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A Man With Devils in His Mouth


Please watch the whole video.

This is one of the classic Mother Goose fakirs of all of Charismania. He was part of one of the most wicked scams in Charismania also, that is, the rip off of thousands of poor suckers to build Miracle Valley in southern Arizona. I have seen the thing, and I have heard the stories of how AA Allen, Upthegrove's inspiration, gigolo people out of their last dime.

The new breed of Charismatic monsters are more subtle. They are smarter, and they have degrees from universities. It is hard to corner them. I take great delight in catching one of the old time deceivers and exposing him.

Investigation of CS Upthegrove, alleged Charismatic evangelist, and his tongues couplet in the video below

The information following is a compilation of dozens of web sites from around the world. I have put it all together for you so that you can get the whole picture. If you want to learn more, simply go to Google and enter all the words of interest in various combinations, and you can prove this for yourself.



Please watch the whole video.
There is simply too much to cover in this presentation, so see what folly is
still running out of Charismania like sludge from a sewer.


The couplet can be heard just after minute 16:25-- "ha ha Yareah Sotoba"

All the words have NOTHING but a pagan origin, and "ha ha Yareah" has its roots in the Ugaritic pagan god forms which caused the Hebrews to backslide in Bible times. This seems to be a Hittite innovation.


Ha Ha Yariah (Yareah)--

Hebrew for the moon-- also, yar´┐Żah--"Ha-yareah" in Hebrew is "The Moon"- Ezra 6:15, Song of Sol 6:10, Isa 24:23
The moon was an object of backslidden worship by the Jews. Jer 7:18, 44:17-19, 25, II Kings 23:5.

The form used by CS Upthegrove speaking in tongues is "ha ha Yareah," and the double "ha" seems to be either for emphasis, or it is to honor the one named, in this case Yareah. A double "ha" may also be an ancient form of "The The," or as in English "the one and only".

Ugaritic has a word for the moon god- "Yariah," and this is kin to Yariah, or Yareah in Hebrew. It is the likely explanation why the Hebrews, when backslidden, worshipped the moon. It is also possibly feminine, and would be a pagan goddess added to Yahweh- Jehovah, which is nowhere found in the Word of God. God is never found in the feminine anywhere in the Bible.

In Psalm 121:6 we read, "and the sun (shamesh) shall not smite thee by day, not the moon (yareah) by night." This leads us to the possibility that the Jews feared the pagan sun god and moon god, and the verse implies that those who trust in God must not fall into fear of pagan gods. Shamesh, (Shamash) and Yareah are the sun and moon god and goddess in Ugaritic god forms in the Hittite people near Israel.



Japanese for a grave marker which was derived from Sanskrit, also called a "stupa".

Sotoba was originally a word for a mausoleum in ancient India, and later a monument at grave sites. It was introduced with Buddhism into China, and thence to Korea and Japan. Sotoba boards are now used in Japan as grave markers (See example at right), and many may be found at one grave. The board is somewhat carved on top, and writing is made vertically on the board. The carving on top symbolizes the cube, sphere, crescent, pyramid and the body-pyriform, and these in turn symbolize the five great elements of Japanese religion, ether, air, fire, water, earth. The sotoba is believed to forgive all sins and brings salvation to the dead.

The Sanskrit letters A-Ua and Ta-Ho-To become Sotoba, or the Tower of Many Treasures, which is actually "The Tower of Salvation." This blasphemy stands over against the Bible teaching that "The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe." See Prov 18:10.

The Sotoba was much later the family symbol of the Fujiwara clan in Japan which ruled, or enforced their will over, the religion and culture of Japan, from 794 to 1185. Fujiwara is a name of the Wistaria plant, and it is also the name for the Fujiwara Moon Chart used in Japanese fortune telling.

You can now see that the moon goddess cult (ha ha Yariah), combined with the moon fortune telling calendar of ancient Japan and India, are the basis for C S Upthegrove's chatter in alleged tongues. He was, in truth, speaking the very words of a devil in him who was blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ with the Moon Goddess cults from ancient civilizations.



Go to minute 19:27 Listen to the story. This shows that this man is a perfect idiot with no contact with reality, let alone with God. Trees do NOT need oxygen, they need carbon dioxide. Duh.



Minute 23:35 and following-- "The Shakhina Glory"

Shakhina is NOT in the Hebrew Old Testament anywhere.

