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1. There are: a. Seven literal churches in Asia Minor (Turkey) in John's day; b. Seven kinds of churches present in almost any church age in any part of "Christendom," and; c. Seven ages of the Church, the last (our age) being purely apostate.

2. Physical Babylon will be destroyed about this time, or God lied. Jeremiah 50-51 and Isaiah 13 have not been fulfilled! It is possible that this destruction even pre-dates the 70th week of Daniel, and we saints will see it before we leave. It could get hotter in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein or his successor along with Russia could devastate Egypt. Jeremiah 44:30; Jeremiah 46:13-28; Ezekiel 29:19-21; Ezekiel 30:10-26. These texts, which are avoided by alleged "prophecy scholars," easily fall under the two-time fulfillment principle.

3. See I Thes. 4:13 - 5:11, II Thes. 2:1-end, and I Cor. 15:51-52 for Rapture texts. Also, see Luke 17:28-30 for Wrath teaching for Jews, not the Church!

Regarding the II Thes. 2:1-end teaching, this text is systematically avoided by prophecy teachers. Why? They do not want to deal with the fact that the saints may identify the Son of Perdition just before the Rapture.

Is this important? No. It is mentioned only here. It is one of two "signs" of the Rapture's nearness. The other is the "falling away" of Christendom, indeed the whole world will rebel against the ".... the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." (John 1:9)

Is it weak of saints to have a healthy curiosity in the "falling away" and the revealing of the "son of perdition?"

No. This is how saints, as in I Thes. 5:1-4, avoid being overtaken as a thief. They know the "times and seasons."

The signs of Matt. 24 and Luke 17 are for the Jews, but even the proximity of these events and their prelude-like activities in the Middle East, should encourage and inform the alert saint, alleged "scholars" notwithstanding.

It is my desire to be charitable in this conviction, so feel free to draw a vertical arrow to adjust the timing of the Rapture to your own zeal. Charts are not inspired, however; if you copy this chart with any changes, either note that they are not mine or remove my name from the chart. Again, charts are not inspired. Thanks, and we'll get it all 100% corrected on the way up.


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4. The 70th week of Daniel begins with the signing of the peace treaty between Satan's Beast and Israel- Dan. 9:27. The "peace" era, which may in fact be filled with wars and rumors of wars (Matt. 24:5-6 are in descending order for a reason), will NOT be part of God's wrath.

Why? The Lord Jesus stated that the "Wrath" era is God's Wrath, not Satan's,and it will be shortened. Matt. 24:15-22- It is clear that the Satanic deception precedes the revealing of Satan's Antichrist. So the 3½ years up front in the 70the week / seven year period is human chaos following the Holy Spirit's exit as salt in the saints, I.E. Rapture (II Thes. 2:6-8).

It is very curious how many, John Paul Papa Roma, the USA, PLO, "Arab Nation," Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and soon the EC, all want to broker and sign on the line to secure peace in Israel. Israel is also obsessed with the ultimate peace plan.

5. If you are a Jew, read Matthew 24 and Luke 17 very care-fully. God will show you which way to run and hide, but you may be surprised to find that your best friends are the Arabs around Taima and Moab at the Arnon. (Isaiah 21:12-17; 16:1-5 Note: The cross references that I give you, like these two, are NOT found in books on prophecy. Some are not PC to modern pagan Zionism, while others are just too obscure to the average money grubbing Balaam. READ THEM please. Some of them are just now becoming clear, and you don't have to have a PhD to get up-to-the-minute light from the Holy Spirit.)

6. Satan's false peace must NOT be added to God's wrath. They are mutually exclusive, though both are grievous. Satan's peace and war era is out of his hate for men and Jews. God's wrath is out of His justice, love, and purifying zeal for Israel.

7. The last human theology, ECOLOGY, is attacked by God. It is amazing how many gods of creation are wasted or become the enemies of the wicked. Even the animals, those precious idols of Darwinianism, attack them.

8. The Whore or Rome, which becomes the Whore of all world religions, has moved to Shinar by this point. (Zech. 5:5-11) The degree to which Laodicean churches fawn over the Whore of Rome now is the sign we are near worldwide Whoredom. Note Monsignor Billy Graham's praise of the Pope and for Al Gore's environmentalism, as well as the evangelistic exaltation of His Hellish-ness John Paul II by Jack Van Impe.

Where Rajneesh failed, Papa Roma conquers with ease.

