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WHO Will 'Claim' Satan?

By Mike Ramey


Note from Steve Van Nattan: Editor

This article promises to get the attention of feminazis inside and outside the Lord's Church. I recently received a phone call from the mid west USA. The lady on the phone told me she was a Bible believer and zealous. She and her family, which included a couple of wimp sons or sons in law, along with her invalid husband, were doing a house church. This was allegedly because they could not find a "spiritual" house church or local church to attend.

The lady groaned in seeming sincerity over the fact that she had to lead the church. Her husband was physically too weak to do so, and her sons and sons in law were not spiritual enough.

Truth: I sent a brother around to look in on the people. She had told me her husband was nearly in a coma with pain and suffering. When my friend got there, hoping to minister to the man of the house, he was gone and had been for two weeks. The invalid was pretty spry after all, at least enough to escape from his wife.

It also turned out the lady was a feely feely Pentecostal, and no one in the area was a spiritual as she was. Her main need was to have her husband declared mentally, physically, and spiritually incompetent so she could run the home, extended family, and the local house church. My friend rebuked her sharply for taking charge. She and her husband were also living in the home of one of their married children, and she was in charge.

The key words here are two: (1) Pentecostal and (2) feminazi.

The Lord's Church is over run these days with women who want to take charge and their wimpy little toy husbands who let them. I recall that long ago John R. Rice wrote a book called, "Bobbed Hair, Bossy Wives, and Slacker Husbands." Since Eve opened an ecumenical spiritual conference with Lucifer in the Garden of Eden, the Lord's work has been plagued with Jezebels and their greezy little wimp husbands, and Christendom is now endemic with the plague.

Thus, I bring you an article by Mike Ramey, a good brother in Indianapolis who contributes from time to time. I believe his article below shows that a feminazi in the Lord's Church is a devil in womanly disguise. This kind of woman is NOT born again, for it she were, she would be under authority... That of Jesus and her own husband.

aut disce aut discede


WHO Will 'Claim' Satan?

By Mike Ramey


Lest you think that Mike Ramey has gone over to the side of the enemy, just read along, and you will get my point. I caught a recent message by Pastor Adrian Rogers, on his 'Love Worth Finding' TV program. He used an example, based upon his witnessing to a man about his need for Jesus Christ. The man commented that he didn't need Christ, as he had a house that was paid for, a car that was paid for, a good wife, and a happy, comfortable life. Pastor Rogers looked the man in the eye, and put him on the spot. "Do you have PEACE?" The veteran pastor asked the man. At first, the man tried to 'dodge' the question, but Rogers wouldn't let him off the hook. He asked him the question again.

"DO you have PEACE?"

The man, with tears in his eyes, and his lip quivering, admitted: "No!" The lesson I learned from this example: Don't let the appearances of those outside of Christ deceive you, as a soul winner. They need Jesus Christ, but many, many, many people need to be put 'on the spot' concerning their need.




Feminists, and their allies among liberal clergy, have been steadily trying to turn God from the 'masculine' into the 'feminine' They have done this in a number of ways; intimidation, rebellion, blackmail, and changing, or revising the Bible to reflect their own agenda.

Now, over the past twenty, or so, years, I have come across a variety of women--some in the church and some not--who 'feel' that women should serve in the role of pastor, evangelist, or minister. In other words, they 'feel' that it is right, biblical, and holy for women to head up the church. 'Pulpitjacking' by the female of the species has become quite popular, and supported by a variety of ignorant women, and spineless men.

However, just because something is 'popular' does not make it right. Sadly, there are women who have been licensed and ordained to perform these tasks by a host of denominations, clearly against the cannon of Scripture. Their numbers appear to be increasing, along with the weakening of the biblical doctrines of the church.

Now, I have written on this matter before, and shared the truths of the Scriptures with those 'wayward' women who have engaged in 'Pulpitjacking', to little avail. I pull out my KJV, and they pull out one of the other, modern, 'weak sister' translations to excuse their behavior. I shake the dust off my feet, and they are content to stay in the rebellion that they are in.