Shakhina is the feminine Arabic and Hebrew word for a very popular goddess in Old Testament days. Shakhina is the Kaballistic mythical wife of Yahweh given to God by rebel captive Jews in Babylon who added filth and evil to God and published it as the Kaballa and the Talmud. God is said to be shacking up with Lilith, the wife of Satan at this time, and when God returns to his former wife, Shakhina, the Messianic Kingdom will be brought in.

I note that this damned son of beliel is obsessed with the goddess and moon cults. This would mean he is indwelt by a devil who loves to blaspheme God by trying to give him a wife.



Minute 25:50-
Watch for the caption.

A A Allen was a crook and faith healer who scammed a bunch of people in southern Arizona out of their property to build his alleged Miracle Valley. In the center of the housing development was Allen's mansion. The housing development was actually a community of single wide mobile homes of the cheapest quality. People paid high prices, or gave their total wealth, to Allen. The community as I saw it in 1999 was a trashed city, and I mean trashed. The scum of the Charismatic movement and mental misfits were living there. As I drove through the community I distinctly felt the power of Satan present.

How much did C S Upthegrove know about the criminal scams of Allen? I have no idea, but it is deeply offensive to hear Allen exalted to the heavenlies when, in fact, Allen was a rank crook. Allen died in a drunken stuper at one of his rallies in California.

Keep listening to the prophecy video, and you will learn that the guru of this temple of Satan in Nigeria is to be one of the Twelve Prophets around the world to usher in the Messianic Kingdom. The fact is, there are thousands of Charismatic deluded jack asses at present who are all one of the twelve apostles of the Messianic Kingdom. I gather that there will be a contest, like in the days of King Arthur of Anglia, to help all these thousands of prophets to eliminate one another down to only twelve. I am rooting for Prophet Jim of The River in Florida. He writes me about once every two years and tells me I better jump in the River or I will die soon.

There is more on AA Allen and Miracle Valley starting at 18:25. AA Allen died of alcohol poisoning, an abject alcoholic, in a sleazy hotel in San Francisco after one of his alleged healing services. His team had actually gone to the next city without him so they could set up the meeting arrangements, while Allen was to come later after he sobered up. I was told that this had come to be the pattern of his glorious healing ministry.

Well, Allen's liver succumbed, and he went to hell drunk and was warmly received I am sure. I suspect it was an untimely day in hell with he exploded from all the alcohol in his veins.

I have seen the Allen showplace in Arizona on several occasions over about 50 years. People in the area hated Allen for his crooked dealings, and if you go visit some old timer there, he will tell you that Allen had two sets of books- one in the file drawer, and one in a Cessna so he could fly off across the border into Mexico- the border was just two miles to the south. It is very interesting how many faith healers located along the Arizona southern border. T L Osborn was another. If he heard the IRS was in town, Allen illegally used the public highway near his home for a runway because there was no airport in the area.

You MUST view minute 31:15 and onward. A whirlwind of fire! What a hoot. It was actually what photographers call, "a light leak" into a cheap camera. It was probably an Argus C-3. They did that.

Now, you must also read my article on WILLIAM MARION BRANHAM. There you will see another light show, and a photo of ME with a light halo of glory. These flake healers have nothing on me, folks.

Keep watching, and at about minute 33 you will see the icon of all the ages being passed from one prophet to another-- AA Allen's rubber stamp. "The Spirit of the Lord is still in that stamp." I love this-- an "anointed" stamp. Charismatics claim anything near a healer is "anointed." The microphone, the guitar, the song, and in Nigeria, even the floor the guru stands on is "holy ground." A poor Nigerian wog prophet is getting an old decayed rubber stamp from the White man, just like the 18th century British explorers gave them beads. But, it is a magic stamp, my friend. If you believe the story Uptheflush tells, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you for $ 35.75.

Folks, when you come to this journal you learn some pretty useless but rather colorful things, right?

Also, if you want this, download it at once. We never know when the web will go down, and it is very possible that my page is the only page with the details you just read. I found no one had put any of this together anywhere on the web.



Now, as I posted this page on my web site, I sat down and wrote a prophecy to C S Upthegrove. Mr. Up the.................. my my something comes to mind..................

Let's try again, Mr. Upthegrove:

One day soon you will go to sleep for the last time, and you will wake up in hell with your soul on fire, and you will scream for water, sir. You will scream forever and forever, and there will be no water, no river, and no Shakhina or Fujiwara or Sotoba-- just hell fire."
Repent NOW, or this will be your destiny.