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On the Offensive Against the KJV
And, "KJV defenders are all Ruckmanites"???


Dr. Hymers Jr., in his article "The Verse That Destroys Ruckmanism" does a great job in "messing up the issue", better than others have done before. He quoted the verse in a wrong context: maybe that"s his way! The verse says "great was the company o those who published it" (Psalm 68:11), and has nothing whatsoever to do with the publishing of the Bible! It is about the word to leave Egypt; see context! Besides, there"s no way publishing corrupt Catholic "bibles" (UBS/N-A texts) would find any support in the verse!! See his article at


Firstly, he says that the King James is the best translation based on the best Hebrew/Greek manuscripts.


Well, that means that nobody could, even if attempting 10 times, improve on something that is the best " THE BEST!


What could be better than the very best?! Just there, right at the outset of his "messed up & out of context" message he is in full agreement with Dr. Ruckman, who also says the same.


But, wait!


Dr. Hymers does not mean it like that! He is only PLAYING with words to score points and be applauded by the deceived innocent. Here is one more preacher who is what we can call a "BIBLE THIEF", a churchman who STEALS the Bible from the hearts of innocent hearers, those who support him through the regular Sunday offering!

There are more of these churchmen today than in the last 15 centuries put together (Rev 3:16)! 


Please, read on.


Now, let us ask why this preacher didn"t instruct his audience that once they have in their hands "the best translation", BELIEVE it fully, and study, memorize, love and evangelise with it, rejecting every other translation, and you will please God Almighty! Why didn"t the doctor exalt this "best translation", as the standard in his church, the true Bible of God in his congregation, the one true Bible in English that, believed, does constantly give GOOD FRUIT for the Lord?


Why, the man is a hypocrite and has an agenda to follow, as he clearly reveals in the rest of his "messed up" article. He was deceiving the congregation with that clich" "The Best Translation". This "position" about the KJV is now "standard" in the language of professional churchmen like Dr. Hymers Jr.


Here is the clear proof.

He writes: "" the KJB is the best translation, but we should refer to the Hebrew and Greek text to clarify the meaning of words."


Oh, my goodness!


General alert! The virus that infected the modern scholar and created the dreadful disease of Versionism!!

Who is the man including in the "we"?! He tell us later.


Well, the "New Scofield" revisers did exactly that! They didn"t like the KJV in Luke 16:23, and changed "HELL" to "Hades"! See the hundreds of "revisions" in the side and footnotes, where "The Best" translation was changed (Deut 4:2; Rev 22:18) to satisfy the drive to "IMPROVE" the best!


Dr. Hymers, who says is a "King James Only" man, sanctions the New Scofield revision, for he wrote "WE" should refer to the Hebrew/Greek text (HGT) to clarify the meaning of words.


Well, regardless whether he agrees with "Hades/Sheol" or not, he agrees with referring to the HGT to improve the KJV! (IMPROVE FOR THE WORSE")


Now, how "Hades" is an improvement over "Hell", by referring to the HGT, where the word  "Hell" is "detranslated" back to the original word, only the devil would be able to explain (for his own convenience!).


Therefore, a Ruckmanite believes that "Hades" in Luke 16:23 is HELL and there was no need for any revision to "clarify" anything! All new versions change (downgrade) Hell into "Hades", an indefinable term for the common reader! As if the Holy Spirit " the Author of Scripture " was not certain of what He inspired! Is it Hell, or is it Hades?! If it is Hades, Dr. Hymers is a liar when he states that the KJV that he uses is "the best" (he never wrote that he believes it; just prefers it, like others prefer the NSRB).

If he agrees with "Hell" and rejects "Hades" he is still a liar, for he, trapping himself, is then a Ruckmanite but hides and denies it!


Now, the deception comes by telling the audience that "we" should refer to the HGT to "enhance" the KJV, following this procedure:

1.      Always say that the KJV is the best but it can be improved. Of course, it is dissonant, but apostate Christians will not notice it! You can only "improve" the best fruit by allowing it to rot!

2.      Say that it can be improved by "clarifying" the meaning of words. Please, notice that Dr. Hymers wants to clarify the MEANING (or translate accurately), not to update the "archaic" word! That is what the New Scofield did!

3.      To clarify the meaning, "we" need the HGT to get that knowledge. "We" need to spend years in liberal Bible colleges, like the Southern Baptist and United Presbyterian seminaries, where "the word of God" or "the Bible" (WHAT"S THAT?!!) is downgraded and ATTACKED!

4.      Dr. Hymers himself is an example, when he spent time in those learning institutions! He heard churchmen (scholars, etc.) ATTACKING the Bible and declaring it full of myths (read his article)! So, why is he worried with Dr. Ruckman and company when the Bible is declared pure and the BEST in English?!!" Is Dr. Hymers sick?!" Was he affected by some virus in seminaries?! Sure, he was!

