By the Editor:  
Blessed Quietness Journal,
Steve Van Nattan 

Recently, JWs came to our door, and they had a King James Version in their hands.  This is obviously a ploy to make the victim think that the JWs are using the Bible with authority.  Use this to your advantage as you witness to them.  When they tell you some heresy, ask them where they found it in the Bible.  They will give you a reference.  They are taught that the Bible is absolutely true and the only source of revelation.  But, they are virtually always out of context in how they use a proof text.  If they are holding the New World Translation, read the proof text they quote, but start well ahead of the text, and read the whole passage.  As you read, ask the Holy Spirit to help you show them that they are clear out of context in how they used the proof text.  Don't get preachy, or they will give up.  Just say, "Isn't that interesting?  This passage is not about what you were talking about at all.  It is about................................"  Then, shut up.  

They will try to head in another direction.  Just keep doing this until the experienced one gets ants in his pants and says they have to go.  Before they leave talk directly to the newer JW, and tell him to go home and, when he is alone, start reading the passages around all of the proof texts he has been given.  Tell they him that he will find that the JWs are always out of context.  Tell the newer JW that the experienced one will threaten the newer one as soon as they get back into the car.  

Turn to the experienced one and say, "You will, won't you?"  "You know what I am saying is true, but you prefer to believe the lies.  You will burn in hell for upholding your lies."  I had a long tall Texan JW to the point where he was nearly foaming at the mouth with hate.  I just called his bluff, and the newer JW was bug eyed to see the tender hearted Texan turn into such a beast.  It must have given the newer fellow pause to reflect.

Another approach, grab their King James Version, and show them how the words of the New World Translation are very corrupt compared to the KJV.  You need to be a King James Only person though, so that you know the textual issue and how to show the errors in the New World Translation.  DO NOT try this with the NIV or the NASB.  You will find that they agree with the New World Translation about 95% of the time.  You could end up flat having to agree with them nearly all of the time.  That's why so many saints just run them off these days.  Their Bible is essentially the same little butter knife that the JWs have, and a duel is out of the question.  Enjoy.


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