Adapted and doctrinally
corrected from a Brethren hymn

by Steve and Mary Van Nattan.

No copyright--  Enjoy.






1. Our hope is in heaven, our rest is not here;

     Then why should we tremble when trials are near?

Be still, fellow Christian, the worst that can come,

     But shortens the journey, and hastens us home.


2.  The best of this world is all tarnish and rust,

     Profane are its treasures, they crumble in dust:

Because to our Father we are reconciled,

     We look for a city by sin undefiled.


3.  The thorn and the thistle around us may grow,

     We will not take comfort in things here below:

We ask not our portion, nor seek for our rest,

     We'll find them in Jesus-- our Savior so blest.


4.  Let trial and danger the Spirit oppose,

     The Church, when it suffers, more zealously grows;

Come joy or come sorrow, whate'er may befall,

     "Well done," from our Lord will make up for it all.


5.  The cross on our back, and the Word in our hand,

     We fight a great battle with wolves in the land;

The road may be rough, but it cannot be long,

     'Til we see our Savior, and sing his glad song.


6.  So fight on O Christian, stand fast in the Lord,

     Resist that old serpent by God's Holy Word;

The trumpet will call us at our Lord's command,

     Then we will be home with his Remnant to stand.


Sing to, "To God be the Glory" Add the chorus of "To God..." after each verse, or, stand up and sing the chorus after the last verse-- FORTE.

I Recommend, "Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise" for exaltation.