9. AIDS, Ebola, or some such disease, even a man-made one, will be permitted by God to kill millions. God may even have diseases on inventory from the creation! (Deut. 28:58-62)

10. With this vast sorrow and God-designed wrath behind them, those men still, in raging hate, refuse to repent. (Rev. 9:20-21) Is not God justified in dealing them the final blow at Armageddon?

11. This short neglected period is very consistent with God's eternal principles. Sabbath rest follows God's mighty "work" of wrath. Not that He is tired, rather;

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He does things by His holy laws even in the future eras. Rest is to be forced back into the Kingdom era. Saints will never again work seven days.

12. The Gospel now is to repent to God and have faith in Jesus Christ, which results in speaking about it to men. (Acts 20:20-21 with Rom. 10:9-10)

During the 70th week era, a few believers will be preserved, but the vast majority of saints will die for their bold faith, and none will take the mark of the Beast and go to heaven. Works following conversion will be much more obvious than during the age of Grace. (Rev. 12:11; 21:7-8)

13. Satan is called "the god of this world" in II Cor. 4:3-4. He will obliterate the Gospel except for a handful of witnesses. See also Eph. 2:2 and 6:12.

14. Satan's assault on the Jews, Jerusalem, and all men will begin at the signing of the peace treaty with Israel and the many (nations), and it will run all the way through the wrath of God era (3½ years) to the end of seven years at Armageddon. So, the last half of the 70th week will be pure terror around the clock for all men, even the Tribulation saints will suffer.

15. It seems to me that Ezekiel's chapters 38-39 are here or just before Armageddon, but they are a separate event from the battle of Armageddon. There is no way to imagine the terror that will swirl around Israel as Satan tries to finally wipe out the objects of the prophecies- the Jews. It is supremely absurd to think that Christ would leave his Bride to suffer through this era. There is no point in it. Christendom at large, those not born again, will be eager to serve Satan and the Whore system, the Pope no doubt leading much of the party. They ARE NOT the Church of the seed / Bride of the present age.

16. My application of these events is meant to be food for thought. This seems to be the meaning of repeating these passages, Chapter 10 and 17 that is.

17. A vacuum of peace is another cut worse than perpetual war. This curse will affect all areas of life- national, home, social, and vocation. Never has such a time remotely existed in all the ages.

18. Vs. 12-13- Sun, moon, and stars: See also, Isaiah 13:9-10, 24:19-23; all of chapter 24; and Daniel 12. Note the geological language in Isaiah texts. See also Joel 2:19-23 for the completion of the prophecy partially quoted by Peter in Acts 2. Vs. 31 of Joel 2 shows that the Jews see this as a sign. It has nothing to do with the Church which is gone in the Rapture.

Modern Charismatics will no doubt miss the rapture. Their raucous phallic laughter cult and roaring sessions testify that they are sold out to Satan. Their "Shandilyamai" which means, "In praise of the mother goddess" in Vedanta Hinduism, has joined the Roman Mary cult. So, their favorite text in Joel 2 will be abundantly fulfilled in them ad nauseam in the tribulation wrath. Added

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to "holy laughter" will be holy nudity, holy orgy (as at Sinai), holy cannibalism of Jews (Psalm 53:4; 44:11), and holy coitus (as in ancient Babylonian temples). Now, you Post-Trib. Balaams-- would you please tell me why God would leave His beloved saints here to suffer through this wrath? Cf. Matt. 24:29. Babylon's destruction coincides with this period. (Jeremiah 50-51).

19. Emphasis is on the angel's work, not the trumpets.

20. 8:5 is before the wrath begins, since the seven angels have not yet commenced their trumpet fanfare. So, we my assume that the falling fire and from the altar to the earth is a response to the Antichrist's entry into the Most Holy Place of the temple. Blasphemy seems to trigger the wrath of God. Coals of fire fall to purify the temple mount. (Isaiah 6:6-7).

21. 8:7 must be taken literally. Only one third of trees, but all grass, shows a selective wrath, perhaps the grain is the target. Modern farmers world-wide have long ago ceased to give the land a rest. It will get one courtesy of God's wrath.

The earth will later come back to life after all this greenery is destroyed. What does that say about the paranoia over cutting down the trees today? The goddess, "Mother Nature," will become a terror and withered ghost to the wicked.

22. 8:8 is where the New Ager's whale, dolphin, and seal gods will be destroyed. This is truly strange fire which poisons the sea.

