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The nicest country boy in Pentecostalism is also the biggest flaming heretic

By Pastor Steve Van Nattan
Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal


Because this cult of William Marion Branham is spreading all around the world, I have updated this page in order to help all Bible believers convince the deceived followers of Branham that this man was a devilish destroyer of truth.

Few Bible believers have seen the inside of Branhamism as I have.

I will not tell you how, for I do not want to personally trouble the Branhamites that I came to know who helped me learn the truth about this cult. I did come to realize that this cult is powerfully seductive and twists the minds of those caught up in it.


William Branham was born in 1909 in a dirt floored cabin in Kentucky, and his home spun origins stayed with him through life, which ended in 1965.  He was a mystic at age three and seven when he claimed to have visitations.  Who visited him is obscure.  You figure it out.  He began preaching revivals in Indiana in 1933, and after his wife died, he said God was punishing him for not preaching in Oneness Pentecostal churches.  (A "Oneness" Pentecostal church teaches that Jesus is the only manifestation of God.)

Branham claimed that throughout life he was guided by an angel who first appeared to him in a cave in Kentucky in 1946.  It is interesting that Mohammed also claimed to be visited by an angel in a cave outside of Mecca.  Branham was given power to read people's thoughts, and Charismatics David Harrell, Walter Hollenweger, and Kenneth Hagin claim that Branham's prophecies and thought reading were absolutely accurate, though Hollenweger admits that far more healings were reported than actually happened. Thought reading was not a New Testament Apostolic gift.  Rather, it is found only in Christ and in occultic mystics like Edgar Cayce.  This tells us that it is not given to anyone but
Christ, the Word,

"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."  Hebrews 4:12 .  

It is characteristic of mystic gurus that they try to clamber into the Godhead through mediumistic powers.  

The piano kept playing
By William Branham in Flagstaff, AZ

Are you acquainted with the Amish? I don't know whether you have them out here: long hair, they're very sweet people, and very clean and nice type. You know, in all the Mennonites, or Amish, and so forth, we've not got one record of a juvenile delinquent. Call them funny if you want to, but we--we got something lacking in our homes, that they have. They haven't one record in the courts of a--of a juvenile misbehavior coming among them. They bring up their children just in one way, and that's the way they go.

And this young lady was a famous pianist, a beautiful young woman, and long, blond hair fixed up in the back. And when she looked across... Now, she was Amish; she knowed nothing about Pentecost, and neither did I. But when she looked across the platform, and seen that little boy going, walking across there, she threw up her hands in the air.

Now, I know there's fanaticism, and I hope I'm not prone. I--I'm not a liar. And I--I'm not... If I'm wrong, I--I'm not willfully wrong; I'm ignorantly wrong.

But that girl threw her hands in the air, and that hair fell down across her shoulders, and she started singing in a unknown tongue. And she was playing that hymn, "The Great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus." And when she jumped up from there... I know this sounds very strange now. But this girl had never knowed nothing about speaking in tongues, but she was singing in an unknown tongue, "The Great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus." And that piano continually played, "The Great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus." Well, they piled them altars, and down through the balcony, into the floor, people screaming. That girl standing over there, with her face up like that, speaking in other tongues; and the piano the ivory keys still moving: *

The Great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping hearts to cheer,
No other Name but Jesus!

Editor: Steve Van Nattan
Here is the classic idiot at work. The Amish do not use pianos. They think they are worldly. Branham didn't bother to check any details before coming up with this and many of his stories.

Branham endeared himself to Charismatics who were tired of the glitzy greedy faith healers typical of the big meeting circuit.  Branham remained common, dressed modestly, boasted of his youthful poverty, and on occasion turned away offerings saying he had enough money yet.  He hunted big game animals in Africa and dirtied his hands in common situations with friends. He hoed weeds and mended fences and maintained a believable southwest USA image.

This was absolutely unheard of before or after Branham in the faith healing gang.  He was self-conscious about has lack of education, which has always been a hall mark of Charismatic healing hot shots. But Branham's eagerness to admit his limitations made him seem genuine. I have known a good number of his followers, and they are hard working self-sufficient survivors. They are seldom into tax rebellion and anti-government issues, but many of them home school.

