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They Call For Death by Execution Planned
for all Saints who Refuse Their Demands.

They Openly Lust to Hack Saints
to Death with Swords.

They teach Children Blood Lust--
To Kill Saints and Roar for Death.

COR is a most Grievous Scab on the Lord's Church.

"Spots in your Love Feasts."

Subj: What I Saw at a COR Conference
Date: 97-09-23
To: SteveVanNattan

Dear Pastor Van Nattan,

In the fall of 1989, I attended a meeting of the Coalition On Revival (COR)  in Santa Clara, California. Among the Reconstructionist luminaries present  were Jay Grimstead (COR leader), David Chilton, and Gary DeMar. I was a new  Christian at the time, and didn't know anything about the Reconstructionist  movement. I attended because I thought these people were biblical  Christians, dedicated to restoring Christian morality in America.

My suspicions were first aroused when Jay Grimstead (during the morning part  of the conference) continually referred to COR's opponents as "Amalekites". This implied a desire to exterminate such people (I Samuel 15:3), although  no open threat was made.

Grimstead then described the kind of "Christian" fellowship he sought to  organize in the San Francisco Bay area: a small "core" group of believers  who would agree to be 100% accountable to each other. There would be no  privacy in this group regarding a member's thought and actions. All must be revealed to the brethren, and scrutinized without mercy.

Grimstead symbolized this by holding an open Bible to his breast, saying, "Look at me, then look at this, and you tell me if they match. If my conduct doesn't exactly match what's written in here, at ALL times, then tell me. Don't accept any excuses. I will do the same for you." It sounded so much like a cult that I decided not to put any further trust in this gentleman.

The afternoon part of the conference was devoted to various classes and workshops.  I knew some of the teachers were sound (they soon broke off all relations with Grimstead and COR), but others were not. The first class I went to was advertised as a workshop on personal finances. In reality, it was an advertisement for the "services" of Don Flecher.  

Flecher was a "self-employed businessman" who taught people how to "save money" by taking advantage of "tax exemptions." Supposedly, all you had to do was declare yourself to be self-employed, then write off everything you did (from driving your car to dining out) as a "business expense."

I was naive enough to believe this was only a half-lie. He made weird references to some sort of racial migration between Israel and England (British Israelism).  I discovered a lot more when I met Flecher a second time, but I'll save this for a future installment.

The second class I attended was a "spiritual warfare workshop." This consisted of a Pentecostal pastor telling everyone to start speaking in tongues (which produced a great torrent of noise, but no one even suggested an interpretation). He did make some good points about not underestimating the devil, and he decried the stupidity of Christians mocking Satan in their own strength, but that was pretty much it.

The evening part of the conference featured a speech by John Eidsmoe. Then came the "entertainment." A bunch of children entered onstage and danced to some really awful "Christian rock" music. They wore white robes and green camouflage headbands. The boys carried swords, and swung and brandished them like samurai.

The girls just followed them around, stomping in circles. All the while, the lyrics spoke of war and killing. The musical number ended with the boys raising their swords over their heads and ROARING LIKE LIONS.  Thunderous applause from the audience. Jay Grimstead then stood up and said, "Wow! That makes me feel like taking a sword and smiting some Amalekites!"

(That made me feel like leaving, and I did.)




Biblical Discernment Ministries - Revised 1/2004

Coalition On Revival (COR)

A Revival of Old Testament Law*

Reconstructionism had been of interest to few outside the evangelical community until the early 1990s, when its political significance began to emerge. The formation of the Coalition on Revival (COR) has been a key force in the politics of religion. At the same time that COR provided a catalyst (and a cover) for the discussion, dissemination, and acceptance of Reconstructionist doctrine, these ideas have percolated up through a wide swath of American Protestantism. COR "is a network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational and theological perspective who share a vision for and a commitment to worldwide revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and society. COR's basic mission is to encourage and help the universal Church of Jesus Christ to obey God's Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission. COR's vision is to see Christians everywhere doing all they can in the power of the Holy Spirit to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in every aspect of life. COR's mission is 'to help the Church rebuild civilization on the principles of the Bible so God's will may be done on earth as it is in heaven'" (COR official Internet website, 1/2004). 

