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IS it a seminary, or a tea room from the Castro District?


Editor's Note:
This is an evolving page where I am putting up new bits as I get it them in e-mail so you can benefit at once from the content. Roman Catholics will be, more and more, grossed out with the Whore Church picture here. Some will be open to the alternative of Jesus Christ and faith in Him alone. Be always ready to help and heal by bringing them to Jesus and the King James Bible.

BUT, I have bad news for you-- Fundamentalist Baptists, and other alleged Bible believers, are also running to the devil and the whore house. Pornography has captivated the minds of most Fundamental Baptist preachers.

It is time to stand back and determine that we will make the home the place to lift up Jesus Christ.

The organized church is all over, including your most Fundamental group. You must stop exalting Baptist notions and simply lift up Jesus and the Word of God. It is all running together into the final Whore system, and NO group will lead in the other direction-- mark it down.

From South Africa:

This promiscuity and debauchery in Catholic seminaries is nothing new! It has always been part of the curriculum, so to speak. Catholicism breeds HOMOSEXUALISM in all its lustful vigour. Most Catholic priests become sexual perverts, and there is enough proof to substantiate it (the sexual drive is much stronger then any vow of celibacy, especially when the old sinful man rules the unconverted heart, which is the case of EACH ONE of the Catholic priests - idolatry to the goddess Mary [a depraved sexually demonic idol!!] is a strong lever to "convert" priest into sexual beasts).

Catholicism is a hideout of sexual promiscuous wantonness to its core! Catholicism molests its victims morally, spiritually and PHYSICALLY! What a dangerous CULT to let children be part of!! And, in the end, all go to HELL for its IDOLATRY strongly condemned in the Scriptures!!

1 John 5:20-21; 1 Cor 10:7; Rev 21:8; Exodus 20:4-6.



Received from Maryann C. (In connection with pope Pius 13)

Subject: Anti-pope & RCC Seminaries

Dear __________,

I would expect that Pius XIII considers himself to be a pope in exile, and therefore he does not have access to the physical chair of Peter. As far as he is concerned, he is the true pope, and John Paul II is the anti-pope.

It does get interesting, doesn't it. True Catholic has done a good job of demonstrating that infallibility just does not work. They give clear examples of "infallible" popes and "infallible" RCC councils which contradict one another.

I believe that these guys are sincerely trying to rescue the Catholic Church. They look around, and what they see and hear is so far removed from the Catholicism that they were raised with.

The paganism which has always been the bedrock underneath Roman Catholicism is beginning to show more clearly. The anti-Christian beliefs and practices are becoming more obvious.

Below my signature I've got some information which might interest you. Again, the paganism is become more obvious.




Michael Rose is a devout Catholic and a professional investigative reporter. In May 2002 he published the book "Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church".

He wrote this book with the hope that it would help bring much needed reform to Catholic seminaries. You can read the introduction to the book on-line. You can also read feedback testimonials of seminarians and priests who read the book. You can also read reviews of the book.

Chapter 5 ("The Heterodoxy Downer") tells of seminary faculty members who deliberately undermine the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Some are openly disdainful of traditional Catholic doctrines, and mock seminary students who believe them. Some seminary teachers use textbooks which openly deny basic Catholic doctrines such as papal infallibility, transubstantiation (the doctrine that Jesus is literally present in the Eucharist), the basis for the Mass, and the basis for the Catholic priesthood. One seminarian threatened to sue a seminary for consumer fraud because it misrepresented itself as teaching Catholic doctrine.

But it goes much farther than this. Some seminary teachers deny doctrines which are absolutely foundational to Christianity. And they teach things which are totally contrary to Christian doctrine and Christian morals. Following are some examples from Chapter 5:

(1) The Bible should not be taken seriously.

(2) Jesus' death was not an atoning sacrifice for our sins. The Atonement never happened.

(3) One faculty member (a nun) taught that God is female.

(4) A required course at one seminary taught that homosexuality and bestiality (sex with animals) are normal, and that if homosexual priests have sex with one another, it does not go against their vow of celibacy. The professor taught that masturbation is to be encouraged. The textbook included graphic, detailed, close-up pictures of men and women masturbating and engaging in various kinds of sexual behavior, with graphic descriptions of how to do these things.

(5) Some students were required to engage in occult New Age practices including using ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystals.

Chapter 4 ("The Gay Subculture") gives detailed accounts of seminaries where homosexuality is promoted and heterosexual students are harassed and driven out. It tells of gay seminarians sleeping with one another and with gay faculty members. At one school, the seminary van took the men to the local gay bar on Friday nights. But the problem goes beyond voluntary homosexual behavior. Following are some examples from Chapter 4.

(1) A gay seminarian raped two heterosexual seminarians. The raped men left the seminary. The rapist was promoted to a position of authority over the other seminarians.

(2) A gay priest (a hospital chaplain) tried to sexually molest a seminarian who was in the hospital recovering from surgery. The seminarian phoned a friend, asking for help. When his friend arrived at the hospital, the seminarian was hysterical and the chaplain was sitting on his bed.

(3) A seminarian was abruptly kicked out of the seminary for refusing the sexual advances of a faculty member. He wasn't even given time to pack. He and his belongings were dumped on the seminary's front lawn. A friend found him there, sitting on the grass, in tears.

(4) One seminarian was so badly hurt that after he left the seminary, it was months before he was able to set foot into a church again.

Seminarians who reported problems to their superiors were reprimanded or ignored. Even appeals to bishops were ignored. The lack of response by people in authority is a recurring theme throughout the book.

From Paul D.


Editor: I guess that this will fit in with the last days, along side the views of Gail Ripplinger who wrote "New Age Bible Versions".

Whilst the modern bible perversions will melt down in order to produce a book that is acceptable to "all" faiths and religions, so the Catholic Church may well melt down to embrace all faiths. Hence the "Mother of Harlots", Mystery Babylon, will dominate through liberalism.

Didn"t realise how off beam Pope JPII was so far of beam in Catholic doctrine though.



----- Original Message -----

Pius XIII - Papal Oath of Office

From: ______

With respect, I'm not a Catholic, but how many true Catholics know about this anti-pope Pius XIII?

Also, upon checking your webpage to see Pius XIII' picture, I found it a bit strange that he is not sitting on the so-called "St. Peter' s Chair". How do you explain this?




From Steve (Editor)

Very interesting item.

I believe it is very possible that the Roman Catholic Church could blow apart when the next Pope is installed, that is, if he is an evil man worse than even this present Pope. I have heard from catholics who are raging mad over the present mess. ...................................

----- Original Message ----- From South Africa

Still about this anti-pope (JP2!) and the "true" one, Pius XIII (AMERICAN POPE!!), if you have the courage and time check about his (JP2) 101 Heresies as it appears on this webpage: .

I mean, JP2 is a real heretic within the Catholic cult.

The worst that I've seen from JP2 was him KISSING THE KORAN!!!

God bless.

PS: I did not yet get a reply from the pope's secretary ("pope" Pius XIII). Let us wait a bit.