Compiled by:  Editor: Blessed Quietness Journal

The Liguorian magazine, a Roman Catholic rag, is supposed to be based on the memory of Saint Liguori.  He was the nice fellow who wrote all the books on how a priest should conduct himself.  Liguori's instruction manual for hearing confession of sins is a classic and was the standard for many years.  He is the one who properly calibrated the distinctions of sexual sin with the proper penance and prayers.  He carefully distinguished each step of foreplay, penetration, and copulation with the questions to ask of the ladies who came to confession.  Of course, Liguori and the priests who followed him got no pleasure out of hearing the detailed account of the lady's experiences in fornication-- Just getting the right amount of penance to cleanse away the sins, you understand.

Anyway, this magazine, in the June 1996 issue, reports on horrible experiences of the dear people in El Salvador.  They tell how the people are having a hard time coming back from decades of revolution and changes of government.  They fail to tell that the Roman Catholic priests led the revolution in the 70s and 80s, and that Jesuits were notorious for entangling themselves on all sides, even the Communist rebels.

I have a quote from a British Broadcasting Corporation commentary on the news item from 23-03-86, as follows:

"The Sunday Telegraph, in another editorial, takes the opportunity to comment on a letter about Nicaragua written by the British author, Graham Greene, and published in the TIMES on Thursday.  In the letter, Mr. Greene asserted that the Sandanista regime might just as well be described as a Roman Catholic government as a Communist one, because cabinet posts are held not only by Marxists but also by Catholic priests.  The Sunday Telegraph  believes that the presence of Catholic priests in no way precludes a Third World government from being Communist.  It says that priests are poor judges as to rights and wrongs in politics, and the Church is prepared to curry favour with any form of authority except when it prevents priests from going about their sacred business."

You never heard such a thing from NBC, CBS, and National Public Radio.  The BBC in London, England is generally more open to expose such evil news because the British are fair minded to a fault.  This means you can get some pretty accurate reporting if you listen to the BBC on shortwave radio.  You zombies who watch network news, even with a critical attitude, are ignorant.  You THINK you know what is going on in the world, but you are grossly self-deceived.

El Salvador is now suffering the results of 25 years of revolution where Catholic priests were leading all the riots and revolution.  They now dominate the government from the inside.  You may question if the same thing which went on in Nicaragua would be necessarily duplicated in El Salvador.  Answer:  Absolutely.  It has been thus since the Conquistadores first landed in South America and Central America.  After they raped the land and the ladies, they called up the sniveling monk, who planted the flag in the ravaged land for old Mother Whore Church in Rome

The Liguorian went on to tell of a priest, Oscar Romero, who was shot during a Mass he was celebrating.  Romero dropped the chalice and wafer, thus dumping Jesus and His blood on the floor.  This, of course, was more frightening than Romero's death.  It was a blasphemy against Christ Himself, according to Catholic doctrine.  Romero had simply made some real tough enemies over the years by getting into politics, and his ticket was called.  

Of course, Pope John Paul II prayed over Romero's shrine when he went to South America.  John Paul needs to pick the right side and exalt it so as to keep El Salavdor in the Club of Rome, as it were.  The sad part is that Romero fell dead at the Whore's altar, and immediately woke up in hell with his soul on fire, and he creamed for water, not Jesus' Blood.  It was much too late for the Blood of Jesus to save Romero, for he had refused to trust in the finished work of Christ in this life.