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We want to go beyond the previous article on the year 2000,  We want to show that the spirit of Constantine, circa 300 AD, to unite the Roman Empire by using Christian zeal-- That unity will be expanded by the current Roman Pontificus Maximus to include the whole world.  This unity will be centered on a small bit of biscuit which the Pontiff claims is Jesus Christ.  This supreme blasphemy is now seducing millions of non-Catholics, and the unity gathering seems certain to succeed in human terms.  We intend to blast that process mercilessly from now on.








Wondrous vistas opened in 1609 to Galileo Galilei, first man to see the heavens through a telescope.  Delightedly the Italian astronomer-physicist discovered mountains on the moon, the phases of Venus, and four "little stars" attending Jupiter.  Scanning the Milky Way, he beheld countless stars never before seen.  Observing sunspots traversing the solar disk, he deduced that the sun rotates.

With these discoveries Galileo became a convinced Copernican, and crusaded to gain Roman Catholic Church acceptance of the theory.  Attempting to convince skeptical prelates, he explains the lunar mountains and moons of Jupiter.  When the Church proved unyielding, Galileo became abrasive; finally the Inquisition  forced him to admit "errors" to avoid torture.  But even that failed to still his questing mind.  Before his death in 1642 Galileo explored a wide range of mechanics, from the movements of pendulums to those of falling bodies.

Now, we find that the Roman Whore left her whore house one day, and to her amazement, Galileo was proven right.  The Popes finally wiped the egg off of their fat faces, and they approved of real science.  For many years the Roman Whore got out of the science business altogether, but more recently, Pope John Paul II has declared that the first three chapters of Genesis are not accurate, and that evolution is a sound basis of truth.  How bizarre!!  Full circle it seems, the Whore Church is now the faithful follower of false science of agnostic evolution.

You will see a wafer in the lower right corner of the picture.  This is a Eucharistic cookie which is used in the Mass.  It is elevated in the hands of some priest who used the hands only last evening to sexually molest some young boy, and after saying some magic words like, "Hucus, Pocus, Rigormortise," the wafer is "verily and truly the Body of Jesus Christ."  The priest says the words, "Behold your God," and he then asks the communicant to blindly believe that, as he eats this wafer, he is eating the flesh of Jesus Christ.  

Millions of Catholics have gone home troubled by this sacral cannibalism, for they know very well that this alleged Jesus will be down the toilet within eight hours.  Is this truly Jesus?  Some priests actually believe this tale, though the vast majority will joke openly about it in their private circles with fellow priests.  Augustine, whom some dead head Protestants stupidly quote, believed he was turning this wafer into God.  One day Augustine went to the curtained tabernacle behind the altar to get a host for some communicant.  When he got there, he found that the rats had overturned the pix in which the "hosts" were stored, and the rats had eaten the "hosts"-- they had eaten Jesus.  Augustine was horror crazed for days as he contemplated that he had allowed the rats to turn the Son of God into rat manure.

Now, in 2000 AD, the Pope of the Whore, his Hellishness the Pimp, is calling us to fornicate with this same Whore.  We are called to a "Congress of the Holy Eucharist," where we will be asked to believe that the Pope can turn cookies into our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Pope of Rome, that Rome which mocked in 1600 at God's real science in creation because that Rome believed in fairy tales-- That Rome which now believes the fairy tales of evolutionary Mother Goose-- That Rome asks us to assassinate our minds in the interest of unity and join the Pope in eating the blasphemous cookie.  Will you join him?




The following is taken from "United States History" by Dr. Bob Cosby, a Bible believer who wrote this US History for Bible students who want an alternative to modern fantasies published by near beer history publishers.  I want you to see the way in which Constantine used the Lord's Church to take power of the world for Satan.  This is exactly what the present Pontiff's "Congress of the Eucharist" is all about.  He too would use Bible believers to promote the absolute rule over all of mankind in a contrived unity which would in fact destroy ALL choice and freedom in the whole world.  All Popes believe this doctrine of sacred and secular absolute power is theirs if they can gain it, and they will lie, coddle, kill, threaten, and manipulate in any way necessary to gain this goal.


United States History--  By Dr. Bob Cosby, page 3

When Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven the last command that he gave to the Church was "But ye shall receive power. after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria. and unto the uttermost part of the earth." (Acts l:8)  The civilized world of that day was governed by (he Romans who ruled the world through men who were called "Caesar." They were men who believed that they were actually "god" and they demanded worship through an annual giving of tribute. The Caesars did not care what religion people followed if once a year they would swear to the genius of Caesar.  They were. by and large. benevolent men if people bowed to then;. but when they were crossed they were mean and vicious.

So, armed with the Gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ the disciples began to fulfill the great commission. and soon the conflict began. At first, the Roman government did not see Christianity as any threat to them. But in time the Gospel began to spread at a rate that demanded the government to sit up and take notice, and soon persecution began.  Each disciple died the death of a martyr during this persecution except the Apostle John.

The Romans believed that if they would turn up the heat of persecution hot enough eventually they could wipe out the new menace, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The blood of the martyrs became the seed of the Church, and the Gospel spread until the Apostle Paul could say, under inspiration of God that the Gospel went into the whole world. Ten Caesars each tried, it seemed, to outdo the former in the attempt to wipe out Christians as well as Christianity. Yet. it is estimated that by 300 A.D. perhaps as much as a half of the Roman Empire had trusted Christ as Savior and Lord.