They won't be able to say that they have not been warned, come judgment day! However, I recently discovered an 'ace' that could tilt the battle in the favor of Righteousness. It involves the one who is blinding many of those pulpitjackers, whom we plainly know as Satan.


In my local paper, we have a column that allows anonymous callers to have their 'random' bits of wisdom printed for a laugh, to point out various issues of the day, or to let off steam concerning a real, or perceived wrong.

On one particular day, an 'ace' came across my doorstep for WE who believe in the truths of Scripture.

"Some women preach that God is female," the contributor mentioned; "I have YET to hear a woman claim the DEVIL as one of their OWN!"

BOOM! There goes truth, right at the waterline like a torpedo.

You see, when you put a homosexual, a liberal, a lesbian, witch, or a cult member on the spot about the Bible, they are quick to 'try' to point out that God is a woman. They are quick to mention how much 'Love' God has, and how God cannot be mean, nor send people to Hell. In addition, they are quick to pull out one of the modern translations to prove their point. You know; those translations that leave out such 'minor' details as the Deity of Christ, the Blood of Christ, and the true plan of redemption. The Russian Bible--the one that has so much of the truth chopped out of it that it barely qualifies to be called a Bible. But I digress.

However, their gameplan does not mention whom they truly serve; that person is Satan, ol' Lucifer himself. He doesn't exist. Or, I should say, 'She' doesn't exist in the flawed logic of the rebellious.


Actually, when you get right down to it, Satan has more feminine qualities than many women would like to admit--that is, if you go down the biblical list of his origins: *Beautiful. *With Intellect. *Manipulator. *Crafty. *Sly. *Dealmaker. *Rebellious. *Deceiver. *Stubborn. *Power Hungry. *Tempter Covetous. *Schemer. *Lovely. *A Strong Will. Satan sounds like he would make a great feminist! In Matthew, Chapter Four, during the famed showdown between Christ and Satan, three times Satan tempts the Lord; Christ responds three times with: "It Is Written". Satan went away to nurse his wounds.

Want to impact the wayward? Look 'em in the eye, and point them to Matthew, Chapter Four. Show them the attributes of Christ, and show them the attributes of Satan.

Then ask them, straight out: "Whom do YOU want to adopt as YOUR Savior?" Remind them that Christ died, was buried, and rose again on the third day to set men AND women FREE. Satan wants to see men AND women ENSLAVED. The problem with many in the modern church is that we have forgotten how to explain the difference between Christ and Satan to a world that needs to know. We have forgotten the need for evangelism. State the truth clearly, but state the TRUTH.

Those living a lie, thinking that Satan does not exist have their souls hanging in the balance. If they don't find out WHOM they are serving now, and repent, and serve Christ--the Son of Man--they won't want to find out later about Satan's retirement plan.

If one sides with Satan now, one may get the limelight, power, and money; but they will eventually get the brimstone, flames and torment later. Whether they are a man, or a woman.

We have to make it clear to whomever we meet; 'Do YOU have Christ, or does Satan have YOU?'

Hell is, after all, an Equal Opportunity--Broiler.

Mike Ramey is the author of 'The Forgotten Prescription', a column dedicated to bringing the truths of the Scriptures in biblical, business, and common-sense form. To correspond: Email at, or Snail Mail: PO Box 20131, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220, USA. (C) 2001 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications. Can be used with permission.


Here is a motor mouth if I ever saw one. The voice is abrasive.
The huge dude in the front row..... what a pathetic situation.

2 Timothy 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

Proverbs 19:13 A foolish son is the calamity of his father: and the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping.


It gets worse. What a wicked thing to do to a little girl.
She will grow up thinking mature people must respond to here antics.

This is the sort of hypertension and adrenaline driven preaching that
women respond to in the flesh. Their husbands are often standing next
to them dumb struck or very inhibited because men were created to
examine things without emotion and to lead. So, when Fundamental Baptist
and Pentecostal preachers start raging at the church house, it is ALL
in the flesh and designed to bring the feminine response from people.