COR was formed in the 1980s, and headed by Jay Grimstead. Dr. Grimstead received his doctorate of ministries at Fuller Theological Seminary and was an area director of Young Life (a neo-evangelical, psychologized ministry) from 1957 to 1977, when he helped to organize the now-defunct International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. He founded COR in 1984, and the National Coordinating Council came into formal existence in January 1990. Grimstead says he started out in the Presbyterian tradition, but has lately been associated with a Pentecostal Holiness church in San Jose, California, and has close ties with the Shepherding movement. Describing the 50-member National Coordinating Council and the 112 leaders of the Coalition on Revival, Dr. Grimstead told RNS in 11/90, "We are evangelicals, and some of us are fundamentalists and a bunch of us are charismatics. What it is is a political-economic think tank. Our hope is to get America back to where it once was ... We're not dangerous, really. We're just trying to get a sick America back to where it was safer and saner."

-  An 11-page document from a COR-sponsored "Continental Congress on Christian World View III" held July 2-4, 1986, in Washington D.C. says, "The Coalition on Revival was called into existence as a catalyst to help unify and mobilize leadership in the Body of Christ to cause 'God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.'" This Manifesto-Covenant was signed by 60 of COR's Steering Committee members. They made "A Solemn Covenant" with God and each other to live by its terms until death, natural or martyred. COR signers made a public covenant with God to establish a theocracy in place of democracy. They admitted that the covenant is "a recruiting tool" to pool believers into an army. The other objective is to use the covenant as a means to "teach" (indoctrinate) believers with COR's brand of Christianity. (As we shall see later in this report, discipleship, according to COR, requires political activism. What COR requires of those who sign its covenant is to be willing to die in the attempt to establish a theonomic political state. This statement makes the COR Manifesto-Covenant more than just a covenant; it is a blood covenant, sworn to on the life of the signers; cf. Matt. 5:33-36.)

COR presented to the Christian church 17 documents and a Manifesto which they mailed to 15,000 U.S. and Canadian churches for their own signing and commitment. They also planed to form Pastors Prayer Groups to "raise up Gideon's army" around the United States and other countries. Their plan was to reverse materialism, greed, and covetousness in such areas as government, education, law, business, Christian unity, evangelism, and missions. COR's "Manifesto" states that "a consistent Biblical world view should be the standard for the American life." They also propose a highly political agenda and include such organizations as Strategic Christian Services (founded by Reconstructionist activist Dennis Peacock), American Christian Task Force, American Coalition for Traditional Values, Christian Voice, and American Freedom Coalition.

-  Grimstead founded COR when he proposed the idea to the late Francis A. Schaeffer and Dr. Tim LaHaye. Their support, and that of 60 other religious leaders and activists launched the Coalition by 1984. Its prime objective is to apply Christian theology to 17 Spheres of "life and thought." These are: Government, Social Action, Law, Economics, Business and Occupations, Education, Discipleship, Art & Communication, Medicine, Psychology and Counseling, Science and Technology, Church Unity, Local and World Evangelism, Helping the Hurting, Revitalizing Christian Colleges and Universities, the Family, and Pastoral Renewal. (Freudian psychologist Larry Crabb was instrumental in writing the Psychology and Counseling document.) According to the "calling" of COR's Steering Committee, "these World View Documents and the Manifesto for the Christian Church would play a modern role analogous to Luther's 95 Theses, the Westminster Confession and the Declaration of Independence." According to Grimstead, the plan of COR is to set up a "Christian Green Beret boot camp for radical world changes ... to train over 200 political activists a year." (COR also publishes the monthly magazine Crosswinds, a magazine that provides "a helicopter view of the entire battlefield.")

The real influence as far as the final form of these documents is concerned has been the Editorial Committee comprised of Jay Grimstead, Dennis Peacocke, Bob Mumford, Cal Beisner, Gleason Archer, Gary DeMar, Larry Walker, Bob Simonds, Duane Gish, and Henry Krabbandam. Grimstead, Peacocke, Mumford, DeMar, and Walker are admitted Reconstructions; Mumford and Peacocke are strong Shepherding-Discipleship advocates as well, and seem to cross the line between Charismatic Dominionism and Reconstruction. With 25% of the initial COR Steering Committee and 50% of the Editorial Committee comprised of Dominionists, it was inevitable that the dominionist mandate would find its way into the COR documents. [Grimstead claims that only nine of the original 112 members of COR's Steering Committee are postmillennialists. (The Steering Committee currently has a membership of about 50.) But this is begging the question, however. Postmillennialism is not the issue; the dominionist mandate is the issue, and this transcends postmillennialism -- what Gary North likes to call "operational postmillennialists."] (Also of concern is the number of original Steering Committee members with "Christian" psychology roots -- so-called evangelicals Larry Crabb, D.J. Kennedy, Tim LaHaye, Josh McDowell, J.I. Packer, Jack Van Impe, Don Wildmon, and George Scipione [CCEF].)

