The article below is nothing new, but instead raises the age-old question: If there are conversions in these meetings without preaching of the gospel, then what is the use of the Bible? This is an example of what Satan's devils are now doing. Whereas in the past large rallies were the order of the day, now we see that small churches around the world are being invaded by Rodney Howard Browne clones who spread devil possession to the masses. This is the religion of the Whore Church and the Great Tribulation.

We want to make sure you note that all Bible teaching, and the preaching of the Gospel, is laundered from these events. Satan has finally got his version of Christianity which is 100% void of even a pretense of Bible activity. Even the Catholic Mass requires some token Bible reading and a brief homily. This alleged Pentecostal experience frequently has NO Jesus and NO Bible.



Healings and miracles are being reported during a small California church's nightly "visitations." People are flocking from as far as the United Kingdom and New Zealand to experience "a fountain of cleansing." Since April, the Holy Spirit has been pouring Himself into people's lives, resulting in conversions, healings and deliverance at Jubilee Christian Fellowship in Tulare, according to evangelist Joe Cicchino, whose planned two-week crusade at the church was extended indefinitely.

"This church has become a fountain of cleansing," Cicchino, a former business executive who started Oklahoma-based Vision of Love ministries, told "Charisma" magazine in a forthcoming report on Jubilee Christian Fellowship. "This is not just about healings ... it's about repentance, restoration, reconciliation and moving into God's heart of unconditional love."

The visitations at the church, located in a run-down neighborhood frequented by drug addicts and s, have caused a stir in Tulare -- a farming town of 40,000 about 170 miles north of Los Angeles. Talk of "miracles and people falling over" prompted local TV and newspaper reporters to investigate.

Jubilee pastor Ken Bowman said he received a prophecy last September that his 50-member church would be "visited by God" and that the effects would ripple around the world.

Seekers have come from the United States, Canada and Europe. Some say they've been physically healed; others, delivered of deep emotional hurts. Many have come to bask in God's presence, Bowman added. "People are falling in love with God and getting to know Him intimately."

Every evening up to 200 people have crammed into the small sanctuary with the pews pushed back to create space for those who Cicchino said fall under the power of God. "There's no preaching, no offering, no introductions," he explained. "God's presence is so intense."

Rebeca Gomez has lived in Tulare for 37 years. Almost two years ago, an left her blind. Since Cicchino prayed over her, Gomez said her sight has gradually returned. Recently she was able to see her grandchild for the first time, she added. "Before, I could see only darkness, but God opened my eyes."

Not everyone, however, has been impressed. Bowman said many of his church members stopped attending when the visitation began. Some people have walked out of the church after a few minutes -- upset by the sight of those lying on the floor, covered by red sheets.

"Others look through the door and say: 'We want nothing to do with that,'" Bowman added. But he is unruffled by allegations of theatrics. "If we're acting, we deserve an Oscar."

Cicchino, a Rhema graduate, ordained by evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, claimed that almost 400 conversions in a two-month period at Jubilee -- along with healings and signs -- showed that the Holy Spirit was moving in a remarkable way.

"God wants to consume us with His cleansing fire," Cicchino added. "It's about less of us and more of Him."


"If we're acting, we deserve an Oscar."

That is quite a statement. The man does not attempt to show from the Word of God that what he is promoting is of the Lord Jesus Christ. He only implies that the power being displayed is from outside himself. Well, there are four possibilities then:

1. God the Holy Spirit is empowering these people.
This would be their official claim.

2. Satan or his devils are empowering these people.
This is very likely, and we have seen it many times in recent years.

3. Mass psychosis and hypnotic power are being drawn out of the people themselves by clever leaders.
Unlikely, but possible. In any case, why would a rational Bible believer want to let another man take charge of their mind and responses? Why not, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus"?

4. The US Feds are doing experiments in mind control and causing these events by some external force.
There seems to be some small validity to this notion based upon reports of such experiments being done in other venues. It is too conspiratorial for me, but, tell me friend, what idiot would want to willingly hand his brain to Federal employees to toy with in such a manner?

So, if this is not of the Holy Spirit, and it is NOT, then Satan is the lord of Charismania in your church house.