23. 8:10-11 brings wormwood. Is it a comet of solid arsenic? They will run out of Perrier water and beer real fast. All water for drinking will be affected.

24. 8:12 is easy to understand if we consider 10 or 15 big volcanoes going off at once. Note: Both day and night have no light for one third of them. Darkness as we know it is a blessing. During God's wrath the darkness will be a close fitting blanket of terror.

25. Three woes are predicted in 8:13. Israel and the nations rejected God the Father in the Old Testament, God the Son in the Gospels or Messianic presentation, and the Holy Spirit in Acts 1-9. Peter, Paul, and the Apostles then went to the Gentiles with the "mystery" of the Church Age. Thus, the world which chose Satan over the Godhead will have Satan's godhead, full force, loosed on them. After the gods of nature are wasted and torment man, this is the final god system turning against man, that is, the god of this world.

9:1-11 are to be taken literally. Woe one (Angel no. 5) is in the form of locusts which are are NOT helicopters! They are UFO-type devils loosed from "the deep" to rage against mankind worldwide. Reports come from China right now of animal-like UFOs which are quite common. The Chinese government has requested the UN to investigate for them!

Note the parallel of darkness in the re-run of the seven angels in the 5th angel in 16:10.


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Note also the devolution (opposite of evolution) which man has to see so graphically! Those who believe men came from ugly primal freaks will have to entertain some very classy forms of them for 5 months.

26. Woe Two (Angel no. 6) is again literal. It is the host of devils from hell loosed on mankind. These do not merely hurt-- they kill. This is not vol- canoes, rather; it is fire-breathing devils. The 200,000,000 army is not from the Far East, as some prophecy "scholars" claim. It is right out of the Euphrates river-- right out of the plains of Shinar where Nimrod started the first God-hating cult in Gen. 10:8-10. Why out of the river? Devils are said to be in "the deep," and they were sent there by Jesus at Gaderra. All of the devils that men have worshipped seem to be released to kill them.

16:12 parallels this here. The Euphrates is dried up at the same point. The kings of the east are not the 200 million devils. They come at the same time as a wave of human terror and may number more than 200 million! They are no doubt on their way to Armageddon. They may also wipe out Babylon as they come along (Jeremiah 51:40-55).

Note that in Vs. 20-21 the survivors would not repent of their sins. There is no questioning God's justice in bringing death on these rebels.

27. Woe Three (Angel no. 7) is judgment by God of the earth. The altar is brought forward. It is not hidden from view in heaven, and it is the ark of the tabernacle from Moses day. It is not in a cave in Jordan! When the ark is presented, again fire falls from it to the earth (Isaiah 6:6-7). That which is precious in heaven is terror to the wicked. Deuteronomy 4:24, "For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God."

Also, compare 11:19 with 16:18 which is the rerun of the 7 angelic wrath delivery. Also, compare 11:15 with 16:19. The parallel passages seem to me to be two parts of a complete picture, not 14 consecutive angelic deliveries.

28. 10:1-11:14 is a parenthetic discussion between Woe Two (Angel 6) and Woe Three (Angel 7). It seems to me to be a parenthetic to encourage the Bible believing Jew who studies this book. It shows that God will judge in the end (James 5:9), and it reveals that two witnesses will announce God's justice and wrath to the world, but standing on the bull's eye of history-- the streets of Jerusalem.

Here are my nominations for The Two Witnesses:

Witness One: It seems from Rev. 10:9-11, vs. 11 in particular, that John may be one of the two witness who will prophecy one more time to many nations and tongues, something he did not do in his day.

Witness Two: The other witness may very well be Daniel. In Daniel 12:9-13, Daniel is told to seal the book until he stands in his lot in the era he wrote about. Pretty obvious, eh? In Revelation John sees the book unsealed. John finally eats the book, and then is told he will prophecy. In Daniel 12:13 Daniel is promised a "lot" in the

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end of days. It may well be that he will join John as the trans-dispensational witness to the completion of the prophecies against rebellious men and to encourage the Jewish faithful. If you have nominated Moses and Elijah for the office of two witnesses, well that's all right. God has not told us directly anyway.

29. 11:6 seems to point to Moses and Elijah as the two witnesses since they did these acts before in the Old Testament. John was called one of the "sons of Thunder" in the Gospel. He wanted to call down fire on rebels in Luke 9:54.

30. 11:8 shows that, until Messiah Jesus Christ comes back to cleanse Jerusalem and reign there, that city is filthy. It is Sodom and Egypt. This is the Egypt of Pharaoh and the exquisitely filthy paganism of that nation.