-  COR is headquartered in Mountain View, California. It is an organization actively working to implement Coventalism and Reconstructionism in the churches. COR is a theopolitical movement with a 24-point "Master Plan" for implementing God's kingdom on earth (i.e., a "Christian America"). It proposes Christian takeovers of virtually all societal areas, such as: education, the arts, politics, and even the military (11/19/90, Christianity Today). COR leader Jay Grimstead says COR is made up of "fundamentalists, evangelicals, and a bunch of charismatics" (11/12/90, Christian News). Its goal is revival of the church and "reformation of society." Its 1986 Call to Action called for casting out demons and bringing "judicial and legal systems in as close approximation to the laws and commandments of the Bible" as citizens will allow. It is closely linked with the Theonomy/Reconstruction movement. COR is dedicated to "helping the Body of Christ become unified and mobilized around a Biblical Worldview and the Lordship of Christ in every sphere." With shades of Romanism, COR sees the need for a "redemptive priestly ministry." It, as Christian Reconstructionism, is heavily post-millennial. It is comprised of approximately 500 "Christian" leaders who must swear to a Dominionistic oath.

-  To bring the American Christian churches under its tight control, COR devised "The Christian Manifesto for the Christian Church: Declaration and Covenant." This 7/4/86 document declares "where the church must stand and what action it must take over the remaining years of this century." This strong stand and bold action, according to the document, "begin with humble repentance from our past sins and indifference, and acceptance of much of the blame for the world's desperate condition." Incredibly, pastors who sign the manifesto are admitting they are responsible for the sin of the world. (For details of COR's unbiblical strategy for "taking the world for Christ," see COR' documents titled A Manifesto for the Christian Church, Forty-two Articles of the Essentials of a Christian World View, and Twenty-five Articles of Affirmation and Denial on the Kingdom of God. These three documents, along with the 17 Sphere/World View Documents referred to earlier, make up what COR calls the "20 COR World View Documents.") 

-  COR is a militant organization. It uses subtle intimidation practices (fear and guilt), strident warrior rhetoric, melodramatic public rituals ("Solemn Assemblies"), and emotionally charged psychological manipulation to attract and involve unwary, impressionable Christians. Many COR organizers came out of the notorious Shepherding Movement whose means of control duplicated cult practices. Members of Shepherding Churches submitted themselves to their shepherds and had to consult them before making decisions such as purchasing a car or taking medicine. [Grimstead advocates the "use of the controversial and authoritarian 'shepherding-discipleship' model of church organization. 'Pastors should study shepherding techniques and COR theological materials for 18 months ...'" (Church & State Magazine, 10/91). This "discipling" and "obedience to the church" has the markings of the Puritans or the Roman Catholic Church.]

-  To achieve its objectives, the "Manifesto of the Christian Church calls for a new covenant for unity, and it culminates in a statement of truth and a call to action." The unity aspect is leading a virulent ecumenical movement. Grimstead believes that differences in eschatology among various Christian religions can be surmounted in view of a larger purpose; they have committed to unity and a non-quarreling policy over doctrinal points such as eschatology, dispensationalism, Christian freedom, tongues, charismatic activity, and evangelism. Nevertheless, in the end, everyone must agree with COR. -- In 2/87 Jay Grimstead said: "... each one of these points we're saying is ESSENTIAL ... NON-NEGOTIABLE" (referring to the "42 Articles of the Essentials of a Christian World View" document). ... we're telling the premillennialists, who are scared to death of the postmillennialists and don't like the word Dominion or Kingdom or Reconstruction, to wake up and realize that THERE'S NO OTHER OPTION." Since the 42 Articles contained in this document are, in COR's words, "essential" and "non-negotiable" for Christians, they are saying that one is not a Christian if he does not subscribe to them!