Branham concealed his Oneness doctrine and his strange doctrines, and the Trinitarian Pentecostals welcomed him.  He could really pull the crowd, and the Full Gospel Business Men's International grabbed him up to bolster their entourage.  Demos Shakarian was always willing to overlook a little heresy to get the high powered platform lineup, but after Branham's weird doctrines came out, all Pentecostals distanced themselves from him except Kenneth Hagin.  Hagin claimed Branham was a true Biblical prophet, which Branham clearly insisted he was.  He was never humble about exalting himself as a true prophet.

Question: "Brother Branham, is there anything wrong with belonging to a secret lodge, after we have become a Christian, such as the Masons?"

Answer: "No Sir! You can be a Christian wherever you are. I don't care where you are, you can still be a Christian."

It has been alleged by many that Branham had been a Mason. Some believe he was mixed up possibly in Wicca or influenced somehow by it. He bragged about the Masons helping him when he was a boy and needed medical help. He never once spoke against this cult.

His trips into the woods at night for spiritual encounters makes us wonder if he was into some neo-wiccian experience like Joseph Smith and his woods experiences with supposed angels that turned out to be wiccian visits. The visit of the spirit in his private shack in the woods at night (and his cave hide out with the pyramid in the ceiling) gives us suspicions especially after he started using mystic methods in his meetings. Many high ranking world Masons in government and business and involved in wicca and satanism received him by a mysterious hand grip.How could he have known these secret signs and grips without being a member himself?

He believed the writings of the Jewish Kabbalah and the Talmud were sacred. He taught the doctrine of Lilith and the serpent seed. The serpent seed doctrine came out of the perverted Jewish Kabbalah and the Babylonian Talmud. Was Branham a god, a junior elohim, a malaki, a spirit being manifested, an avatar, a magician using the name of Jesus for his miracles? Did Branham claim to be God or an angel manifested? Many believe he was a god. Some believe he was an angel manifest on par with Michael and Gabriel. They use the word "angel" to mean more than a man, a spirit being incarnated.



Some of his followers made him Jesus Christ manifest again, they baptized in his name for the remission of sins. In the autobiography, "Footsteps In The Sand Of Time," Branham claims Moses and Elijah were manifestations of God. He challenges his followers to look at him and see if they do not see the same God manifested again and he was not refering to a move of the Spirit u pon his life, but a real incarnation.

After his untimely death, many went to his grave and held vigils expecting him to self-resurrect himself and prove to the world he was God. What about the serpent seed doctrine (a rebuttal soon to be published at this site)? This doctrine comes to us via Jewish mysticism and a reinterpretation of the fall of Adam and Eve embodied in Babylonian, Jewish, and other branches of gnosticsm.

The sexual orgies of the mystery cults reenacted the serpent seed interpretation ad part of their rites and rituals that were started by Nimrod and his sister/wife Semiramas. The serpent seed doctrine is not a revelation of God. It is an old corruption and reinterpretation that was used in the Baal religion in the Old Testament.

A tape recording of the serpent seed doctrine that was made prior or subsequent to Branham coming out with it, and possibly the message that converted him to the doctrine, is extant. In it, the white races are the good seed and the negro and mingled races are the serpent's seed.

Many Jews interpreted the serpent seed to be the Gentiles in their Talmud. The doctrine comes from Babylonian gnosticism and the Jewish adoption of the sexual reinterpretation of the fall they wrote afterward into the Kabbalah and their Talmud. This doctrine is the basis of Jewish gnosticism and is incorporated into all branches of Judaism today that rejects Jesus as the Messiah. It is a false doctrine through and through.

Branham insisted that anyone baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit must be re-baptized in the name on Jesus Only.  He claimed that the sin of Eve in the Garden was that she had sexual relations with Satan.  This is also claimed by Medieval Roman Catholics, and it is claimed that women today can have sex with Satan by some nut case "converted" witches.  This is an old saw used to stimulate the imaginations of those who need this stimulation but feel wrong buying a Playboy. The sin of Eve heresy lead later to Branham's teaching that if you saw anything bad heppening, a woman was the cause of it-- All trouble in the world is because of women.

