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While driving in Pennsylvania, a family caught up to an Amish carriage.The owner of the carriage obviously had a sense of humor, because attached to the back of the carriage was a hand printed sign...

"Energy efficient vehicle.
Runs on oats and grass.
Caution: Do not step on exhaust."


Pastor of Bruderhoff Communities

The Bruderhof is a Christian community movement, modeled after the earliest Christian church in Jerusalem (Acts 2:44-47,

4:32-35). In keeping with the spirit and teachings of Jesus Christ, we try to live a life that is pleasing to God and of service to all humankind.

Our roots draw from many sources of inspiration: the New Testament, writings of early Christian witnesses; teachings of radical Reformers in the 16th century (the first Hutterites in particular); writings and sermons of J. C. Blumhardt and C. F. Blumhardt, revival pastors of 19th century Germany; the German Youth Movement of the early 1900's, and many other sources. These influences have led to a unique cultural blend, but the essence of our life is the discipleship of Christ. Everything else is secondary. This kind of discipleship means turning away from the egotistic, materialistic ways so prevalent in modern society. While never a popular or easy way of life, it nevertheless brings fulfillment and joy.

Since our start in 1920, we have relocated from Germany to England, then to Paraguay, South America, and finally to the United States. Our group has been known by different names over the years, including "Sociedad Fraternal Hutteriana" (in South America), "Society of Brothers", and "Hutterian Brethren". The first and last reflect our association with the modern Hutterites, descendants of the 16th century reformers.

The Bruderhof now comprises 7 communities and about 2000 members. Although we are not perfect people, we are trying our best to live a radically Christ-centered life in the midst of a crumbling society. We seek contact with other individuals and groups who share this goal.


We encourage all who have a serious interest in this way of life to visit one of our communities. Check out our address list if you are considering a visit. No amount of reading can convey the spirit of our life together like a visit can.

For more information about the Bruderhof communities, please contact us by mail, phone or fax :

Bruderhof Community
Woodcrest, Route 213
Rifton, NY 12471
voice: (914) 658-8351
fax: (914) 658-3317


Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal:   So, are these heirs of the Anabaptist heritage keeping up Menno Simons' demands for the holy life?  Are they untainted by the Roman Whore as the first Mennonites were?  Observe, as the Anabaptists court the Whore of Rome:



We Met Mother Teresa

by Johann Christoph & Verena Arnold

The Bruderhof has now managed to have several personal contacts with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The first time was in Washington D. C. last Friday where all our communities sent representatives for The Stand for Children rally. We went to the D.C. Sisters of Charity Mission where my wife, Verena, and I had the chance to greet Mother Teresa personally. We showed her the book A Plea for Purity: Sex, God, and Marriage for which she had written the Foreword, and she thanked us, saying that this is a very good publication, and that she was glad to have been able to write the Foreword for us. Then she blessed the two of us.  [ Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks:  At that point a devil passed from Mother Teresa to the two Mennonites.  They will not ever again be right without having the devil cast out. ]

Next, we saw Mother Teresa at the St. Rita's Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY on 3 June 1996. After hearing that she would be going there for Mass at 7 a.m., we also went and talked with her for about three minutes about the Bruderhof and the book A Plea for Purity. She was very appreciative. After the Mass, when Mother Teresa went to the door to greet everybody (the church was only about three-quarters full), Verena and I had more time to greet her and talk with her about the Bruderhof.

Mother Teresa reminds me of Pope John Paul II who I met last year on October 7th. Here are two people who, in the eyes of mankind, are very important people. Yet only humility and love come from both of them. One can really see that Jesus is working in their lives. We all need to take a lesson from them.

It was a privilege for us to meet Mother Teresa—an experience which we will remember for a very long time.

Johann, in his old age, has made an heretic and Catholic devil his personal friend and joined with him in calling down blessings on children. The blessings are NOT from Jesus Christ, for he will not be conned into joining hands with the Whore. Watch this pathetic scene in the video:


Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal:   Thus, you see how it goes trying to keep the forms and rituals of even the most Biblical beginning.  They may live in the Bruderhof, but the house is filthy and "full of dead men's bones." Why not send them E-Mail at the address above?  Rebuke them soundly.  They need it.



"Mennonite: A member of one of the Christian groups derived from the Anabaptist movement, stressing discipleship, community, and an ethic of love and nonresistance. Mennonites are historically distinctive in North America for simplicity of life and the rejection of military service, public office, and oaths."

Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal:  So, what is wrong with that?  Answer:  They also called off the war with Satan, and Satan won.  The Mennonite Churches are now known for absolutely nothing.  They are the wimps of Christendom.  I know whereof I speak.  I was raised in a Mennonite church.  I have seen many Mennonite churches around America and their mission work on the field.  They are spiritual dead beats.

As to the Bruderhoff above, the early Christians did NOT live in one big house. There is NO Scrupture to prove that. In fact, the personal homes of various saints was mentioned as belonging to them, though these homes were often meeting places for prayer and worship on the Lord's Day.



It matters not how pious and sincere any alleged Christian group or denomination is. If they add ANYTHING to the biblical model of the local church, they are at least off in that thing. They may well be heretics or on their way to become heretics. It is best to stay clear of ANY local church that invents things that they "BELIEVE" as doctrine, or as obligations, because they will go right on into the ditch by and by and take you with them.




Mennonites kiss the ring of the Pope

Read how Amish treat their women and of their limp wristed church discipline

A reader reports from Wisconsin:
Since moving back to Wisconsin I have been told by locals here that the young women (to avoid inbreeding from their fathers) have been farmed out to local men (studs) for a fee. The father and elders hire the young man to come and impregnate their daughter. He comes to the house and the father and some elders are their as she is covered up by a blanket. The young man openly does his part as they observe (due to religious reasons I can't figure out) and then he is paid a fee and leaves. One boy had been bragging about this in our county and some locals have heard all about it. How about that?