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The King James Bible

Please do not expect me to get serious about a House Church which uses any Bible other than the King James Bible (not even the NKJV). I really do not care daddley if this keeps our impact small in this ministry. I am a real bigot on this issue, for I have done my research, and I am beyond wanting to hear your reasonings on behalf of any other perverted bible.

This is not meant in rage or anger-- But it IS meant on purpose! :-)

I strongly suggest you use a KJV Bible which has no notes and no chain reference. When these helps are included in the flow of the Bible text, any errors in judgment by the compiler can become final in the mind of the user of such Bibles. Keep your study helps separate from the text of the Word of God. Cambridge puts out a good quality KJV Bible with boards.

Beware of small changes in the KJV you buy. Check out these words: If "shew" is changed to "show" or "sope" is changed to "soap", you have a KJV Bible which you cannot trust. Ironically, the Bibles printed in China and Taiwan, and sold in the chain stores, are often the most reliable.

You should have some guest Bibles on hand for visitors who don't know you are King James Bible Only. Do not allow them to use their NIV or Living Bible and make comments during a study. They do NOT have the right to violate your zeal to defend the KJV. Be gracious to anyone not aware of the issues, but do not back down on the KJV Only standard. If they do know the issue of the texts, and they try to prove anything or make remarks that are distracting, ask them to leave. Satan will only send you more of them if you let them do their thing.

Bible Search Software we use

Bible software.  
Download it
for a free trial period now.

I suggest you order the CD of Sword Searcher-- It has many good study helps--
You can load it onto your hard drive and really dig fast when preparing a Bible lesson.

NOTE: Some of the following are linked directly to Amazon Books with whom we have a reseller relationship. If you buy from these links, the price is the same as going to Amazon directly, but we get a small commission :-)

A Hymn Book

We suggest you consider one of the following. We list them in the order of our preference:

Living Hymns-- By Alfred B. Smith--
Encore Publications, Drawer A, Montrose, PA 18801
This hymn book has a very large selection of old time choruses

Great Hymns of the Faith-- Compiled by John Peterson--
Singspiration Music, Zondervan Corp., Grand Rapids, MI 49506

The above two hymnals can be purchased at:
Benson Music Direct
365 Great Circle Road
Nashville, TN 37228
Phone: (800) 444-4012

Soul-Stirring Songs & Hymns-- Compiled by John R. Rice--
Sword of the Lord Publishers, 224 Bridge Avenue, Box 1099, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

For choruses, I suggest you compile a selection of the ones you want, set them up in 8" x 11.5" format, duplicate them, and purchase a copyright license from the following:

Christian Copyright Licensing Inc.
6130 N.E. 78th Ct, Suite C-11
Portland, Oregon 97218
Phone: (800) 234-2446

If you copy copyrighted choruses or hymns, you are a law breaker, and you cannot expect God to bless you. The above group will cover virtually any hymn or Chorus you will want to sing, and their fee will cover you for a year at a time. We used them, and the plan is very good. They have reduced rates for small churches.

Bible Concordance

I suggest, in this order, you get a
Strong's Concordance
, or Young's Concordance, or Cruden's Concordance

Do not waste money on commentaries. You will tempt yourself to be lead by the man who wrote the commentary, and you will give the impression to the saints in your House Church that it is not possible to understand the Bible without other books. That is what you left at the Jackboot Church, right?

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge-- Published by Revell

This is a massive chain reference. This book is even more useful than a concordance if you can only carry one book with your Bible. It is about as harmless a study aid (as regards error) as I can suggest, but you will need to realize that the choices of references in a chain reference can be leading, depending on the compiler's doctrinal presuppositions. So, do be on mildly guard.

Books defending the Bible

Final Authority-- William Grady--
If you only can buy one book, get this one.

Which Bible-- Dr. Otis Fuller--  Paperback-- More Scholarly than Some Books, but this is a Classic in the Textual Debate. This is the one God used to help me be convinced.

The Answer Book--  by Dr. Samuel Gipp

Sam Gipp's books can be purchased from:
Bible Baptist Bookstore
P.O. Box 7135
Pensacola, FL 32534
Phone: (904) 477-8812

You may want to also browse our Bookstore

Resources we have available here

CD of the Pre-Hate Crimes Site-- On this CD is all the controversy of the past version of Balaam's Ass Speaks. Many cults are dealt with, including the classic cults, Promise Keepers, Brownsville River of Renewal, and many obscure cults as well. Thes CD also has about 40 great sermons by Bible believing pastors, and there is high quality music which is not found online.