-  When a pastor is asked to join a local COR Steering Committee and sign the Manifesto, he is expected to "be enthusiastically committed to accomplishing the 12 goals for Reformation in their country." Some of those goals are as follows:

1) A pastor forms a discipleship chain so he produces an army of 100-plus mighty warriors within his church: active members praying an hour per day; establish a Social Impact Committee within the church.

2) Replace anti-biblical legislation in the country with righteous, sane, biblically-oriented legislation.

3) Replace anti-biblical elected officials with biblically oriented candidates.

How sad to see thousands of professing Christians coming under the delusion of this kind of leadership. In their hearts they believe they must do something to rescue a rotten America. But why? The Scriptures must be fulfilled. Evil will wax worse. God's judgment is at hand. The end is near. Naturally, we do not participate in evil, but neither do we try to do the impossible. The Christian's first objective is to solidify his union with Christ on a personal basis. Of course, it is much easier to join a Rescue, attend a rally, get arrested, and perform political work than it is to come to grips with personal sin. The Reconstructionists and the Religious Right have combined to make a mockery of Christianity. In their zealousness to fulfill what is really unbiblical -- a kingdom on earth now -- they are producing a terrible witness for Christ, and worse, their actions and rhetoric will result in mass persecutions of all true Christians.

-  COR's goals do not exclude violence in accomplishing them. At a 1989 COR conference, one well known evangelist suggested that Christians should pray that God would kill all of those leaders who are opposing Dominion Theology. Then later in the week, another well known pastor from the Dallas area suggested that God is purging his church and purifying it for a great revival, and that believers need to be willing to use violence if necessary in order to help bring in the kingdom. This violence message is really scary. The call to be willing to use violence to bring the kingdom can't be more clear -- even if that violence is directed against Christian brothers and sisters. According to Dominionists, those who believe in the "any moment return of Jesus" and are not willing to commit to violence to bring in the kingdom, are obstructing the coming of the kingdom and are preventing the outpouring of God's Spirit on the earth. (Personal letter on file.)

In Dennis Peacock's book, Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, he quotes of Karl Marx (p. 34): "We need to be MILITANT in our ASSAULT against the sham walls that imprison the nations." The whole book is full of militant statements. Similarly, Jay Grimstead, on a 2/87 tape said: "We are to make Bible-obeying disciples of anybody that gets in our way." In Thy Kingdom Come, by R.J. Rushdoony, in referring to Psalm 149, he speaks of the literal destruction of God's enemies as a means of praise -- he writes that those who are guilty of blasphemy deserve the vengeance of God "whether they are believers or not."

-  In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century (1700s and 1800s), many pastors expressed the belief that America would lead the rest of the world in ushering in the Kingdom of God. As a result, the doctrine of the "Manifest Destiny" was declared by many. We are seeing that the same doctrine today under a different name -- Reconstructionist Kingdom, New Dominion Teachings, Restoration Movement. The proponents behind COR have the same views, with a different twist. They are scurrying to network all Christians with this movement and their ideas. They believe that not only the preaching of the Gospel, but also the government and educational systems must come under this jurisdiction, and they are conditioning the Christian community to accept their ideas to "clean up" so Jesus can return ("COR-Pt. I," Bold Truth Press, Fall 1987).

-  Some key beliefs of COR as stated in its Sphere (Christian World View) Documents ["Social, Political and Moral Issues" (SPM); "Local and World Evangelism" (LWE); "Helping the Hurting" (HH); "Business and Occupations" (BO); "Art and Communication" (AC); "Pastoral Renewal" (PR); and the "42 Articles of the Essentials of a Christian World View" (42E)] follow:

Article 20 (SPM): "We deny that God and His truth should ever be separated from the State; this should put to rest the Reconstructionists' claim that the Church will not control the government in a theonomic society."

Article 22 (SPM): "Christians must be involved in all processes and offices of civil government in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ ... such involvement is part of the Church's prophetic role in society." [Where in Scripture is this "prophetic role" of the Church? It doesn't exist. Where, too, are we commanded to involve ourselves in the political process in order to be "in obedience"?]

Article 21a (LWE): "The ultimate goal of missions ... must be the totality of the gospel and the necessity of Christ's lordship in all of its fullness for all the life of individuals, families, churches, states, and other aspects of society." [If the drafters of this document had omitted the word "states" there would not be much quarrel. But nowhere in Scripture are missionaries mandated to even exert influence on states, let alone bring them under the lordship of Christ.]