The books of Judaism today are the Talmud, the Mishna,and the Cabbala, NOT the Bible.

This present day fawning over pagan Zionists and agnostic Jews is madness. The Mossad and Jewish

Freemasonry called Banai Berith are as steeped in atheism and paganism as any One World New Age occult coven.

The vast majority of the Jews in Israel will be destroyed in God's wrath. See Daniel 11:31-32; 11:13;

Zephaniah 3:11; Daniel 12:10; Amos 9:10-11; Matt. 24:40-41; Rev. 2:9; and Malachi 4:1-2. Satan loves to see Bible believers exalt unsaved Israel and its alleged "right to the land." Israel has NO rights until they repent and weep for their rejection of Messiah.

Israel was rebuked over and over for their treatment of the stranger in the land. The "stranger" today, the Palestinians, are hated fervently by both Zionists and Fundamental Baptists. Our responsibility to Israel and the Jews is to give them the Gospel so that they will not be lunch for the Antichrist. Also, our Gospel witness must go to the Palestinians and Muslims. You don't agree? Check out Zephaniah 3:8-12 and Jeremiah 12:14-17.

Who do you suppose the prophets are talking about, Baptist tourists? You myopic mental midgets from Lynchburg are a grave and nauseas offense to the Holy Ghost, and I say that charitably.

Before leaving this discussion, note that the Jews who repent and flee into the wilderness will be rewarded by restoration. Isaiah 26:19-21; Hosea 5:15 - 6:3; I Cor, 15:22-24; Zeph. 3:8-14; Rev. 12:1-6; 20:1-4; Zech. 14:9-

[ 21. These and other texts promise the repenting and believing Jews great hope of both resurrection to life in the Kingdom as well as the covenant literally and geographically fulfilled. We must NOT diminish the joy of this glorious promise for saved Jews today. ]

31. Noisome- evil, grievous, and tormenting. Cf. Ps. 91:3; Ez. 14:21. Rev. 16:2 implies the "mark" caused the sore. Al Gore hates the terror of Fundamentalist "doom" prophecy. Why? There is coming real physical pain and terror. Perhaps it will be cancer or some virus type mutation caused by the hi-tech. devices used to scan the "mark?"

Get it clear-- the Church age saints go out to Glory some time before the "mark" is demanded under threat, but it may be offered before that, or some pre-type of it. Discuss: How far can we go without offending our Lord?

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32. Coagulated blood. The blood in the veins of a dead man is blue. In the open it is red. Details are somewhat lacking here. A true literalist (I am one of them) will see this as real blood. The world has shed much blood in recent years in war, abortion, and planned bio-designed pestilence (AIDS), so God gives them blood. Selah.

33. 16:4 implies red blood similar to the plague in Egypt. It is not necessary to imagine this is a red ocean tide.

Be literal. Vs. 5-7 gives the explanation of why blood.

34. 16:8-9 implies an intensifying of the sun's heat. Could the New Age space cadets finally be getting their "greenhouse global warming?" Or, perhaps volcano eruptions break loose world wide. God is at no loss to arrange this. 8:12 parallels this showing that the light of the sun actually dims. This points to a greenhouse pressure cooker.

35. Pain without death as a release. 9:1-11 shows how the pain is produced by physical incarnations of devils.

16:10-11 shows God's judgment of tongues (Halla wallah soopai in a moon pai). Beware of blasphemous tongues speaking. God has plans for those tongues. Gross sexual evil, the great past time of TBN tongues speakers, will also be punished here.

36. The Euphrates River contains 4 bound angels (devils) 9:14. Good angels are never bound. The river dries up, and three spirits go world wide to gather the nations. 16:12-13 shows that this is the anti-godhead, the dragon, beast, and false prophet. Frogish croaks are already heard these days from Jack Van Impe, Billy Graham, Appalling Crouch, and Pat Robertson.

Compare vs. 14 with Desert Storm, the UN's call to battle in Bosnia, the Iraq war, and the next one. Our atmosphere is apocalyptic. The call will be justified-- "To secure a just and durable peace."

Quote: George Bush-- "Out of the horror of war will come the recognition that no nation can stand against a world united."

37. Christ's appearance brings terror (16:17) to the unsaved rebels. Note the parallel of 11:19 and 16:18. In vs. 19 Jerusalem is changed physically. Will the temple built for the Beast fall into the bottomless pit? Also, Babylon receives its final blast. This is the absolute latest that Jeremiah 50-51 can be fulfilled.