5.      Say that the KJV can be improved by referring to the HGT. That is, retranslate the "original" word. However, since translations are never exactly perfect (see relevant example below), any time "we" refer to the HGT "we" can MESS it up, for it is still nothing but another translation! See Hell/Hades/Sheol in the NSRB!

6.      Say that the KJV translators, although they were a company of the very best scholars of the time, messed up the text a bit, only producing "the best translation to date", the one seminaries mock, attack and say is full of myths!

7.      Then, insist that other scholars (those who mock the King"s translators!) got together and referred to the "original" HGT, producing dozens of new versions attempting to improve on "the best"!


Don"t forget to congratulate Dr. Hymers Junior for the insight!


Let us look at the example of one of those "improved" bibles, with better text, more accuracy, etc.: the NIV.

That "bible" was produced by 100 of "the best" scholars at the time. However, the Committee on that "translation" honestly declares in the last paragraph of its Preface: "like all translations of the Bible, made as they are by imperfect man, this one undoubtedly falls short of its goals." (See my article And it surely did! The only thing is that instead of SCRAPPING the project altogether and ask the Lord for forgiveness they, proudly, went ahead and made a lot of business, commerce and trading out of a defective, flawed and unsafe product (2 Cor 2:17).


Such are the days of the apostate church and its many victims! In that "masterpiece" of a statement, the Committee CONDEMNS all translation to the scrap yard: ALL TRANSLATIONS!


Another example is Dr. John MacArthur Jr. on his website ( where he asks the question "Which Translation is best", and, typically, instead of answering his own question, replies that the FOUR best a Christian needs to choose are such and such! He says that now he chose the NKJV! In other words, he had other "bibles" he chose before and never believed, for it is all a matter of choosing a preference. Another man with his mind messed up: pointing spiritual true north to south!


Such are the days of the apostate church plagued with apostate pastor (see my article The Rotten Egg!)!


Dr. Hymers quotes the late Dr. McGee. Well, the man has a Bible teaching radio programme on TWR, Swaziland, but I have caught him several times correcting his beloved King James Bible. In that regard, he was another hypocrite, referring to the "original" HGT to "clarify" (ALTER/CHANGE/REPLACE) the meaning of words (the same technique used by pastor Rogers, pastor Wilson, pastor Swindol, and other radio preachers).


We would like Dr. Hymers to learn this important spiritual lesson, before being too late: Those who mess with the WORDS of God, will soon have their mind MESSED UP by the Author of the Book! Until you really learn this important spiritual RULE, you"ll be an easy target! You can even turn insane (Daniel 4:37b. Mind hardened in pride, Daniel 5:20)!


Funny that after saying that verbal inspiration means the very words in Hebrew and Greek, Dr. Hymers, typical of all those who MESS with the Bible, quotes the KJV in 2 Peter 1:19-21 to support his statement! Why didn"t he quote that directly from the original Greek?! He, instead, quoted a Bible that needs "clarification" from the HGT! So, it seems, the verses he quoted did not need any clarification, they were 100% true to the original, including three words in italics (as they were). He used a translation to defend verbal inspiration! Isn"t that a faulty theology?!!"


Ruckmanism does not exist!


It is not a religion nor a doctrine, nor a sect, nor a cult! It is supposed to be a derogatory term to INSULT those who believe that the KJB is The Best Bible in English. Dr. Hymers, using this meant to be INSULTING term, says that "Ruckmanism" only brings confusion and division on the foreign mission field (and in his church too!). No examples presented.


What brought much confusion and division was the UBS translating its "Catholic bibles" from its corrupt CATHOLIC text! For many decades, even centuries, in the mission field around the world there was NEVER any confusion translating from the KJV!




It was a blessing of God to translate into all those languages and dialects: the sweet fruit produced proves it! The church grew in power and strength " Rev 3:7-13!


However, one day, the missionaries" children went to Bible Colleges to hear the Bible of their fathers being mocked and downgraded and they were taught to refer to the HGT to "clarify" the meaning of words, and the students became completely messed up in their mind! They are now the BIGGEST CULT on earth: scholarship worshipers! I tell you this: the last true scholar died centuries ago, and today we only get satanic counterfeits!


So, Dr. Hymers seems to be one of those! He uses the KJV for convenience, not by conviction! His mind is also messed up. Badly!

What Hymers, cynically calls "hardcore Ruckmanites", "persisting in their demonic, divisive heresy" are, after all, true Christians militantly defending their true Bible from cynical Bible Robbers!


There are no "hardcore Ruckmanites"! Dr. Hymers is lying to his congregation!

A man who holds the best Bible in English to his heart and believes everything written in the blessed Book is not "demonic and divisive" (as he puts it!).


