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I have not finished this yet, but maybe that is OK. How about printing this, and fill in the discussion and Bible texts related to the various points I have no yet done.


URLs on April 15, 2007 at Drudge Report

Don Imus

Kinky defense of Imus' jerkwater antics

Double standard applied to Black rap music



A definition from a web site:

"Racism exists practically in all countries, but in certain places and situations it is especially common. Some of the very common reasons for racism to arise are fear or the need for a "scapegoat". If things are going badly many people's natural reaction is to blame somebody else. This is exactly what often causes racism, if the unemployment is rising or the national economy is very weak, many people will look for a scapegoat to blame, and in most cases they will choose the people that they do not know, such as those with a different ethnical or cultural background. Politicians, especially rich and entrenched politicians, are also blamed. The King or President of the nation may be blamed. Religious "fanatics" may be blamed."

There are often seeds of truth in this response. Politicians do stupid things and show open greed. Presidents and Kings become arrogant and out of touch with issues.

Racial groups tend to bunch up in certain suburbs and unwittingly form small nations within nations. To this is added movements lead by godless "Reverends" like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who agitate for the "rights" of Blacks at the expense of Whites, even demanding "reparations" be paid for perceived offenses committed by offenders long dead. This is mindless rhetoric, and usually it goes nowhere except to endear the "Reverends" to upper middle class Blacks who contribute to the pocket books of the "Reverends".

This obviously is threatening to a homogenous society where ethic peoples of many varieties live at random with each other. This is the especially the case in the USA.

Most people who do not trust Mexicans or Middle Eastern people in the USA have never visited those peoples' neighborhoods or made any effort to get to know them. Also, most racist people will claim they have good friends who are Mexicans or Arabs or Black, but these will be people who have moved away from the ethnic centers to live in the homogenous neighborhoods.

In the case of Black Americans, there is a collective self-consciousness by many Whites who know full well that Black Americans did not choose America, yet they want to be as much a part of America as Whites. But, many Whites have mindless clichés and shallow minded solutions for the race dilemma. In the foyer of almost any Independent Baptist church south of the Mason Dixon line you can hear, "These Negroes should go back where they came from." More on this later.

Having said these things, it is important to note that racism in many parts of the USA and the world is diminishing. The problem is, Jesse Jackson will never admit that, and Hispanic agitators will never agree that life is a lot better in America for Hispanics than it was fifty years ago. We live in Tennessee, and when Blacks and Whites meet in the market place here there is almost no sign of racial feeling. In the casual situations, people talk and laugh together freely, which was NOT the case fifty years ago. Blacks have made real contributions, and agitation is almost nonexistent. Thus, there is nothing to resent in each other.

Is there any race in real estate and politics? Probably, but there is discrimination in many other ways, but it does not constitute an incipient trend. For example, if one put his home up for sale, his neighbors might ask him to make sure not to sell to rockers and "freaks". This is acceptable discrimination. But, when neighbors ask one not to sell to Blacks, is this fair? No, of course not. Blacks and "freaks" are not to be equated, but to say that an occasional irrational response is a trend is insane.

There will always be small minded people, but to make sweeping laws and spend billions funding the eradication of racism, or to isolate the small minded, is insane. There are a lot better ways to spend money, like on Black education. When you fund the gigolos of the Black community, like Jesse Jackson, you may well be denying some Black kid a Masters degree and forcing him to settle for a BA.

We make one last observation-- Racism is often perceived and defined by those who never experienced it. Black intellectuals who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and went to Harvard, are joined by White Liberals from Massachusetts who are looking for an issue that will push the buttons of the Liberal community and keep the votes coming. It is all too common for these prevaricators to twist reality in their quest for proofs of racism and prejudice.

Regarding the propaganda factor in race relations, the most common way to give the alleged racist a quilt trip is to show people in poverty and blame one group of observers for the poverty of another group. The poverty may well have been chosen by many of the poor, or may be the result of cultural choices, or just plain sin and ungodly behavior, but those being propagandized are told it is their fault. It is a well hidden fact that many people in ghettos could leave but choose to stay there for various reasons.