CD of the online site of Balaam's Ass Speaks-- This will give you all of the Good News, Resources in the way of Bible teaching and Moral Issues, Prophetic Studies, as well as good music. As time goes by, the CD of the Pre-Hate Crimes Site mentioned above will be reduced so that the material found online is not on that CD, and the material on the Online CD will grow. Both CDs now run right at 600+ Mgbs.

As of January 2000 there is a large measure of duplication to both CDs, but the Controversy along with all the Bible teaching and the House Church material can only be had together by having both CDs on hand. As time passes, we intend to make the two CDs more and more distinct from each other-- We will HAVE to due to space problems ont the CDs.

We can offer the two CDs to House Church leaders only for $35
Call: (800) 338-8863 to order with a VISA or MasterCard credit card.

You can also bring the Journal up Online, and find numerous resources to use in Bible study and music which may be of use in your fellowship. Such as:

The King James Bible Controversy Page-- Only on the CD we sell
Here you can search the Bible, check on various perversion renderings, and find condordance information. Also, learn the issues involved in the KJV Controversy.

Alexander Scourby Reading the King James Bible Online--
The most dignified live reading I know of.

Bible Teaching--
Lessons on various Bible issues and Bible books by me, Pastor Steve, and other pastors around the world.

Joy Hardin's piano playing is particularly edifying.

Hymn Stories--
These will enhance the impact of many old hymns of the faith.

Good News--
I want you to partucularly read the Legends section.

The Barrouks--
Missionary to Arabs in Ramallah, Israel-- They need out prayers.

Home Maker's Area--
Done by Mary Van Nattan-- This area of the Journal is very helpful to the ladies in the local church--
, Recipes, Home Schooling, Personal Strength, and much more.

Bio of Steve Van Nattan--
If you really need to know what my peculiar heritage is, go here :-)


Too many study helps and Greek works-- NONE !
It is possible to overdo it with study helps and give everyone the notion that books other than the Bible are essential. This can be devilish.

Seminars-- NONE !
There will be seminars on the House Church abounding. Since this is becoming rather common, you can bet that all sorts of publishers, Seminaries, denominations, and Dr. Dynamics will want to cash in on this with books, seminars, and "how-to" sessions all over the world. Don't bother. These people will only bring into the House Church the same old deadness that you just fled from. All you need is the Word of God and the Holy Ghost.

"How-To" books and tapes-- NONE !
The same applies here. Do not waste your life and warp the Lord's Church under your care by listening to tapes on how to do anything in the Lord's Church. If you want to listen to anything to fire you up, attend some pastor's conference where they do nothing but preach all day.

You may also want to ask your House Church friends to attend some Bible believing church which is sound about four or five times a year in the Sunday evening service. This will build your fellowship with other churches and charge your batteries.

Sermon Cassettes--
Never allow them to replace the study of the Word and teaching / preaching!

Get this straight please:
We have no interest in helping
House Churches based on the following entities:

Mormonism in all its manifestations
Church of Christ
Seventh Day Adventism and Seventh Day Baptist
Jehovah's Witness
"Metropolitan" Community Sodomite Churches
The Grace Movement (Dry Cleaners)
Apostolic Church Movement
Racist Religion-- White, Black, Korean, Hispanic, Nazi, Jewish, Arab, etc....
In other words, where membership is defined by race, tribe, or hyphenation.
The Charismatic Movement, including the "tongues" heresy, TBN, 700 Club, and the AOG
Wealth and Health cults
Most Mennonite fellowships
Baptist Bride, Landmarkism, or Baptist Heritage
Any of the Orthodox Churches
Roman Catholicism
The Way
Tax Rebellion
Reformed Theology
Hebrews Roots
Big denominational identities
Bible colleges and Seminaries world wide-- Virtually none are tolerated.
Cool dudes who are famous for their books and seminars which replace the local church-- ILL. Bill Gothard
Ruckmanism when it is cultic, which says, "Ruckman can do no wrong."
This applies to any groups following a Bible teacher rather than the Bible.
Chuck Smithism, Mac Arthurism, or Upchuck Swindolism
Positive Confessions and Word of Faith
Any cultic exclusivist fellowship anywhere in the world
Women dominated fellowships
Grumbling cranks
Ambient "gracious living" religion
Purpose Driven Cheese-- Rick Warren
Promise Keepers
Alpha Course
Prayer of Jabez
Dr. James Dobson
Bill Gothard's filthy red book
CS Lewisism
Sword of the Lord
Baptist colleges of any sort|
Baptist Bride and Baptist Heritage
Prophecy gurus
Radio gurus
TV gurus
Self Love
A book other than the Bible

Our creed is the King James Bible with NO outside presuppositions tolerated.
If you live in a non-English speaking nation, and if you can prove you Bible is based 100%
on the Textus Receptus, we will work with that. Better yet, learn English so you can study the KJV :-)