island.

Pirates, like the shifta of Ethiopia, and the bandits of China, were hated supremely because they did not keep their murderous crimes on the seas.  They went ashore, and the whole town closed their shutters and prayed for their soon exit.   They were a terror in taverns where they delighted in knifing anyone they didn't like.  They held grudges for a life time, and would kill the young son of their offender with a laugh.  

Moral character in a pirate was considered a liability.  They could be murderers, rape their own mother, be sodomites, or known pedophiles.  The only real qualification to be a "free and accepted" pirate was that one already had to be an outlaw.   Pirate captains did not trust a man who had no former record.  He must already be a wanted candidate for the gallows.

When pirates were captured at sea, they were immediately killed under admiralty law.  Giving mercy to a pirate would have been considered madness.  If they got to land and were caught, they were hanged at once.  No one would stand to witness for a pirate.  They were the personification of evil to all men.

If Ron Hamilton and Frank Garlock want a pirate who did "good" to vindicate their wimpy choices, they should consider Sir Francis Drake.  He was a criminal at heart with a doubtful background.  But, he endeared himself to Queen Elizabeth I, and she sent him to pirate Spanish gold galleons off the South American coast.  Drake flew the Union Jack, and he raped the Spanish.  He would always return home with the Golden Hind, his ship, heavy in the water with treats for Queen Elizabeth I, and she, on her part, had her bed chamber warmed and ready for a "little private visit" with her chief pirate.  Needless to say, this era of British history had to change before God used England to send forth thousands of missionaries to the world.

Teacher, what are you going to tell the kiddies when one of them asks, "Miss Smith, what is a pirate?"  Time to sing "Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain," right?  In modern terms, Patch the Pirate is not different than naming a youth program, "Henrietta the Whore, Carl the Queer, or Paul the Pimp."  Frank and Ron, why not use these more modern titles for future curriculum additions for high schoolers and adults?  Morally, there is not a particle of difference.

Frank, dear brother, your assumption that pirates have disappeared into ancient history is just as asinine as assuming that God is no longer offended by Beethoven's Ode to Joy simply because time has passed.  YOU, of all people, ought to have a sense of history from your studies in the history of music.


We now consider the modern pirate.  There is a very common pirate at large today.  He sits in a darkened room and, through modern technology, searches the world of cyberspace for booty.  He steals that booty out from under the nose of his victim, and then he sells it to friends for a profit.  He can virtually destroy a hard working man by sucking the blood from his business.  This pirate is hated supremely, and when caught, he can be given a lengthy prison term. He is the computer software pirate, and some of you "good Christians" reading this are among these pirates, right?  You are a thief!

The pitiful thing is this.  Kids are some of the worst software pirates.  While their Daddy, the Fundamental Baptist deacon, is at work, these clandestine thieves are hard at work stealing every program they can get their hands on.  They copy them to disk and distribute them at the "Christian" school.  Some of these kids don't even understand that they are stealing.  Now, you sniveling wimpy pastors who won't confront Patch the Pirate and its filthy heritage, don't you think it will be a great relief to these junior pirates in your church to hear that pirates are in fact cute?  You are sending a message loud and clear that pirating software is in the greatest tradition of the Carpenter of Nazareth.

Ron Hamilton and Frank Garlock could not have known when they started their program that computer "pirating" would be coming.  But, this shows what happens when we start arrogantly down the road of rebellion--  We end up in a habitation of dragons.



You Dads must face this reality-- If your pastor knows of this and will not change it, he is an ecclesiastical wimp.  Change churches or start a house church in your home this coming Sunday.  A wimpy preacher today will make rebels of your kids in a couple of years.  No pastor, even the "Pastoral Authority" dictator in some Fundamental Baptist circles, has the right to enslave you and your kids in his wickedness.  YOU, Dad, are going to answer to God for YOUR choices.  

The wimpy preacher may not even be saved.  He may have been sent to your church as an agent of destruction by the Jesuits or organized Witchcraft.  This sort of thing DOES happen--  It happened in a church I pastored.  Wicked men, planted in sound churches, look for every opportunity to import tainted things, disguised as good things, into the Lord's church.  Flee now!!!!  The church mentioned above in Ohio has a pastor who claims to have been saved out of the Roman Catholic Church.  Much as we may love him, he is suspect unless he "gets right" on this issue. 

You will also note in the illustration at the top of the page that animals and space aliens are needed to give the Gospel.  Jesus did not need to use toy poodles and stuffed creatures to teach the little children.  Nor did the Apostle Paul.  A real man and Bible believer needs only Jesus and the Word of God to teach children.  Kids today are getting the impression that the Gospel has to be a muppet show or it is no fun.  Beware of this false Gospel.



In closing let us consider the Sampson principle.  Sampson was a mighty judge of Israel, but he was a perpetual disaster as well.  He did not teach Israel to go to war.  God indicated this was His desire from His praise of the lives of other Judges and Kings elsewhere in the Word of God, especially with David.  Sampson was a one-man-show, and he also seemed to delight to tinker with God's law.  Sounds like Hammond, Indiana, eh?  First, he tinkered with God's law about touching unclean food sources, then he got right into bed with a pagan whore, thus doing to the max what he did lightly with the lion's carcass.

But, God used Sampson through much of the era of his degeneration.  No doubt, like the preacher in Hammond who preaches a sermon called, "Merits and Demerits" in which he claims that God will tolerate sin if you work hard for Him, Sampson  must have thought that his exploits for Jehovah would outweigh his perilous play with sin.  The day of accounting came, but long after Sampson had started playing the fool.  So, God today continues to use men to a limited degree who shack up with their Indiana secretary, God sends out preaching tigers of unmatched zeal from a Bible Institute in Florida where the leader is in a marriage situation which violates the literal use of Christ's Word, and a preacher in Massachusetts still experiences spiritual fruit in spite of his perpetual slide into textual criticism of the King James Bible.  Does the ongoing spiritual fruit mean that God is vindicating these men's sin?  Blasphemy!

So, as we are tempted to look down our noses at Ron Hamilton and Frank Garlock in the matter of their choices, let us consider if there be any wicked way in us which we have justified by the fruit of the Spirit in our ministries.  God is merciful, but woe to the man who uses God's mercy to justify his wickedness.  Woe to the lemming who just runs on in the line of least resistance.  

Until they re-name their curriculum, we at Blessed Quietness Journal will hold Frank Garlock and Ron Hamilton at arm's length as Balaams who have not got the guts to do right.  They either fear they will lose subscribers and thus lose money, or they are too lazy to go to the trouble of re-writing some things, or they fear their publishers.  Whatever the reasons, they are classic Balaams.  They run on with mass opinion, as Sampson went on and on in arrogance against God's holiness.  Sampson's end should be a strong caution to these two brethren and to us all who are too wimpy to GET RIGHT!


QUOTE:  "When a man starts buttoning his shirt wrong at the bottom,
it will be wrong all the rest of the way to the top."

Pastor Carleton Helgerson, Church of the Open Bible, Burlington, Mass.



If you communicate with Ron Hamilton and Frank Garlock, be gracious.  
These men are not heretics-- but they do need a push in the right direction.  
Put them on your prayer list.



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