Preface (HH): "The church must conform social, economic, legal, educational, medical, and governmental structures to Biblical order." [Had COR said "influence" or "inform" rather than "conform," there would be no quarrel.]

Preface (BO): "man ... is responsible, as God's faithful servant, to co-labor with Christ to bring all nature under God's rulership." [What they're really saying is that nature must come under their dominion.]

Preface (AC): "Christians must bring all art and communication under His authority. ... All art and communication must be brought into captivity to the mind of Christ." [Had these statements said Christians must bring their art and communication under Jesus' authority, there would be no quarrel. But we're not required to bring all under His authority. If we look at what passes for art even in the "Christian" community, we'd have to admit that here, too, the Church needs to get its own house in order before trying to clean up the world.]

Article 15a (PR): "Every pastor, to accomplish his task and stay encouraged, needs to surround himself with a few trustworthy and loyal men from among his church's leaders who are in the process of catching his vision for their church and are eager to play their part in it and to be discipled by him in how to be Christ-centered, Bible-obeying men of God." [There is no scriptural precedent for a pastor to "surround himself with a few trustworthy and loyal men" to catch his vision. This is a priestcraft. The fact remains that the head of the Church is Jesus, not the pastor. Many pastors are being swayed by Dominionists to think of themselves as "God anointed" on the basis that they happen to have been placed in the position of "priest" to some church. They are told that, as "God's anointed no one is to touch them or challenge their 'vision.'" Those who do -- even the elders -- are to be dealt with in a manner that will strike fear in the hearts of others.]

Specific Actions, Article 7 (PR): "Those pastors and churches that mistakenly think that neither pastors nor churches have any business trying to change society and stand for social righteousness by constitutional means must become exposed to the COR Manifesto and the COR sphere documents. ... in order to disabuse their minds of that false dichotomy." [This is the Dominionist commission for the churches, not Christ's.]

Article 37 (42E): "We deny that any citizen is obliged to obey any government when it transgresses its God given mandate or requires him to disobey God's Laws." [If a government requires us to disobey God's laws, we must disobey that government. But because a government transgresses its "God given mandate" does not arbitrarily mean we can disobey it. The problem lies within the definition of "God given mandate." What exactly is God's mandate to government? According to COR, it is to administer God's Law (Theonomy or theocracy). In this case, no government on earth is fulfilling its "God given mandate." It logically follows, therefore, that all governments, as they are presently constituted, may be disobeyed if they do not find favor with the Dominionist agenda.]

* Unless otherwise indicated, some of the material in this and companion reports has been excerpted and/or adapted from three sources: (1) "Dominion Theology," Pastor Gary E. Gilley, Southern View Chapel, January, 1996; (2) Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse?, by Thomas Ice and Robert Dean; and (3) Vengeance Is Ours: The Church in Dominion, by Albert James Dager.



Editor:  Steve Van Nattan- Blessed Quietness Journal--  


Garbage draws flies folks.  

Beelzabub scum.  Reconstructionism, Dominion Theology, and Identity Insanity is garbage.  Romans 16:17-18.  It is no great wonder that Dominion Theology draws killers and Blood lusting Charles Mansons in sheep's clothing.  Our only recourse, my friends, is to blast them back with the Word of God, the ONLY weapon of true saints.

Who has murder in their heart, like their father the devil?  Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch have openly said they long to find a place in the Bible that would justify them machine gunning Bible believers.  The Manifest Sons of God have long ago gone on record calling for the execution of those who "will not go in beyond the veil."  Arrogant Arnott of Toronto Blessing is now handing out swords "to kill your enemies."  

Brownsville is now calling for a physical attack on their enemies.  Kilpatrick cursed and called for the death of children of men who exposed Brownsville.  So, now COR joins the ranks of these killers.  The rapture of the Bride of Christ will signal a killing frenzy around the earth, and the chief killers will be unsaved, Pentecostals, Baptists, Episcopalians, Cardinals, Popes, Branhamites, Metropolitans, and all manner of God hating wolves.


Considering the leaders of COR
and other Reconstructionist militant organizations and movements:

They are all wimps. If they believed that violence was needed to bring in the Kingdom of Christ, they would follow Christ's example. Christ was violent only once in his ministry- when he cleansed the temple. Jesus did not tell Peter or Andrew to go cleanse the temple. He did it himself. These COR leaders are just like Karl Marx who refused to get a job but sat around home defining how to take over the world for Communism. These COR men are trying to incite riots and anarchy by dumb puppies in the local church who will do the violence and then take the heat if they turn up to be in the red hot minority and land in prison.

