The priests are condemned to death,
and Pope John Paul II says they deserve it.

Here is the old monster of the Inquisition and the Jesuit massacres of Peru and Colombia BACK, and they are now in the heart of Africa.  It is beyond thinking that these servants of the Vatican could do such mindless acts.  You readers who are so ignorant as to think that the old Whore of Rome has changed her ways, read and meditate please.  Once a Whore, always a Whore, whether in collusion with Franco, "Dux" Mussolini, Hitler, or the Hutu terrorists.  These are the same godfathers who managed the death of Abraham Lincoln from Montreal, Canada and in perfidy with the British.  Somehow, it's the same old rodeo all over again.



April 18, 1998



KIGALI, Rwanda-- Two Roman Catholic priests have been sentenced to die for their part in a 1994 Hutu-led genocide, the Rwandan Information Agency reported Saturday.

The priests were accused of encouraging hundreds of parishioners to seek refuge in their church in Nyange just before the building was attacked by Hutu soldiers, according to prosecutors. The priests then allegedly brought in a bulldozer to destroy the building where the bodies lay, crushing those who remained alive.

Jean Francois Kayiranga and Edouard Nkurikiye are the first church officials convicted of helping marauding Hutu extremists kill about 500,000 minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

A Rwandan war-crimes tribunal in Kibuye, 75 kilometers (46 miles) west of Kigali, on Thursday found the priests guilty of genocide and complicity to genocide in the deaths of 2,000 Tutsis in April 1994.

About half of Rwanda's 7.2 million people are Roman Catholic.

A survivor of the massacre told the court that the Interahamwe, the extremist Hutu militia, attacked the church with axes, picks and grenades for two days.

"When they started shooting the men, women and children taking refuge in the church, I hid in the bell tower with some friends. After a while, they spotted us and opened fire," said Charles Kagenza, 36.'They thought I was dead'.

After the slaughter, a bulldozer was brought in to demolish the church, said Kagenza, who had been knocked unconscious by a machete blow but woke up in time to escape.

"They thought I was dead. During the night, I climbed out from under the bricks and I fled," he said. Only five others survived the killings, he added.

Kayiranga and Nkurikiye also were charged with involvement in another church massacre in Nyundo, 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of the border town of Gisenyi. It wasn't clear from the state radio report what role the priests allegedly played in those killings.

Some Rwandan church officials are known to have collaborated with the Hutu extremists by luring people into churches and then leaving them to the killers.

Pope John Paul II has said those Catholics who played a role in the genocide should face the consequences of their actions.

The Hutu-organized killings ended in July 1994, when Tutsi soldiers won power. The first genocide trials began in 1996.

More than 300 people have been convicted so far on genocide charges, with about one-third receiving death sentences. None have been executed yet.

In Arusha, in neighboring Tanzania, the United Nations has been separately trying the Rwandan genocide suspects. Of 35 indicted, 23 are in U.N. custody. The first verdict is expected later this year. The maximum penalty available to the international tribunal is life in prison.

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