Finally, at this time, a new Caesar named Constantine came to the throne with the philosophy, "If you can't whip 'en join 'em." Not only did he stop the persecution of Christians. but he made Christianity a state religion. At first believers, who had been suffering for generations cheered this as  deliverance from the awful hand of persecution. However. what really happened was that Constantine was nearly able, through compromise, to do what his predecessors had tried so hard and failed to do. He nearly wiped Christianity off the face of the earth. The first major doctrinal error of this heresy was to deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ over local churches, and instead. centralized the headship of all of the churches into a human authority known as the "pope" located in Rome.

In a very short time, the papal conspiracy was successful in sweeping almost everyone who named the name of Christ under the skirts of "the Church," and every kind of heresy imaginable came into common practice.  Pagan rites such as the burning of candles, infant baptism, the confessing of sim to a priest, and countless others gradually rendered the religion of most of the world of that day almost totally unrecognizable from that which Christ had taught. For the next one thousand years, truth was wiped almost clean from the earth, and the western world was plunged into the darkest hours of its history. during these "Dark Ages," the common men lived in superstition and fear under the iron fist of the coalition of Church and State.

However, God has always had His "remnant of Grace," the "seven thousand who refused to bow the knee to Baal," and even during this time, groups here and there maintained the autonomy of the local church and the priesthood of the believer, and refused to come under the authority of the human "gods."

End of Dr. Bob Cosby's writings......

This is exactly what the present Pontifical office is scheming.  Many fellow pimps like Jack Van Impe, Billy Graham, Arnott of Toronto, Paul Crouch, and Bill Bright have cast aside caution and joined the Pope in a call for this deadly unity in the year 2000.

Will you also join them and come under the absolute bondage of the Whore of Rome?  Will you also pimp, pander,  and bugger other saints for her?  If you are in Promise Keepers, Toronto Blessing, Brownsville AOG, Trinity Brampton, the Reformed Church of America, or nearly any denomination in the world, you ARE NOW a pimp for old mother Whore.




This proves conclusively that the Pope DOES plan to take over the whole religious world in the year 2000.  This discussion is by Oscar Battaglia, and is an approved description of the Pope's intentions.


A New Spring for Christian Life

The aim of the Jubilee is pre-eminently spiritual and seeks the renewal of christian life. It is not interested in the economic, touristic or political aspects as certain newspapers have insinuated. Crowds will come to Rome from among the poor and simple folk with the sole religious aim of receiving the Jubilee indulgence, thrusting forward a great desire for spiritual renewal that is being reborn in the hearts of the christian masses. The means of this renewal are: a long period of preparation: informative and spiritually well-organised, spread into the 3 years preceding the Jubilee (1997-1999).

The 1st Year (1997): a reflection on the person of Jesus Christ because the Jubilee is a memorial of his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection. It is necessary to rediscover and re-listen to the Saviour Jesus Christ through re-evangelization, making more profound the mystery of the Incarnation, re-reading the Gospels, re-discovering Baptism, to take up again catechism. It is necessary to reawaken a healthy devotion to Mary who gave us Jesus.

The 2nd Year (1998): it is dedicated to the Holy Spirit and its living presence in the Church. It is the Holy Spirit that enabled the mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God, and we receive the Spirit in Confirmation like a guest in our souls. It is the Spirit that operates in the Church, distributing charisms and ministries. The Spirit guides evangelization just as it did immediately on the 1st Pentecost day; it enables the Church and each believer to journey in hope towards the Kingdom of God; it helps discover the positive signs of the times in history which arise from its activity such as progress in science and technology; a more active awareness of ecology; of solidarity; the promotion of the laity in the Church; the desire for unity among christians, dialogue with all religions to discover a point of convergence.

The 3rd Year (1999): attention falls on the Father who is in heaven. Knowledge of the Father is indispensable for the faith. From the Father we have life, creation and history. We come from his project of salvific love. The Jubilee reminds us that we are journeying towards the house of the Father (the Pilgrimage) hence we have to feel the urgency of conversion which itself is life's journey. We must learn to rediscover the sacrament of Penance for personal purification. The Jubilee is a hymn of praise (to jubilate) to him from whom all good things come. We should all take advantage of this occasion and rediscover what true prayer is. God is love and this begs for a rediscovery of the 1st christian commandment. From this springs the preferential option of the Church for the poor manifested with sincere works of charity and solidarity. God the Father is the origin of the family hence we are bound to promote and defend the rights of the family which today is in crisis. The God that we believe in is the God of the great religions thus the setting of the Jubilee is one of promoting a respectful dialogue with the other religions.

The Pope has announced that the Jubilee will be celebrated simultaneously in Rome, in the Holyland and in a special way Jerusalem the place of the Redemption, in local churches throughout the world so as to enable everyone to draw from the great treasury of graces which the Church disposes. Special attention should be paid to the sick, the aged, the cloistered monks and nuns, the prisoners.

In Rome, the International Eucharistic Congress will simultaneously take place and a meeting of all the Christian confessions will attempt to relaunch the unity of the Church of Christ and to obtain from God the grace of reunification.

End of Oscar Battaglia's explanation of the Pope's call for unity in 2000 AD.

Editor:  Balaam's Ass Speaks--  There is NO debate of this plan,  It is the Pope's obsession to take over the world and rule it from Jerusalem.  If this Pope dies, the next one, like all who went before, will work toward that end.  And, it looks like most of the religious world is lining up to kiss the ring.  Are you?????