Nettie lived in the Republic of Ireland which is 95% Roman Catholic.  Ireland is probably the most Catholic country in the world-- far more Catholic than the city of Rome.  Nettie had a neighbor who listened to Nettie's witness of the Gospel.  Nettie was saved, and, though she had some rough edges yet, she was fearless and was moved in love for her lost Catholic friends.

Nettie's neighbor would listen carefully, and the witness went on for some time.  One day the neighbor told Nettie that she knew that Nettie and her Protestant friends had the truth.  She told Nettie that her witness was true, and she liked to listen to Nettie.  Nettie told her that she should come and visit the Bible church where Nettie attended.  She told her the pastor there would make it so much plainer.  Her neighbor told Nettie, "I know you have the truth in your church, but if I come to visit your services, God will kill my husband or my son.  I just cannot risk that."

Now, friend, that is what one of those pagan Roman Catholic priests can do to the mind of a poor lost sinner.  It is like the priest has the power to call down damnation and force the very hand of God to kill-- the nail scarred hand that reaches out in love to that very sinner!  This is not a bit different than the voodoo witch doctor in Haiti who tosses the chicken bones and sends devils to kill some helpless soul.  Even so, the priests of Rome toss the holy water, cross themselves, and send devils to torment the Irish.  And, this is the "Mother" the Pope is calling us back to-- Blasphemy-- Thunder and lightning! 

This story reported by the former pastor of Nettie's home church in Ireland.

If you have other examples of this aspect of old "Mother Church," send them in please.  Can we hear examples from South America and the Slavic countries?