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Steve Van Nattan






By Steve Van Nattan




When the Constitutional / Continental Congress was deliberating as to the nature of a new nation and its initial documents, there was plenty of discussion as to separation of Church and State. But, a lot of things were assumed at first rather than put in writing.  When it was time for the states to ratify the new documents and vote as to independence, the Baptists in Rhode Island and Vermont had already voted themselves OUT of the empire. So, that was a mute issue with them.

They did have one fear-- the Continental Congress had not made the issue of Church and State clear enough. So, the Baptists sent a delegation to the leaders to ask what the standard was to be. Thomas Jefferson, who had a deep admiration for the Baptist model of a plural society in Rhode Island, went to Rhode Island and Vermont and met with the Baptists.

Jefferson told the Baptists that there was to be a wall between the Church and the State. In the wall would be one door. The Baptists and all churches could come through the door into State affairs to give admonition, but the State could not go through the door for any reason.

And the first leaders of the Union bound themselves by that rule fiercely.  Now, how is it today?  Here is how Thomas Jefferson's model or wall was reduced to rubble:


1.  All across America, as the land was settled, the school house was also the church and the political hall. This seemed innocent at the time, and no evil was intended. There were not a lot of places to hold meetings, so this seemed logical. But, as time went by, the churches came to be part of the political voice and pulled this way and that for the cause which fit their preferences.  In Boston, the Roman Catholic Church prevailed in politics and the labor voice. In the plains states, Methodists ruled the whole community through the school/church/town hall.  In Salt Lake, the King of Utah, as Brigham Young crowned himself, ruled with an iron fist. To this day bitter feuds still surface because of the church calling the community to their acre for sustenance. And sinners have much cause to mock the Lord's Church.

2.  The churches in the North were involved in the destruction of the South.  Politicking was rampant in churches in the North during the Civil War.  Raising an army was about the same there as raising the voice of Jehovah at Sinai.  It was a horrid degeneration of separation of Church and State.  And, the South has not yet fully recovered.  Many church dinners are rampant with discussion of why the "niggers" had it better before the Civil War.  AND, on the other side, the church house has become the veritable headquarters of the Black race movement. Black pastors use their pulpits as bully platforms for gross political activity.  Jesse Jackson is perhaps the prime symbol of this degradation of the Lord's Church in the Black community.

3.  Over the years of American history, the local church has become the social hall of the community.  This again was not done with malice, but the result is adverse to separation of church and state.  You see, most Christians don't know that the "Church" is people, not buildings.  So, when a cake walk was called for, the whole community came out to walk and eat cake.  This was not for the proclaiming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even 100 years ago, if the parson had stood at some point and asked to give the Gospel for a few minutes, the crowd would have told him that was for Sunday morning, not now.

Thus, cake walks, bizarres, bingo nights, and today, rock concerts, are the fare of entertainment of the local church.  I have tuned pianos in a number of Roman Catholic churches, and, with the exception of only Saint Felippe in Nogales, Arizona, their social halls and sanctuaries smell like bars.  This is also true of most Liberal churches.  They  welcome the profane and pagan community to use their facilities for all sorts of worldly activities, and the pagans leave their mark. Perhaps Caesar has not come along just yet, but it cannot be long until Caesar is included.  

I note that in many cities government social and relief agencies will use some Liberal washed out church, or the Roman Catholic church, to distribute Government issues to the needy.  Is this not helpful?  Of course it is-- to the needy.  But, you may be sure the the Roman Whore delights in using these ploys to give the impression that she is the generous agent.

Also, many rescue missions and welfare church agencies get government issued food and supplies.  Christian camps get government food.  Christian universities get government loans to students and to build buildings.  With these gifts of the state come strings attached.  Inspections are mandatory, and in many cases, the activity in the government funded buildings may not include spiritual events.  Biola University in California has at least one building in which they may not do anything religious.  They are sold out to Caesar.

So, the camel definitely has his head, and maybe his neck, in the tent.  How long before the whole camel is in the church and the church on the outside, at least in terms of Bible based faith.

4. The most evil reduction of Jefferson's model has been invited by the Church itself.  Some years ago, the government tax people came to see the generosity of the churches in helping the needy.  In fact, Atheists, Humanists, Witches, and Evolutionists have never built a hospital.  The churches of America build ALL of the early hospitals.  The churches also built the first universities in the USA.  So Caesar was quite accurate in noting the church's generosity.

So, Caesar made a provision in which the members of the church could make their contributions through government approved churches, and the church members could in turn deduct the amount of giving from their tax returns.  A favor's a favor, right?

Now, when you cut a deal with Caesar, Caesar knows that there is always a good chance of corruption cropping up here and there in such a system.  So, well meaning bureaucrats came up with a device to assure that all was well in the cash flow-- all the giving had to go to a defined need, not an undefined shylock.    

Thus, some rules were added to the plan: 

First, the assets of a non-profit corporation (as we now call them) are to be 100% outside of the pockets of the leaders, except for a modest salary, which, in the case of some faith healers could run to ten to twenty million dollars a year.  

Second, the non-profit corporation must be owned collectively by the trustees (NOT the fearless leader) who get nothing out the corporation except to talk about it.  

Third, if the non-profit corporation is dissolved, it has to transfer all its assets to some other non-profit corporation.  

Fourth, the non-profit corporation must be organized, NOT on the Bible, but on a constitution which the government will approve.  

Fifth, the government will have absolute and final authority to dissolve the non-profit corporation or remove and replace its leaders as they choose.  All of the above ARE legal and have been applied a good number of times.

