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Christian Research Service Issues A Challenge
to the Officials and People of the Fiji Islands

Christian Research Service is just one discernment ministry among many here in the U.S. and overseas that has spent years conducting extensive research on Benny Hinn, and informing the body of Christ about Hinn's false teachings, false prophecies, false healings and lavish lifestyle.

Since the early 1990's, Benny Hinn's ministry has been under constant criticism--specifically from cult evangelists, apologists, theologians, pastors and former members of his churches--specifically for what he has done, said and taught during his telecasts and crusades.

And there are plenty of b ooks, videos, DVDs, articles, news releases, news media documentaries and Christian websites that expose his deception. According to Hinn's website and regular reports streaming in from online news sources in Fiji, Hinn is scheduled to conduct his first healing crusade in Suva, Fiji in January 2006, where an estimated 300,000 may be in attendance.

But Hinn's visit to Fiji isn't without its own controversy. The clanging chains of questions and doubt are already rattling in a city with an estimated population of 167,000 people .

Please refer to the following articles from various news sources, including Fijian:
("Qarase Defends Protection for Evangelist," 12/21/05).
("FIJI: Methodists Won't Oppose Visit of US Televangelist," 12/14/05).
("Church wants Hinn banned," 12/13/05).
("Crusade organizers undisturbed by opposition," 12/13/05).
("No disclosure on Benny Hinn," 12/12/05).
("Qarase backs man of God," 12/11/05).
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("Stop New Denominations Coming to Fiji," 12/10/05).
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("Fiji minister says banned preacher free to sue government," 12/9/05. This article speaks mainly about the infamous Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but mentions Benny Hinn).
("Church defends Benny Hinn's visit," 12/9/05). (
"Church Concerns Valid-Vosanibola," 12/8/05).
("Church Concerned with Evangelist Visit," 12/8/05).
("Methodist Church Concerned with Benny Hinn Crusade," 12/8/05).
("Govt to provide Security for Evangelist," 11/10/05).
("Fiji criticised for granting Visa to American evangelist," 9/12/05).

'Put Benny Hinn to the Biblical test. If he fails, put him back on the plane!'

Every year the suffering and dying flock to Benny Hinn's healing crusades with a hope and a prayer that This will be their day for a healing. But they leave the same way they came in--suffering and dying. Precious, innocent children, whose bodies have been contorted, wilted, misshapened and tortured by Multiple Sclerosis and Spina Bifida, leave Hinn's crusades in wheelchairs.

Furthermore, those confined to wheelchairs are always placed in the rear of the crusade building, away from the main audience, and away from Benny Hinn and the stage where he conducts his "miracles."

It stands to reason, if Benny Hinn had the true Biblical gift of healing, he would go to the hospitals and emergency rooms here in America and around the world. But he doesn't, because God does not work miracles through Benny Hinn.

If the mere thought of this doesn't bring you to tears, then your heart has been hardened, possibly to the point of no return.

Therefore, Christian Research Service issues the following challenge to the Fijian officials and people: Put Benny Hinn to the Biblical test (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1).

As a suggestion, once Hinn's plane lands in Fiji, Christian Research Service suggests that the Fijian officials immediately whisk him and his entourage away to the nearest hospital . If Hinn has the true, New Testament gift of healing, the bedridden and lame will walk; the diseased will be healed; the weak will be made strong; amputees will grow new limbs; children confined to wheelchairs with twisted bodies will be made whole; the suffering will find peace; the incurable will be miraculously cured; broken bodies will be mended; the blind will see; the deaf will hear; the dead will be raised to life.

But if he fails the Biblical test, put him back on the plane!

Is this too much to ask of a man who claims to receive visions and divine revelations from God, and visitations from Jesus Christ? Sincerely in Christ,

Bud Press, Director

Christian Research Service Jude 3 December 22, 2005

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