2 Timothy 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

COR is a coalition of creeps who lead silly women and silly men to take action.


Vallecito, California — The February issue of Chalcedon Report, published by R.J. Rushdoony, the father of Christian reconstructionism, featured a review of Politically Incorrect by Ralph Reed. Christian reconstructionists, in their advocacy for Biblical rule over the whole of society, make the Christian Coalition look moderate in comparison.

"Politically Incorrect is an excellent study on exactly what is wrong with the Christian conservative movement," the review said. "Ralph Reed fails to get the point of reformation. It is only Biblical law which can sustain a society."

"The law of God," the review continues, "requires only two punishments for law breakers: restitution or execution. Abortion would be a capital crime and would be considered murder."

Is there hope for the Christian Coalition?" the article asks. "Yes! Ralph Reed does not stand for all members of the Christian Coalition. Many of its leaders on the grass roots level are, in fact, reconstructionists. This is an organization not defined by the people at the top. It has many strengths as a decentralized organization."

Chalcedon Report predicted that Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed "will complete the journey out of the wilderness" and "enter the promised land" — that is, embrace the tenets of Christian reconstructionism.

Article by Jay Rogers



Sunnyvale, California 1999 Institute for First Amendment Studies
After a long silence, Jay Grimstead, director of the Coalition on Revival, has resurfaced. Grimstead appeared at a series of fundraising meetings in southern California on behalf of what he terms the "Church Council Steering Committee." The committee's goal is to study 21 issues central to Christian Reconstructionist theology. Basically, the 21 issues constitute the full Christian Reconstructionist doctrine. Grimstead was also pitching for funds to pay the salary of Eugene Clingman, newly appointed administrator of the Church Council Project. In a related matter, a group called Reel to Real Ministries is selling a two-videotape, four-hour series called "God's Law and Society." Featuring 16 prominent Christian Reconstructionists, the producers say that the series of lessons will "help you form a comprehensive biblical worldview on God's Law." Topics include: Are we under God's law or grace?; How does Old Testament Law apply today?; Can we legislate morality?; What about the separation of church and state?; Was America founded as a Christian nation?; and What would a Christian America look like?



Then there needs to be a number of committees in each city for the Christians involved in the arts, communications, law, economics, family counseling, medicine, etc. They must connect into a united spiritual army of Christians in every city. I am proposing that we find people to run for office and attempt -- systematically, professionally and constitutionally -- to capture the majority of seats in every state legislature, city council, county board of supervisors, the U.S. Congress, and then take the mayor, sheriff and governor seats.

Jesus asked His disciples to pray: "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." What we know is that Jesus could not have meant, "None of this is supposed to happen for 2000 years until I come. You are supposed to pray this prayer for 2000 years but expect none of it to happen until I come!" Nobody in their right theological mind would claim that that is what He meant. We know that He had to mean that very year. That century, they were supposed to try to start getting the Roman Empire become a realm where God's name was honored, His will was done and His kingdom was coming. They pulled it off almost by accident. They actually did it! They came a long direction from being a persecuted minority under a one world government where they were killing them to actually running the Roman Empire.

Augustus Caesar was considered "The Son of God and the Savior of the World" according to Roman statements. There was a coin that the Sanhedrin were used to seeing. It had an image of Augustus Caesar on one side. On the back it said, "There is salvation in none other than Augustus and there is no other name given among men by which they may be saved. " That was a direct quote from a Roman coin that Peter was giving them in Acts 4:12. He was essentially saying, "Gentlemen, what we are trying to tell you is there is a new world Emperor on earth now -- a political, legal Emperor -- that your Caesar must bow to or He is out of touch with reality."

One of the reasons I am convinced there will be very soon a collision course between biblical worldview people and anti-biblical thinking is this (and this is something my mentor Francis Schaeffer would have said even though it is not actually a quote; it is pure Schaeffer thought.) There is a built-in philosophical inevitability in humanism, atheism and socialism that drives them, whether the socialist humanists know it or want it or not, to a point in a future where they must absolutely without any option call for a total tyrannical state control over everybody's freedom, finances and family. They must come to that point. They have no options. They will come to that point even though they don't even know that. They don't even know they are headed towards something like a United States Nazi-type government. It may be benevolent looking. They may dress it up softly in velvet. But the U.S. Constitution at some point will be rescinded. There will be a governmental socialistic humanistic effort where they have to say, "We are going to take total control of your lives." There is no other option for them. And we have to prepare for that because it is a philosophical inevitability based on humanism.

