These riddles and quizes are not necessarily easy,
so feel free to ask your Dad and Mom to help.  

You can get the answers to the riddles and quizes
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Riddle One

Riddle Two


He walked on earth,

He talked on earth,

He reproved man for his sin;

He is not in earth,

Nor hell,

Nor heaven,

Nor can he enter therein.

Riddle Three


What Bible woman was it--

Whose  name was not mentioned;

Whose death was unlike any other death in the Bible;

Whose body never saw corruption (decomposition);

Whose death shroud was  made of a substance found in any kitchen?

Riddle Four


To win this Quiz question, you need to give both parts of the question.

1.  Who prescribed the kind of head gear worn by Joshua?

2.  What was that head gear?

Thomas Kamin of Texas solved this one and should be getting his Bible soon.

Riddle Five


What two ways could the Hebrews prepare manna for eating?

Give the two King James Bible words please.

Riddle Six


By God's power, one man healed another man's father?

Where did this happen?

Paul healed Publius's father in Acts 28:8 on the island called Mel'-i-ta
Rebekah and Thomas Kamin solved this one-- Texas

Riddle Seven

This is not a riddle from the Bible.  It is from Brazil.

What are the people doing?


Oct. 1, 1998--  

"They are holding the eggs up to the light to see if there is a baby chick inside already, or if they are okay to eat."   Carissa K_____________--  Age 8-- Nebraska

Editor: Carissa got the answer.  The people are using the sunlight to learn if the eggs are good or bad.  Carissa is right in that a baby chick, or a bad yoke, would be obvious.

Another way to check eggs is to put them in a pan of water.  If they sink and lay on their side, they are very fresh.  If they sink but stand up, they are getting old-- use them at once. If they float, they are rotten.

Riddle Eight  (Current Riddle)

This is not a riddle from the Bible.  It is from history.

You will need your Grandpa or Grandma to help you with this one for sure.

The first thing you must do is to figure out who the man is.

The Riddle Question is:  What did the man call his wife?

Clue:  The man's most famous words were,
"Nevaaaa (One minute pause), Nevaaaa (One minute pause),  Nevaaa Give Up!"

Ask your Grandpa to tell you some of the stories of this man
who was at the same time a great leader, full of good fun, and very eccentric.

It seems there are two answers.
One name he called his wife was "Clemmie" which is short for Clementine.
He also is reported to have called her "Kat."
Credit goes to Natasha Kamin 14 for figuring this one out.


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