How has it worked out?  Well, 95% of all churches in America are non-profit corporations.  They ALL jumped on the bandwagon when they discerned that the cash flow would go up due to greedy church members getting a tax break, and, "You know, this is good stewardship." 

This also means that these churches are absolutely NOT under the First Amendment of the Constitution, and they ARE absolutely and 100% an instrumentality of the United States Government.  They have NO rights in any court.  Many churches mock at the ACLU for not defending churches.  Wrong.  The ACLU has defended a number of Bible believing people and church issues.  But, legally the ACLU cannot defend any organization which has placed itself under Caesar's absolute authority.  The ACLU defended the Christians in Newaygo, Michigan when the city fathers attacked their Bible signs.  The ACLU won, and the signs stayed up.  Had the signs been the property of a non-profit corporation, the ACLU would have been thrown out of court.

So, what the founding fathers of the United States fought for, the jerk water theologians, scholars, and pastors of America have handed to some sleazy bureaucrat in Washington DC.  Basically, Jefferson's model has been torn to bits.  Caesar rules in nearly every church in America.  AND, payday is just around the corner.  Already, state officials have threatened churches and pastors with losing their non-profit corporation status.  Caesar knows that the average church member is not giving out of  love for the Lord's Church.  The church groupies want the tax exemption, and they will tell you so right up front.

Bob Jones "University" lost their tax exempt status, and the Jones boys screamed and hollered-- they called fire and ice down on the Feds.  The Feds prevailed, and God did nothing to defend Bob Jones.  Why?  Answer: Bob Jones was lawfully owned by the US Government, and they could dump Bob Jones out the door anytime they chose, which they did.  Bob Jones is just VERRRRRY blessed that Caesar did not chase them off literally and put the NAACP in charge of the university, because the Feds would be 100% legal in doing so.  Bob Jones actually got loads of mercy from the Feds.

Is YOUR church a non-profit corporation?  If so, that is why your pastor has a list of subjects he won't preach on-- such as sodomy, Bill Clinton's sin, race relations, interracial marriage, and other topics which are "politically incorrect."  This is also why there are so many people starting house churches these days.  Freedom to worship and believe as one is convinced belongs in homes and houses where Caesar may enter as a guest to worship, but Caesar may NOT make one comment on the conduct of the affairs of that church.

The proof that you still have your freedom is in the fact that if Bill Clinton came to your town, and if he wanted to come to your church, you could tell him he would be refused admission because he is an adulterer and sodomite exalter.  If your church is a non-profit corporation, you cannot do that-- period-- full stop-- with astonishers.

You CAN de-register your church, and in virtually every state in the USA it is still very simple.  No court would refuse you de-registration.  You will have a lot more trouble with your denomination or affiliation than with Caesar.  So, what are you waiting for?  You wimp-- I know you-- you are terrified the offering will drop.  It may, but that would be glorious, for you would have unloaded deadbeats from the Lord's Church.  Of course, some of your wimps LIVE off of those dead beats, don't you?

5. The most recent reduction of the US Constitution, First Amendment, is in "Faith Based" programs in which the US Government invites churches to funnel funds from the tax base into the hands of the needy. There are strings attached, and they involve the fobidding of using any form of evangelism or witness of faith while handling these funds. This was the work of a red, white, and blue Republican named George Bush. It will be further promoted by Barak Obama and the Liberals. While Obama hands cash to churches, he is proclaiming his faith is Islam. Thus, we see that Christendom in the USA is being funded by a Muslim President and these sucker churches cannot preach the Gospel if any US funds are involved in the vacinity of the preaching.

6. In 2012, President Barak Obama, a committed Socialst with clear Marxist leanings, made his attack on Christendom in the USA. This was right out of Joseph Stalin's and Moa Tse Tung's books on revolution. Barak Obama informed the Catholic Church that they must facilitate contraceptives and help finance abortions. This was a mighty slap in the face to religion in general. Obama acted as if he could not lose the coming election. Perhaps he knew something others did not know about what would become of elections in the USA.

In any case, the Roman hierarchy rose up and brought twelve law suits against the Obama administruation. READ ABOUT IT HERE. Obama is seen as a Fascist by millions of Americans, at least in his nanny approach to governance. The lust of the Burgermeister to enter the church house has always been a burden to Christianity. The plot thichens as I am writing this.

One thing is very clear, history tells us that Fascism is best accomplished with a friendly raport with the Roman Catholic Church, as we see with Adolph Hitler, Bonito Mussolini, and King Fanco of Spain who all courted the The Roman Catholic Church. They knew the power of the Pope as a king maker. Fascist as they were, they played the 1400 year old game.



There is, and has been for many years, the notion that America was founded as a "Christian nation." That is a damned lie. Jesus died and shed his blood for people, sinners, lost souls, NOT for nations. The saints, NOT Asia Minor, were called "Christians" first at Antioch.

Acts 11:26 And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

American Christians have been coasting on the assumption that this Christian nation notion will prevail in the end. It will not. Whatever is Christian about the USA was, from the day the Pilgrims hopped off the boat onto Plymouth rock, to the present, America is just another nation in the long line of empires which rise and fall in human history. It is very urgent that Bible believers see themselves as follows:

1 Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

As America ends its reduction from a Constitutional government to a fascist or Maoist state, the true Church of Jesus Christ will go right on doing the will of the Father. The Holy Ghost will not get scared and run to Bangladesh. Christ will still be the head of every saint in the USA. We may suffer persecution, but the Church historically has become strong during persecution, and the rubbish of Christendom will be shown for what it is and crawl off into its little punisious hole like cockroaches.



This is a powerful discussion which debunks the false interpretation of the US Constitution we now have in force in the USA