It is also a fact that the observer blamed in the Liberal propaganda presentation has never been anywhere near the perceived poverty situation and has no means to directly influence it toward a solution. ... except to right a check to The Very Reverend Bombast. Just "vote for me, and I will stop racism and take all your guilt away." They also take your tax dollar in the process, and it never solves the poverty problem-- NEVER!

You see, dear reader, those in poverty must be kept there, and the Liberal doles out just enough cash to keep them beholding to the hidden hand of Caesar and the Liberal Congressman. It must also be noted that the Conservative side is in complicity in keeping the ghetto funded because they don't want to relocate the poor Blacks and Whites out into the suburbs where their constituents reside.

Politicians make no real contribution. Blacks and Whites in the real world, where they DO live together, mock at them. In Muskegon, Michigan, if you mention the name of Jesse Jackson to most Black men, they will turn and spit. But, racism is enhanced as gullible Americans hear the edicts and blather breathed forth by these egg head Blacks and Whites on the media, and they form impressions about race that are 90% fiction.

Conservative people in middle class areas see these egg head "experts" as fools because they can tell they have no concept of the real world. For example, Ted Kennedy has never lived anywhere near the poor down trodden minorities he claims to understand. He is a classic lush from Snobville. The result is that people (from red necks to church deacons) start hating other people, as in "they", whom they do not know but who seem to be a threat to them because the Liberal egg heads are pushing a program to force compliance.

Let us now consider particular places where racism crops up:


Racism in Shock Talk as "Freedom of Speech"

Society allows certain expressions of arrogance and speech which may be defined as free speech. The notion that the definitions of the US Constitution take precedence over the Word of God is a mongrel notion and beneath the true Bible believer.

The Bible standard is as follows:

Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

Titus 2:7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

Psalms 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

There is NO other standard to the Bible believer.


Racism in Education

1. Navajo History

Link: Here is the Scholastic Book publisher showing the same poor taste the Don Imus showed, it is just a little less bold and up front. Since when is being gross a teaching tool? You Bible believing parents must read EVERY book your kids are handed if they attend the public school. It is a place of crass hypocrisy in such issues as race.

2. Ebonics

When any racial or tribal group demands the right to invent and degrade a new language, simply to distinguish themselves from others, they have NO right to demand other people use it. If you want people to talk like you do, you must EARN their respect, NOT slap their face.

4. Discrimination demonized.

Since when is it evil for, let us say, Dutchmen, to open a college for American kids of Dutch descent and restrict admissions only to Hollanders? It may be a bit exclusiveist, but what is evil about it unless the education itself teaches the students to do harm to other ethnic groups? Exclusive admission policies are NOT always based on racism. To forbid this practice is to force society into a middle ground where no distinctions are made, where banal nothingness is the norm, and where thinking people will be repulsed. It also is based on Liberal intentions to dumb down the world with no plan for the consequences.

Here is a classic example of media tricks to demonize discrimination that is NOT racist.


Racism in the Bible

Link: Here is an example of the victim having to lead the battle to get his "rights" to be given all the freedoms of the land in which he lives. The Bible believing pastor will teach the Bible so that all men are on level ground, and the victim of abuse will be defended by people other than his race of personal characteristics. This is very rare in Christendom today, from the Pope to the most narrow Independent Fundamental Baptist church.


Freedom of Speech, Liberty, and the Bible

1. The US Constitution versus the Bible

2. We are ambassadors-- I Corinthians 5:17 to end

3. Stopping racism by law instead of by teaching the Word of God.





Do racists feed each other like Ed McMahan feed Johnny Carson lines?

Classic example of the do-gooders of Christendom who have no Bible as they do good.

Example of people making racism everything without Christ
These sort of people frequently take up the wrong side in a given issue because the worship trees and Constitutions and Bills of Rights.

Anglo-Saxon Christians need to face the fact that the White Race really does believe it is superior.
Here we see the old Nazi spirit coming back in spite of the fact that fierce punishment has been defined in German and European laws for this sort of behavior.

Peace and Equality are a bust at the UN.
Do NOT waste your time and cash on any problem solving that is not based squarely in the Church of Jesus Christ.