Editor: Steve Van Nattan
What this man is saying is that a Christian Coalition will become an army which will physically and spiritually overthrow the US Government and take over the nation. COR will enforce biblical law in the streets and take the world for Jesus. To be any part of COR is to invite the wrath of the government on oneself. We are not told to overthrow the civil rulers in the New Testament. This man is a rank blasphemer to twist the words of Jesus and the Apostles as he does.

Dedtrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian in Germany during the Nazi era, decided to do God a big favor. He joined a plot to kill Hitler. He was caught, convicted, and died in prison just as the war ended. If you want to end your life that way, join a plot to stop the present juggernaut of the Marxist Liberal take over of the USA. Otherwise, be about your Father's business and leave Caesar to the sovereignty of God to deal with.


By Steve Van Nattan

During my pastorate of a church in Michigan, the people requested that we unregister the church as a nonprofit corporation. I fully believe that all local churches, whether they meet in homes or large buildings, should NOT register with Caesar's Internal Revenue Service. Render to God what is God's. But, after we accomplished the divorce of our local church from Caesar, we had a nasty surprise. We got NO trouble from Caesar. We simply sent a note the next year telling the IRS that our local church was only a church and not issuing tax receipts anymore.

Far worse, the surprise was that we found we were attracting tax rebels. You see, tax rebellion and Reconstructionism and Dominion Theology are all wrapped up with the unregistered church movement as one thing around the USA. We were troubled to realize that we might well be added to list of those, like Greg Dixon in Indianapolis and COR, who talked carelessly about overthrowing the US government and starting over as a nation. I had a pastor friend who attended one of Greg Dixon's rallies for pastors, and at the noon hour my friend said there was a group of pastors talking about the nuts and bolts of anarchy, right down to which rifles were best for the action. Needless to say, my friend was terrified. He told me that he had to assume that one of those pastors had to be plant from the FBI.

You need to understand something important about anarchy in the USA. We have some very clever agencies given to nothing else but watching groups like COR. You are a blithering idiot to have anything to do with any form of civil rebellion or anarchy. It is not just a matter of keeping your buns out of Folsom Prison-- it is because we have NO mandate in the Bible to overthrow civil government.

So, do not join anything. Be active in a local church, but do not even join as a "member" of a local church. Human membership is NOT in the New Testament church life, and it confounds the Lamb's Book of Life where our real membership is recorded. Anything you join can be infiltrated by one of these anarchists who is trying to lead the thing you join into anarchy. It is the Last Days, and you need to keep yourself clear of all man made inventions.

The USA now has heavy stress factors in several directions. I name only the ones I know about:

1. The stress of the House and Senate and Obama trying to pull the USA into a Marxist state

2. The stress of individual states rejecting the sovereignty of the US Government over them

3. The rejection of Federal bailout funds which sends a signal of rebellion to Washington

4. The secessionist movement in a number of states

5. Ethnic pushing and shoving by poor Black minorities and some Hispanics (middle class minorities just go to work like you)

6. The attack on the US dollar by Russia, China, and India, and ???? (written in July 2009- more will be coming)

7. The stress of incompetence of a President with less than 200 days in Federal service before he became President

8. The stress of our State Department bungling diplomacy worldwide

9. The stress of our economy failing and close to collapse

10. The Tea Party gatherings- they may well turn into a third party.

11. Finally, the stress of forces in Christendom which are plotting and preaching the overthrow of the USA

Those in power above HAVE TO see the day coming when the fabric will rip. They may or may not be plotting something to actually make it happen. That is beside the point. But, if you were a Federal agent, would you not be watching those alleged Christians just as closely as the secessionists?




STOMP- Example of rage based in church activities

COR makes me wonder if Ms Napolitano has reason to be concerned with church based terror potentials.

Mike Huckabee, who may come out of the shadows in 2012, was directly involved with COR leaders.
We can be only too thankful that we got Obama, a known godless President, instead of a servant of COR.

Here is a Champion of the COR cause

Read our Artcles on Tax Rebellion, a foundational teaching of COR





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