Branham claimed that some people in the earth today are descended from the seed of Eve and Satan, which illustrates the peril of this doctrine some Fundamentalists promote-- Angels had sex with earthly women and produced half-man, half-devil beings.  Some teach that this will happen again soon.  Beware, "for in heaven they do neither give nor take in marriage."  Why would God give the angels that fell sexual powers when they never had them in heaven?  Why would He not tell us about it?  Stop this fool conjecturing.

Branham taught that anyone who received his teaching became the seed of God.  This, with his seed of Satan and Eve, sounds vaguely familiar to anyone who has studied the sexual program of Mormonism.  Branham taught that others in denominations who are saved will have to go through the Great Tribulation to be cleansed.

Perhaps the most devilish aspect of Branham's life was a halo, aura, or, according to his followers, "a pillar of fire" which hung over his head.  Every one of their churches has a picture of Branham photographed with the halo glowing over his head.  One church I was in had the halo only in a photo, like an icon in a Roman Catholic of Greek Orthodox church.  His followers all have this picture in their homes as a sort of icon.  They also are transfixed with any cloud that looks peculiar, as if it is some sort of sign. Bible believers know full well that halos are the sole property of the Roman Catholic Whore system, and there is NO such thing in the whole Bible. This is a wicked prank Branham played on his followers.

Below you can see that Branham has nothing on me.
I can produce the same signs he did with a ceiling light and a step stool.

 Every follower of his adapts to the home spun temperament.  They have all his sermons taped and on a shelf at the front of all churches in the cult, and the central aspect of every meeting is the tape recorder on which they play his tapes, often still using old reel to reel tapes.  Also, I have found that most, not all, of the cult today look down on those of us who are destined to go through the Great Tribulation, and they are often bold in showing their disdain for us.

I have found Branham's followers to be highly cultic and recluse.  They avoid any other Christians who are not believers in Branham.  Also, because of Branham's death in 1965, his followers today are woefully ignorant and disinterested in recent fulfilled prophecy, and they are not informed in Satan's devices in the New Age Movement and Hindu Eastern intrusions into the world church.  They believe that Branham was a true prophet, and this gullibility opens them wide to receive another Prophet-- the False Prophet.  One church I saw with the Branham mystique had piles of Branham's books in every pew from which they studied.  They are perhaps even further along than the Seventh Day Adventist who exalt Ellen G. White, in practical terms, higher than the Bible.


The succession of prophets according to Branham are:  

The Apostle Paul
Saint Martin--  A Roman Catholic flake
Martin Luther
William Marion Branham

I note that the last great prophet today, to Branham's followers, is Saint Panasonic, the mystic tape recorder used to play Branham's tapes on Sunday morning. Branhamites don't trust any man on earth today to teach the Word of God.


Just like the pyramid... Did you notice how the pyramid was made (not a pyramid doctrine now, just a pyramid)? Look on your one dollar bill. The seal of the United States is that eagle. Well, why does it say over there on the pyramid, "The Great Seal?" Why would it be greater here in United States than-- and the seal of the United States, the Great Seal, the eye watching?

And the-- the capstone that goes upon the pyramid was, it was rejected. It never was on the pyramid, isn't to this day: the Stone of Scone, they claim. But it never was put on, the capstone. Why? When Enoch, and them in the early days, built the pyramids down in Egypt, we find out that in there they knew that the cornerstone--or the capstone would be rejected. And that pyramid is put so perfectly together till they don't need mortar. It was so mechanically hewed out until one stone fits against the other one so tight you can't even put a razor blade between them.

Now, it's kept creeping up, and now it's all honed off on top, ready for the capstone when it will come.

We don't have to look to much further to see what he taught is contrary to what God says. Branham taught that the Word of God was given in three forms, the Zodiac, the Egyptian pyramids, and the written scripture.(Al Dager, Vengeance is Ours, Sword, p. 59).

