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Steve Van Nattan




By the Editor:  Blessed Quietness Journal,
Steve Van Nattan 

Any Jehovah's Witness high tooliemuck who visits this page will now be on edge.  The above title of this article is the title of their little brown book for their people.  It is a book, always brown, which gives all of the questions or reasonings they expect from us, and it gives the answers and strategies they are to use to either convince us or escape from our line of reasoning.  

For example, on page 295, you will find what they are to do if you ask them to pray for you, or if you ask to pray for them.  The title is under, "If someone says..." sub-title, "Pray for me first, then give me your message."

They are terrified of you praying for them, especially if you are a pastor.  Why?  Answer: They have been taught that the devil will take hold of them if a pastor prays for them.  They are taught that pastors are demon possessed.  

I once talked to some JWs, and, knowing this item from the brown book, I didn't ask, I just started praying for them and for their salvation.  I prayed seriously and with love and zeal.  When I looked up, they both had a look of absolute terror on their faces.  It was amazing.  Try this instead of running them off, but mean your prayer when you pray.  This is warfare for lost souls, not a game.  

Pastors, you ARE NOT called of God to tell everyone you are a pastor.  In fact, some of you pastors tell everyone you are pastors so that folks will give you a pat on the head and run off.  You are basically wimps, and you don't want to witness, so you put out the "clergy" shingle to scare them off.  If you want to reach JWs, DO NOT tell them you are a pastor.  Act like a dumb good old boy at first, get them talking, then go for it.

How do you find, Reasoning From the Scripture?  I asked a JW at the door for his copy.  He tried to give me literature.  I told him he had something I really wanted to read.  "Will you give it to me if I promise to read it?" I asked him.  He agreed he would.  I asked for his copy of his little brown book.  He started to give it to me, then he welched.  I then told him he was a hopeless liar.  He really struggled for a while, but, in the end, he refused to give it to me.  He said if I would come to Kingdom Hall at the next meeting, he would give me one.  Liar.  He wouldn't.  JWs are TAUGHT to lie to get you to soften up.  

I defy all of you JW high potentates to send me a copy of your little brown book.  "Freely give.." said Jesus.  You won't because you know that your little brown book exposes the under belly of your heresies to plain view.  I mock you, you leaders of the JW indoctrination process, with complete contempt.  For the record, I will photocopy ANY book I own for you at a nickel a double page.  ANY BOOK!  Will you sell me Reasonings From the Scripture at a nickel a double page, or $10? Answer:  NO.

So, here are some ways to get a copy of Reasonings From the Scripture:

A. Go around to Kingdom Hall during the week when only one person is there.  Go in street clothes.  Tell them you are interested in what they believe.  Ask for some literature to read, and follow the person to the literature table.  Be submissive, and sound interested but a bit confused.  When they give you some items, ask if you could read for a while since you have time to kill.  Sit right down nearby, and start reading.  When you have read a while, get up, grab a copy or two of the little brown book, and beat it out the door.  If they catch you and protest, just keep moving.  This is the devil's loss and your gain.

B.  Watch the Goodwill and other used stores.  JW is the world's most prolific throw away religion, and their little books flood the Goodwill.  Watch for the brown book, and ask friends to watch.  I found one this way.  Ironically, their other little pretty colored books are pure garbage and perfectly worthless toward your witness to JWs.

C.  Ask JWs for a copy.  That is how I got my first one.  I said I really wanted it since I had heard that it really had the best answers they could give for my questions.  I tried to sound sincere, and the party simply gave it to me.  I give the glory to the Lord, since He knew how badly I wanted a copy.

D.  Is it OK to copy the whole book?  It is copyrighted.  I have not figured that out yet.  When you are getting one up on the devil and there are souls at stake, not for re-sale, what is permitted?  I suppose you could at least copy it and send them a royalty.

I am very serious about this.  If you will get a copy of Reasoning From the Scriptures, 443 pages, you will have the very best tool by which to get ready to witness to JWs.  It is packed with their most bold blasphemies and the texts they use and abuse out of context.  You can mark in it, suggestions on how to answer them, and even open your copy as a reference while they are watching.  That will terrify the experienced of the two at your door.  He will know that you have the drop on him.  When he asks for it, tell the newer JW that the old timer is in terror of what you know.  Then turn to the old timer and ask him why he doesn't want you to have the little brown book.  Watch him squirm as the newer JW observes his mentor sweating.  If you are fool enough to let the experienced JW have the book, you will not get it back- EVER!  Get a copy, and get ready to witness to these precious souls Jesus died for.

Another ploy to get the drop on them would be to invite them in.  Put your KJV Bible on the table, and tell them you need no other book, which is true.  Discuss things with them using the strategy I gave you above about context.  If they ever pull another book up on the table, even one of their pulp rags, you pull out your little brown book.  Tell them it is published by them, so they should have no problem with you using it.  Watch the sparks fly.  




A reader found REASONING FROM THE SCRIPTURE on the Web, and a good number of them.

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