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The water dogs believe water is more important than the Blood of Jesus

Water, water everywhere,
and not a drop that saves.

The Church of Christ has gotten most of the doctrines of the Lord's true Church right, or at least they err in areas that are not critical. But, there is one doctrine that will damn them to hell if they believe it as promoted by their high tooliemucks. Now, I realize that some Church of Christ folks do not believe that they are saved in the water of baptism, but their doctrines teach that, so we have to approach them in that assumption.

I must add here that not all Church of Christ pastors are worthy to be pounded in the manner of my article below. Some of them are dealing with the baptismal regeneration issue, and they are coming up with novel ways to line up with the Word of God. I suppose we ought to give them credit for trying, but the water salvation doctrine is damning. So, the article is my way of joining God in holding them in derision.



Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation circulating concerning baptism. Baptism is the essential decision a person must make in order to be a "saved" person. It is our prayer that this program and these writings based on the Holy Scriptures, will convince our viewers/readers the true importance of this act of faith known as baptism.

Baptism is not an option but rather it is a command from God (Acts2:38). Through etymology, (the study and development of a word) we can study the word baptism and its original definition as defined in the Greek language. In the Greek language, the word baptizo, a verb, is a word of action meaning to immerse, or to surround or cover. As an act of obedience to the Gospel we make our decision to be baptized. The baptism consists of immersing a person in a pool of water. However, the importance of the rite of baptism is that we are washed with the blood of Christ when we are �washed� with the water by the word and Jesus is the Word!

Through baptism our whole body is washed as we are submerged or put under the water. As we leave the depths of the water, our sins remain of the bottom of the pool. Jesus paid the price of our sins through His blood shed on the cross. Baptism and the salvation that comes through Christ, is a free gift that we receive only by making a conscious decision and commitment to follow Christ. Once baptized, we receive the promised counselor, God's Holy Spirit.

As Jesus died on the cross for our sins, once baptized, we die to our sin through death, burial and resurrection to new life through Christ. (Romans 6:1-14) We are born again. (See John 3:1-6) Baptism is necessary because sin destroys or separates us from a relationship with God's son, Jesus. Once sin invaded God's creation in Genesis chapter three, a savior was needed to forgive sins from those who call upon the Name of the Lord. God became flesh in the form of Jesus, the man of God and became a living sacrifice for the sins of the world. Only by the grace of God are we saved. Baptism is a symbol of our obedience through faith; knowing God by His love will fulfill His promises of forgiveness and eternal life with Him in heaven. Through baptism, we are bonded with Christ and become one in mind and Spirit. Our old life is passed; our new life with Christ begins. (Ephesians 2:1-5) As true followers of Christ, we are now called Christians.

Steve Van Nattan comments:
Where is the Bible verse telling us that the sin of those baptized in the New Testament early church were left at the bottom of the pool? This is the duplicity of people who want to take out a patent on a brand of truth which they intentionally WANT to use to force separation. This single foul doctrine forces all true Bible believers to totally separate from these heretics. The result is that the Church of Christ isolates its members from Christians outside of the C of C. For this trick, they will all go to hell. You cannot wash in water instead of the Blood of Jesus, AND the water of today is NOT the Blood shed on Calvary. There is NO association at all. In fact, the Church of Christ is much more like the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox churches which require baptism to be in the Body of Christ.

Every other area of major doctrine is generally taught correctly by the Church of Christ. For one heresy these poor folks will go to hell, for they have blasphemed the doctrine of salvation by making the water in their baptismal tank as powerful to cleanse sins as the Blood of Jesus Christ.




By: Editor:  Steve Van Nattan

I humbly submit a suggestion that would cause a great leap forward in the history of Ecumenism. I suggest the Roman Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, and the Church of Christ should combine forces as one body.

Here is my reasoning. It is very clear that the Church of Christ believes that you have not finished the job of salvation until you have been saved, confessed your faith in Jesus Christ, and been baptized in water. They teach that the Blood of Christ is applied to you when you are baptized, and your sins are then washed away. Never mind that Christ's Blood washed away our sins at Calvary 1963 years ago. Never mind that water in the Word never was used to atone for or wash away sin.  Never mind that Hebrews 9:22 says, "And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and  without shedding of blood is no remission."

So, since the Church of Christ claims that the water of baptism is needed to physically accompany the work of Christ on the cross, let us see if that agrees with Roman Catholic teaching. Wallah, Rome teaches that baptism washes away sins also.  Now, the Roman Church also demands other physical manifestations of mystical events. They claim that you ain't got the atonement 100% if you ain't drunk a shot of their hooch at their altar (bar) rail. And, they claim that you ain't got the real Jesus unless you gnaw on a piece of him at their altar rail. Like the Church of Christ, Rome demands that a physical act by you should accompany the work of Christ, or else Christ's work is not finished.   

Now, here is my modest proposal.  

Let the pastor of the Church of Christ call the Catholic priest and the Mormon Bishop to the next baptism service. The Church of Christ baptistery could be filled as usual, but use wine instead of water. The Catholic priest could pronounce the mystic words over the wine, "Hocus Pocus Alabaloonga Gezunteit." Now, the wine is turned to blood. This corrects the Church of Christ error that water washes away sin. A glass of the wine-turned-to-blood could be dipped out  for each baptismal candidate and set aside (and a couple of glasses for the priest please). Also a bucket full could be set aside for the Mormons present at the service.

When the candidate for baptism arrives, he could be baptized in the alleged blood, have his sins washed away, drink the alleged blood set aside, which would satisfy Papa Roma, and finally, eat the cookie which the priest blesses to chew on Jesus. The bucket of wine could be passed among the congregation of Mormons present, as Brigham Young did long ago, to get the "unction."  It would have to be passed two or three times though, since Mormons need several doses to really get in the spirit, you see.  Hic.

After the service, in the fellowship hall, refreshments could be served, and to meet the requirements of the Roman Church, the "blood" from the baptistery could be siphoned into a punch bowl and served to the guests. Blessed Roman buisquits could be served, and the Mormons could provide the "sauce" for the biscuits. They have some real zippy sauce made with their famous "cooking whiskey."

By the end of the evening, "unction" would be in abundance in all present, and the usual spirits of ecumenism would prevail.  Now, I just suggest this in my humble sort of way. I know we may not be ready for this much advance in the cause of unity right now, but I am sure the average Catholic priest would rise early from his afternoon nap, or hangover, to see this as a great way to lift some spirits. I think they prefer Christian Brothers in most rectories. Pope Benedict XVI would even settle for Ripple if the offering went to Peter's Pence.







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