The idea that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was constructed by Enoch as a memorial to God ( All Things Are Possible, p. 162).

Kurt Koch wrote: "...Branharm's parents believed in fortune telling and he was burdened through occultism at an early age."

Branham, has a pyramid shaped tombstone. So he was very much influenced by paganism Branham said the ZODIAC AND THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS were equal to the Scriptures in the revelation of God's word. he has a pyramid shaped tombstone in Indiana. (William M. Branham, Adoption (Jeffersonville, IN: Spoken Word Publications), pp. 31,104)

The names of the churches superimposed over the men's names in the following order: Ephesian-Paul ; Smyrnea-Ireneaus ; Pergamean-Martin ; Thyatirean-Columba ; Sardisean-Luther; Philadelphia-Wesley; Laodicean-Branham (well named since he represents this church age perfectly with being a false prophet of the church) I find it somewhat interesting to assign men to each church when the bible does not, and then to put oneself in the book of Revelation like this is boasting.

William Branham believed in three bibles. He claimed that in addition to the written Bible that we all know, there are two others: "The first one, he put in the sky, the Zodiac he made the next one in the pyramid, back in the days of enoch"
(Robert Livesay, Understanding Deception, new wine press 1989)

This is pure occultism. People involved in esoterism and theosophy have believed this long before Branham.

Willian M. Branham's grave marker
The top stone is clearly an effort at a cap stone
which he said was not put on the great
pyramid-- It was to be added later
by a prophet of revelation...
What an arrogant snob!

Result:  The teaching that Eve had sex with Satan opens these folks to the witchcraft doctrines of incubus and succubus attacks.  I would be very surprised if these illusions have not been thrust on many of them in night visits by devils.  The home spun and common appearance of these folks, like the Amish and their sexual depravity, is a thin candy veneer covering much evil and an imagination centered on the libido.  Experience with the cults and psycho-mystic Christianity teaches me that this must be assumed.  Is this fair without dragging it out of them?  "We are not ignorant of his devices." Also, because Branham taught that women are the cause of all bad things, and that women are intensely tempted by sex, I KNOW that the extreme modesty of Branhamite women is because they have come to believe this heresy, and they are in terror of themselves. This is precisely the same doctrine that Mohammed taught. Mohammed said that a woman is a walking sex organ, and Branhamite woman behave just like Muslims women when around other men. They are terrified of themselves.

Result:  Branham's followers may generally be unsaved since they have added to the Revelation which was closed with a curse in Revelation 22.  Ironically, they plan to beat the rest of us out of here in the Rapture, when, in fact, for adding to the Word of God, "God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"  Rev. 22:18.  The tape library in a Branham church is a sacred treasure on the same level as the Bible.  For this, they are a heretical cult.

Are some of Branham's followers saved?  Possibly, if they do NOT hold Branham to be a true prophet, for he was obviously a devilized mystic.  Also, they may not hold Branham's tapes to be revelation on the same level with the Bible.

You are a Balaam and a fool if you give these folks comfort in their cult.  You ought to lovingly challenge them in the areas mentioned above with Scriptural proofs.  

2 Timothy 4:3, For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;  
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.  
5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.







Note the pyramid in the ceiling with the stone table below the pyramid. It is interesting that Mohammed also claimed he got revelation in a cave outside of


This cave was revealed by Branham's daughter!

Second Site where this may be found


VIDEO: Branham exalting himself and playing all manner of tricks with the Word of God. His visions are clearly demonic visitations.




PHOTO ALBUM OF BRANHAM: Mystic halo, cloud, and other
vanity are seen here:

This is the sermon in print.
This is the Real Audio version. You can see why Branhan
stood apart from the showy faith healers like Oral Roberts
and the drunk A.A. Allan.

While this man's salvation doctrine is heretical, his data on
Branham has not proven in error to me, so you ought to read it
for information.


These people try to get links from your Web Site whicle they
conceal who they are. Many of their ideas sound interesting,
and they do NOT have the sermons by Branham in which he
trashes women and his other heresies.