Islands are lost, mountains crumble, ice or space rocks fall from the seat of astrology, and I think the world's cities are completely destroyed to make way for Messianic kingdom's agrarian simplicity. Cities are where man concentrates his depraved art, music, culture, fashions, and sodomite and sensual filth. So long, Madison Square Gardens and Dodger Stadium, and good riddance to the Castro District of San Francisco.



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38. As Hitler got drunk on Vatican power, these kings drink deep at the Whores cup. The Pope today doles out audiences to the leaders of the world who will cow tow to His Hellishness.

The Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, and the Jesuits today maneuver day and night for power over the nations.

They also retain "The Holy Office" for the future restoration of the Inquisition of Jews and Tribulation saints.

17:12 may well be the coming extension of the 10 world regions set up by the Club of Rome, and which now is being implemented by the UN. The UN "chapel" consists of nothing but 10 thrones with ten chandeliers hanging over them.

39. In spite of many notions about coming Babylon, Saddam Hussein has restored Babylon completely, and a good case can be made for spiritual Babylon moving back to Shinar. The final destruction of Babylon in vs. 19 parallels Jeremiah 50-51, where Jer. 50:9-13 parallel Daniel 9:27 so that Satan's favorite city, built by Nimrod the Hamite impostor, will finally be wasted.

17:10-13 breaks down like this:

Syria, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, Iraq (Chaldeans)
Israel (not yet-- until 1948!!) Dan. 9:27, from which comes-
The 8th, The Beast or Antichrist rules and Babylon is a
       Jew. He rules over the Middle East, subduing 5, one
       seems to dominate, and one (the Beast) comes later.
The beast rules in the Holy Mount between
       the seas (Dan. 11:45), but also retains rule over the Whore
       church which is seated in Shinar
       (Zech. 5:5-11).

The return of Jews from Russia culminates here (Zech. 2:6-7) as well as a flight by present deceived Jews from the Babylonian Whore church (the Pope). Zech. 6:9-12 shows that a mini captivity must be fled from for the Tribulation Jews to be ready for the BRANCH, Messiah. Present day Jews are giving Jerusalem to the Pope right now-- how terrifying.

So there will be a spiritual Babylon in the plains of Shinar, ruled by Antichrist from Jerusalem. Jack Van Impe may well be the future altar boy of Ishtar and Baal. Secular Babylon will be ruled by ten kings lifted up at the last minute from around the world. Could the 7 kings of the Middle East pull this off today? Yes, with their oil reserves and Israel's abundance of food.

To this scene, add the Old Testament poetic presentation of the Tribulation and Israel's cry for the Kingdom found in Psalms 43-53. Note the cannibalism (Cana Baal- Priests of Baal) of Jews by the Beast's Whorish hounds. Can you get a vision of Billy Graham and Jack Van Impe throwing a feast of sauteed Jew for the coronation of the Pope? It WILL happen after God sends the "New Mind" of II Thes. 2:8-11.

40. The Church age will include the Laodicean Tare / Whore church until the flight of Israel. This Weed / Whore church will continue into the last half of the 70th week of Daniel as the Beast's self-worship system, exalting him in the place of God and as Antichrist.

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The Wheat / Bride Church will be raptured during the Laodicean era but well before its end. This may account for the growing puzzlement of Bible believers as to the timing of the rapture. We are the exception, while the Laodicean church is the status quo up to Armageddon.

The blow by blow will no doubt be carried world wide on TBN as, "The battle of 'The Christ of Jerusalem' against Satan." Pat Robertson and Appalling Crouch may well be the "anchors" giving the Satanic explanation of the attack by man and Satan on heaven. Pity the theological nut case who thinks God would leave His Church in that scene.

41. The end of the witness of the everlasting Gospel will come from Christ Himself. 22:12-21 presents us with Christ Himself

a. Giving the Gospel invitation;
b. Warning those who reject the Gospel by showing them the company they will keep for eternity, and:
c. Warning anyone who would dare to mutilate the written Word of His Gospel-- the eternal Logos.

Thus, Satan has put it in the heart of unsaved demon possessed Bible mutilators today to multiply millions of counterfeit copyrighted Bibles world-wide. They mutilate the Bible in the pulpits, Bible colleges, seminaries, on the missionfield, and in the publishing houses. Unless Jesus was just beating the air to amuse Himself-- their damnation is certain-- Revelation 22:18-19. The consequences of promoting corrupt Bible versions are terrifying.