He is fighting apostates who were trained in Bible colleges (paid with money collected and prayed for the glory of God!) in techniques to STEAL THE BIBLE from innocent Christians! It is a worthy fight with THE strong hardened steal sword, against a "collection" of third grade plastic toys: recycled in seminaries!


Dr. Hymers Jr. is a Bible THIEF, too, and is doing the work of the devil writing careless nonsense!

I"ve said before that I"ve read close to 10 thousand pages of Dr. Ruckman"s material (plus another 10 thousand of other works) and never found the man saying that "the English KJV corrects the Greek and Hebrew". Give yourself the $1000 if you find that anywhere written by Dr. Ruckman like that! I"m not a member of his church and never met him. He has done the work of the Lord by alerting the church about the Bible ROBBERS dangerously pretending love for the Book (2 Tes 3:1-2)!


When you state such idiotic nonsense, give one example of it and Dr. Ruckman"s comments, if you dare! Don"t think that we are all stupid unable to detect a BIBLE THIEF when we see one! Give yourself $2000 for lying in front of your congregation, and for falsely accusing many Christians who are simply PROTECTING their Bible from dangerous snatchers!


And why do "hardcore Ruckmanites" say that the italics in the KJV are inspired, inerrant and preserved? The fact of the matter is that the italics ARE also the words of God. When you read the Bible to your congregation, do you stop to alert the church that you"re going through some italics that are not the word of God (your example in 2 Peter 1:21 " see above)?!!" And when you refer to the HGT to "clarify" the words don"t you ADD some italics to it?!!!"


Of course you do! I haven"t heard one Bible corrector who does not ADD a few italics to his "direct translation" from the "original"! Not one!! All of them do ALWAYS ADD italics to what they say to "improve" their "bibles"! I tell you, Italix! It"s a popular pulpit pastime!"


You are adding to the "word of God" (whatever that is to you!), and then being a Ruckmanite and a heretic that you accuse others of being!


Finally, the KJV translators would not be "astonished" (as you deceivingly put it) to find Christians believing the blessed Bible as it stands. They would praise the Lord for the excellent fruit their translation gave for four centuries! They would admire those who believe it and continue to thank God Almighty for it! They would conclude that such marvellous fruit could only have come from a translation work that was, from its beginning, monitored by its Author.  Those translators would certainly glorify the Lord for finding a man like Dr. Ruckman ALERTING the Christians against perverters and agnostics!


If the KJV was MONITORED by the Holy Spirit, surely, that is the same as preserving it inspired and true. And, certainly those translators would be astonished with pastors constantly referring to the HGT, trying to "clarify" words as clear as the sun (HELL!) and in the process produce a plethora of FALSE versions that now Christians have to collect and NEVER believe! I"ve never heard a Christian saying "I believe in Hades"!


Well, I say, somebody give $3000 to Dr. Hymers to shut up his mouth and go on retirement, before he writes more nonsense like this article. 

The last true scholar died and went to heaven in the seventeenth century! Today"s scholars are "Christian" TRAITORS, those Paul warns us shall come " 2 Timothy 3:4 - and are here now!


Avoid them like the plague!!


No Christian, who loves the KJV and knows its history would deny that it is much better than the originals. Today"s scholars and churchmen, trained in seminaries that DIMINISH it, are "Bible Thieves" and Traitors (John 10; Acts 20: 2 Tim 3). Because they don"t understand a simple matter like that, they go berserk and mad. Their understanding is MESSED UP by God, for messing with the Scriptures and meddling in matters of inspiration and preservation! Scholars are stagnant sceptics.


And the "originals" are WORTHLESS because nobody use them in evangelism! God doesn"t need them: that"s why they disappeared long ago! However, because the Author of Scripture is careful with His Masterpiece, the Masterpiece is kept with great care: in English, the KJV!


The funny thing is that those who defend the original HGT never preach a sermon from it: they don"t know how to use it. Would it not be so ridiculous hear Dr. Hymers trying to preach a sermon directly from the Greek! It would be hilarious, comical, and ridiculous!! He would battle to find the verse numbers and his Greek accent would transform the meeting into a circus act! The congregation would make fun of him and shout "Preach it in English, brother! Who cares about the original! Give us the good news in our language! We have the Bible in English! Stop messing up with so much translating: it is vanity!!!" That"s what they would tell the funny preacher!

And so on.


Clarifying Hell with Hades is overruling Scripture (like popes do!). New versions overrule Luke 16:23 and Revelation 20:13,14. Some other "bibles" "clarify" GRACE with "favour" and forbearance with "tolerance" (Genesis 6:8; Rom 2:4 " NIV); while others TAMPER with (clarify!) the personal pronouns thy, thee, thine and thou with "you" (NKJV " see John 3:7).


Nice clarification!


Is that "speaking the truth IN CHRIST, not lying" (1 Tim 2:6)? Modern "clarifications" removed IN CHRIST from Paul"s statement!