Those of you who have defended the absolute perpetual preservation of only the King James Bible-- you who have been mocked and belittled by scholars, friends, and family-- you will see these Bible mutilators drop into the bottomless pit by and by. Their false professions will then be made manifest. Until then Jude 22-23 applies-- don't give up.

It is time we understood that the last tango of Satan is being foisted upon the world-- the last mad attack on the Word of God-- on Jesus Christ personally. We dare not give one inch to those who promote and peddle these funny books like the NIV, NASB, Living (dead) Bible, NKJV et al and ad nauseam. Can those who promote these non-bibles lose their salvation? No, so it is clear that these men in so-called Fundamental pulpits are not, and never were, born again. They have followed after the way of Balaam for gain. You would get more truth out of Balaam's jack ass than out of these late great two penny scholars.

This is the last test of those on the Narrow Way (which was invented by Christ Himself). Will we agree with The Lord Jesus Christ and call these hirelings what they are-- devilized wolves in sheep's clothing? Will we call these Bible mutilators to repentance, or will we imagine that the Word Himself will wimp out on His own forecast of damnation of these wicked pseudo saints? "Go-to-hell" bibles are carried by "go-to-hell" christianettes. Their only hope is to repent toward God and have faith in Jesus Christ-- the Lord of the King James Bible 1611. Preach it brother.



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Why are there nearly 200 English versions of the Bible?

Answer: English will be the one-world language of the Beast. Satan needs to destroy the authority of an "authorized" Bible. By the time the rapture comes, the KJV will be considered trivial trash by the Laodicean church worldwide. It will be declared pornographic and politically incorrect by then.

Noah Webster had this notion long ago, and his bible bombed. "Hit me again dealer" in the Laodicean era, and BINGO, the world church would make Webster rich today. There's no gamble anymore in publishing a mutilated bible. They sell on the ends of the aisles at Walmart like hot cakes.

Ephesians 6:14, "Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:"

On guard, you "scholarship only" boys-- pull out your little butter knife of the NIV, NASB, or the Living Burbble. You're already whipped dear sinner friend, and you're also damned to hell-- unless you repent and be converted. There is no better thing you can do with an NIV or NASB than to burn it and return to the Living Word-- the KJV 1611-- the Bible God has used for the last 350 years-- the Bible Satan hates-- the Bible of all the great revivals. But then, you would lose all your friends like Bobby Schuler, Cardinal Billy Graham, Dr. James Dumbson, Chuck "the swindler" Swindol, and Appalling Crouch.

If the jack ass that talked to Balaam met Appalling Crouch and rebuked him, Crouch would yell, "Halleluuuuuujah, Shandilyamai Shundai," and he would give the donkey prime time to talk on TBN. The jack ass would be run all over the country to appear with seminary presidents and scholars in TV interviews, and Zondervan would publish a book of the jack ass's great prophetic brayings. Thomas Nelson would then publish a new Bible-- "Good News for Jack Asses," and Promise Kreepers would call a conference to teach men to hug their jack asses more. Benny Hinn would hand out free feed bags and rolled oats, while Falwell would ride the jack ass around at the county fair-- Yeee Haaa. In these last days Balaams do abound.

It is not hard to see who the champions of these mutilated Bibles really are? Perhaps you think I have labored this Word of God issue too much. Well friend, this was the first attack on God's created children in the Bible, for Satan said in Genesis 3:1, "Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"

Satan's New Insane Version only added the word, "any". "Dynamic equivalence" anyone?

So, here at the end of the Bible, and at the end of the Church age, "Yea hath God hath said?" remains the central issue and the last issue. You won't get the grace Eve received. You get damnation if, after receiving all of God's revelation, you opt for the serpent's revised version. JESUS has already damned you if you have picked up a mutilated "Word." If this has con- victed and worried you, well, then I have hope for you.


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If this chart and these last paragraphs have only enraged you, well then, run along and find a nice soft Web page  :-)  Your smug conceit, your marveling at the Greek penultimate, your "problem texts," your illiterate "better renderings," your "dynamic equivalence," your legendary "Septuagint," and your cheap "scholarly" notions will make fine kindling for the Lake of Fire. I plead the precious Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ against you, and I order the devil in you to leave me alone.
The Lord be magnified.


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Pastor Steve Van Nattan--
       Hill Country, Texas




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